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Chapter VIII:Protective Services

The manual above is the policy that DSS in North Carolina is supposed to follow, there are certain things that have to do according to this policy, and there are things required by law.  Learn the manual above, and use it to ensure that they are doing their job exactly the way they are supposed to.




Chapter 7B.

Juvenile Code.


This is the Law that Govern’s DSS…Read it, Learn it…make sure they are following it.


    • Steven Hammerstone
    • Posted November 6, 2009 at 12:44 pm
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    How do I prove corruption in the South Carolina Social Services Department?I was told by a retired judge not to take a polygraph test in South Carolina no matter what! He told me the system is corrupt in South Carolina and to do what ever thay tell me to do.I would where a wire if I could,Please help me.There are people afraid to stand up for the truth here,for fear of the government.Can you contact the FBI to have them investigated?

    • Jack lucas
    • Posted November 8, 2009 at 3:37 pm
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  1. we have formed a colalition all over the usa to reform cps. get in touch with name at left

    • Kristy
    • Posted March 22, 2010 at 6:43 pm
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    need to know what to do about corrupt DSS in Madison County NC… please help and fast. Two little girls lives may depend on it.

    • Parent
    • Posted April 9, 2010 at 8:32 am
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    I have recently started writing a blog on Facebook about the things that I am dealing with concerning both DSS and the Sheriff’s Dept. I have tried to speak with the DSS Director, who stopped returning my calls. I have suffered retaliation as a result of that call. More info about what we have bene dealing with is on my FaceBook blog at :!/pages/Frustrated-in-Fayetteville/336531662925

    If you have a chance to look at it and have some advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Carlotta
    • Posted April 10, 2010 at 12:52 pm
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    Hello, I am looking for anyone in the state of North Carolina, esp. Orange County, who has had negative dealings with CPS. It is obvious that CPS does not protect families, children, or Constitutional liberties. They can only be defeated if we work together. If you have any information, please contact me at Please tell everyone you know. Compile names and addresses. I have heard rumors of a class action lawsuit but a bigtime court case needs lots of names and data.

    To learn more about CPS, read this report written by Nancy Schaefer before she died under very suspicious circumstances. Send a copy to your congressmen, along with a letter stating your opposition to CPS. We have to raise awareness or the injustices will continue.

    • JOYCE
    • Posted July 14, 2010 at 2:56 pm
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    • Bill Brannon
    • Posted August 4, 2010 at 12:31 am
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    I need help immediately.

    Please call me at 704-284-3681. DSS is coming in 8 1/2 hrs to more than likely take my kids. We love them and have done nothing wrong.

    Please help me.

    • Victoria
    • Posted August 4, 2010 at 3:20 pm
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    Get your kids out as soon as you can. Take them to a relative or a neighbor’s house. Anyone you can trust. Do not, DO NOT let DSS near your kids. They will take them and keep them as long as possible, making it difficult for you to see them or get them back.

    This brave mother was successful in hiding her kids:!

    I hope you can do the same. God bless.

    • concerned parent
    • Posted August 10, 2010 at 5:04 pm
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    • fight for justice
    • Posted August 25, 2010 at 10:42 am
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    hey there all you ones that had to deal with dss dont worry their going to have there judgement “SOON”. JUST CONTINUE TO PRAY AND ASK GOD FOR JUSTICE from this corruot system of things iam going trough the same things with dss. Take your children for their own purpose and not for the kids stand up for what is right. dont give in to the tricks and lies of the SYSTEM!!! PRAY,PRAY,PRAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

    • Tina Marie Ball
    • Posted October 10, 2010 at 11:42 pm
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    help me 828-206-8730 dss is stressing me out so bad i almost died and now my son talks about killing himself

    • shy
    • Posted October 13, 2010 at 7:48 pm
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    dss took my child because i failed a drug test for pot and in the following 3 weeks i passed every drug test yet they dont want to let me have my child back and now my 3 yr old is having anxity issues i passed and yet they still dont care they wont me to jump through hoops to satisfy them it wasent an abuse or neglect charge yet they still wont release my child to me if there is any one i can talk to about this to get something dont child advocate, social worker, lawer please call me soon 828-772-6293

    • Cheryl
    • Posted November 16, 2010 at 7:36 am
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    I need help really bad because DSS of New Hanover County in Wilmington, NC has my granddaughter and will not give her to me or my husband. DSS is working with the foster mother Ms. Deborah Nixon at trying to keep and possibly adopt my granddaughter. We are her blood relatives and should have our grandchild and not a foster mother. I thought when cases of abuse the child goes to a relative first and then if no relative is found she goes up for adoption. DSS has tried everything to keep us from getting her and now with parental rights of my son being terminated we cannot get our grandchild. Please I need help because I am out of money and time.
    We have been back and forth from Elizabeth City, NC to Wilmington, NC for the past 2 1/2 years. Our grandchild is now 8 years old she was 6 yrs old when the case started and she is in foster care with Ms. Nixon for 2 1/2 years too long. Please help me I want my grandchild with me as soon as possible before Christmas hopefully. Can someone help me please call me at 252-771-2378. DSS of Wilmington, NC is very corrupt because the foster mother works for the school system, she and her mother are foster parents and they are in good with the city so it is hard to fight the system if you have some people already in place working for the foster mother at the city level. This is all about the foster mother getting and keeping her money of foster children she does not love my grandchild she wants the money that social services is giving to her. Call me soon I need assistance quickly. I have to save my grandchild because this foster mother does have a criminal record dating back to 1998. Call me please 252-771-2378.

    • tracy
    • Posted November 26, 2010 at 7:37 pm
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    can a local office be sued?i have been getting the run around since sept. about a court ordered termination of support. i have met with 5 different agents in the office, each one of them offers a different story of why the support has not been sent to my child, but instead has been sent to the ex mother in law . it doesnt help that her sister used to run the office

    • melisha jones
    • Posted December 7, 2010 at 2:54 pm
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    I am a single mother who has had 2 dealings with CPS of Rockingham County North Carolina. Both of the dealings were based on made up stories that someone told them about me. The first case was dropped the same day it was opened, but this one has been ongoing for almost 3 weeks. The person that told the stories has a bad rap with DSS and they all know that she is a liar, yet they are all over me for no reason. Now since this incident my 3 year old is waking up in the middle of the night crying and screaming MAMA PLEASE STAY. I want to know a lawyer that works on this type of stuff and also who I can report this aggravation to that is over ROCKINGHAM COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES. I have complied both times with them, givin them references that even are government officials and the such when requested and they still wont close this case. Go bother those who are giving their kids drugs or allowing someone to sexually abuse them and leave me alone.

    • hope braverman
    • Posted January 6, 2011 at 1:45 am
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    DSS stole my child from me for two weeks during the holidays…before Xmas. Two weeks later with an attorney my daughter was “placed” back into my home, but I was in the midst of moving to another county, had a rental and a school in place and now DSS is not allowing my child out of the county! They say I can go but she is under their legal custody. They are violating my civil rights to parent my child. They are taking months of my time and life, making “court dates” to determine if I am a fit parent now. My child is a straight A student. They are a corrupt system. I would like to gather with others and file class action against them, so please feel free to contact me. At this time we are playing the game…and there is more to this, but it must be made clear this can happen to anyone. The system is sucking us up..what can we do? Someone please give me some advice. Any advice, any point of view is welcome. And any action will be seriously considered. Any Action.

    • Concerned
    • Posted February 14, 2011 at 1:09 am
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    I am looking for anyone that has had negative or positive interaction with DSS/CPS in Rowan County, N.C. I am compiling a study of this agency and others in hopes of eventually getting a hearing before a House Sub Committee on CPS incompetence and corruption.

    • Kelly Queen
    • Posted March 15, 2011 at 10:39 am
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    If you would like to talk about DSS cases, especially in NC, please contact me at 2527980333. I have been fighting them for 2 years and can give some suggestions. You can also e-mail me at or Together we can win these cases!!!!

    • Kelly Queen
    • Posted March 20, 2011 at 1:50 am
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    Anyone having dealing with cps please contact me about the protest in August or just to talk about how sick they are…2527980333

    • The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    • Posted April 7, 2011 at 3:55 am
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    I unfortuantely know all too well what the victims of the system are going through.

    Rowan County DSS investigators failed to do due diliegence and unfortunately sided with a perpetrator and took the word of a former foster parent, even after they were informed that she failed to disclose to DSS she was in a mental institution for two years.

    Hello? Common sence would have you ask yourself, what else has she lied about?

    As far as the perpetrator, he obtained sole custody after falsely accusing the mother, even though he was substantiated for physical abuse and Neglect and the Mother was not. Personally I don’t get it. I have yet to figure out who paid who on this one.

    How did a system that orignally began, as some sweet church ladies trying to assist the indigent turn into a modern day Mafia?

    How is it you need a search warrent to go into someone’s home after having probable cause, but a DSS worker can take your child without a court warrent and you are then guilty until proven innocent?

    Can you say Good Ole Boy? I can, you may want to research what the term professional curtesy really means when dealing with the legal system.

    How long will DSS keep their heads in the sand in an attempt to hide the holes in the system,at the espense of the mental health of the children they remove.

    When will they open up their eyes and wake up from their brain washed denile and follow their gut instincts and speak up and stop the cycle?

    When will they take accountability for their part in numerous parentlectomies all in the name of good intentions.

    When will the system start doing due diligence instead of taking the easy way out?

    And one last final thought… me a Social worker that would cooperate with DSS taking their child from them, and I will show you a Social Worker that needs their head exaimined.

    Yet a victim of the system is expected to cooperate and get their head examine if they don’t.

    My advice to anyone going through this right now is to go educate yourself on the laws….one of the best programs I have found so far is called Jursidictionary and can be purchase for the price of a consultation.
    It will open your eyes and teach you how the legal process works. Unfortunately it taught me too late how my case fell through the system. I only wish I had the program sooner.

    • Kathy Nuttall
    • Posted April 28, 2011 at 8:02 am
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    I need to know if this is about a class action lawsuit and Department of Social Services regarding removing your kids illegally from their homes for virtually no reason. If so, I am all in. My four grandchildren that was in my custody was taken because the parents were visiting and I stepped outside for a moment to smoke. For doing this I was told I broke the safety agreement and they swiped my little angels away for being outside smoking. I need all the information I can get if I don’t go crazy first. PLEASE HELP!

    • Glenda Howard
    • Posted May 1, 2011 at 6:32 am
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    I am looking for information to help my daughter deal with DSS/CPS in Davie Co. She took her child to a well visit and pointed out a place in her child’s skull that she wondered if she should be concerned about. After an x-ray, she was requested to bring her child to Brenner’s in Winston-Salem. She did. They did more x-rays and said there were signs of other injuries. I got a call at my job in SC that my granddaughter was in protective services care. The investigators have told my daughter if she doesn’t tell who hurt her child, then she will never see her daughter again. While in the hospital and during this “investigation” we informed them that a development bone disease runs in the father’s family and from what we read there is a possibility she has that disease. But no one will test her for it. How can we KNOW if someone hurt my grandchild intentionally or unintentionally without this test. The Foster family could hurt her and not know it. Which my granddaughter had bruises during my daughter’s last visit but no one is suspecting the foster family of intentional harm. Did I mention Brenner’s was under investigation when my grandchild was taken. No on has contacted me about placement and I am the grandmother. I don’t think they are really working this case.

    • Amirah
    • Posted May 2, 2011 at 12:44 pm
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    I am looking for someone to help me in sueing DSS in Cumberland/Roberson County for illegally removing my kids and subjecting them to harm mental anguish. I am more than willing and ready to run a class action suit against the department! I think that state and county officals are cowards because when as clients repots the corruption within the department they all tuck their tales and hide. I challenged DSS with their own polices, procedures, state and federal statues and in an attempt to shut me up, they trumped up some charges and removed my innocent children. My case has been open since Dec.2010. DSS takes your kids, the law upholds them while they destroy families off of personal emotionals oppose to factual basis! PLEASE HELP ME!

  2. Anyone have dealings with Cabarrus County DSS workers in the years 2006/2007/2008/2009/2010? If so email:
    Are you a past DSS worker who wants to come clean and set the record straight? Join those who have been hurt by DSS. Even as a victim, I realize that not ALL workers are bad, deceitful, and lie. Many are good and have become victims on the inside themselves. Are you one one of them who wants to help non-drug addicted, clean, law abiding citizens who try to get their own relatives out of the system and fail because of prejudice or biased opinions or an inside agenda? I believe that one of the DSS workers in my cases knew one of the foster families personally? Could this be true? Contact the above email.

  3. New Hanover County CPS DSS does not care about anyone but themselves.
    My caseworker does not like me so I can not talk to or see my children. I have done everything that they wanted me to do except take this parenting class. I have contacted the lady at the parenting class that my worker wants me to take but i can not take the class unless I have visitation. HELLO I have proven that everything that they have said was untrue and I have done everything that they have wanted but guess what, no good results. My children were not taken because of drugs or anything they were taken because of a false statements. I have done their little psych evaluation, i have taken hair sample drug test and have passed them, i have went to all other classes, none of it helped me out though. I do not understand New Hanover County DSS they let drug addicts fail drug screens and either do not remove their kids or atleast still receive visitation. Has anyone had any good dealings with these people????? You sure can NOT get your worker to ever call you back unless you leave a message that you are going to contact their supervisor. Please advise me of anything good in new hanover county dss.

    • debbie
    • Posted May 22, 2011 at 2:32 pm
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    Looking for anyone who has been lied to or lied about from dss in Hendersonville NC. My granddaughter who is 17 needs your help. she was to graduate in June and will be 18 in September but now they are threating to put her in juvy because she doesn’t want to stay with her parents.

    • Kathy Nuttall
    • Posted May 23, 2011 at 5:45 pm
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    Why isn’t there anybody out there to help people that can’t afford a attorney to fight DSS. Because they are tearing my gran kids apart. They won’t let me see or talk to them. They want to move the older child away from the other kids. I NEED HELP to save my gran kids. If there is anybody out there to help me please call me at 910-399-4845. thank you

    • m & b calloway
    • Posted June 16, 2011 at 4:35 pm
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    my fiance and i are expieriencing what seems the norm in NC with DSS. Please anyone in Caldwell County that has had their babies stolen from them,, Please contact us.. We should organize a peaceful demonstration at the dss office or at the courthouse. lets do something to bring attention to all of our plights. i know me and my fiance arent the only ones unjustly accused… I mean I thought this was America,, not Russia or China!!!!! Please lets all rise together as one loud voice. Lets get at least the local media if not the national media to take notice,, With that kind of scrutiny on this unchecked and broken dept. we can all get our children back,, so for everyone who has been victimized and your children ripped from your loving home,, lets fight for them. The dss cannot ignore us together. Please contact me and lets see how many will protest for your families. Anywhere in NC lets set a day and show the DSS that we will not be bullied into submission, and that we dont have to be their puppets…..thats what our lawyers advice was” kiss their asses and do everything they say if you want your child back” thats what he said. and thats what we been doing but they are moving slower than a snail… I know everyone out there is going through the same hell we are. lets unite let our voices be heard for our families,, they want us to be quiet they know our attorneys are telling us that and that we have to take their bs…we dont lets unite for our families and be heard …please this is the only way …strength in numbers.. together we can get something done and i dont know but myself i would do anything and everything to get my baby boy back ,, help me and help yourselves… notify me if you are interested in protesting@

  4. There is a nation-wide protest being held Aug.12,2011 to fight CPS corruption. The site for info is You can hold a protest at your local courthouse…If anyone would like to help me in Martin county p-lease feel free to call me at 2527980333. We have got to stop these monsters!!!!!

    • Lisa
    • Posted July 25, 2011 at 9:00 am
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    Brunswick County DSS has not followed State Guide lines, I have written 2 registered letters which received no response. I then downloaded the DHS manual, I highlighted all their policies which were blatantly ignored in my case, I made a list of questions I wanted answered and I carried it with me when I spoke with the director at Brunswick County DSS. The director I spoke with 6 months ago is no longer there and has been replaced. My question is, since they refuse to follow the state policies and laws what can I do now? Where do I go from here?

    Thank You, I really appreciate all your hard work that you put into answering questions and keeping your site up to date.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted July 25, 2011 at 4:41 pm
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    you need to get an attorney and sue them. you are one of tens or hundreds of thousands. you need to bring your case immediately to the attention of, and look on the internet for others. you will find someone to help you, just make sure to document, and record or webcam every conversation you have with all of them. this is a national problem, and one of egregious nature against families. you are fighting a system that extorts money from parents, kidnaps and abuses children and takes away our constitutional rights.

  5. My husband spent yesterday in DSS court and based on what happened there we are convinced that not only is the DSS system totally inept but corrupt as well. We have a 16 year old son named Sam who has been in DSS “care” since January 2011. Here’s the story that led up to what we realize was the biggest mistake of our lives – letting DSS get inside our business:

    In April 2010 Sam assaulted his father and threatened to kill me in front of our four young children who were 7, 8, 9 and 10 at the time. One of our children has Downs Syndrome and is especially affected by Sam’s behaviors. Sam has had mental health issues his whole life (his mother has been in and out of every mental hospital in the state and is currently in assisted living) He is on medication for ADHD and ODD and has assaulted everyone in our house including the young children and his older sister. He punches holes in the wall, screams obscenities when he doesn’t get his way, and in general makes life living hell for everyone. He steals, lies, was caught with drugs. We’ve had the police to our house approx 10 times in 2 years for his various outbursts.

    The initial assault and threats charge put is in the Cabarrus county Juvenile justice system. He was put on probation and we were assigned RHA counselors who came to our house three days a week for “family counseling”. We did everything they asked, we let them in our home, we adjusted our schedule for three hours at a time three days a week to try and help him. He continually violated his probation by refusing to follow rules and not cooperating with DJJ or the RHA counselors. We went to district court in Aug of 2010 for one such violation and had the misfortune of our judge being sick, so we ended up in front of Judge Donna Johnson – a DSS judge. Please keep this in mind because the ONLY reason DSS got involved was because our judge was sick – not because anyone at any time thought we needed their intervention.

    Since she became the decision maker it’s been a race to the bottom of a deep hole of twisted justice and warped ideas about fairness. Her website claims her to be an “advocate for children” and that her hallmarks are “experience, fairness, and integrity.” She claims “Being tough on crime is “not judicial activism,” it is “judicial
    responsibility.” BLAH BLAH BLAH – I’m sorry but words mean nothing – this is the reality.

    EXPERIENCE: First we can tell by the tone she uses with us in court that she obviously assumes the parents to automatically be at fault, even though we were not in front of her for OUR infractions but for our son’s. Perhaps because her experience usually involves neglectful or abusive PARENTS then she just assumes it is always the case. She’s extremely rude and she scrutinizes everything we say and do as though we are scum. She treated HIM; however, with obvious sympathy – “Life is hard for you, isn’t it Sam?” I was outraged that she would have the nerve to take his side when we are the ones being subjected to HIS behaviors. Even after listening to a recording of him screaming and yelling and saying he “didn’t give a crap about any of us”… even after tell her his own little sister has nightmares about him killing us all she has the nerve to treat HIM with kid gloves. She had all the evidence in front of her that he was the abusER not the abusEE but her “experience” told her to believe the child first.

    We had teachers, counselors, his probation officer, even the police officer who came to our house willing to testify that Sam was the issue and we were good, honest, hardworking, churchgoing, loving parents just trying to PROTECT our other children from this boy’s madness. She would not hear of it. RHA suggested he be ordered to wilderness camp as everything they tried to do for him wouldn’t work. But since we make too much money, we would have to pay the $200 per DAY fee for him to stay there unless the judge ordered it. She would not – it would mean the government would have to pay for it! God forbid! She ordered a forensic exam. They said he had mental issues and needed help. She ordered community service which he did by going “camping” and picking up some trash. These are just stall tactics hoping we would give up and they’d dump us out of the system.

    Except during the whole time his behavior got worse and worse and she could not make any more excuses for him. Rather than come down hard on HIM for being unwilling to comply, she keeps with the “child is always the victim” and suggests perhaps it was our environment that was the problem. Maybe poor Sam is just misunderstood by his parents. “He has a mental illness after all – you know he can’t POSSIBLY be held accountable for his actions.” (She honest to God said that to us in court) I’m sorry but you can have experience and still completely lack common sense! If he has an obvious mental problem then WHY ARE YOU MAKING US LIVE WITH HIM???? If we did to them what Sam has done to them, they would yank them all out from under us, but if we try to protect them from abuse by a teenaged sibling…. they will yank them out from under us! It’s madness! All the evidence suggest he might harm someone in our home, but Oh wait, I forgot, even the mentally ill, abusive juvenile delinquent gets more rights than the innocent victims when the victims are the parents.

    ADVOCATE?? Poor Sam….huh? Excuse me Judge Johnson, but how are you an advocate for Sam by allowing him to assault people, fail school, steal, lie, do drugs, etc… then refuse to hold him accountable? But forget that, ultimately, how are you an advocate for my other four children when you refuse to protect them from a young man hell bent on hurting them at every turn? How were you an advocate for my 9-year-old when Sam walked in his room without provocation and kicked and hit him and bloodied his nose? How are you an advocate for our son with Downs who has learned from his brother that being inappropriate in our speech and hitting when we don’t get our way is normal and “you don’t have to do what they say they are mean parents”? How are you an advocate for Sam’s 8 year old sister who has nightmares that Sam is going to kill us in our sleep?

    So we go in front of you and your snarky little DSS lawyers who refuse to talk to the PARENTS about what kind of legal shenanigans they are pulling behind closed doors and the next thing you know they are walking away with Sam and we don’t even know what they did to make it happen. For all we know they declared us unfit – that was January and we have never gotten a piece of paper saying what they did. They put Sam in foster care. And now that he’s out of our ENVIRONMENT poor little Sammy did great, right?

    Let’s see, the first home the put him in lasted two days because she lied about who lived with her and had her license yanked. The second home was a single mom with a teenage daughter who showered him with gifts because I’m sure she had been told his meanie parents took everything from him. I’m sure they forgot to mention to her that he lost all his stuff because of he refused to follow rules and was disrespectful. That lasted maybe 2 months before she DEMANDED he be removed immediately because….yes you guessed it! He was being rude and disrespectful and not following rules. Imagine that. We still don’t know all the details because even though we are financially responsible – yes we are paying DSS child support for him – we don’t have the right to talk to the foster mom about what he is doing nor are we allowed to tell her what he did to get put there in the first place. Even when she’s kicking him out for the same exact behavior that got him there in the first place.

    So he goes to another single mom who left him totally unsupervised while she worked all day. He’s on Facebook at all hours of the night posting lewd and obscene things and going to clubs and hanging with friends and getting piercings. He starts dating a girl and the geniuses at DSS are handing him condoms rather than restricting him. It get’s better – she has a 10 year old son (even though he has a pending charge for assaulting my 9 year old but hey – DSS prob didn’t tell her that or they couldn’t have dumped him on her) and she kicks him out because he won’t leave the 10 year old alone or follow rules or show respect or… we detect a pattern?

    FAIRNESS: So now we’ve run out of homes willing to take him in Cabarrus county so we start to see a problem. He’s burning every bridge DSS has. He’s using RESOURCES. He’s too much trouble. How about a group home? hmmm, that would cost the state money! Oh, I have it! Lets threaten to declare the PARENTS unfit to care for him! Forget that they have NO evidence that we are bad parents. Forget that we have TONS of evidence that Sam is the problem and continued to BE the problem even when not in OUR environment. Let’s point a gun to the PARENTS head and say hey, not only are we going to send the wolf back into your house to prey on the innocent lambs who just recently were able to sleep at night and live life without fear, we are going to be watching your EVERY move for the next 10 years! How is that fair?

    INTEGRITY: We got a call one day about the same time he got kicked out of the last home, saying that DJJ had dropped his probation and they no longer had “jurisdiction” over him and they were holding him illegally and he would have to come home. Of course, we couldn’t argue with that because we still don’t know how they got “jurisdiction” in the first place as they have never given us anything stating how they were able to take him. Now, we said it’s not a good idea, we said Sam won’t like it, but we NEVER said no he can’t come home. They set a court date for when they knew we were out of town on vacation. Luckily our lawyer got them to file a continuance otherwise we believe they intended to file a petition of dependency and take our rights away and we’d be defending our right to parent our other kids (the victims). When we never got any summons for the continuance, we called the DSS worker to ask if we have to go to court, she told us “they haven’t filed anything” Which was a half-truth at best. They did not mention the court date still existed. They sure as hell didn’t mention that an order of dependency had already been drafted basically saying we were at fault for all of this!

    I believe they intended to mislead us so we wouldn’t show up and they were going to ramrod this thing through! If it wasn’t for our lawyer noticing we were on the docket that’s what these sleezy half-wits would have done. Even when my husband showed up at court AGREEING to take him back, they were hell bent on filing the petition anyway! We were THREATENED with a petition to terminate OUR rights based on….what? hmmm, no evidence that they are neglectful parents. In fact, when Sam filed a false report against us, it was unfounded! So we had already been declared fit parents. But hey, we don’t need evidence! His court appointed lawyer who continued the assault case twice cause she “wasn’t ready” now comes to us and says, “Well, if you want this (illegal immoral and unfounded) petition to go away, you must not only take him back or risk DSS up your butt for the next 10 years they you must DROP THE ASSAULT CHARGE.” Why? Can’t answer that – it requires me to leave reason checked at the door and while the legal and social services systems are aces at that game I cannot fathom why Sam gets to abuse my family then walk away from it all scott free while WE are treated like the perpetrators and we must now open ourselves us to his abuse again or lose our other kids.

    So let this soak in….unless we drop the assault on a minor charge – that he admitted to – WE will be declared unfit. Unless we take him back in and subject our other children to his anger – cause he’s mighty pissed btw that he has to to come back here – these same children might be taken from us in the future. My 9 year old son not only does not get any JUSTICE OR FAIRNESS he has to LIVE WITH HIS ABUSER or WE will lose him and his siblings to the system. Go wrap your head around THAT one!

    I see from the plethora of posts on this subject that we are not alone in the maze of madness surrounding what originally was an agency to protect our children. They don’t give a damn about my children. They give a damn about making sure they don’t spend their budget. They sit there in their high and lofty places and make decisions that affect lives they don’t have to live based on opinions rather than cold hard facts in front of them. If they cared about Sam they would put him in a controlled environment and require him to be treated by doctors who can handle his extremely violent and harmful behavior so that he doesn’t go out into the world and continue to commit his CRIMES.

    Who is OUR advocate? What do you do when its the CHILD who is the abuser? Who protects the other children in the home when their brother or sister is abusive to them? If they cared about Joshua, Lola, Arianna and Emerson – YES SOCIAL SERVICES THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL FEARS AND WHO NEED REAL PROTECTION – they wouldn’t subject them to live with someone they fear.

    If ever anyone needs me to stand up and tell my story to support anything that puts these people in their place count me in. I don’t have much hope – it’s a huge gaping black hole of nonsense ready to suck in the innocent and spit them back out. There is no fairness, no justice, no advocacy happening here.

    • anon
    • Posted July 29, 2011 at 9:00 pm
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    Caldwell County DSS and Sheriffs dept were both told of a 42 year old man dating 15 and 16 year old girls. Neither one had the jurisdiction to investigate.

    • Natalie
    • Posted August 25, 2011 at 8:36 pm
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    My case has been open for 104 days. They have not taken my kids. They say they are closing the case that day, everytime I call but still no letter. What are they up to? We opened the case on a relative and I feel like they are going to turn the table. Please help.

    • Jesse
    • Posted September 26, 2011 at 6:31 am
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    My Daughter is Going thru the same thing her Children were taking without a investigation its been since Jan27 of this year she lives in Burke Country NC Kids were taking in Caldwell County did all that DSS has ask her to do without DSS helping her they wouldnt even give her a case plan Judge had to Court order it after two Months she has never been able to tell her side of the story in March she was told by the Judge she Should have her Children back by next month without even knowing they transfered the case to Burke County and it started all over again she gets 1 hr aweek visitation with her children Grandparents get none since in DSS care they have been abused and medicated the worker that took the Children was fired for taking Children without investigation first Lawyer she had in Caldwell County is a DSS lawyer in Burke County when told about things he would say that DSS stretches the truth that that was minor she has never told her side of the case they told her to get a better job she did now they tell her she needs a different job cos she works sometimes on saturday charged with child abuse in Calwell County without a investigation and Lawyers are scared to say anything to DSS and when she specks her mind they take her visititation away for weeks at a time what do you do?

  6. Post your opinion about your social worker on Also, if you know of a support group in or around Houston, please email Thank you.

    • tanya
    • Posted November 16, 2011 at 12:14 pm
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    my cousin claims her kids were taken away in wallace north carolina for having a low income can this really happen i can’t seem to find any information on this case can someone help me the parents names are daved franklin malone and mollie malone can anyone help me

    • tammyluttrell
    • Posted December 16, 2011 at 12:27 am
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    Dss took my two daughters and a mound of lies,deceit,and confussion followed and continues,no one from dss seems intrested in helping or even hearing me and the truth~ if there is any one out there that has any advise or resources contact me asap at anytime… or facebook “marialuttrell~ 7048134511

  7. Zune and iPod: Most people compare the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It’s very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted January 21, 2012 at 10:01 pm
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    I feel for those that are going through dss problems if i can help you can email me or contact me at any time 828-409-5538 i have dealt with them as well not alot of people know there rights but we do have rights dss just dont want you to know that

  8. We went to court in CATAWBA COUNTY and the decision was already made before our case was even heard. We wanted our grandson Jace in our care. He was in our care until CPS took him . Our daughter has a drug problem but when she stayed with us during her pregnancy, she was sober.. October 12,2011 our daughter said she was sick, so she did not go to church.. She wanted us to have Jace because she wanted to go to Rehab.Together, we got a typed letter stating what our daughters intention were. She wanted it notarized,so we did that..She went into labor on October 13,2011. Kevin andI found out about two hours later that her and Jace tested positive for cocaine. I was totally devastated. Jace was born in Mecklenberg county bbut we lived in CATAWBA CO .CATAWBA stepped in took Jace from Kevin and I because of my Fibromyalgia. My doctors stated I was healthy enough to raise Jace… Our daughter has been in Rehab since October 26,2011 and she is doing well according to her counselers.. BUT OUR HEARTS ARE BROKEN WITHOUT JACE!!!!!!!!! HELP US PLEASE!!!!!

  9. My husband and I were really shafted by DSS in Caldwell County. Our grandchildren were placed in a foster home in March, 2011. We had had the oldest boy almost all his life, and we had the 3 year old granddaughter off and on for most of her life. We had signed an agreement that we would not let Keisha, our daughter take Hannah anywhere alone. Hannah had a drs. appointment one day, and Bruce, the grandfather, had to work, as he was supporting everyone, so Keisha promised she would take her and bring her straight home or take her to daycare. Well she not only did not take Hannah to the dr, she took her to see her dad that had just gotten out of jail. BIG MISTAKE! Shee got home early with her, they had dinner, baths and then went to bed. At 1:30 AM, there was cops n DSS workers to get our grandchilren. I know we broke a rule, and it was wrong, but they were fine. We had kinship of them from Dec 2010 until March 15, 2011, and made that 1 horrible mistake by trusting our daughter. at Keisha’s hearing she was given orders to comply to, but she didn’t do those things. The judge gave us intervention rights. Well, Dss told us from the start we would never get our grandchidren back. We attended hearings all this year, and never got to speak until Feb 2 2012, our last hearing. The DSS always found reasons to continue and not let us speak. So many lies were told. I am trying to get signatures of people that want DSS to be investagated and also, I am trying to get grandparent’s signatures to send to two representatives that have agreed to help us grandparent rights in NC. That means the whole state of NC. Please help with this by sending statements and signatures to me at or call me @ 828-396-9894. TY! Needless to say, we lost our grandchildren. Everyone in that room was crying and telling us how sorry they were. Some even followed us out, begging us to pray for them. Most of them were grandparents losing their grandchildren.

    • circles
    • Posted February 7, 2012 at 11:47 pm
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    Im in Brunswick County im fighting for my 7 month old son. He went to the hospital on Jan 3rd for an 8oz weight loss. He was released Jan 6th but took into kinship. Its been a month and im still no closer to getting him back. My caseworker keeps giving me the run around and won’t let me know what needs to be done to get him back. Please if anone knows any advice let me know. Thank you

  10. Ask for a court appointed lawyer and sue DSS

  11. see I documented the corruption in the wake court, nc state bar and us district court and the persons responsible for it.

  12. After talking to many people, I have come to realize that alot of us had the same judge. IF YOU HAD GARY DELLINGER AS YOUR JUDGE,,, PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP……..He handles alot of DSS cases in Caldwell, Catawba,and Burke. Thank you very much for your assistance..

  13. I have Gary Dellinger as our judge, and I need people to stand up with me to try to keep our 2 grandchildren from getting adopted out April 25! We our in Caldwell county and need your help. my phone # is 828-396-9894. my e-mail is lindalou_10@ charter. net! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee help us!!!!

    • David
    • Posted March 30, 2012 at 11:28 am
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    Can anyone please help me. I’ve been in contact with dss and cps in new hanover and pender county. I’m not getting anywhere with them. They keep passing the buck. I have a 15month old soon. I have been denied the right to see him since nov. 28,2011 by my wife. We are currently going through a court battle at the momen but i’m afaid by the time the courts hear all the facts of the case it’s going to be to late. I have my son’s medical records. His mother is not taking him to the doctors for his checkups. He was there in feb for a very bad diaper rash that his mother said he had for over a week before she took him in. It’s noted on the doctor’s records. Also, the enviroment he is staying in is very unsafe. The whole family has depression, and violent temper, anger management problems. On feb. 10, her dad attempted suicide and 3 days later on feb. 13 her 10 year old brother beat the shit out of his mom, and jumped out of a moving truck. Both the dad and child were committed to a mental hospital. I called dss and cps to tell them what I had found. They took my information and I got a letter yesterday saying that they are not able to investigate because it doesn’t meet Nc Maltreatment Screening Tools test. I looked up the test on line and found that they should be investigating this bc it does qualify. But they are not. Now they are avoiding my phone calls. I’m in fear of my son’s safety and well being in that home. All the signs point towards a very wrongful ending to this. PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN HELP PLEASE E-MAIL ME. I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO ANYMORE.

  14. Dear David, since you have caught DSS in their lie, they will not help you. The best thing you can do is get a lawyer, take the evidence of the lie and sue the hell out of the.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted April 2, 2012 at 5:40 pm
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    It seems with all the information you have and you can prove that your wife is being negligent -medically,David you should be able to file emergency custody.Not to mention the place he stays is not considered stable. Make sure you have all the paperwork (police reports, ems, er, hospital and the pediatricians) I believe you have to go to the magistrate to file the papers.You may be able to find a placethat will help you with this because it really sounds like your baby might be in danger. Remember that you are doing what is in the best interest of your baby

    • jim
    • Posted April 5, 2012 at 11:08 pm
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  15. Can someone please get in contact with me about a lawyer who is good at fighting CPS in Wake County, so that I can get my children back from foster care? Thanks. Please email me. Also, I am willing to help lobby, tell my story or do whatever I can to stop this from happening to another innocent child or family.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted April 23, 2012 at 5:49 pm
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    explain to me more about on what this is beause i do nneed hepl .co

  16. Henderson county is the worst of all dss offices.They sell babies here and will take those from poor people and then sell them.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted May 7, 2012 at 2:56 pm
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    North Carolina should contact the SBI with their concerns as well as the Governor. A foster mother almost let my grandbaby die from choking. She aspirated and got chemical pneumonia. All CPS did was smak the old lady on the hand while my grandbaby had to be hospitalized and put into an induced coma for about a week. We all need to get together and find a very good attorney willing to start a Class Action Lawsuit and get our kids back before we all die of heartbreak. Good luck to you all and I certainly feel your pain. I live in New Hanover County and would love to see others willing to join this fight to get our child (ren) back where they belong.

  17. I wish that those in charge would pay attention to us normal people who are actually trying to be real parents. I am being harrassed by dss in johnston county over a false report filed by a teacher who did not like me because I asked her not to be predjidice against my child because she has mental problems.. The investigation began against my child’s father’s wife and then was turned against me and my fiance.. What is that? There was proof of the marks my child receives at her father’s house but yet they are going against us and have ripped my family apart.. They are here to protect our children but yet they feel invinsible like they can do anything they want to do.. No one cares enough to help us I believe the only way to make a difference is to join forces and contact any news and newspapers that will listen to us to let the world know what kind of dss workers and system we really face… Making a stand will make a difference they may have control but we as a whole can take it back… Stand up for our chidren and our rights make everyone listen to our stories… Only when this happens can we really change the system as we know it… If we don’t fight for our children who will?

    • noralma palacios
    • Posted May 27, 2012 at 1:14 pm
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    Give me a call. 980 875 0896

    • Stuck between a rock and a hard place and missing my children
    • Posted May 27, 2012 at 3:42 pm
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    North Carolina Department of Social Services CPS in Catawba County is corrupt as well. How can a CPS worker tell you not to live with a man even though he has done everything they have asked and has provided exceptionally for me and my 2 children. I do not understand how these people can tell me who I can and who I can not be with. They are trying to tell me who I can be intimately involved with and that is not right. How can this happen?

  18. I am in New Hanover County, Wilmington, NC if anyone is in the area and would like to join up. We are forming a group and an Occupy Family Court division for Cape Fear. Everyone can join the worldwide facebook group A Parent’s Rights A Call to Action and Please if you are in NC please join the facebook group A Parent’s Rights A Call to Action NC Division and We Are Change NC so we can all join together!

    • crystal novia
    • Posted June 12, 2012 at 9:27 pm
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    I left my son with a baby sitter and he had a broken rib from a 6 year old girl. He came home and showed no signs of pain or anything about 4 days later he started to throw up and cry so i took him to the e.r and they did a buch of test that showed he had a healing fractured rib. DSS got involved and told me i have to find somewhere for my son to go because he was not allowed to come home with me. My son is 2 and half months and the case working is doing things i asked she didnt like contact family that i have not involved on my life becuase of the drugs they use. how can i get my son back? I did not and would never harm my child

    • kenney
    • Posted June 14, 2012 at 2:34 am
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    Hi my name is Kenny Hoefle Jr

    Me and my wife have been married in April it will be 20 years. We have raised one child who is now 18 years old and has been in advanced class since
    elementary school and now have a 7 year old little girl who is my world. She does great in school yes she might be a little hard headed but she has good grades.
    My wife’s in school at Gaston college with a GPA of 3.8 Me looking for work trying to find a good job with good benefits to take care of my family.
    Don’t get me wrong we are not perfect. My wife and I do have words but nothing violent. My dad passed away last January it’s been really hard on me.
    And now I say now but this was in Feb. of this year our neighbor calls DSS and tells them that my wife has been seen by them with black eyes and we send our little girl
    to school dirty and hungry. None of this is true the lady who this is coming from is a habitual liar and has stole money from a bank she worked at in another state.
    She did report we smoked pot this is true but that does not make us bad parents. We did not smoke it in front of my child. Now DSS-CPS has forced my child and wife to go stay with my wife’s brother who lives in Kings mountain.They say because of domestic violence and we smoke pot. We have call the police but no one was ever arrested for domestic violence because there was none.My wife has to be supervised by her brother and his wife. And was forced from our home of 19 plus years. My wife had to drop out of school . I had to drop my job search because they and i mean DSS-CPS want us to do a 12 week, 3days a week 3hours a day drug class. With people who have been stung out on heroin and all kinds of hard drugs.. So now my family is so much worse off then we was when DSS-CPS came in to my home all on one persons phone call. I just don’t understand how DSS-CPS can do this to a family that was trying to make it work. I taught DSS-CPS was to help keep families together not force them apart. We have being bullied by DSS-CPS who said if we don’t do what they say they will take my little girl from us.. My family is so much worse now then we was it’s cause me and my wife to have more problems now then ever.The social worker is telling my wife’s sister-in-law all her drug results without my wife permission. I think it’s a shame that in our so called free country that they can do this, break up husband and wife who have been married almost 20 years and destroy homes in AMERICA…. I just want to let you and everybody know what is going on in Gaston County DSS-CPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please feel free to contact me at 704-421-6144
    PO box 223
    114 Rankin Rd Ext.
    McAdenville NC 28101

    • Kathy
    • Posted June 16, 2012 at 10:49 pm
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    I think this sort of thing is happening so much that a lot of us from various counties should contact the Goveneror the SBI. Good luck honey I will keep you in my prayers.

    • Kathy
    • Posted June 16, 2012 at 10:54 pm
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    I would love to join the group. I also live in Wilmington. Please email me and let me know when an where we meet and so forth or call me at (910)617-2579. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Linda
    • Posted June 20, 2012 at 9:01 pm
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    I need help for my daughter in regards getting her son back. She lives in Craven County New Bern NC. She has done everything that DSS wants her to do but they keep adding more to the list. And won’t tell her when her son is coming back to live with her. My grandson has been with DSS for 6 months

    • Janice
    • Posted July 11, 2012 at 8:31 am
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    I am a grandparent of two children that are in foster care in burke county NC.On August 2nd we go back to court. The social worker said just because my son is living with me that they are going to take his children away.My son did not do anything wrong when they toke the kids almost a year ago. he is the one that went to them for help.Because his ex-wife beat him . he has done everything they have asked for him do. but just because he live at home with his parents they are going to try and take his rights.if there is anyone who can tell me how to file a case agaist them please call me at 828-219-2045.

    • Cheryl Freeman
    • Posted August 6, 2012 at 5:18 am
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    I want to start a class action lawsuit against New Hanover County DSS which is located in Wilmington, NC. I am a grandmother that my case was lost because it seems like this county makes up there own laws and no one not even President Obama or Governor Bev Purdue can stop this county. All the lawyers in this county are afraid of DSS and will only take your money but not truly helping you win your case. It seems like it is all sewn up with DSS and the court system. So the only way to get justice is to take out a class action lawsuit hoping that they will not retaliate against the people who are joining in the lawsuit to take away the kids. I just want justice to get my granddaughter this is the only way to fight the system. I am not afraid are you? Please if you want your grandchildren and I mean grandchildren only to come and live with you and not some other foster person that DSS has assigned to them help me in this fight. Please write to me at and we can put a stop to DSS in Wilmington,NC and how they run the county over there with the tactics they use. My granddaughter is 10 years old now and when she was taken into DSS custody she was only 6 yrs old. It is like she went to jail for something she did not do and she cannot get out of jail unless me as her grandmother come to save her. Her parents have let her down so no it is up to me her grandmother to come and save her from the system. DSS is like a police they come and snatch up kids and take them to people who want children but do not know how to have a baby on there own so they steal children. Please let us all get together and get our grandchildren back from Wilmington, NC New Hanover County DSS today. Please email me so we can get our heads together. It is going to have to be an attorney we need outside of Wilmington, NC because all of the attorney in Wilmington, NC are on the side of the county and they are afraid of losing there practices. We need a lawyer outside of that county willing to assist. Anyone please come to my rescue because I want my granddaughter with me before she turns another year older. Attention all grandparents please.!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Janice
    • Posted August 6, 2012 at 8:08 am
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    I would like to help but its not just new hanover its all over nc I live in burke county and they just ceased runnfcation on my grandchildren. Let me know what i can do

    • linda
    • Posted August 6, 2012 at 8:38 am
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    My grandson has been in DSS custody for a year and my daughter still doesn’t have custody of her son. He was placed in a home and then they stated he needed to be moved and be placed in a theaptic home. We are trying to find out why they felt he needed to be placed there. DSS states that he can’t have his phone and there is no reason for this. I pay for his phone. Can they prevent him having his phone, computer ect. The foster care family don’t care if he has his phone. There is another child in the home that has a phone and I feel that is not fair but he has a different DSS worker.Any help on this

    • Anonymous
    • Posted August 14, 2012 at 4:20 pm
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    I totally agree about New Hanover County. They are corrupt and if someone does want to do a class action lawsuit you can count me in.

  19. I am a 25year old mther. I am in college and I work just so my son can go to a kindercare at his age of 3. I smoke medicinal marajuana when needed. My dad decided that because he dowesn’t control me or my son since I became independent he would call dss. They will be here tomorrow at 10 am and I an afraid because I have some knowledge of wat dss does and the incentives they get for taking a child out of a home. I am preparred but I will die trying to keep my son from my father who beat my mother took me and my sister from her and also is doing the same to me at this moment. Fuck and alagation that is all it is and nothing more. My daycare worker says she will help. If you have any advice please emaIl me at I am in Gaston county. Thank you for listening.

    • Kathy
    • Posted August 28, 2012 at 8:41 pm
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    Honey the best thing I can advise is to get your child and leave the county, go to another state if you have to because if you test positive for any drugs they will take your child and eventually they will adopt them/him out and usually the foster parents try to adopt the child/children. My son and daughter in law have been going through that now for 17 months and with no jobs available around here in New Hanover County for people with background of some drug use they are trying to take all 4 of the kids and adopt them out. So the best advice I can give you is to run with your child so they cant find you. Good luck and my prayers are with you and the child.

    • Rusty
    • Posted September 14, 2012 at 2:15 pm
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    Rowan County DSS is investigating me for child abuse after I struck my daughter when she had SHOVED me across the kitchen. She has been diagonsed with ODD and ADHD and they dont care about that fact. The social worker had my 12 y/o son so scared he couldn’t sleep or go to school for 2 days. he still cries thinking the DSS worker will come get him.

    • Tee
    • Posted September 27, 2012 at 9:24 am
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    They do DSS cases and are GREAT with it!

    • Tee
    • Posted September 27, 2012 at 9:25 am
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    They do DSS cases and are GREAT with it!

    • Tammy
    • Posted October 14, 2012 at 8:48 am
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    I need to find out the rights of a persons child being taken and put into kinship custody for false aquisations.

    • karma
    • Posted October 28, 2012 at 6:28 pm
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    i had given my mom temporary custoday 7 years ago due to the fact that i was really young and was in a abusive relationship as soon as i signed that paperwork my mother kept me from my kids so i had no contact with them at all no matter how much i tried well 9-11-2012 mom my got in contact with me and within 24 hours my children was dropped off on my door step no warning no nothing (not complaining about that part) well i slowley started finding out that there was alot of abuse towards my kids from my mother and people in her home well my mom had my 7 year old son on meds htat no kid should be on it was not even approved for children in turn within the first two weeks my son punched me in the stomach knowing im pregnant and was choking and kicking my daughter smeared his poop all over himself and my bathroom and tried to blame it on my daughter even tho i got him well poopy handed i knew right then that my son needed some seriously help lets not forget to mention that i could not have him around any other children because he would threaten to kill them so my plan and goal was to get him into a temporary residentail mental heath place to get him the proper help he needs and get him off these meds well about a month and half ago my son decided that i didnt take him to mcdonalds enough so he stole my wallet and ran away he tripped and fell at some point of his little adventure and when someone found him wondering the streets he told them that a man made him leave his house and punched him in the mouth (he said this we found out because he ran away when he was with my mother and the cops told him if he did it again that he would go to jail for a very long time) so the first thing that was done was my financee was accused of punching my son even tho you could easily tell he had bite his lip they then asked me a whole bunch of questions and i not knowing was completely honest with them about getting him the help so they offered me help me trying to do what was best for everyone including him i took the help i later on (72 hours) found out that they twisted all my words and said that i abused my child by abandoning him they then lied and said that i never mentioned getting him help and they never offered i just supposably told them he was not allowed back in my house i was also honest with the fact that before i got my kids i was smoking weed not everyday but once maybe twice a week but as soon as i found out about them coming i stopped so now due to the fact that i supposably abused my child i am only allowed to see him 2 times a month for a hour each visit it is highly supervised i will not get him back untill i go to drug classes mental evals (due to the fact that im pregnant and emotional sometimes) criminal domestic abuse classes parenting classes and family counsling and pass random drug tests my only advice of anyone is dont tell d.s.s. jack they will use it against you if you tell them that you broke your toe they will say your husband or wife is physicaly abusive towards you . with my first visit with my son he told me that his new daddy (his foster parent) told him that i didnt want him and that he was never coming home now take in mind that me and my fiancee was investigagted by a detective and dss over him saying he was punched in the mouth but due to the fact that the adoptive parents said they didnt say that it is belived that my son is a lier but he wasnt one with me hmmmm makes you think how in the hell did my 7 year old son make up by himself when supposbaly he doesnt know whats going on as they say that I DO NOT WANT HIM AND THE ONLY WAY HE WILL EVER COME BACK HOME IS IF I TELL THE JUDGE I WANT HIM

    • michele sullivan
    • Posted November 6, 2012 at 4:44 pm
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    to all grand parents fighting with any nc dss. my problem is in avery county. i live in cherokee coutny. since taking out an ad in the local paper i am hearing all these stories like ours. dss has legally stolen children and continued to place them in danger. my has been an almost 8 year battle. i have 3 babies/ one on the way. my daughter and her husband are drug addicts. i was insulted in open court by the dss attorney.refused to speak in court.after being told to come ,speak the court wants to hear fom you. what lies. we watched all day as case after case was awarded to dss and its workers. the supervisor in avery has family issues of her own .these people are splitting up familys/useing power they do not deserve. we are trying to get together as many grandparents as well as anyone who has had serious problems with dss. we have room for our grandchildren and are willing to care for them. we want them! they are all in seperate homes one with a drug addict,another with a woman who told me on the phone “it will be a cold day in hell before you get these kids.” ok people lets stop bitching and do something. I WANT MY FAMILY! WHEN MY CHILDREN WERE LITTLE AND TO TODAY I WOULD KILL FOR THEM. WELL NOW I WANT MY GRANDCHILDREN AND DSS OUT OF OUR LIVES. we have heard from so many people about the abuse of power. lets get together i have some numbers and lets bombbard them. we must be heard. DSS IN NORTH CAROLINA CAN NOT DESTROY FAMILIES AT WILL AND DENY BIOLOGICAL PLACEMENT DUE TO THIER FEEELINGS! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. my name is michele sullivan i live in murphy nc. my grandchildren were siezed by dss and they have no plans to give them back. every one needs to get the horror stories together. lets go to the capital. demand to see the govenor! call before 6 pm 828-494-3795.

    • Posted November 6, 2012 at 6:36 pm
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    I totally agree with what you have said here Ms. Sullivan as I am in the same situation. My number is 910-6162579 should you get a group together.


    • annoymous
    • Posted December 3, 2012 at 10:25 pm
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    I am now involved with DSS. I will keep the county and information secret at this time. They did not take my kids but they are giving me drug tests and telling me I have to go to drug assessment which I have NO PROBLEM with. I just would like to know if I pass their drug tests and do their drug counseling: How long they will be involved in our life now?

    • MsSueDSSCPSnJuvenileCourtSystem
    • Posted December 8, 2012 at 12:48 am
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    I also am frustrated beyond any thing imagineable in CUMBERLAND COUNTY NC with the Lies and accusations that the DSS CPS workers use to take over families and children They do not follow and laws or have any sort of respect for people They need to be stopped NOW they are out of control maliciously victimizing innocent children and families and getting away with it!.. I have written congress lobbyists legislators senators but they cannot speed up the corrupt courts and stop the devastation already done They need to STOP and be stopped they r disgusting and evil I want justice for children and people who are trying to raise their children without government interference..Or Lies they are nazis against families and have no care or compassions for truth and justice they need to pay for the fraud they commit new laws new court system Rapid reform for children and families I want to join any groups or class action lawsuits as well CUMBERLAND COUNTY DSS CPS workers and the juvenile courts are nasty Vile workers who need to see reality and respect our rights and laws follow their own policies and procedures mor the NC Gen statues or state laws or federal or civil nor our constitutional rights

    • Zuly
    • Posted December 8, 2012 at 6:29 pm
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    I live in nc Raleigh my daughter was abuse by her father 3 years ago in NYC Cps got involve 6 months ago no one has done anything to her father n Cps is just focusing on sending her to a mental hospital just because according to them she has not improve mentally do to her abuse. To me she is better please I need help they may take her this week.

    • MsSueDSSCPSnJuvenileCourtSystem
    • Posted December 8, 2012 at 9:50 pm
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    stay ahead of them and dont let them take your daughter put her in counseling on your own do not let them interfere or they will try n take over thats for sure do not offer them any information or access to your home

    • MsSueDSSCPSnJuvenileCourtSystem
    • Posted December 8, 2012 at 9:53 pm
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    ANYONE interested in rallying the Congress in Raleigh for reform

  20. Absolutely I would

  21. All they do is lie, corrupt the children that other adults have said something to the children and the Judge always goes by what DSS reccommends.

    • Tim Dickensheets
    • Posted December 9, 2012 at 6:25 pm
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    If you have a place to go outside of the state do so. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. If dss gets involved they will lie to you face and tell you what you want to hear. They have their own rules and its there rules and the judge will side with them its all about money!!! MY daughter has to even pay child support to the foster care person and she has no job. Figure that out. I have been trying for 3 yrs to get my grandson and we are still dealing with dss.

    • sherice
    • Posted December 11, 2012 at 3:22 pm
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    Hey is there anyone thats dealing with DSS here in Guilford county..that knows our rights..? plz if so email at…i

    • Alma Lee
    • Posted December 11, 2012 at 11:16 pm
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    To whom who may be reading this …there comes a time when a person has reached the limits of doing the next right thing in the court system and realizes no matter what you do to try to help your children… when you care enough to help them and try to reach out to help them because they beg you too and the courts refuse to help and even locks you in jail for simply speaking up and saying to your ex..” let’s work on visitation for the sake of our daughter” … when social services gets on the stand and says.. “Yes… this child did talk about the alleged abuse … being choked by her father.. Dragged across the room by her hair … locked outside the house for wanting more syrup and screamed at violently and had pencils broken in front of her and the homework thrown in the trash can Because she couldn’t get it right… talked about how her dad came into her room one night naked and crawled in bed with her and she then purposely fell out of bed and slept on the floor for the rest of the night because she was afraid” but because… my little girl cannot remember dates she has to go back and live with this man that people on the outside think is so sweet.
    Back in 2001 of DEC. I gave birth to a beautiful healthy little wonderful and delightful girl. Her dad and I had not been married long… the abuse I received was tough… I had left and sought out a woman’s shelter. I was afraid… I took my daughter and left my son who at the time was 15 with him. My ex… never was violent with my son… he is from another marriage and actually they seemed to get along very well except for 2 times that I know of.
    I went to seek counsel and the attorney said to me if I was not going to file for divorce I better go back home for ex would get me for abandonment and he would take me daughter. She said she would help for 5,000.00.
    I did not have 5,000.00 so I went home thinking that I would try to make things better… do whatever it took to make him happy and live within the confines of this home.
    He eventually found out…I had been to the shelter… he also found out that after our lil girl was born the GYN put me on Paxil…gave me samples instead of prescription for we were afraid if he found out I was on this he would hurt me even more. (This was to help me take the blows of his abuse with ease.)(I told my GYN what I was going through) well he found out about the Paxil …he found an empty sample in the trash can and all hell broke out. I do not like to think he is an evil man… but only a man who suffers from some sort of lack of within his self…. Would go to the extreme to abuse his wife….
    I mean… why would a person…beat you down… choke you …threaten to kill you … call you names …Spit in your face… stick their fingers down your throat…head butt you and refuse to let you leave the house without them… and if you did … there was a price to pay….Why would a man jump out of a car going 45 miles an hour down a road just because his wife wanted to stay and watch her sons baseball practice?
    My son and I had a bond… but looking back I see how little by little… things changed… My ex started controlling our relationship and eventually… our bond was broke… my son became rebellious… he too would scream in my face and treat me terribly.
    I lost weight… was hospitalized once… they never could find out what it was… I was having a break down inside… and had no way of knowing how to talk about it… somewhere inside of me I thought I was getting what I deserved… after all.. I had not the greatest… growing up as a child… molested myself for years… and then later turning to alcohol… well… this life …I was living now…not drinking… had a nice home… maybe… it was me… maybe I needed to change some more. And so I tried. And I tried and I tried… it seemed that no matter what I did it was never good enough.
    Then march2002 of that year… right after he demanded the samples of the Paxil…took them from me.. 2 weeks later… I cut off all my hair and shaved my eyebrows. My ex and my son came home from surfing… I told them what happened I was crying… they said it would alright… and my ex… Well… I think he liked the fact that I was broken and he… had more control.
    I would attend to my daughter… go in her room and breast feed when she cried at night or even sleep in there and well… he would be mad… because when he woke up I was not in his bed.
    If I brought our daughter in the room… to sleep with us.. Breast feed her… he would be mad for days… because he did not get enough sleep. No matter what life was not good enough for him.
    Dec.18th 2002… I wrote my ex a letter… and I left to see my mother for Christmas…things had gotten really bad…(And I had already left him in Nov. because he choked me. But came back)
    When I was gone he called me telling me how much he loved me and wanted to make our marriage work… I returned home early finding no one in the house… the very next morning… I was greeted by a Sheriff who informed me I was being evicted from my home… and my children were being taken from me… “Who did this?” I said. The sheriff whom I knew… was upset as well… and told me it was my husband.
    On the emergency order he had filed and with an attorney that costs 10,000.00 he claimed that everything he did to me… that I did to him… sigh…
    We waited for my ex to get there and I handed over my 11 month old lil girl… to this monster… while his mother…sister and my son watched.
    This man had never changed her diaper….never fed her… never…put her to sleep…and now I had to hand her over to this man.
    I walked out… with 123.00 to my name and got a hotel … called my family and got 3 jobs.( he never allowed me to work)I went to an attorney who charged my 5,000.00 and wanted it all of it up front … in ten days …this was when the hearing was set up for.
    I missed Christmas that year with my children. My family and the church helped raise over 3,0000.00 and I gave it to the attorney… and paid the rest at a later date.
    We went to court in our town… And not only did my ex have false witness there he had my son too.
    The court ordered me to have an evaluation and said to me… if this man did all these things to you and you never called 911 then you are getting what you deserve!
    We were to come back in 3 months. During this time I was allowed supervised 4 hour visitation one day a week with my lil girl.
    I got the eval. Went to the judge… the judge said… well I want a licensed psychologist, not a licensed counselor to do this..( I WENT TO THE COUNSELOR THAT MY ATTORNEY TOLD ME TO GO TO AND ONE THEY OFTEN USED.) and so another 3 months until we went back.. I found a wonderful woman THERAPIST in another county… I would drive up there every week. Had the eval. Took it to the judge… it said I suffered from PTS from being Molested but other than that I was fine to raise my daughter and if I wanted to heal from the PTS I could continue sessions with her.
    Well… the judge said… another 3 months.
    I went back to my therapist and she was astonished at the ruling.
    I continued to go to therapy… seeing my daughter 4 hours …one day a week. I eventually picked up a drink… I was in a wreck… no one was involved… but it lead me to AA.
    I was scared that my ex would know about the DUI and so I went to him and asked him what he wanted … I just wanted my daughter in my life to be the mother to her that she so needed. I even slept with him…thinking I would get her back… but it did not matter.
    He said he wanted joint …I said ok. He then said he wanted primary care and I would get secondary and that if I would sign papers…he would let me start seeing her unsupervised immediately.
    So…we had the attorneys draw up the papers.. and we signed them and I started getting her that very weekend and every other weekend and every Thursday evening.( if he was so concerned about her well being and me being an endangerment… why did he sign the papers and let me start seeing her asap? Because they got what they were after…control, custody… “they” meaning his mom.)(When my daughter was born his mom took my daughter in her arms and said she would take my lil girl and she did)
    After I started seeing my daughter regularly. I noticed my daughter was very nervous… She would scream … When I would take her back… she had urinary trac infections.. Bruises and gashes on her thigh… Once both hands were burnt from a stove he claimed she reached up and touched the burner..
    She came to me with stitches on her forehead and above her eye and she had busted lip and cig. Burn I would call DSS and they came out 4 days later and then the next I knew they would do nothing… but treat me like I was a crazy person.
    Once taking her back her dad used my lil girl as the weapon to hit me and I called police and filed charges… the cop did not want to report it for he and my ex were surfing buddies.
    We went to court… judge said my word against his word but what do I want I said to meet from here on out at the police station.
    It was granted. Then my Ex tried to take my daughter from me… by saying I falsely accused him of abuse to DSS …but the judge did not give them full custody..
    After that my ex moved him and my daughter out of the country… and was there for 5years. During this time I would fly down to see her …he would refuse so I filed an order it took about 2 years and then I was seeing her regularly.
    I did not know about the abuse my daughter talks about when she lived out of the country now until they moved back here.
    During the time he was down there… my son was out of my life for 6 years… he finally came back he was 23 and going through boot camp in the army.
    It came out that he was brainwashed by their lies and that he and my ex started doing cocaine together after court.
    My son had been in ICU…blood on his brain almost died… had dropped out of school was top of his class) during the time he was out of my life. It is only by GODS grace my son is healthy today…and we struggle with our relationship…but do try.. he blames himself for what his lil sister goes through… yet he has a great career in the military…it has been work….stressful and very rewarding. We are healing and yet…my daughter remains with this monster that still has primary care and still is hurting her and is having yet his 3rd affair
    My daughter said the latest abuse was he put her arm behind her back… through her up against the truck and then proceeded to drag her up the outdoor flight of stairs at the apt where they live while her 2 friends were inside.. her leg got caught in the stairway and she thought he was going to break it and then she freed her leg he pulled up the remaining stairs took her inside and pushed her in her room telling her to play with her friends.. she had a big bruise on her leg per what the children said.. but by the time I saw her.. 8 days later the bruise was small but the wounds…inside… are mounting up) we go to court next month in AUG. I have filed for full custody (I did this before I knew about this last abuse) yet my attorney believes I should not because of the past Court proceedings…things always end up … going in the other direction.
    I have been in AA for over 8 years.. I have been in therapy for 6 years… I have been restoring my family’s lives for over 4 years.
    2 years ago… my ex moved back from being out of the country… rumor has it he was on crack… Cocaine and the step grandfather went way beyond measure to get them back here. My ex moved my daughter to his moms and he moved in her house 2 hours away…and was flying back and forth to Ohio…to see his lover.
    I found out and sought counsel… my daughter came to visit me for Christmas( we were still on the old visitation from St. john) this is when I found out about it all… she was confused.. Hurt.. And she said that she could not understand why she was now living with her nana… And both parents were not in her life.
    We filed an emergency order… the judge same judge in same town denied the order so my attorney said to go to Pender County and file and he would represent me there. So I did …and he did not represent me… He had a case in another county… I had to hire yet another attorney… More money and went to court… That judge said I filed the order wrong dismissed the case.
    This new attorney refilled… We went before a great judge… my daughter wrote the judge a letter.The judge…Asked me why I had not called DSS… I informed her I did and that they said… not enough evidence. She reopened it… put my daughter in temporary foster care for 3 weeks.
    I was happy at least she was not with this monster. During this time… they were to talk with my daughter and this is where they decided that my daughter was telling fish
    tales ( my daughter told me that one of the DSS workers said this to her and that she did not feel sorry for her anymore)
    We went to court… (Different judge… a judge his attorney knew very well.) And not once did they put my ex on the stand but… but me… it seems I have been looked upon as guilty for taking the proper action to be the voice for my abused daughter.. I have been labeled unstable from the beginning… and even false reports have been made to DSS in the past stating I have been in and out of a mental institution all my life. This is not true…
    And I have proved it.
    I have had 5 evaluations… my therapist in court… Testifying on my well being…of sound mind body and spirit.
    And yet… no one will do anything to help my daughter. I have asked for a guardian enlighten for my daughter…and was refused by the court. I told the Judge I would pay for one for my daughter… and again I was refused.
    This is a nightmare story one that is lived over and over.
    Every other weekend I get my daughter… and I hear her stories.
    Last year we went to court yet again …my ex was to have my daughter seek a complete evaluation from the alleged abuse to help her if she is telling such stories then let’s get to the bottom of this.
    Guess what? The attorneys on both sides were to agree upon a child psychologist…my attorney sent out 3 different ones requesting they pick out one of the 3… IT NEVER HAPPENED.
    One year later we are going to court again and I have filed for full custody in hopes to get my daughter out of this situation and the help she needs.
    Yet my own attorney who is great criminal attorney…even he has his doubts.
    I am at my bottom of my hearts end… I am asking anyone who reads this to please answer us and help us for my daughter is now 10 years old and is suffered long enough,
    The system has failed us… the courts have failed us… DSS has failed us…the counselor failed her, I feel in hopes that reaching out to others, you may help yourself if you are in a similar situation … No matter what do not give up keep trying, keep hoping and keep your faith… NO MATTER WHAT… maybe someone will see that true justice will be done for my little girl.
    If you have your doubts about this… just ask her… or go to the court records and hear …read the hearings of the past… the very first one… this is a small hick town… I had an attorney tell me this… “My daddy’s daddy was a judge.. .My granddaddy was a judge… in this town we all are family… if you think you can go behind an attorneys back and write to the district judge and get help… you will lose your daughter for good.”
    Again my daughter has been abused Her dad got mad at her and threw a soccer ball in the back of her head and she started crying. recently he became angry because she changed the music , he asked her if she wanted to go to her moms she said yes and started to pack her things and then grabbed that bag and slung all the clothes out of and asked her again if she was sure she wanted to go.. she said yes.. he threw the bag at her and as she bent to get it he then picked up her school book bag with books in it and hit her in the head so hard she blacked out for moment and hit the floor… she says she opened her eyes and looked up and he was holding the bag.. as she tried to standshe was dizzy and he said…” Now tell me… do you still want to go to your moms?” her response was no.
    I have just filed an assault charge on him for assaulting a child under the age of 12. They will arrest him but in the mean time we are very afraid. He will have to stay away
    from her until we go to court… she will be 11 in a couple of weeks. And we have yet to go to court on the order I filed for Full Custody back in June…sigh… Please pray for us.
    Another update..DSS came to my daughters school today and took her to a room closed the door (same DSS worker from previous times) she told her she did not believe her told her to stop crying and stop wiping your tears with your sweater or the school may think I made you cry …you have nothing to cry about they said to her…and asked her if she had a roof over her head, clothes to wear and food? My daughter said yes..and then the worker said then change your attitude and maybe your dad wont get so aggressive with you.
    They then came to my home, this time I had a Private investigator with me and recorded them, after all their questions they said they wanted to take my daughter to a agreeable residence that both parents would consent to. I then told them I am calling my attorney. I called him and he said to ask them if they thought my home was a physical issue and they said no, he said ask them if there is a mental issue she said “undetermined” he said tell them to leave now. I told them and then said if you think this is undetermined issue then why in all these years haven’t you verified the lies my ex and his mom have been saying about me in all these years? She said…” I did not say that there was a mental issue. I have been through so much in 10 years…my daughter is such a brave lil girl and now we are going through the system again and I even had evaluations done in the past to prove the lies and still they say undetermined. Right now we have left our home… for the night just to be safe… my attorney called the DSS supervisor and as of 4 pm today they were not going to go get a court order to take her. And I am not the one who is abusing her, never no charges of abuse, never no charges of anything and yet… they said there was no physical issue with her dad either. Sigh…sad… I am so afraid for her I know now why people take their children and run as far as they can. For some reason they have been treating me like I am a mentally crazy person… yet wont ever come forward and just tell me and this is what gets in the way of helping my daughter. They will not even focus on him at all.
    A grieving mother ~

    Alma Lee Magliocco

    • Betty Smith
    • Posted December 12, 2012 at 12:30 pm
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    I would like to talk with someone or get more info on how to deal with a Social worker that is blatantly siding in a case.Simply due to the mother was a victim family fued thru DSS as a child.

    Also I’m very upset that a kinship workers describs the mother as damaged on what ground qualifies him
    To make that statement other than lies on a paper.

    • matt
    • Posted December 14, 2012 at 3:40 pm
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    I was screwed badly. I was wrongfully acused of being awol in the army in june 2 2010 the dss of hoke county nc took my daughter. they worked with me until i was discharged in sep. of 2010 I came back to my homestate of oklahoma to continue my fight. All I needed was a homestudy a job and a home i had a home a job and called for a home study. they said i refused the homestudy and that my daughter has severe detatchment disorder along with possible sexual abuse. note none of this was mentioned till i left nc and came home. as soon as i made it home they instantly stoped working with me and started working against me, all i know is i now have a good lawyer and were fighting it. my lawyer says itll be easy case because she has dealt with alot worse and won. I can say dont trust any dhs dss none of em are straight they all should be taken down swiftly and hard. its wrong. all the cases of children being taken from good parents and bad parents get their children back and end up seriously hurt or dead its rediculas. take them all down

    • Anonymous
    • Posted December 19, 2012 at 1:58 pm
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    So very true in NC RSS does no wrong and the courts and judge side with them 100% of the time

    • MsSueDSSCPSnJuvenileCourtSystem
    • Posted December 19, 2012 at 9:19 pm
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    Rapid REFORM NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW !THE LIES THE SUFFERING OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES BECAUSE OF A CORRUPT JUSTICE SYSTEM NEED TO STOP AND ADHERE TO LAWS POLICIES PROCEDURES >>>This is UNACCEPTABLE and it is all for Government money to keep their system going They are disgusting vile people who are supposed to be the justice system We need to get LOUD Go Public write every congress legislator Governor senate Parental rights .org Get petitions signed PARENTAL RIGHTS.ORG said tehy are working on New laws for 2013 I know that doesnt help now but its a start !!Email me at I want to lobby Raleigh NC But we need A lot of signatures on petitions MY NEXT MOVE will be to go to the local courthouses and everyone everyday who is waiting for a DSS CPS case that has been victims of DSS CPS to get signatures and everyone else that is there that will sign to change the corrupt DSS CPS and the JUVENILE courts who will not adhere to NC Gen statues State and Federal laws and the Policies and procedures that they swear and are to ethically uphold They need to be held accountable for the gross misconduct and disregard for Family Rights Upheld by teh Constitution and the state and fedral laws Get Signatures
    and email me so we can present them Thousands of them

  22. This particular article NORTH CAROLINA INFORMATION Stop Corrupt DSS, contains really excellent information and I actually learned precisely what I was hoping for.
    Many Thanks.

    • tiffany
    • Posted December 21, 2012 at 6:50 pm
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    DSS in asheville NC. Is. Trying. To keep. My granddaughter for no reason they failed. Her and now my famiy. Has to suffered due to there. Neglect. Please help 8284236734 anyone. Else in NC

    • MsSueDSSCPSnJuvenileCourtSystem
    • Posted December 26, 2012 at 4:20 am
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    SUI JURIS SEEMS TO BE THE Only way to fight these sick bastards. Learn Sui Juris on American Family rights association Fught or google sui juris its a free on line hand book File your own papers and declarations keep proof of everything Its kind of like pro se get ihe facts on the record so tehy cannot keep making bs up dont trust teh court appointed attorney or local attorneys as tehy all work together do lunch together n will always side with each other dont waste your money STand up for your rights and start talking and defending yourself in court Screw these jerks

    • Susan
    • Posted January 4, 2013 at 11:13 pm
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    They are doing the same thing to my grandson. They have no taken him twice and my daughter and son in law who is in the military no less have to spend their visitations with him in the urgent care or emergency room. They have given my grandson to a single 43 yo 1st grade school teacher who apparently knows nothing about children. I have wrote to every agency and television station I could think of trying to get them outed but I get no replies. We are just heart broken as my grandson is now only 9 mos old. This has been going on since he was about 4 months old.
    And the pictures this 43 yo woman has on my space looks like some kind of hooker or something. And to think she is teaching children just shocks me. The kids have been to court so many times I can’t count. This is their first child and it is tearing my daughter apart. It is tearing us all apart. They have proven DSS wrong on several occasions but that does not seem to matter.
    Also it was just reported in the Wall Street Journal that North Carolina is the highest federally funded state in the United States.

    If anyone has ANY suggestions or help please let us know.

    • Kristy
    • Posted January 15, 2013 at 12:18 pm
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    Can DSS make my 14 yr. old Daughter testify infront of the man that molested her instead of letting her testify under closed circuit tv or even taking the man out of the room while she testifies. I am in Anderson SC

  23. This is a good tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Short but very accurate information… Many thanks for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

  24. Your blog, “NORTH CAROLINA INFORMATION Stop Corrupt DSS” was truly worth writing a comment here!
    Really needed to admit you did a fantastic work. Many thanks -Carole

    • Clara Dodd
    • Posted January 25, 2013 at 7:58 am
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    I am a grandmother who is being denied visits or contact with my two year old grandson in Buncombe County NC . Dss found meth in his hair drug test. Both my daughter and her husband have mental issues and the father has severe drug problems. There has been physical abuse on my daughter but for some reason she keeps on going back around her husband even after taking out a 50 b. My daughter is skitsafratic bipolar(sorry dont know how to spell it)Her drs have said she is in bad shape. But anyway she and her husband told dss that I am not to have any contact with my grandson. Even though he is under dss care they listen to them. My daughter told lies that I was evil and my husband was a molester . But I proved to them that we were emergency foster care parents in Florida and my daughters stories were never proven. DSS in Georgia said my daughter had jealousy issues and made up stories, But still dss want allow me to see my grandson.Today they are taking all parents visits away. I need help for I have no money for a attorney. Its been a year since I seen him.I am the one that turned them in for my son in law was very dangerous . Please if you can help me please contact me for my grandson is going to be all alone in dss care.

    • What_happened_2_our_system
    • Posted January 29, 2013 at 2:58 pm
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    Are any grandparents having problems with DSS in Polk County, NC? I know I sure am and need all advice I can get!!!!

    I am a single/divorced mother of three boys who are all grown now. My middle son began living with a girl four years older than him who already had two children (ages 2 and 18 months ) by two other men , and she had even made a fake marriage license to make everyone believe they were married ; this was a few years back.

    I had not had any contact with my son (his wife did not like me or his brothers) until my first granddaughter was born, at which time I received a phone call from him saying I was a grandmother. I was so excited, but later learned that I would only see her once in a public place when she was 2 weeks old. A year or so later with no contact, my youngest son received a call from a friend saying that his brother had been in a very bad accident on a 4wheeler and airlifted to the hospital; my two sons and I left right away to go check on him. Upon arrival at the hospital, I was told “only one visitor at a time was allowed and his wife (who wasn’t as of then) was with him; needless to say I was outraged as they would not even release information to me. After a few hours of showing my tail, I was allowed to go back to see him “briefly.” his “wife” never spoke and was very upset that I had gotten in to see him; it had been over three years since I heard my son tell me he loves me.

    At any rate, there had been no further contact until they were busted with a Method Lab., and my son knowing I would not get him out of jail even if I could because of his bad choices, called to tell me where he was and his children ( granddaughter age 23 months and grandson I didn’t know I even had age 4 months)had been taken; it felt as if all the breath in me had been taken away. I went to DSS in hopes of finding out whether the children were alright, tested positive for the drug, if they were being careful for, and if I could see them. Needless to say, the lady there was very rude, and sid”in this state, grandparents have NO rights! Therefore I nor anyone else in this office will tell you anything!”. I left in tears. The next encounter was at the first court appearance, where I ask if I could see them, and was told” your son said yes, but his wife said no, therefore, there is no way you will be able to see them.” Outraged and hurt, I replied “therefore my son was just the sperm donor I suppose?”; they walked away without another word. I later learned that my son’s. Wife’s parents have his two children, and each of the other two children are with their dad’s; I still do not understand if “grandparent’s have no rights, why they are with grandparent’s, nor have I been able to get an answer. To make matters even worse, his wife made bail after only 3 days, while my son has remained in for5 months now, and she is allowed to see the children because “they are so young, they need to know who their mother is”,and I agree. However, my son has only seen them 2 times in all these months as things keep coming up when he is suppose to see them, and they NEED to know who their father is also! However, DSS must not see it that way as they are making no effort to work with him at all, and still refuse to even listen to what I have to say; I suppose it’s because I am an indigent and can not afford council. Which my son cannot either, and while he has a court appointed attorney, and his wife a paid one, and her parents made the remark “none of his family will ever see these kids”, which seems to be the case, and it is. Not fair to any of us, but especially to my son! They were both charged with the exact same things and neither have been tried as of yet.

    I apologize for this being SO lengthy, but there is so much built up inside, and while I talk with the Creator EVERY day, I suppose I just needed to know if there are others in this county having such issues as I. Thank you for reading this, all advice is welcomed.
    God Bless us all.

    • Clara Dodd
    • Posted January 29, 2013 at 3:22 pm
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    I am so sorry I am going through the same my 2 yr old grandson was taken by Buncombe county dss .And I was the one who turned my daughter and her husband in for her husband was a bad drug addict and drunk and he threw a hammer at her with the baby in her arms. Well the dss checked into it and done a drug test on my grandson and he tested positive for Meth. 2 years old and positive for meth. I got all the nice paper work saying they were considering me for placement of my grandson .Then I was allowed to send care packages for 1 month.Then DSS wrote me a letter saying I am not allowed to see my grandson or send him any more care packages due to my daughter and her husband forbidding it. So now in Aug my grandson will be put up for adoption and they arent even going to give me first shot. I am treated like trash by the social services . My daughter is really bad with a very bad mental problem and her no count husband is not trying to give up drugs ,plus he has mental problems. No one will help me for in NC grandparents have no rights. So I feel your pain. God bless you.

  25. Aiken sc took my son on a drug test i ask for in divorce court .a legal Lmethamphetamine in my VICKS inhaler left a 1400 pg on hair folicle test. I have astma . The lab told them the could not prove illegal drug use. My son was kept in a group home where he was beaten numerus times . These corrupt terrorist cult calling therselfs dss in aiken kept my son for a year. The sex descrimination was to improve my drug addicted wifes chance in divorce court and a sex descriminating corrupt female judge went along with it. v

    • miller
    • Posted January 30, 2013 at 2:07 am
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    These stories all can be attributed to the corruption of the CORPORATE government. My grandson was born early and only weighed just over three pounds. There are a million reasons why a premie can show evidence of rib fractures especially when they are born that early. My daughter and son-in-law have been railroaded from the git go. I saw the mugshot of my son-in-law that is being charged with felony child abuse, that was not the face of a guilty man. He was coming inside and tripped over their darn cat and dropped my grandson. Even though there was no apparent injury, they took him to the ER right away to make sure. My daughter BEGGED them to do xrays and other tests but the doctors gave him a clean bill of health. Two weeks after this happened, my grandson started having seizures and was taken back to Carolina Medical Center. My daughter and son-in-law found out then that they were being accused of shaken baby syndrom, a theory of one man from the 70’s that has been used to send so many innocent parents to jail it would boggle the mind. Unfortunately, the courts have not kept pace with science because in order to create the rib fractures and bleeding of the brain, the baby would have to be shaken so hard that it would have been killed from such injuries. My grandson received 5 vaccinations inbetweeen these hospital visits. My grandson would be in so much pain from the rib fractures that he would not be able to even sit up. I fractured a rib in Airborne school 20 years ago and it still hurts to this day, yet in the 100’s of pictures taken inbetween hospital visits, he is a happy looking little baby, not one cringe on his face. CPS is supposed to conduct a CMEP exam to prove the “Presence or Absence” of child abuse, that’s the law! However, when the social criminal was asked about this exam, she had never heard of it. I have contacted the State Attorney General and he is about a useless piece of wasted flesh as most the people running that State. I was told that he had no authority over other state agencies….that’s BS. NOW THIS IS SOMETHING EVERYBODY LOOKING AT THIS POST NEEDS TO READ AND LET SINK IN. THE DSS/CPS IS A PRIVATE COMPANY JUST LIKE HARDEE’S. THEY ARE LISTED AT SITES LIKE MANTA.COM AND DUNN AND BRADSTREET AS PRIVATE ENTITIES AND ARE LISTED UNDER ADOPTION AGENCIES. WE ARE HAVING OUR CHILDREN KIDNAPPED, HELD FOR RANSOM WHILE THE COURTS AND OTHER AGENCIES EXTORT MONEY AND RUIN THE LIVES OF EVERYONE INVOLVED. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LET THESE PEOPLE INTO YOUR HOME WITHOUT A WARRANT, THEY AREN’T EVEN ALLOWED IN YOUR HOME BY LAW, UNLESS YOU LET THEM IN. THESE CRIMINALS ARE TOTALLY OFF THE RESERVATION AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO UNITE AND GO AFTER THESE CRIMINALS AND THEIR HUMAN TRAFFICING BUSINESS. LAWYERS FIRST DUTY IS TO THE COURTS SO THEY AREN’T EVEN LOOKING OUT FOR US. NORTH CAROLINA IS THE WORST STATE AS FAR AS CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES GO. CPS MUST START PUTTING PARENTS INTO A PROGRAM INTENT ON GETTING THEIR CHILDREN BACK INTO THE FAMILY AS SOON AS THEY ARE PUT TO FOSTER CARE OR OTHER NON SECURED CUSTODY. DOES THIS HAPPEN? WHEN YOU GO TO ANY COURT FOR YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS, DO NOT BE AFRAID AND POLITELY DON’T ACCEPT ANY OF THEIR TERMS WITHOUT EXPRESSING YOUR CONCERNS OF THEIR SHITTY DECISIONS. I’M IN CALIFORNIA AND FEEL/AM TOTALLY HELPLESS IN THIS SITUATION AND MY HEART AND PRAYERS GOES OUT TO ALL. With every story posted here, there are probably 9 to 11 that are not. Nobody is going to convince me that there is that many cases of abuse and neglect in that state, but it’s all about growing and expanding their criminal enterprise for maximum profit. One day these people all over the State of North Carolina and the Nation, are going to have hell to pay. DO YOU HEAR THAT CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES, SOON I’LL BE COMING! AND HELL IS COMING WITH ME BECAUSE I KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO USE THE COURTS TO TAKE YOU DOWN. HELL IS COMING WITH ME…SO HELP ME GOD YOU BETTER BE PREPARED FOR PRISON AND HAVE YOUR ERRORS AND OMISSIONS INSURANCE CURRENT.

  26. Mrs Miller. Can you please tell me how to use the courts to take down DSS they have had my grandchildren for a year now and thier tring to take my son rights. the mother has allready sing her rights over to them.Please we go back to court on Feb. The 14th

    • missy
    • Posted January 30, 2013 at 6:36 pm
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    My daughter needs help dss in madison county took her boys she has done everything they have asked they want return calls or give them back plz help ASAP. they are doing her and me dirty the boys r suffering they need to stop being jerked around

    • missy
    • Posted January 30, 2013 at 6:45 pm
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    We need someone from out of madison county to come in and investigate all of them not just dss but police sheiff dept and all goverement agenceys they are all dirty its all about money not helping children food stamp office as all kind of people doing fraud and the the others just do what they want they want they need to be fired and new people that don’t no everbody come in here and clean this place up

    • Tim Dickensheets
    • Posted January 30, 2013 at 7:09 pm
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    Maybe we need to take this to a higher level. Call or e-mail your state rep. This is happening all over the state. DSS states their objection is to reunite the children with the family but its all about money. I have called my state rep on other issues and it could possible help.

    • Sam
    • Posted February 4, 2013 at 4:53 am
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    I hesitate to post for possible repercussions by Onslow County DSS, Onslow County Courts, LME, DJJ, PRTF, and the GAL program based on what they have already done to my teen son. I agree that the corruption, psychological coercion of both children and parents, kidnapping of our children, parental persecution prior to a fair hearing, deliberate separation of children & families, and the obscene blindness of North Carolina’s judicial system. My hope is that we can join together as a united front and take this to a higher level, Washington DC. We all need to support one another to stay strong, and to maintain the energy required to fight for what is right. I’m sure there are children out there needing protection, but it’s my feeling that DSS has uneccessarily taken children into custody to be able to qualify for funding, causing innocent children and families undue emotional duress, stress, anxiety, humiliation, and depression. We are victims, we must stop this HITLER mentality. I’m trying new approaches, such as contacting the governors office, and was redirected to customer service, which I actually received several calls already. I’m hopeful, however, I realize that major changes need to occur to cease DSS, and to initiate reform of all DSS associated agencies. Oh, and lets not forget the Medicaid fraud that is occuring, did you know that DSS has a special way of getting Medicaid approval for services a child “supposedly needs” to help support their claims that the child has issues? So what ends up happening is, DSS realizes that they have no case, they turn their focus on the child and approve overmedicating to substantiate a so called “problem”. Perhaps a petition to the President would be prudent. Its amazing that DSS is a civil matter, yet they can imprison a child in an institution, group home, foster home or other facilities prior to a 7 day hearing, or even the adjudicatory hearing.
    Thanks for allowing me a forum to express my thoughts and concerns.

    • Becky Putnam
    • Posted February 9, 2013 at 9:45 am
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    The Dss in haywood co. is proloning casses for the money . If you don,t have money in haywood Co. N.C you aint shit.No money no child. They took my Grandson Aug. 14th 2012 over a dirty house and want let him come home he is only 2 years old. We nor his mother or father has the money to fight this case. The goverment just keeps giving Dss money to keep my Baby.Cant people see that we are fighting a losing battle . Dss is GOD and JUDGE. There is no hope for the poor. Please me get my grandson back home. Dss will listen to some one who lies before hearing the truth. it sounds like all of N.C is having the same problem. Crucked Dss rules the world.

    • Becky Putnam
    • Posted February 12, 2013 at 1:36 pm
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    DSS in Haywood Co. cares more about someone telling lies than one telling the truth.They would let one kill there Baby just to take one from a dirty house. I know It halpened in Haywood Co. N.C.

  27. The unrestrained actions of the
    pharmaceutical companies, the draconian control exercised by the
    My reputation
    I am Dr. Weinstein, Psy.D. M.P.A,
    D.A.P.A AN D N.C.P.
    AUG . 10,
    D.A.P.A.,, and N.C.P.
    My more than fifty years of uninterrupted , widely documented practice includes clinical
    treatment, expert witness testimony and numerous areas of work documented on my web
    is unblemished as a vocal, unrelenting advocate against the abuses of
    bureaucrats who attempt to manipulate clinical, administrative, psychologically toxic
    diagnoses to discredit professionals. I am well aware of the abuses of the administrative
    licensing board bureaucrats who seek to seek to join forces with the large
    division of so called
    child protective services and the attempt by licensing boards to recruit members who are
    obedient as opposed to educated, independent, outspoken, ethical professionals.
    courts and their minions have removed the licenses of
    all too many independent, professionals who are clinically ethical as well as astute,
    thus creating a dangerously biased and frequently corrupt court system basing case
    rulings not on law, but on manipulation of, or pandering to power and control.
    which may often require obedience to highly suspect
    The iron hand of the various administrative licensing boards are extending from the
    clinical divisions to those of law and medicine, demanding members follow practices
    practices. Threats to those who
    authority are being called into question with demands for them to be subject to
    psychiatric evaluations which most often result in the loss of their licenses and the
    destruction of their credibility and ability to work in any field related to their area of
    expertise. Young lawyers who have passed the bar exam, who have an activist history of
    suing judges or lawyers are being kept from admission to the bar associations that they
    should be allowed to join, in order to proceed with their professions.
    We are finding that mandated reporters, expected to report child neglect, abuse, sexual
    abuse are being accused of issuing false reports, when in fact the evidence is beyond
    clear and convincing. Those who are refusing to diagnose mentally healthy elders as
    needing to be placed into the care of legal conservator ships, managed by attorneys who
    often drain the inheritances of those who were meant to receive the benefits bequeathed
    are being called before licensing boards, having demands to submit to
    psychiatric/psychological exams which are then used as probable cause for professionals
    to lose their licenses.
    Because of the multiple egregious acts by the state, courts, judges, licensing boards,
    jealous peers, with all of whom I am fully familiar, having been similarly subjected
    to attempts at attack, unsuccessfully, I am writing this statement of support for
    Jill Jones-Soderman,
    masters in law and expert witness testimony. Jill Jones-Soderman
    published, defended and treated the complex of controversial cases noted, for which she
    has earned the enmity of the licensing boards who have confabulated charges against her
    which have no value or merit and include no patient
    by the boards have been generated because of her success in the courts as a forensic
    Jill Jones has been a colleague and co worker on many cases over the past six years.
    We have spent many hours discussing clinical work, writing, working together in various
    forms of advocacy and working on various elements of cases together. She is well liked
    by her clients, particularly because of her expertise and propensity to prevail in difficult
    cases despite the threats from authorities or opposing parties. Threats without probable
    cause have been confronted by her, but she would have to walk on water to prevail
    against false charges or charges of which she was not aware because those charges were
    never disclosed in a timely manner allowing for dispute.
    Jill Jones-Soderman,
    MSH S – forensic expert in Law and Expert Witness Testimony:
    Jill received her masters in Psychiatric Social Work at Hunter College School of Social
    Work in Manhattan, N.Y .
    Jill’s Doctorate in psychoanalysis was received from the
    Institute for Advanced Training in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy via training at 3
    psychiatric social worker, PHD Psychoanalyst, MSH S
    has actively
    complaints. In fact, the complaints
    psychiatric social worker, PH D – psychoanalyst,
    did not even begin to have the depth of
    known analysts. .As
    MD , Dr. Lothar Gidro Frank, MD and Dr. Harold Searles, MD ,
    of Physicians included such luminaries as Dr. Otto Kernberg,
    Jill Jones-Soderman’s
    located in Haverstock
    11:39A FROM
    institutes in Manhattan and New Jersey, though the primary accrediting institution was
    England, the United Kingdom.. Her analyst was located in
    Woodcliff Lake New Jersey, Dr. William G. Herron., PhD. Dr. Herron
    certified in writing the number of hours Jill attended psychoanalysis which was
    approved by the analytic institute and by her New York State Social Work Licensing
    board which provided her with the highest level of clinical approval available.
    Interestingly, those who have attacked her doctoral training never contacted her
    psychoanalyst, a professor at St. John’s University and resident of Woodcliff Lake New
    Jersey. Dr. Herron was a psychologist with four years of post graduate training in
    psychoanalysis at Adelphi University on Long Island.
    control analysts (analytic supervisors) by whom she was
    supervised in Manhattan when she attended classes at the Columbia University College
    MD , Dr. Michael Stone,
    among many other well
    she was an employee of New York State Psychiatric Institute, the
    state psychiatric training hospital for Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. The
    ignorance of those attempting to evaluate her level of training on the licensing board level
    knowledge and training possessed by Jill Jones-
    Soderman and so could not begin to understand the depth and breadth of her training and
    the work or expense that went into her training; not that they ever asked or were
    FROM: TO:1S66614S316
    interested in such subjects. Her curriculum Vitae only begins to give a limited sense of
    the quality of her work or the respect for her talent which allowed her to be accepted into
    such a significant level of training. Documentation of her extensive training, teaching
    at schools of social work and at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
    are fully documented, were presented to the licensing boards and hang on her office walls.
    There is unquestionably a witch hunt against Jill Jones-Soderman.
    denigrate her training and talent, to discredit her skills in working as an expert witness
    before the courts has resulted in depriving hundreds of poor minority patients of their
    rights to regain their children, as Jill actively participated in a great deal of pro bono
    work and gave tirelessly of her talent to domestic violence and homeless shelters for men
    and women, working in a clinical capacity.
    Jill has constantly challenged the authorities who attempted to use their power and
    control to transfer children from the hands of the protective parent into the hands of the
    abuser, as well as to tolerate integration of the wrongful use of pharmacology, and the
    failure to prohibit child trafficking and child abuse throughout the foster care system.
    While Jill fought to create a record before licensing boards which targeted her, their
    deceitful, manipulative tactics created an atmosphere in which it was impossible to
    convey or combat their overpowering message of control and ubiquitous superiority.
    To date, Jill Jones-Soderman
    placing her client rights to privacy and due process as a n absolute priority. Her work as
    a Forensic Advocate provides a wide birth of activity and written and verbal expression
    The attempt to
    refuses to have any connection to any licensing board,
    FROM: TO:1S66614S316
    for her. I am very pleased that Jill considers me a mentor,
    and colleague.
    a supervisor as well as close

    • Becky Putnam
    • Posted March 12, 2013 at 8:55 am
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    I don’t under stand how dss in haywood co. NC. can take your child away from you over nothing and charge you for
    child support. I guess that why they have as many kid as they Do . They have over one half of Haywood co. kids .Its like running a puppy meal you have them and They make the money off them.

    • Linda
    • Posted March 12, 2013 at 12:16 pm
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    it also is happening with my daughter. The foster care person get a check for SSI @710. plus child support fro my daughter that doesn’t work plus gets paid by the foster care agency. Of cause she doesn’t want to say anything positive about my grand son or she would lose about 1,000 a month income.

  28. Its happening in Burke county also We all need to try and get something together to send to the senate.

    • Becky Putnam
    • Posted March 13, 2013 at 7:44 am
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    We have tried going to Washington D.C . we have wrote the president. We have personley talked to the governor.As you probley already know once they are voted in nothing gets done. My son has even called raleigh .we just bend over and take it.

    • Linda
    • Posted March 13, 2013 at 5:59 pm
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    Its to bad that DSS is only about them and not the best interest in the child well being. You may need to go to the paper and TV to get some responce. How about your senate of NC

    • Anonymous
    • Posted March 14, 2013 at 7:32 pm
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    i cant just sit back and let them do this first thing friday morning im going to call someone and see what can be done

    • Anonymous
    • Posted March 14, 2013 at 7:34 pm
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    if u had a case open with them for 2yrs and ur doing what they ask but they want u to get ur own place with then 6 mths and u cant is it right to give ur kids to some one elsa when u have a place to stay ?

    • Becky Putnam
    • Posted March 15, 2013 at 7:59 am
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    We have done all we know to do. Iwant my grand son back so bad . He is only 2 years old he is not gong to know who i am. we have e-mailed the president ,called the governor ,called the raleigh office DSS and we have discovered there all in it together .we don’t have the money to go any futher. we have done all we can do. DSS is god what they say go’s.Please help us get our children back. this child was not beat it was just a dirty house . They take your children and charge the mother so much and the father so much.Please help

    • Clara Dodd
    • Posted March 15, 2013 at 8:20 am
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    I am so Angry with the state of NC they get to play God and so does DSS in Buncombe County. Grandparents are treated like common trash and are not told how there grandchild is. I have went to the Governors and everything else and it seems these people and this law walks on water. Shouldn’t a Grandparent have the right to be a part of there grandchilds life. DSS leaves it to the parents supposedly to say if you can see the grandchild. But what if the parents of the child have their own personal grudges against their parents so they punish the grandchild by their own prejudice reasons. Then your grand child goes up for adoption and you loose your grandchild forever . So why is NC allowed to play GOD and why is DSS allowed to be dirty and run their own scams yet grandparents are thrown out to the dogs. Even DSS encourages battered women to leave the abuser and then gets them no help. So then the woman looses her child and her home and everything else ,even though she reached out for help. DSS has done this to my daughter Melissa Carter . They have done nothing to help her get her baby back or helped her to not be homeless . So its true to be seen that DSS is for them selves and so is the law makers in NC. They need there children and grandchildren taken then see how they feel. Isnt there something that we can do as grandparents to make them change this stupid law,

  29. My first child was born in 2004 and since then DSS has been called on me only by ex mother-in-law and been sued for custody after not winning dss case. Years 2006, 2007, 2008,2011, 2012, 2013. I’ve won each time but I’ve gotten to the point that I cant afford to fight anymore and thats not right. Her son lives beside herf and has been in and out of prison but he is perfect. This is onslow county nc and my kids cry when they have to go back to there grandmas. Why doesn’t she just leave me and my kids alone, you get one life and she is screwing ours and times I cant replace

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    • Chance
    • Posted June 4, 2013 at 2:29 pm
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    Can a Will hold up in court over DSS? It was planned for my little brother to live with his Aunt, instead DSS moved him to our great Aunt’s house. Their only reason for not letting him stay when he was planned to stay is my Aunt can be anti-social with the family (due to complications in the past, mostly corruption), is there anything i can do?

    • becky
    • Posted June 6, 2013 at 8:39 am
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    Hi just wanted to know how dss in haywood co. can take a child from there mother and father and give it to a
    grandmother that is naster than are . There is coach rochers crawling in ever thing where there were just trash on the floors at there home .Not only that this women is in to witch craft she is just plum nasty.But grandfather homes licks this ladies ass and listens to ever lie this women tells.Well when something goes wrong with this child it will be allright .
    For my grandson i have not heard and thing but child support Dss is just apuppy meal come and get your child and charge you for child support . One dies in Haywood Co. because they did not do there job .If they were doing there job that one would still be alive . There busy tring to figuarg out how to make a nother dollar off our children. This is why we have so many dead children. Before long we will see Dss walking on water . In my books these people will die and go to hell. That will make them pay for all the wrong that they are doing to the ones that are doing what is right.

    • Richard
    • Posted June 7, 2013 at 10:07 pm
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    Does anyone know someone that can help me fight CPS in Wake County. I urgently need help. Please respond to me here. I am seeking all options.

    • becky
    • Posted June 8, 2013 at 8:22 am
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    No one wants to help the people of N.C. fight Dss they know that we don”t have the money.
    I have been begging for almost a year know it just goes in one ear and out the other. I guess Everyone is scard.
    No they no we dont have the money to fight If you can see it”s only the poor that get picked on . If we were rich it would not be this way.

    • becky putnam
    • Posted June 8, 2013 at 8:26 am
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    We Are poor .This only happens to the poor.No one with money wants to help a poor person .That is a Sin for the rich man to help a poor man


    • Anonymous
    • Posted June 8, 2013 at 7:12 pm
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    Please give me a Call I might know someone. My name is Janice Phone is 828-234-7473

    • Janice Grider
    • Posted June 8, 2013 at 7:15 pm
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    Give me a call 828-234-7473 my name is janice

    • becky
    • Posted June 11, 2013 at 8:42 am
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    I tried to call the janice lady but there was no contact . The phone rang then it was like sone one hung up the phone.
    that goes to show no one wants to help a poor man with fighting dss . Go ahead and help thoes rich no counts get to hell.

  32. In August of 2012 I had an emotional breakdown due to my doctor over prescribing me with a stimulant [Ritalin, adderall] along with anti-depressants, [reported to the NC Medical Board Complaint Department] and was finishing my 3rd year full time in college completed 96 hours, while also raising a 9 year old daughter. Laura Gentry kept my daughter overnight and got her to school on August 20, 2012 due to a pre scheduled doctors appointment scheduled for the following day.

    The Cadwell County Department of Social Services child protection division was contacted on August 21, 2012 reporting a complaint/concern of the welfare of my daughter Brittnee Peterman. I had cut off the relationship with my ex Mark Triplett on August 11, 2012, and with vindictive allegations, along with the assistance of the Gentry’s information of a report of abuse and neglect to my daughter. I was notified that a case plan was in progress by DSS agent Alicia Storie at my residence on August 22, 2012, and that a court hearing was taking place on August 24, 2012, immediately. This is when I hired my FIRST attorney and he appeared in court on that date. DSS was wanting to place my daughter with the ex-friends and in State custody with lacking any probative EVIDENCE of abuse, nor any jurisdictional was PROVIDED TO you as CHIEF JUDGE.

    DSS agents made no concise complete investigation of this matter and didn’t allow my daughter to come home with me in hopeful efforts to obtain any evidence to support their case. Again, Robert you allowed this without questing my daughter. And asking DSS for their proof of the alleged allegations. You ordered my daughter into the States custody anyways until the next continued court hearing on August 28-29, 2012.

    On August 28-29, 2012, again DSS agents along with their attorney, produced NO supporting affidavits of EVIDENCE to you Robert, and you never asked for any evidence to established subject matter jurisdiction, you basically assumed DSS was correct.

    And allowed an ongoing order you indorsed in keeping my daughter apart from me, until the next court hearing to be heard on September 26, 2012.

    On September 26, 2012, at the court hearing, my FIRST attorney breached our contract by having me agree to signing a document that he explained to me was an agreement that denied all allegations and having a strong defense of my case for the return of my daughter after your ruling of dismissal. This document explanation and signing was witnessed by two other parties. I was asked to sign the document with my attorney stating exactly, “ This Is the Same Document We Went over in the Hallway to Get Your Daughter Home.”

    I was Unaware that I was signing a different document with altered language.
    The altered document reflected I was agreeing to all allegations accused off and with admission to my inability to care fully for my daughter, due to mental instability, I unknowingly placed my daughter into the Caldwell County DSS of NC States custody. When I was told what I had signed I fired my attorney for breach of contract and incompetency

    I than hired my SECOND attorney to file an appeal for error that document stated, which my FIRST attorney had mislead me to believe was correct. My second hired attorney, took his own initiative against the contract to file a reconsideration for a new trial, to get a reversal of your court rulings. Against my better judgements for the request of his representation, I did not agree of his actions. I argued his choices in my case, but he still refused to do what I hired him to do by contract.

    You, the States Chief Judge, also allowing the two [2] incompetent attorneys I hired take advantage of me, all of you worked against me instead of using the law and my constitutional rights in due process owed, along with you being a trier of facts, yet denying not any evidence provided by the plaintiffs attorney, rubber stamped DSS’ request for custody of my daughter. WHY DID YOU GO AGAINST THE LAW PASSED JANUARY 1, 2012 BY NOT QUESTIONING MY DAUGHTER ? I did request you to question my daughter and advised both my attorneys to question her also and give advise for you to do so also for my defense. In which a new law that passed in January 1, 2012, that states during any custody hearings a child is to be put on the stand for questioning, with ignoring any statutes of laws you did not do so, in reasons of my opinion you would be UN-veiling the wrong doings of DSS departments following protocol that would prove my innocence By you being inconsistent, it has now been 7 months, and the DSS department has made a judicial decision by circumventing an administrative judgement that does not have authority to execute, unless by a court order. The case worker assigned to my case, Melinda Norman, has taken all communication away from my daughter and I as of February 18, 2013, admitting by default and proxy ending immediately. She took a one hour a week visitation(which a prisoner in prison has more rights than her and I had) along with 3 days a week of one phone call a day. It has been 6 weeks since I have spoken to my daughter Brittnee, threatened also no messages can be from me to Brittnee through my oldest daughter, Teneya to Brittnee because if my name [mommie] is mentioned all communication will be taken from her also, vice/versa same goes for Brittnee [confirmed and admitted] by Melinda Norman also. In which Melinda Norman has also more than a once has been telling my daughter, Brittnee having her go to DSS for her visit twice, making her sit and wait for me (knowing these rights they have taken away) in a vindictive vendetta, telling Brittnee that I choose to not come to DSS because I didn’t want to see her. This is a truthful statement asked by Brittnee to her sister exactly stated, “Why doesn’t mommie want to come and see me anymore?” Informed to me by my oldest daughter Teneya the following day Brittnee asked her that question. The case worker admitted to such allegations by non response (proxy)from my daughter being denied these rights).
    When written notices sent to case worker in compliance to her statements to my daughter being to my awareness and truth being known and not denied.

    I have fired both attorneys and am now working Pro-se on my own behalf and have you noticed that I had this case moved to Federal Court.

    I informed you and the court I am representing my self and my daughter, and I have filed continuances in order for me to prepare for my daughters and my defense, and I notice by fact you and the court have ignored my filings, and still had the hearings with out letting me know the hearing was not continued. The court hearing in question was on February 27, 2013.

    On March 13, 2013, I was arrested without a warrant in the hand of the officer who came to my home around 4pm. On duty was Magistrate J K Keene, who was processing the warrant at the time I arrived there and I had to wait until she completed the warrant. J K Keene was very arrogant to me by stating, “you cannot sign your home over in promise of appearing for the said court date because I’m not accepting you pro-se, you are going to jail, bailiff transport her to detention.” Another thing added to the charges I will be filing against her is that she never read me my rights.

    You Robert set the bail for 2,500.00, secured for my release and J K Keene executed it, lacking a hearing nor completely explaining the reasoning for the illegal arrest. Like I stated the court never advised me of a hearing occurring on Feb. 27, 2013.

    You Robert signed an order that I was not to go to my daughters school. I went to the school on March 13, 2013 for business issue with the principal, Mrs. Leigh. I phoned before going in reference to subpoena a copy of the video/picture or any evidence verifying my presence at Lower Creek on February 27, 2013. She said she would get back with me and did about a half an hour later and stated no need to file a subpoena because the video/picture or any evidence no longer is available. She stated she was the one who showed the still picture for identification to Laura Gentry on February 27, 2013 to acknowledge if it was me or not admitting she saw the picture. As I was stating if she saw the picture, than if she saw me she could write a statement for my defense of the charges to be dismissed because by identifying me in person I was not the same person in the picture. Apparently the principal was advised of your order on Feb. 27, 2013, and filed a complaint against me for violation of your order on March 13, 2013.

    However, Robert, DSS attorney neglected to send my copy of your order until after I was arrested. DSS attorney signed certificate of service on march 13th 2013. Mailed it that day two days later I received it in the mail. After the fact I was illegally arrested and not given a hearing. Its called kangaroo court proceedings, which caused me an injury, embarrassment and payout money to bail bondsman. If I was afforded a due process hearing by law I would not have been illegally arrested and jailed. I can only calculate the DSS attorney never intended on sending me the order. As she has refused to send the request of information I sent her a subpoena for. I believe for a fact, you and all are laughing at me.

    The order I was arrested for was originally filed by DSS attorney on Feb. 27, 2013 at 12:37 pm and not stamped by the post office until March 13th. I did not receive the order given until the 15th. The order was signed by the Chief Judge on Feb. 27 in a court hearing I was not notified occurred. My question is why than is the first order reinstating my visitation rights taken by DSS agents without an order even signed by the same Judge reinstating the order he never authorized in the first place. Why are you reinstating visitations when you never ordered them to be ceased? Humm, what are you covering up? Facts that the DSS agents took away visits ordered by the Chief Judge in protecting illegal acts committed by the department itself allowing the DSS attorney to get away with knowing that illegal acts are being done.

    So now we have a conspiracy being committed by the DSS department, DSS attorney, and the Chief Judge Robert Brady, and now the Magistrate Judge J K Keene. August 24, 2012 from this case in the beginning letting your court be run like a kangaroo court, [legal term] that I will be using to inform federal Courts and the jury to demand immediate actions taken to have my daughter returned, along with criminal charges served to each defendant and et al. parties involved. At this time now filed on February 13, 2013 into the fourth district courts I am eagerly waiting for the notice of approval to proceed with my case.

  33. June 22, 2013 now awaiting a ruling from the US Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit for a rehearing en banc to sue Caldwell county DSS/attorneys/chief judge/other Caldwell county judges et al unknown regarding whoever gets in my way of the return of my daughter and collection substantially by all defendants in my case. The last and final court entered into will be the US Supreme Court if my en banc is denied if you would like to join me in regaining the strength and power of this corrupted systems you can contact me or 828-396-3772 Thank you greatly for your support and prayers mine also are with you all.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted June 27, 2013 at 8:22 am
    • Permalink

    Anyone who has a complaint with DSS and or the 25th circuit of Caldwell, Catawba, and Burke counties needs to immediately send your information to the Judicial Standards Commission to Christopher Heagarty po box 1122, Raleigh, NC 27602. This will help your situation in getting justice served against the wrong doings of the Illegal Kidnapping these individuals are now getting away with for a profit! The more complaints the more action against will get positive results for all of us involved. Thank you all who get involved.

    • clara goodman
    • Posted June 27, 2013 at 2:46 pm
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    Please someone has to help my daughter Melissa Carter they have had her son since Aug of 2012 and they have put him back and forth between several foster homes ,now he is having nightmares and they are blaming it on my daughter so now they have jerked her visitation away. She has a court appointed lawyer whos not trying to fight for her behalf. She has till Nov 4 to get a two bedroom home and to prove she is capable of caring for her son and the unborn baby she is carrying.Is there anyone on here whom can reach out and help her none of the shelters will help her and no one is helping her get her son back her phone number is 828-785-3252. She is at her last end . Please someone help her for Buncome county DSS are kidnappers and grandparent abusers .

    • LINDA
    • Posted June 27, 2013 at 9:30 pm
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    Does this apply to New Bern NC which is craven county?

    • DP
    • Posted July 3, 2013 at 4:25 am
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    I am a single mother of three in Cumberland county NC. It all started when I left my now exhusband and separated. My oldest son at 12 was tired all the time and was violent towards myself and my other two children. I had him admitted twice to a medical facility to try and help him, and during our marriage separation process the Judge had him place in what I agree is a good facility. However, my ex husband and his family made many allegations towards me. ( his family also has so many issues I cannot even list them all) I have proved them all false several times over with tapes, paperwork, and hard evidence. The Social Worker called me one of his best families. I have sole custody of my other two children and my ex has no parental rights towards them. My ex had a brilliant Naval career and left 18 months before retirement to avoid paying child support alimony and retirement to us. He and his family actively helped him avoid any payment. I have done everything the court has asked, my ex has not, he and his family deliberately manipulated my son by saying awful things about me and telling him if they lived with him they would do whatever he wanted. My ex is now in jail on revocation of probation and other charges of assault in another state. The same social worker who said I was one of his best families has been actively protecting my ex and his family, calls my ex “a great guy” while knowing he is currently in jail and lost custody of our other two children.
    For the last two years I have been pushing for medical testing for my son as I know there is something wrong. And I was right. A recent test came back that he has a deep bone strep infection (Dnase-B and Pandas). This is after a year and a half of the social worker saying “my son is fine”. The facility he is in has had many problems with his behavior and also in school. There were other tests that had been court ordered that still have not been done. The social worker while in court has slanted the truth of things many times. For example, I took classes and provided paperwork to that, my ex said he did, but never supplied the paperwork (he did not clearly take any of the classes) The Social worker would imply by saying my exhusband said he completed the classes, but when pressed admitted he never received paperwork from him, and that he had received the paperwork from me. He said I refused to sign some paperwork he wanted me to sign, he had shown up at my house at 7:30 on a Friday night and wanted me to sign, I said I wanted a copy and to read it before signing anything and he pressed me several times then grabbed it out of my hand. He also wanted to speak to my other two children again and I said no. He had no reason to speak to them at this point. He left in a huff, and told the court I refused to sign, I said, I was willing to sign them after reading them thoroughly and making sure it had the correct information and that I received a copy. As many times so far he has not put accurate information in them.
    He has made appointments many times and not shown up and has not returned phone calls. My son failed his last quarter of school. I have weekend visits where my son could come home, he had been home a total of three weekends since December due to his own behavior. when he failed my son then said it was my fault. He had also had a tutor at the facility he is staying in. (a baptist boys home) The Social worker then revoked my ability to see my son. I said it was ridiculous for him to!
    1. say it was my fault as my son had been only home three weekends, 2.that he had been failing before he had even come home with us, 3.that my son was trying to blame anyone but himself, 4. and the social worker (he) was impeding our reunification.
    I also pointed out again that something was medically wrong with my son. And as usual he replied “he is fine”.
    And that there was something wrong with me because I kept insisting my son was sick.
    My son refused to go to a medical appointment last month, and I find it appalling a 15 year old can decide his own medical treatment. I have mentioned this many times to social services.
    The Worker also has not pulled my exhusbands arrest record for the last two years, although I have provided copies of it to him he never gave them to his supervisor. So during a phone conversation with him and his supervisor I brought up the multiple arrests and she was surprised. Not that it seems to matter, my ex and his family are still considered “great” Oh I forgot to mention my ex husband is a high functioning drug addict for over 25 years. And social services knows and does not seem to care. I have talked with his supervisor, then nothing, I have spoken with higher ups and then nothing, the new Judge treats me like a criminal and ordered a psych eval , after she asked what my responsibility in this was, and I replied, ” I should have left my ex husband sooner, I should have kept pushing the Doctors even more for testing for my son over and over until they found what is wrong, that we should have moved back to my home state when I first separated.” She did not like my response, but she had also NOT READ the file! And! The Judge had been to a funeral for her parent earlier that day!
    WHAT ON EARTH is going on??? The more vocal I become about my concern for my son, the more retaliation comes in my direction. The court is unprofessional, it takes forever for anything to happen, and I am the parent that is there for my children and I get punished for it.
    1> How can I get the social worker removed from our case.
    2> How can I get the Judge to quit treating my like a criminal and have her treat the real criminal who is in jail (my ex) like she is supposed too.
    3> How can I get them to get the medical testing they court ordered done?
    4> How can I pursue criminal charges for the false accusations made against me?
    5> Get the court system to actually behave like a legitimate court system????
    I am not a perfect parent, no one is,
    I am intelligent and educated, this does not seem to matter in any way. They are affronted when you ask questions, if you push them to do anything that is expected they retaliate, the list goes on.
    When are they going to be held accountable??? What can I do to protect my son and myself at this point?

    P.S. I used to be a loan officer, when the social worker had trouble buying a home, I explained to him how to fix his credit, I did this several times when he asked. I did this to be nice. He has now purchased a home. He also liked my cooking and would come over when I had made dinner. I would often give him a plate of food and he would have seconds or he would ask for a container, ( and I had no problem offering him one) so he could take some home. I did this to be nice also. I do not believe in any way he has any interest in me, this is not what point I am trying to make.
    Is there any advice some one has for me?? Any recourse for us??? 910-717-4682

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  36. I would recommend getting a law firm out of your county. court appointed one will not fight for you. The only way to fight DSS and County DSS is filing a civil lawsuit in Federal Court. Than things happen. A massive lawsuit has recently been filed in Wake County, NC. There are numerous lawsuits against County DSS Social Workers across North Carolina. SBI just raided an entire DSS office. The Governor is cleaning house.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted July 21, 2013 at 8:17 pm
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    I would really like to talk with you. I would like to find out more about filing the civil law suit. If you can email me at Would like to here from you. Thank You

    • becky
    • Posted July 22, 2013 at 7:46 am
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    Know my grandson it finely getting to come to his home 2 to 3 hours twice a week .It’s all just more money from the
    government funds more pay. The foster family and DSS. are telling lies about this and that .DSS. is like God there going
    to walk on water there always right .

    • becky
    • Posted July 29, 2013 at 10:28 am
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    DSS. say you said this where you did or not that is what they wright in there report that you said it .
    they are claiming my son said he abused his children and they have never been abused .DSS. said he did so that is
    wrote in there report. these children were taken for a dirty house not rats or cockroaches just a bag of trash that the dog had tore out and no one had cleaned up not a real good reason for taking the children away .So if you live in Haywood Co. You need a maid the DSS. workers do not have to clean house our government funds pay for them to have maids.
    DSS in Haywood Co. likes to make you are crazy but if you think about it there pretty damn smart they know how to beat the government out of our money. They are pretty damn smart they get by with it we just have not found out how to do it yet SO one please help me get my grandson home.

    • Shane Nay
    • Posted July 30, 2013 at 2:19 pm
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    I need help with DSS thay are on me for abuse that I did not do thay have no prof of it and I have not been charge with it but thay will not close the case so my grils can come home. My # is 336-401-3012 again my name is Shane thank you

    • Tiffany Mason
    • Posted August 25, 2013 at 8:52 pm
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    my name is Tiffany Mason I’ve been battling with the SSN smart a lot of it is not making sense and I need help I need my son back if you know anyone who could please hear my story out its a long story and I need help or if you know anyone that can help me please email me back thank you, Tiffany Mason

    • Anonymous but will share with whoever contacts me
    • Posted August 26, 2013 at 10:21 pm
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    Hi my daughter is going thru a nightmare right now with cps… apparently DSS tricked her into signing kingship care to a family member but they never had real grounds to keep the kids away from my daughter is there an attorney in Catawba county that would assist in this type of case. DSS is not concerned with the children’s best interest they think they are the law and they need to be stopped. If someone can assist us with the right laws and constitutional rights violations and corruptions that they are using to help us put together some tactics to defeat this system, I would really greatly appreciate and so will my daughter and three defenseless scared little kids that were taken and are suffering due to DSS doing things their way and violating laws. BTW this is catawba county.

    • becky
    • Posted August 27, 2013 at 8:13 am
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    Sorry I have tried for over a year know in Haywood co. DSS is god and they know it . DSS hollers shit and everyone hollers how much and what color. everyone is afraid of DSS no one wants to help in less you have a pocket full of money.
    As you notice they have no rich mans kids just the poor.

    • becky
    • Posted August 27, 2013 at 8:14 am
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    Sorry I have tried for over a year know in Haywood co. DSS is god and they know it . DSS hollers shit and everyone hollers how much and what color. everyone is afraid of DSS no one wants to help in less you have a pocket full of money.
    As you notice they have no rich mans kids just the poor. If you have money and can help let us know .

    • Anonymous
    • Posted August 27, 2013 at 10:30 am
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    call me Wed. the 28th I have to work until then 828-234-7473 maybe can help. This is for Anonymous but will share with whoever contacts me. My name is Janice Thanks

    • John
    • Posted August 30, 2013 at 3:38 pm
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    I am writing to desperately seek answers on what to do with a case concerning my niece. It’s been a headache dealing with DSS, we have basically dealt with people who don’t want to be bothered with it, or who can’t even follow through with the basic tasks of sending out letters informing of the results of the investigations. We took my Niece up to DSS when she didn’t want to go home and was in tears, the social worker we spoke with seemed more concerned about leaving at five o clock than taking a statement. Now they are threatening that “if” they do take her out of her mother’s home that she would be placed in foster care instead of being placed with family members. I took that as them saying they don’t want to be bothered with this case any longer so if we keep pushing it, they’ll put my niece into foster care. From what I have read on the NC website about child abuse and neglect, something should have been done. The child’s mother is abusing prescription narcotics (frequently visiting ERs and Drs to get pills) is unable to take care of the child, various men coming and going at all hours at the apartment, the child has complained about her teeth (which we were taking her until her mother told us we couldn’t anymore); We’ve had the child’s teachers state she has been crying in class, that the child’s mother was in rehab, changes in the child’s personality, and so on. The mother tends to be verbally abusive and the child seems to be somewhat scared to even tell her mother if she is sick. My Niece mention to me her teeth were hurting and I told her to tell her mother, and she said that she did and her mother said that she shouldn’t be eating sweets and that she should have been brushing her teeth. This is all basic child neglect; there hasn’t to my knowledge been any physical abuse other than the child telling me that her step dad spanked her. The child’s Mother has even mention her husband having alcohol problems, stealing her pills, and having angry issues and being obsessed with 14 -15 year old girls and having a porn addiction, the child has stated she doesn’t like to be left alone with him. …. Basically I could go on and on with situations. I have even sat down with the Clay County DSS Director and spoke to them for a few hours in great depth, it’s not only our family who is concern but the child’s teachers as well so I can’t see why they think it’s not a issue. They even told me that if we felt there was an issue with the child’s safety that we should go back to court and have the child’s dad seek full custody. I’ve been dealing with DSS since October and nothing has happen, when they do home visits they call a few days before and make a appointment, the child has told me that they had to clean up for the social worker … I dunno to me it seems that there is a MAJOR issue with how cases are handled, even if it’s neglect, not getting medical needs met, not being supervised. They tell us because we are always there to pick up the slack whenever possible that there isn’t really a issue. Any advice or help would be much appreciated.

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    about this topic. You know a whole lot its almost tough
    to argue with you (not that I personally will need to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a new spin on a topic which
    has been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

    • Grmjaly
    • Posted September 3, 2013 at 1:14 am
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    CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!! Independent Audits is the answer such as MGT of America in FLORIDA Every County should hire them….WE the people could HIRE them. WHY NOT? We could raise 100,000’s to put them in their place, in jail or in the unemployment line. Make them see what they have done to thousands of families across the nation. People need to sue in civil court for constitutional rights violations. Thats what CPS is Civil family law…Look at all the families winning they are out of control….and they hate to lose money….Let’s go after them so many websites about them the lies will be uncovered….RIP all of the little angles who no longer are alive that died in the hands of the so called agency that says they protect them… For my beautiful 3 year old granddaughter who was taken out of a loving home whom I miss everyday and hope to get back very soon….

    • Grmjaly
    • Posted September 3, 2013 at 1:22 am
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    I meant sue in Federal court….

    • Jay
    • Posted September 9, 2013 at 8:57 pm
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    If anyone is still reading this I need lots of help. My little brother has been taken away from my mothers house because he missed 13 days of school and some appointments. My mother has no transportation at all and I was active duty military at the time so I couldn’t take him to these appointments. My mother has done nothing wrong in the eyes of the law. It is the Madison county North Carolina who seems to be so corrupt that they focused on my mother. I don’t have much money but I need help.

  38. John I just read your post from August 30. I want to start by saying I know first hand what the CPS and Family Court situation is in NC. My husband and I just broke free from our situation the first of this year that began in CA moved to NC and then OK. Our situation was very difficult because it was our child who was being abused and no one would stop it. Our sons abuser (a step-grandparent) had court ordered access to him twice a year and if we did not send him on the visits we would be put in jail. So ,I speak from a point of walking in your shoes. You need to not pursue getting CPS involved this this family situation. I say this not to deminish the situation with this child or to suggest that intervention is not needed. I just know from experience if this can be handled within the family the child will benifit greatly. I can also tell you from experience they will do exactly what they say they will do. The child will be put God knows where, with God knows who and you will have no say in the matter. Then if you intend to pursue gaining custody you will be looking at significant legal bills that could destroy you financially. It sounds to me like you love and care for this child very much, and you want what is best for her. I can tell you CPS is not what is best.

    My suggestion to you is to sit down with the mother and explain to her your concerns about the issues you have observed but also what you know about the schools concerns. Explain to her that she is not in the place to be able to care for this child at this point and you would like to request that she agree to give you gaurdianship on a temporary basis while she gets her life back on track. If she fights you explain to her what the possibilities are if she does not do this. If you can make her see that you are trying to keep her and her child from being separated and her child world turned upside down. I heard once don’t get the federal government involved in your family matters. You never know what will happen and once you ring that bell it can not un-ring it.

    Again, I want to make sure you know that I in no way condone a child being neglected or abused. However, what most people do not know is many children endure abuse in foster care and when asked they state they would have prefered to have stayed with their family. I hope you are able to help your niece and her mother. Good Luck!

    • brenda
    • Posted September 12, 2013 at 7:50 am
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    I have a question. I need HELP bad. Cumberland county DSS has messed up my family and my now 8 year old son. My son when he was six was raped my his oldest step brother who was 11 at the time. Dss took the older one out but has gave him everything he wants. But almost 2 years later no help for the victim. I have took my son to therapy. Tried everything. He is still suffering everyday. He is terrified and none of these people will help. What can I do to get justice and closer for my son?

    • Leighann
    • Posted September 15, 2013 at 10:39 am
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    I am being investigated by Cleveland County DSS. They claim they have to transfer my case to Mecklinburg County because there is a conflict of interest. I got into an argument with my girlfriend and she slapped me. The next day, my girlfriend was arrested for simple assault. I did not call the police. I did not want her arrested. She worked as a CPS worker in Cleveland County for 14 years before we met. Her ex girlfriend is a supervisor in CPS, and her ex best friend is the program director. I feel like I’m being targeted not only because of her prior relationships with these people, but also because we are a same sex couple. We are both professional people that work in mental health. I could really use some advice. Thanks

    • becky
    • Posted September 18, 2013 at 9:13 am
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    I found out one thing . If I were a cop in Haywood Co. DSS would not have my grandson .A cop in Haywood co took his son to the bathroom at mountain dinner in Canton and busted his ass in front of a Haywood co. DSS worker and not a thing was done about it that goes to show all of Haywood co. is in together . there is no telling what goes on behind closed doors with this cop and his son. I think this DSS worker needs to be checked into her first name is Susan not sure what last name is . If had money or part of the big shots of Haywood co. my grand son would all ready be home .I think they all need to be fired. The ones that need to be checked in to are being let go that is why there children are DEAD. If I had money my grandson wood be at home where he belongs.

  39. Jay my name is Kriste. I have been through the system and understand what you’re going through. The number one thing to understand about CPS is your child is just a number to them. What most people do not realize is they get funds from the federal government to keep their unit running. Essentially, it is job security for the social workers. You mentioned medication for your little brother. I am going to ask you a couple of questions that will help me understand your situation the best I can. Does your brother have a medical condition that requires the medication? If he does have a medical condition or is it a psychological condition? What were the grounds for placing him in custody? There should have been a sheet your mother signed and was given with all of the allegations that support the detention. Are you in a place now that you would like to take him. If so I could help guide you as to what you would need to do, but first off I would retain an attorney. The system in North Carolina is most definitely corrupt. Our son was molested by a step-grandparent because Johnston County Family Court gave visitation to him despite that we are an intact family. Every attempt we made to protect our child we were threatened with jail. Despite multiple reports from mandated reporters they refused to intervene and assist us in protecting our child. We finally picked up and moved several states away and now our child is protected. Let me know if you need anything else wana chat my email. My e-mail is Good luck and let me know if you can give me more information.

    • Todd
    • Posted September 25, 2013 at 11:56 am
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    I would greatly appreciateany advice/help anyone can offer. My granddaughter was moved out of a foster care home to a different county after a year under the guise of relative placement. This was done without thecourts knowledge or consent. The judge found out and ordered her back but I want to stop this from happening to another family and I want to be held responsible for what they have done. This was in New Hanover county. Thanks.

  40. Pls help asheville dss is tring to keep my grandbabys because of social worker is friends with the foster parents we r fighting to keep them in family my brother is been approved to have them now they r still fighting us they threaten my son the father of them if he dont give up his rights to the 1 yr old then my brother cant have the 2mon old we want both of them my son lawyer seem to be on their side if anyone can help pls pls call 8285150307 and im tring to put together a peaceful march in front of dss or courthouse anyone who is beening treated unfairly pls call so we cqn let our stories out 8285150307

    • Maureen Bokelund
    • Posted October 14, 2013 at 5:19 pm
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    This needs to change!!! My god they failed Erica Parsons and so many others!! They need to be shut down!!

    • becky
    • Posted October 15, 2013 at 9:05 am
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    If everyone in Haywood co. could win the lottery we could stop these people that think they are god. If they wood only take the ones that are being abused that is the ones that are not being investigated . If you have a dirty house they sure have there nose stuck there . If my grandson was being beat they would have never seen DSS .

    • carlee
    • Posted October 19, 2013 at 3:16 pm
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    I am highly disenchanted with the Cumberland co DSS. We are family members, caring for children in our family who have been placed with us through DSS. DSS now wants to reunite the children back with their parents even though we have given them evidence, that the parents are in NO shape to care for them. The judge appears to have some biasy towards the father who is in the military and regardless of any evidence we present, they are pushing reunification. What can we do?

    • vicky
    • Posted October 21, 2013 at 4:27 pm
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    I was lied on 20 years ago and they still alligated it to me. I am mad about it…. wilkes county nc…….

  41. RE: dss/domesticviolence/ etc


    This has repercussions in all aspects of Family Law. Including:


    Marriage Laws

    Custody Issues

    In the Domestic Violence Commision Annual Report to the NC General Assembly on April 2012:

    The Laws affected in House and Senate at the present time:

    House Bill 849- (supported by the NCCADV)

    House Bill 111( no position by the NCCADV)

    House Bill 63 (Opposed by the NCCADV)

    House Bill 390 (Opposed by the NCCADV)

    Senate Bill 34 (Opposed by the NCCADV)

    House Bill 52 (Opposed by the NCCADV)

    House Bill 74 (Opposed by the NCCADV and the special budget provision. Bills sposors were notified of the Comission’s position on these bills by the Chair.

    The Council for Women staff made a presentation in November to the Joint Legislative Committee on Justice and Public Safety on the Domestic Violence Center Fund and the NC Council for Women.

    • becky
    • Posted October 22, 2013 at 10:25 am
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    I want to know why the Haywood co. law can spank and hit there children in front of DSS and nothing being said. I forgot there god just like DSS. they get by with killing someone it’s okay. You hear them laughing about beating the shit out of there children and that is ok. You must remember we Spanked our step grandson with a small hickory and that is why I cannot have my real grandson or so they say. But my sons mother in law has told a line of shit from hell and they believe this old bitch because she can look you in the eye and tell you a lie . she is a real good lier she smokes pot and pops pills and says my husband does all that shit and they believe this witch . They need to get all of us together and do a drug test to see who does what. Haywood Co. is getting by with to much shit . there is another baby dead because them not doing there job but if your house is dirty or someone telling a lie they are right there. MY grandson does not need to be done this way. Something needs to be done in Haywood Co. NC. If I had money I have a good case. I wood fight DSS but it takes money. And I don’t have it we live from to day and it’s getting harder.

    • Amanda Pickrel
    • Posted October 26, 2013 at 6:01 pm
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    Am looking for other parents in the mocksville/davie areas that are in a middle of a cps case to get ur kids back, I wanna know if u have a case worker that you fill is not helping you. I fighting for my kids to get them back but no one has helped me now I could lose them . My daughter is having issues of abandon cause she has not seen me and my son to both my kids are scared.. So what am asking we need to band together and show the world how they are running things Davie is a small town where ever one knows each other…So lets expose Davie DSS.. If we don’t just think about what,else they can do.. So here my email… We to have a march against this county we owe it to are kids so lets banned together…..

    • E....
    • Posted November 12, 2013 at 1:22 pm
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    In August of 2011 I had brought my son to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. While in the ER, my son’s needs were being greatly neglected. I began to have a panic attack and attempted to go outside for some air and tried to take my son with me (I was not about to leave my 4 year old, suspected of autism, alone with negligent staff). I was assaulted by hospital security and had my son SNATCHED from me by a nurse who left scratches on my son during the incident, and tried to blame me for them. My son and I were stomach-to-stomach and there was no possible way I could have broken his skin with the way I was holding him. Hospital staff had me arrested and kicked me out of the hospital and hospital grounds, all while there was NO social worker on the premises. My son was kidnapped from me by hospital staff. He was then placed under the care of Cumberland County CPS. My case worker was a racist and prejudiced woman who tried to place him in foster care, instead of with family. My case was later given to a different woman who fought hard for me to get my son back because SHE said that our case was BS and should have never gotten as far as placing him with anyone besides me. It took a whole YEAR to get my son back in my care. A YEAR to prove that I wasn’t abusive or negligent about my son’s needs. After the year had passed, my case was DISMISSED by the judge because they had nothing against me to charge me. To this day, my son now suffers from SEVERE separation anxiety because of this incident. He was traumatized. He also has in fact been diagnosed with autism since the incident. DSS didn’t even care that he was highly suspected of being autistic, and STILL tried to put him in foster care. Please tell me that this is WRONG!!

    Cumberland County DSS IS CORRUPT.


    I cannot wait to move the Hell away from this place.

  43. my daughter is 5 years old has been kidnapped by Department of Social Service in Buncombe County North Carolina I’m starting to civil suit for violation my 4th and 14th amendment and Civil Rights Act you Civil Rights Act 42 USC section 1983 if anybody wants to join please contact me at Sean.lewandowski @yahoo.con or call me at 828-772-1650i t’s time to stand up for what is right they are violating our constitutional rights people so let stand together and fight this

    • patient millington
    • Posted November 13, 2013 at 10:10 am
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    hi my name is patient Millington dss took my kids away I really need help please call me and ill let you know what ever you need to know so you can help me and my family out 910-491-1992 or call 910-309-4806

    • patient millington
    • Posted November 13, 2013 at 10:11 am
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    dss took my kids away because my car end up on the side of the road and I called the cops for help

    • patient millington
    • Posted November 13, 2013 at 11:17 am
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    please help me somebody is their anybody that can help me fight to get my kids back from dss in fayettevillwe nc they took my kids over my car ending up on the side of the road and I called the cops for help please call 910-309-4806 thank you so much or call 910-491-1992

    • Broken family
    • Posted November 23, 2013 at 1:22 pm
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    My sister (16) was transferred, at least officially, to DSS custody on Tuesday night. My mother received a summons to a “family planning meeting” on Tuesday. Problem is, she got the summons on Monday. Unofficially, and via phone call from our mortally offended case investigator.

    I was assigned a shrink as per our last case, and I mentioned a recent minor altercation in the house to him. I also said that I had considered calling our last social worker, who had developed a decent rapport with our family, to come and advise us unofficially. He construed this as permission to call DSS himself, and the department subsequently dispatched the current investigator to look into our situation. Without my consent.

    The investigator, hereafter to be referred to as Mrs. Dammit, arrived at our house to poke around. My sister shut the door in her face, as Mrs. Dammit had no warrant. My mother, never one to be rude, allowed Mrs. Dammit to come into our house. All of us were at this point disenchanted with DSS, and therefore were not particularly cordial toward Mrs. Dammit. Mrs. Dammit seems to have taken it personally, later interviewing both my sister and me at school without my mother’s consent. Mrs. Dammit used veiled threats in our interviews to elicit disclosures which she herself had suggested, insinuated, and insisted.

    On November 19, 2013, my mother arrived at this “family planning meeting” with the belief (thanks to Mrs. Dammit’s intentional misinformation) that the discussion would concern whether a judge would be delegated to decide matters in our case, which as yet, to our knowledge, did not exist. At this meeting, my mother was not allowed to present her case, was appointed a lawyer of dubious employment (possibly one of their pocket cronies) and was intentionally provoked into an outburst (in the hallway, having left the meeting momentarily to gather her composure — being, naturally, very upset with the clearly unfair proceedings) with blatant threats of custodial relegation of my sister. At this, SOMEONE (who has yet to be found out) swiftly decided that my mother was psychologically unstable and unfit as a parent, and presented to the judge an order of non-secure custody, which, after being signed, took custody of my sister.

    This, folks, is called entrapment — something which cops and government agents get hit for hard when they’re stupid enough to try it.

    Under absurd duress and stress, my mother checked herself into the UNC psych ward for evaluation, not trusting herself in the state of mind in which she was left by this railroading. At the ward, she was evaluated for alcoholism, psychological instability, and mental illness — the flimsy grounds on which the judge made his ruling. On release, she gathered up all those papers which very clearly indicated that, while very stressed, my mother was stable and capable.

    But, in addition to these grievances, we checked the mail today. In it was a letter from Orange County DSS, mailed out on 11/20/2013, informing my mother that a case had been opened for our family on 11/12/2013. No one was notified of this before, and the notice itself was mailed THE DAY AFTER THE MEETING TOOK PLACE. Preeetty sure that’s illegal in just about every way.

    Luckily, my sister is safe; Tuesday night, after our previous case worker (Ms. G) showed up at our house after school, my sister made her grand escape: stalling for time, my sister orchestrated and executed a simple but eloquent getaway plan and remained on the lam for several days, evading and defying cops and social workers alike, who were too stupid to catch a 16 year old girl.

    When she returned home last night (because she had no place to spend the night; thanks, DSS!), my mother was forced to notify the on-call social worker. Aiding a runaway carries a nasty penalty, and if my mother had been found to be harboring her own daughter in her own home, she likely never would have seen her daughter again. Ironically, the on-call social worker told her that it was acceptable that my sister stay the night with us. This morning, my mother called again — just for a record of cooperation, mind you — with a similar result: the social worker said that he would have to speak with his supervisor, and with my sister (over the phone) to know that she is well and safe, and that it would likely be A-OK for my sister to stay the remainder of the weekend with us.

    This is a particularly amusing failure on their part, as it contradicts their standing orders to take my sister into custody and dump her in a foster home. All this just furthers our case: if my sister is unsafe at our house, such that she would be better off in foster care, why in the FUCK is she allowed to stay with our apparently unstable mother?

    This tale of transgressions is far from complete, and continues to grow, but it should at least give some idea as to the incompetency and blatant illegality of their behavior. This will be taken to court, and Mrs. Dammit is going to find herself in a very, very deep fucking hole by the end of it.

    PS: DSS receives federal subsidies for every child they relocate to foster care (up to $150k for some) and additional bonuses for every child they adopt out. Additionally, DSS has an ANNUAL ADOPTION QUOTA, and they are legally obligated in some states to adopt children out within 15 months of accrual of these poor kids. If that sounds familiar, it should: it’s usually called human trafficking, but these days, it carries the less distasteful moniker of “child protective services.”

    PPS: No one should ever be charged with aiding a runaway if the runaway is a member of their family. Just as spouses cannot be made to testify against one another in court, so also should the bond between family members be preserved; and familial love itself cannot be faulted — who would not help their own daughter or sister evade capture by these government slavers?

    PPPS: There are far more juicy details to regale, but at this point my mother is bound by a non-disclosure agreement that she was presented with at the very start of the proceedings. Yeah, you can take a guess at why.

    Please contact us with help or advice; all is greatly appreciated right now. Fight this twisted fucking system that profits by ripping families apart and trafficking in human misery.

    We can be reached at

    • Posted November 29, 2013 at 8:53 pm
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    • Donna Carter-Henry
    • Posted December 2, 2013 at 2:04 pm
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    I have the same story as some of the other people on this website. My children were stolen from me by D.S.S. and kept from me without visitation when the D.S.S. knew I hadn’t done anything to my children and admitted that they didn’t believe I had done anything. It was because of what my husband tried to do. They kept my kids out of spite. The North Carolina D.S.S. is one of the most racist, insidious D.S.S.’s in the whole country. They are racist but their dirt extends way beyond race. They hate the poor no matter what color. I started an organization calle M.A.T.O.R. which stands for MOthers Against Termination Of (Parental) Rights. I would like to ask how do you terminate something that you act as if we don’t have anyway?! My organizations are M.A.T.O.R., C.A.T.O.R./Children Against Termination Of (Parental) Rights. And A.F.V.D.S.S. Advocates For Families Victimized by D.S.S. Their creation was the straw that broke the camels back. They kept my kids out of spite, turned my daughter against me and proceeded to conspire against me for the rest of the decade into the next one. But they had already decided to keep my children and that was why I created the organizations in a swifter manner than I had planned to do, originally. If we all ban together, for our kids sake, they can’t hurt us anymore and some of what they have done can start the process of being rectified. I know revenge is a hard thing to think of when they have had your kids for ten years and they are almost grown. And that’s what they count on. That and the fact that your broken heart won’t let you do so much, not sensibly anyway. But just think of all the heart ache that could have been avoided in our lives today if someone had thought it important enough to do something about them a long time ago. What’s more important than your children and your right to see them everyday, raise them and be a part of their lives? I want M.A.T.O.R.’s name in every state across country. But I need help. We all need each other. We can’t do anything with everybody separated. We need a possible legal fund, if we can find an attorney with enough guts to fight with us and for us, instead of pretending to, while they secretly rub elbows and fraternize with the enemy (D.S.S.) and we need nedia attention, but they act like D.S.S. is GOD just like everybody else does and are reluctant to get involved on our side. And I know I sound like Dejevu, but all these D.S.S. problems are so universal it isn’t even funny. But I think about thirty thousand people marching up a street at one time, would cause some attention and they would have no choice But to report it. I have two White House petitions that go up every month. They are for an investigation and reform of D.S.S. corruption and for an extension of the Statute of Limitation for poor and disabled people, because I’m sure we have all thought about how we could sue them, but not having enough money to do anything and now your time may be up leaves you feeling like you just missed the boat. Now, not only do they have your children unnecessarily and unworthily,but they’re gonna get away with it This month the petitions are late, but we need 100,000 signatures within thirty days if we are to have any response from the White House about D.S.S. corruption or the extension of the statute of limitation. I solicite signatures from signees that give me permission to sign the petition for them, so I won’t have to round up thousands of people when I get the amount we need. Some months I dont put up the signatures, because I know I don’t have the amount I need right now. Some months I put up signatures for inspiration and moral, but one day there will be 100,000 people who have signed this petition. If you are interested in being a part of M.A.T.O.R. C.A.T.O.R. A.F.V.D.S.S. or signing the petition, email me at Read the book Shattered Bonds by Dorothy Roberts. Thank you

    • Ryan Hollis
    • Posted January 3, 2014 at 2:16 pm
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    Need help my child is being abuse and dss isnt doing nothing bout it

    • Debbie
    • Posted January 13, 2014 at 1:28 pm
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    I have custody of my two grandson’s. Their parents were arrested last month and my 7mo old grandson is in foster care. I have tried for four weeks to get in touch wig someone but I can’t get any answers. I live in ga and mcdowell county has the case. What can I do?

    • Posted January 16, 2014 at 12:55 am
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    @ Debbie, keep trying to get someone on the phone. You may have to go ober the agency’s head if you can’t get the supervisor on the phone
    Also,when you DO get someone on the phone request an interstate case. That’s where the agencey here in Nc will contact the county agency in Ga to do some foot work for themin working with you. But you will have to appear in court here in Nc too. Push for that interstate case assistance and be ready bc they are going to have you jumping thru many hoops as most agencies have some lazy and questionable employees. Be prepared and be blessed.

    • Posted January 16, 2014 at 1:02 am
    • Permalink

    @ Ryan,get solid undeniable proof if you can. Make a report to DSS itself and record it with documentation. If nothing is done,then you go up the next chain of command and so on. Call the Gov. Of the State if need be. Go on the news….make noise. But have your proof and your proof of reporting it the the agencies staff. Be. Blessed..


    • Posted January 19, 2014 at 11:16 am
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    @ Chiarian4acure…..stay fighting!!! Stay doing what lay forth for you to do. Document everything! If you get visits,buy something,save your reciepts. I know 1st hand its hard. But keep fighting the good fight. You have a lawyer whethwr court apointed or hird personally make.them work for you. And remember this,if the baby snatchers still keep you from your kids,YOU know that you went thru and you fought hard. Some ppl just give up then live in guilt. Stay fightingbc your kids will see this eventually and it will make a big difference. Contact Jeff Gerber with your case/ situation @ jeff your story needs to be heard.. stay strong my friend and be blessed!





    • Posted January 20, 2014 at 9:51 am
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    @Tina Glover….contact Jeff Gerber @jeff he is the peraon that is heading the investigation into the recent Union Co. incedent w the supervisor /foster parent child abuse case. I have spoken to him over as well. Emai him first. He is a busy fellow but he is passionate about what he is doing. Do those peole not realize that its not your fault that you are sick? In my case, I have fougjt and fought. It wasn’t enough for me to move back here from a neighboring state where I had agreat job. See,my schild wasn’t taken from me he was taken from his dad and

    • Posted January 20, 2014 at 10:23 am
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    ThIs happened in 2009. Instead of the lazy agency in question,contacting me,they took my child. Then later stated they could not find me. Even tho i was an employee in a state registered grouphome with DSS/DJJ kids.(and they sure figured out how to get money from my paycheckfor child support) I sent my child to stay with the dad,not just anybody,the child’s dad. I had hit a money downfall and the dad waa the only option. When I was unable to contact the dadon the phone or in person,I became scared and I called dss anonymous and made a report of concern. Next thing I know,my child is in their care and the agency wont do an interstate case.Just laziness if you ask me. I fougjt for 2 yrs out of state and goin on 3 yra in Nc atate

    • Posted January 20, 2014 at 10:32 am
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    3yrs in Nc state. Same lawyer and he seems to be on their side. I have done everything and some. Now,my chid is 14 and my child isn’t my child anymore. My child’s being exposed to a lot of things I wouldn’t have my child around. And recently my child has been displaying regressive behavior and the agency cites me as the reason. In the order they use the term “after visits” my child e acts out more. But on the weeks that we don’t have a visit,they state that my child is just being a kid….that’s what they say. My child has discloses to me that

    • Posted January 20, 2014 at 10:44 am
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    Hope is lost. If we haven’t been reunited that we wont be because it has been too long. My child is tired and I understand that. But they don’t care bc its not them. We have to jum thru hoops while they watch and I agree with an earlier post,it seems like we are the makers and they are the takers. A puppy mill was what was said. I can see how. The years I worked as a counselor I.dealt with a lot of great kids. And after this took lace I began doimg my.own research and tbe results are the same,it comes down to money! They have stated that I am financially unable to care for my child..all the while taking my money from my checks,making me.spend extra money on visits to show that I can,pay all my bills on time and current,and do it by myself as I am not allowed to have help of any kind. Meaning,id I ever met someone that I wanted to have in my life, I couldn’t until this case is wrapped up, or my child is of age. That’s not fair at all to anyone. I mean theae peole want proof of every dime I make. Paystubsand scheduling

    • Posted January 20, 2014 at 10:50 am
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    Pay stubs,work schedule and criminal background checks on my family..nneven my child’s great granny. We only see each other for 8 hrs a does someone expect to parent an at risk teen when you only get to see eaxh other 8 hrs a month and talk for 15 minutes a week? And its states that I was not the.perp in the case my child’s dad was as he was abausing our child and it became severe enough for hogea were pressed? I’m still fighting

    • Posted January 20, 2014 at 11:06 am
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    It makes their job easier and I’m just not having it. I told my caseworker after she asked me to just relinguish my rigjts,they would have to take my child flat out. And as long as I’m doing everything in the caseplan from A to N (literally) they can’t really do anything except what they are doing. Stay positive and keep swinging until you can’t! They make it hard for us….by putting us thru this…we make it harf for them by overcoming every obstacle they throw out there. Keep pushing forward and contact Jeff Gerber

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    • chelle
    • Posted March 7, 2014 at 3:09 pm
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    I have had a bad time with dss it all started with my youngest abusive daddy I got him out of the pic and buncombe county dss took my lil one at four months old because I house caught on fire and I had no where to go my mom no help she cant even help herself so I had to move and I have no car to get to my court hearings I don’t know what to do my lawyer was only appointed to me for a short time and im not surewhat to do now cant afford one if anyone knows please contact me at please or he will be sent to florida I need to get more info!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chelle
    • Posted March 7, 2014 at 3:18 pm
    • Permalink

    this is my first time dealing with this and I don’t know where to turn I case worker keeps saying reunification but im stuck right now does anyone fight n.c from a different state if soo help me to let me know how its done steps I need to take ect.

    • brandi
    • Posted March 9, 2014 at 1:41 pm
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    My nephew was taken at birth by cps his mother is mentally incopatent and pregnant again they tried to get my brother for child abuse before he even seen the baby didnt bother showing up to tell us or nothing we have been fighting a year now moved 3 times where in a good neighbor hood in a nice home and there saying were not getting him because our carpet has stains can you belive it stains was there “only” consurn what do i do im tired of the run around help im tired of wasting all the money

    • Clara
    • Posted March 9, 2014 at 2:38 pm
    • Permalink

    I am so sorry .I am a grandmother whom lost both of mine to Buncombe county dss after I jumped through alll of there hoops in another state they gave me 3 days to get a larger home and have it all set up for a home study and everything for my grandsons and still turned me down . So I feel for you .Dss does not like to let go of children for they are a pay check for them.Write the Governors,Senators , and the board of DSS and try to nget your story in the news. Good luck and God Bless.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted March 10, 2014 at 8:41 pm
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    well im a single father and they took my kids because my daughter did not like the rules so she told her friends a bunch of lies i took there parenting class and got a full time job like they told me then again my daughter calls and makes accusations because she got in trouble for leaving the house after being told not to cps is court ordered to have weekly supervised visits between me and my kids the last time we had a cps supervised visit was before Christmas break yet they want me to do parenting classes again and get a psychological evaluation i currently get paid to go to school and military disability but i can honestly say i think cps is the biggest fraud of our government

    • Clara
    • Posted March 10, 2014 at 8:48 pm
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    I am so sorry DSS is the worst night mare you can ever face.It sounds like your child needs the dr evaluations .

    • WarriorPrincess
    • Posted March 12, 2014 at 12:22 am
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    I am very interested in starting a Class Action Lawsuit against Cumberland County Fayetteville NC DSS CPS and Juvenile Court System I would like to expand it to all of North Carolina as well We must stand United to win against these evil unconstitutional practices against innocent children and families!!This is something that needs to be done and get started immediately. I also have been subjected to along with family members and innocent children racism bias falsified reports slander deflamation of character denial of rights and i can go on and on as they force unconstitutional laws in kangaroo court houses. The case workers who are rude and vile to the core. Please email me so we can get started asap

    • WarriorPrincess
    • Posted March 12, 2014 at 12:24 am
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    • Anonymous due to retaliation....I know that sad!
    • Posted March 18, 2014 at 12:51 am
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    I’m having problems with Pender County DSS and their judicial system. My kids were taken away due to my husband having a seizure and dropping my 4 month old and not remembering it. The baby suffered a skull fracture and a rib fracture. The doctors swore that it couldn’t happen, but these are the same doctors that said my oldest son had a ringworm on his head, it was a strawberry birthmark! Anyways,They charged him with Child Abuse of gross negligence and dropped everything on me, saying they knew I didn’t do it. We were still up for reunification even after he was charged. Well one judge from new Hanover/ Pender county took visitations from us saying she didn’t believe his excuse, really 3 doctors and a neurologist diagnosed him, but it’s all a lie to them. Then all of a sudden DSS and GAL had a problem with the father. So next court date was in front of another judge. Well the judge looked over the case and looked at the district Attorney for DSS and asked what the reasoning was that the judge changed the case to adoption and took rights. The attorney said ” she didn’t give a reason, she just did it”. We’ll that judge shook his head but kept everything the same as the judge had before. Now next court date the father is no longer in the picture and I’m only one to show up for court and having to testify. The GAL gets up there and says she has seen me with the husband a month before at the end of my road. Now I remember seeing her, but I also remembering calling my husband and telling him I seen her, therefore why would I have called him to tell him if he had been in the car with me. They also brought up that if me and my husband weren’t together then how did I know his work schedule.Hello we did live together for 3 years. Anyways at the end of this court in which it was in front of the judge that had taken everything from us, she asked dss and GAL what they thought needed to happen? They of course said keep the case plan at adoption. After court my husbands attorney calls and says that he talked to the judge and the judge said if I were to leave my husband completely alone she’ll review my case in 4 months. So I stopped all contact with the father. We did everything they asked jumped through every hoop. Then this week I get hit with child support and they are putting in the paperwork for me to pay foster care arrears? I have not only lost my boys they’ve broken up my marriage and ruined my life. This BS has been going on since July of 2012. This county’s dss can’t even do their paperwork right, at PPAT meetings they have the paperwork stating the father is the attorney for the father. I have so much paperwork that showed how much they messed up on their end. I need help, they are trying to adopt my boys to the foster parents and they belong home with me.

    • WarriorPrincess
    • Posted March 25, 2014 at 7:29 pm
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  50. Yes i would love to know how prove corruption in North Carolina Dss in Cleveland county or Shelby NC you can say because it’s bad here and it needs to stop now because my kids are in the system and my twins are 14 and the girl has gotten pregnant and the foster mom has done nothing about it nor has dss and them girls in that home has babies besides my son please help me..

    • Kristin
    • Posted April 1, 2014 at 11:17 am
    • Permalink

    Dss is wanting to do an X ray on my 2 boys. Can they without my concent. And recently I had a phyc evaluation done that said I just had anxiety and they are wanting to push for me to go to class es. And if I don’t go that they will get a court order to take my kids. Can I video record then in my home.

    • leta centeno
    • Posted April 4, 2014 at 6:53 pm
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    I tring to fine out if your work first would stop if the child u get it for gets put on probation

    • Sherri Dobbins
    • Posted April 8, 2014 at 4:17 pm
    • Permalink

    PLEASE HELP MY GRANDDAUGHTER AND HER TWO HALF SIBLINGS, A GASTON COUNTY DSS WORKER TESTIFIED TO THE FACT THAT THE FATHER “SELF ADMITTED” TO ABUSING ALL THREE OF THESE CHILDREN YET NO ACTION WAS TAKEN…..WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HEP!!!!! This baby had health issues that went unaddressed as well, myself and her step grandfather do have her in our custody now only after she was put in foster care for 11 days. The father made an allegation stating my 3yr old granddaughter saw me abuse her while infact she had been diagnosed w a birth injury known as Erbs Palsy, born with marijuana in her system, without medication the mother should have been taking ……. im at a loss as to why we are in a battle, we should have her here in the only home shes ever known after they did infact abandon her among several other proven facts!!!! Please help her please!!!!

    • nathan
    • Posted April 21, 2014 at 11:41 am
    • Permalink

    My son went to school with a fabricated story that somewhat happend 6 months ago dss was called and now I fall under the same chapter as parents that physically abuse burn extra and I chose to leave my house cause that sounded like the best of the three choices the ligation are false and im scared to death I’ve never abused and child or person I’ve never been accused of any sexual abuse and i have had my 13 year old daughter for the past 5 years as a single dad and now have a 5yr old boy and 8 yr old daughter from my new marriage. I cant find a lawyer to help us before this goes any further can u help I live in Onslow county. We just want are children s right and purity to be respected

  51. In Fayetteville. N.C. my children Has been Removed from me. Children. Service couldn’t make up their minds about why they took my children. First they said that my husband was beaten on me then they said unstable housing. Then they said because my car end up breaking down with my kids in the car then they said i don’t know how to care for kids. Because i get ssi. And back because of the car and me calling the cops for. Help because i didn’t. Want my kids sleep in the car i have. Stuff to show im not making any of this up. The judge had everything. Destroyed so i couldn’t. Fight to get my kids back home. Please. Help me if anybody. Can email me at John_ millington@

    • Deacon
    • Posted May 16, 2014 at 11:03 pm
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    Lincoln County DSS leaves a child with a drug addict mother, who fails a drug test; and then DSS said other family members are coaching the children. I reported what I saw and heard and now DSS says I am lying? They do not care if a child is being raised by a crack head mother who is out all hours of the night; guess they don’t want the father to have the kids. Lincoln County always sides with a mother, the magistrates, DSS, judges, and lawyers all would rather let a stripper on drugs raise their children, not remove them or let them stay in a loving family home. I will never trust DSS again or file another report with them. Next time I will call the cops and let them find out what is going on, like they did with that poor kid with the dead chicken around his neck. DSS knows what is going on, but they will not admit they make any mistakes in the past so the kids suffer.

    • WarriorPrincess
    • Posted May 18, 2014 at 11:14 am
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    • WarriorPrincess
    • Posted May 18, 2014 at 11:23 am
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    • WarriorPrincess
    • Posted May 18, 2014 at 11:28 am
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    • Warrior Princess
    • Posted May 22, 2014 at 8:24 pm
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    • I own onslow county
    • Posted June 17, 2014 at 12:11 pm
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    Nathan, contact for help and guidence

    • Revo
    • Posted July 3, 2014 at 7:55 am
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    My sister was temporarily placed in one of her friend’s homes in lieu of a proper foster home. When their relationship became rocky, and the living situation began to destabilize (as the friend’s family consisted of a bunch of spoiled pseudo-junkies). Recently, our social worker, Kristina Weiler, caught her after she’d smoked some pot. Using the “glazed look in her eyes” as probable cause, she searched my sister’s bag illegally and found half a gram of pot, and accused her of doing harder drugs, yelling in her face and calling her a cokehead. After this, the social worker promptly deposited my sister at UNC’s psych ward, without informing my mother or me as to her location, without returning our calls, or notifying her supervisor. Immediately after placing my sister in UNC, she began filing motions to have my sister remanded to a mental health treatment lockdown facility in Asheville and forced on the doctors a diagnosis of “generalized mood disorder” for my sister. Then she left on vacation. That was June 13. She returned from vacation yesterday, as my sister still rotted in a more-or-less padded cell for over a month. She’s 16. Ironically, my sister was drug tested, both blood and urine, after admission to UNC. The only drug in her system? Pot. Dramatically reduced levels, at that – their reasoning for removing her from our home and seizing custody of her in the first place was that her drug use was uncontrollable. Funny how she started experimenting with other drugs after DSS shackled her and carted her around from shrink to shrink and from home to home, rather than when she lived with my mother and me.

    My mother filed multiple motions with her lawyer in our “social worker’s” absence, most of which are scheduled to be heard today. Unfortunately, we have the dishonorable Judge Beverly Scarlett presiding, who’s been known to set bail at $1 million for DWIs and is suspected of crafting private agreements with mental health facilities to ship off children to them, only to line her pockets. She’s strongly personally biased, racist, and has received multiple public reprimands in recent years due to her obstruction of due process and her curtailment of defendants’ rights.

    Unfortunately, the system is so fucked that my sister, 17 in August, will not be allowed to attend her own hearing. The point of which, which it really, really should not be, is to release her from UNC and place her in a foster home. None of the DSS agents with whom we’ve worked, Tina Weiler or her supervisors, has put any effort AT ALL in finding her a home. In a month, they’ve been unable or unwilling to locate a single placement.

    Until she’s placed, my sister will remain in illegal detention at UNC psych ward. As she has done for over a month. In the middle of her Junior-Senior year summer. On grounds that she’s a danger to herself and/or others. With a diagnosis of “generalized mood disorder.”

    Gee, I think I might be pretty fucking moody if some two-faced, deceitful, manipulative robo-cunt wearing the guise of a public official left me to fester in a fucking loony bin with a bullshit diagnosis, too; wouldn’t you?

    We need help.

    • Gina H
    • Posted July 9, 2014 at 4:05 pm
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    We are a loving family with 5 boys. We want to adopt a baby girl/s into our family. We took fostering classes but they only allow 5 children including your own children. I stay at home with my children and our lives revolves around them. I don’t feel over ran in the least bit. We would absolutely love the opportunity to give our little boys a sister/s to complete our family. There are so many children out there that need a loving home and adoption fees are outrageous. I can understand wanting the children to be provided for but wouldn’t it make more sense to give them an opportunity for a proper family foundation and the $20k-$40k being put aside for their college education? I wish there were better laws set forth to fix this problem and do what is best for the children and families who would love to give them a better opportunity in life.

  52. I need help!!! my daughter was admitted into the hospital april 2 for a swollen leg the doctors told us she had a broken leg. dss got involved and took both of them away they stayed with my aunt for a little while but since dss was not willing to help her she had no choice to give them to the state. The dss workers told us that instead of one broken leg there was four bone broken. they also said she was malnourished. Well i went to my merits hearing and the doctor testified that ayanna (my daughter) had no broken leg only an fracture and when they weighed her at the hospital she was perfect weight for being born 5 pd 15 oz. She also has really bad acid reflux. the judge ordered that my kids stay in foster just because i stay in a shelter. there are plenty of people who stay in shelter with their kids. within two months i will be going to job corps and i want to bring my kids but dss say that i have to take the classes or they will terminate my rights, yet i have no legitimate reason for taking them pease someone help me.

    • beautifuldisaster
    • Posted July 16, 2014 at 2:50 pm
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    I willingly closed my case and had them leave my kids where i placed them before dss closed it on me cuz in cumberland county they are against you out the gate no matter what you do , but i want to know if anyone can answer this before i call to find out , if i happened to get pregnant would they take my baby ?

    • Clara
    • Posted July 16, 2014 at 3:03 pm
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    Yes they took my daughter baby when he was first born for she had a open case with dad.Run some place new. Start over make out a guardian ship letter to someone you trust. Protection is key.Trust no social worker or court appointed attorney.

    • beautifuldisaster
    • Posted July 16, 2014 at 3:07 pm
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    Oh i already know to not trust nobody no lawyer no case worker my attorney lied my fiances attorney lied and our case worker became friends with the ppl i thought i trusted that i placed my kids with she would go to their house for dinner or coffee or to hang out . We never stood a chance .

    • travis shields
    • Posted July 28, 2014 at 11:21 pm
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    Need help immediately. Children unfairly taken from a loving home.

    • Traci cypher
    • Posted July 31, 2014 at 12:17 am
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    No one seems to get it. It doesn’t matter if you can prove the book isn’t being followed. There isn’t a lawyer with a pulse who will stand up for your so called rights. DSS think they are above any law our forefathers initiated. It could be written in stone and it wouldn’t matter. Don’t answer the door!

    • Nikki27
    • Posted August 25, 2014 at 9:57 am
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    damn I just don’t know what to do anymore or where to even start to try and get my kids back after reading this.

    • Nikki27
    • Posted August 25, 2014 at 10:06 am
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    It’s been two long years of worrying! Maybe in the beginning I felt defeated and felt like there was nothing I could do but now two years later I look and I shed tears just reading all of these posts. I am so worried for my daughter! She is 10 and so beautiful dss split my son and daughter up and gave each of them to their fathers families. They never was there for 8 years prior to this but now they think they are heros. But they are not! They let dss of haywood county give my daughter a therapist that is now telling her to block out a molestation that happened when she was about 4. It’s something that has really started haunting her and all they do is tell her to block it out. Man I need my kids back before something bad happens. They have already been told that they can’t come live with me until they are 18! If anyone can tell me where to go or what to do I would be forever greatfull! I am very scared and worried for my child well both of them they split them up like it didn’t even matter!

    • Concerned Parent
    • Posted September 6, 2014 at 10:06 am
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    I don’t wish to go into much detail here because my case is very sensitive, but I am attempting to reach out for someone’s help. My son, less than a year old at that time, was removed from his mother in March and placed into foster care. I have complied with Social Services in every possible way to gain my son back. Each time we appear in juvenile court, they keep throwing new hurdles for me to overcome only to prolong this entire process…unfortunately, my son has fallen victim to this vicious cycle of nonsense. We need help! I feel that something is extremely corrupt with the CPS of the involved county my case is being heard. I have yet another court hearing scheduled for mid-October and if anyone can help I am desperately urging you to contact me as soon as possible. I cannot allow this to go on any longer because there’s no worse feeling in the world than to feel completely helpless to your child’s needs.

    • charlene
    • Posted October 1, 2014 at 10:17 pm
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    First of all DSS is NOT the government. They are just an agency. You NEVER have to deal with them really UNLESS they take you to court. You do not have to tell them anything or let them in your home. If they can not prove anything than what can they do? Nothing!!! I have dealt with them a lot cause of jealous in-laws.. I hope NC DSS is sued in a class action suit. I will definately be there and do have a good case against them. I have literally cursed out the supervisor of DSS over children services. They are thought to lie and will say anything to do get information out of you.. As I said DSS IS ONLY AN AGENCY AND CAN NOT REALLY DO ANYTHING TO YOU WITH OUT TAKING YOU TO COURT SO DEFINITELY DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING.. THEY ARE A REAL JOKE THIS AGENCY AND DO NOT LET THEM INTIMIDATE YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN

    • Anonymous
    • Posted October 3, 2014 at 8:55 am
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    Hey I. Live in henderson county nc. There is a couple familys that live here that dss has done them wrong. Me and my husband had our new born baby taking for no good reason. They made up lies. We have done and proved that they were lies and they still haven’t gave him back. We done what ever they said. I. Have talked to someone and they won’t to help. But I know deep down the person that wontsto help know one won’t listen to him. Dss of hendeson coun

    • Chasidy Askea
    • Posted October 11, 2014 at 12:30 pm
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    My children were recently removed from home by DSS and placed with a family member. After a DSS worker spoke with my 4 year old. My 4 year old told the social worker told that she my daughter and her sisters dad where playing in closet. She told the worker that her sisters dad and the worker we’re invisible in the closet but that her daddy peed on her. after this statement was made the social worker decided to to make sure both of my children were taken out of my home and place into a kinship. made no sense to me that the social worker could do this in my home in over 6 weeks. so there was no way that anyone could have been in a closet with her in my home. my one year old has been traumatized by the whole situation and the social worker has not been very informative on what my rights actually are the parents when it comes to them removing my children from my home. Is there anything that I can do? because now the social worker is wanting a full forensic exam done on my child to make sure that she has not been molested.

  53. If you need help to fight dss and the corruption and real attorneys and investigators who sole practice is to help families fight dss then go to this site and click on contact us. No I dont work there but actually am a mom they are helping get kids back and potentially sue dss for the currupt illegal acts they committed

    • Stephanie
    • Posted October 12, 2014 at 2:25 pm
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    Duplin County and Onslow county Nc are not doing what’s in the best interest of these kids. The only kids they ever deal with are the ones that someone else wants! Kathy Parker Onslow county is corrupted

  54. If there is any legal action going against CPS in NC I would like to know. My neighbor keeps calling on me and I have refused to let them in this time. I am tired of being harassed and want it stopped and I want to help other parents if I can as well. My neighbor is doing this to harass me and she gets others to call as well with false accusations. I’m thinking about filing a lawsuit against her if I can. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • We own onslow county
    • Posted October 24, 2014 at 11:21 am
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    Contact mr Shupe at (910)849-8344. He is winning a major federal lawsuit against the state and county and doing it per se. He is a wealth of legal advice for north Carolina and how to stop the corruption.

  55. In July 2013, cups knocked on the door at 12am to come and get my children. Two in which they filed for, one I had to sign away. They said that if I did not sign, he would go to foster care, but if I did, he would go to family. I’m learning now that if I didn’t sign, that they would not be able to take him. I have a court order to see my older two children, since may. In spite of my emails, begging and pleading, I have still not seen them. the court date is soon approaching, December 18th. I have completed everything they asked, so has my husband, and we still cannot see our children. What do I do? What organization can I call? I just recently learned that one if my children was malested in care. They are trying to cover it up, but I got the phone call. Please help me, I am lost.

    • kristen Richardson
    • Posted December 18, 2014 at 6:55 pm
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    Cleveland County DSS told my husband and I that we couldn’t get Medicaid ,even though we have no income.So we didn’t’ try for foodstamps.worker name was Tracey Walker

    • Robin Martinez
    • Posted January 17, 2015 at 4:53 pm
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    I have a problem and I was wondering if I could talk to someone that is over all of the child protection services they have in every county please I just believe I that in the county I live in the child protection services are not doing what they are supposed to do I have been involved with them over 3 years and I just feel like they are trying to sell my babies all 4 of them because there reasons is my health but I was doing just fine by myself with my three oldest babies before I had a break down but I have passed every drug test and if there was something in my system proved that it was proscribed to me. I just feel like I’m not good enough because me and my husband don’t have a lot of money and I really believe the county I live in is all about the money because I done had all my babies back at one time and they just took my 7 mouth old last night but if someone can will someone that can do something about the way things are going in the county I live in please e-mail me @ or call me anytime (336)486-5143 I don’t care what time it is please

    • jw
    • Posted January 24, 2015 at 2:08 am
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    my case has been open for over 2 yrs dec 15 2012 i was stopped in guilford co. for dui cause i had my scription in the console .5 zanax i took one in a.m. an one at p.m. dss was called an my kids turned over to rockingham dss they was seperated have switched homes an schools numerous times my kids are on meds they never had to take when i had them due to out burst an behavior i was shot in 200 point blank with a 12 guage to left leg so i walk i limp which cop noticed an the reason my speech was slured was the same reason i was n guilford co. i had just gotten my tongue pierced i even have an had a note stating i could drive on my meds from my doc. i had had had my kids full custody up to this point dead beat mom owed me 12,000 in support which judge threw out of court an now trying to turn my kids over to my exwife in va. who dss in rock. keeps getting negative reports yet ive done all dss required of me but say im not knowing why i lost them yet ive had my licensse back over a year an paid my debt to society i passed all drug test did all classes i dont know what to do no more dss is so crooked ive had this will be my second judge in this case the same judge who took my 3 kids an gave me 2 weeks one hour supervised visitation turned around that day an gave me unsupervised visits from 6 am to 6 pm every other day being even days same judge now saying i could keep my month old daughter but not the 3 kids i raised for 5 yrs on my own I NEED A GOOD LAWYER OR THE NUMBER TO INVESTIGATE THE CROOKS IN DSS EVEN WHEN I WAS IN REUNIFICATION THEY NEVER CAME TO CHECK MY HOME THEY HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF GIVING MY BABIES BACK CROOKED DSS AN JUDGES AS WELL AS DEA NO HELP FOR A HONEST FATHER IN THIS CROOKED GOVERMENT WORLD WE LIVE IN JUST WONTED TO RANP THE TRUTH CANT NO ONE HELP I TRIED EVERYTHING ALL I CAN DO IS PRAY

    • Susan Brown
    • Posted February 8, 2015 at 12:15 pm
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    Jjy child was taken away 5 years ago from the CPS in Wayne County North CarolinaI followed with their directionsand they never returned my child back to me I had moved back home toVirginia my daughter was receiving death benefits from her father and they took her without even giving me a chance to do anything I got court appointed attorneys that never help me I even hired two attorneys and both of them dropped my case and don’t work for that county anymore due to corruption my child has been pregnant at the age of 15 under their care they said they opened up a college fund for her money is gone she has nothing her step sister got custody of her she is now kicked out of the home the step sister took all her money from Social Security death benefits then the child is a living wherever she can now she’s only 17 and she’s had her for the past 3 years and never anything and supported her with her money my understandings was the case worker assigned over to that sister and now she has no money no college fun no home what do I do about that and I have reported it to them and they do nothingplease someone help a desperate mother

    • Grammy
    • Posted February 20, 2015 at 11:54 am
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    To everyone on this web page please contact this reporter and lets get all of our stories told . See if we can’t get some help . He is interested in everyone’s stories about dss.
    Cameron T. Robert
    Multimedia Editor at The Daily Tar Heel
    UNC-Chapel Hill Class of 2015
    B.A. in Journalism: Photojournalism Sequence
    (301) 520-2625

    • Michael Litaker
    • Posted February 25, 2015 at 12:18 am
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    Looking for help versus Gaston County DSS for illegal practices, unethical treatment and a violation of our privacy and civil rights violations. This cannot be how this how the system was originally designed and meant to operate our case so far has been absolutely a palling the treatment we have endeared so far and they are doing what they want with no written rules or policies afforded to us. We were told if we sought legal counsel or hired an attorney to know our rights the children would be automatically removed from the safety net and placed into foster care and the family would we broken up. We were told that by current case worker who is helming these charges. We are well educated, have a nice home, have been steadily employed, and know that this is not right. We know we cannot be the only people that these people have impose their will and treated so badly. We are very good parents. One incident does not make a bad parent. before a judge has ever even met us but yet they are beginning to try to take our children. The mother could not love a child anymore than my wife does. This is a job to them but this is our lives and they are breaking the family apart with no regard to what it is doing to this family and our children. We need real help!

    • Jo Brown
    • Posted February 25, 2015 at 3:27 am
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    Document everything.RECORD IF YOU HAVE ONE .You should have already consulted with an attorney. You and your family are in my prayers.

    • anonymous
    • Posted March 6, 2015 at 8:45 am
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    My daughter and son in law have till next week to get emergency help to help save their two little boys ages 4 and 16 months .Buncombe dss denies them any services and has dragged the case out till they could kidnap the newest baby too. My daughter and her husband are begging for all the classes and medical and shrink services and they keep on telling them they have no funds . But yet they let the new adoptive family have my grandsons the first night with out a home study and they feed the boys wild game instead of store purchased food , they take the boys out of state and are doing everything they can to steal the boys . They have lied and tricked my daughter so many times and the court appointed attorney does nothing for her at all. Please help them they need a attorney and they want to get a protest started against Buncombe county . They need emergency help …if you have any ideas reach out to them at 828-575-8211 Kyle or 828-460-0210 Melissa. My grandsons have been kept from me and I have been lied to and tricked by dss till i used everything I had in savings . I think we all should sue them . Please everyone help this couple before the boys are gone .

    • Fire Felicia Croutch.
    • Posted March 20, 2015 at 8:41 pm
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    I have audio recordings of a DSS supervisor lying.
    After a horribly botched investigation that has taken DSS 6 months to make four phone calls, my family is being bullied because I am now recording all of my phone calls.
    The case was referred out of county citing ‘conflict of interest’, then proceeding to contact the source of conflict, despite breaking the NC DHHS policy Conflict of Interest, formerly entitled “Ethical Behaviour”. The supervisor denied breaking policy. Despite voluntarily being in an outpatient rehab program, it has taken six months to get the release of information I signed in October to my Dr, and now my life revolves around when they are able to schedule drug tests at the health department. Thus circumstantial case is entirely based on risk assessment, as my son has never been to the Dr or ER with any injury, nor has anything of that nature been reported.
    He screamed for twenty minutes a month ago, because he had a hangnail and had never seen his own blood.
    There is no reason for me to be scared to allow my son to ride his bike outside for fear of him being taken away if he were to fall. This woman is incompetent. She missed between 3 and 6 staff reports when I did not hear from DSS from Dec. 17 to Feb. 9, and in the interim received a letter signed by Ms. Crotch closing the case only to be later contacted by a worker to tell me that the case worker was no longer working for the county and the case was not closed. This woman does not deserve my tax dollars.

  56. Iv got a story to tell you all I believe every thing have said


    • xiaghna tate
    • Posted April 15, 2015 at 12:42 am
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    Hello, I’m Xiaghna and I’m a 26yr old female in the Raleigh area. My children were taken from me in 2013 because someone who was later discovered to be my daughter’s possessive father told a huge sorry that was untrue. At the time I had some legal trouble. I was released from jail last year June and by September I had not only going two jobs, but enraged in the mental health services I was asked to do, took a drug screen and passed it, take my medication as required and attended na/aa meetings when none of it was necessary. I was told to do all of these things and told that I would receive visitation since I hadn’t seen my children in a year. It is now April and I haven’t seen my kids in over a year and a half. My case worker keeps saying “we will discuss visitation” but it has yet to happen. I recently admitted to her that I had used pot 2 months ago after being stressed out at work and with the lack of cooperation on the state’s part, still hadn’t seen my kids. I was stressed to say the least but I admitted this to her shutter being her yet again for a visit. Now she says she can’t in good faith allow me to see them. This woman has given me hell from day 1. And she fails to report court dates to me, I had to call the clerks office you find out that she was seeking to terminate my parental rights. She didn’t even have the decency too tell me. I had a court appointed lawyer but all she wanted me to do was sign my kids away. I then paid for an attorney who has fine nothing to help my case but is asking for more money now that I don’t have. My kids are in foster care and I have countless family members who have agreed to take care of them. They have been asking for months to let them be with family and the case worker still won’t budge. I buy them things and she takes get time giving them to them. My mother got in trouble with her one day because my mother had a visit, took a pic of them and sent it to me. I can’t even have pics of my kids. I could understand if I had abused them, or neglected them, or even if I just didn’t give a crap. I lie in bed at night crying because the state of north Carolina won’t allow me to be a mother. I have tried to tell myself that it isn’t because I’m black or because I’m gay that she is treating me like this but I don’t know what else to think. She even told my lawyer that I had done nothing to work my case plan when I had given her pay stubs, pics of my meds, access to my mental health records, everything! She does nothing but lie. I tried speaking with her supervisor and for my trouble, my mother and my aunt lost their visits as well. We are a good family. We aren’t strung out on drugs, or running around doing God knows what. Wet are honest hard working people that have been annihilated from the kids we so desperately care about. If anyone has any info that could help me please call me anytime, day or night. I work so if I dnt answer please leave a voicemail. Thank you And God bless.

    Xiaghna(cianna) Tate

    • Tammy lafleur
    • Posted April 16, 2015 at 12:24 pm
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    Our family has been targeted by the Wilkes county dss since July of 2014. Our daughter was targeted by a pedifile and this is was the beginning instead of going after the pedifile they came after our family because she has a mental illness and has transference due to what has happened with males throughout our lives and there has been so many safety plans everything met above and beyond DSS requests and forced requirements and yet they without evidence or proof keep removing our daughter where she has been hurt over and over again. While been treated at a reighly hospital for a medicine she was sexually adsulted by a male patient and during a conversation with the DSS worker today April 16 2015 we were told the case would have to be restaffed to see if our daughter could come home instead of placement even after repeated proof to dss that their choices are getting our daughter hurt instead they keep breaking a surpream court law that forces separation from parent and child. The DSS has been told repeadedly to take this to a judge and they will not do this because as the worker stated on several occasions that there is no evidence of abuse or neglect a simple case of a child who needs medicine and counseling and she can come home again well she’s on medicine and has been in counseling and they still will not let her cone home and we need help someone out there can help us fight the DSS because they are breaking the law not our family.

    • Ambrea Shaver
    • Posted April 21, 2015 at 11:24 pm
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    I live in rockingham county. Over a year ago I tripped over my then four year old daughter and my 2 month old son slipped out of my arms and his head hit the hard wood floor. He suffered a cracked skull and spent a week in brenners. Dss got involved and placed them with my mom for one week. Then a foster home for three before they spent a year with my sister. Now a year later they were seperated and are now in speerage foster homes. This has severely affected my daughter. I have jumped through every flaming hoop but my lawyer says that they don’t like me. I didn’t think they could use personal feelings over facts. They went into our home without permission or a warrant to take pictures. And then they forced my fiancé and myself to seperate and break up. We aren’t allowed to even hang out at any time. Which doesn’t seem right. Because of dss I lost both of my children and the love of my life. I’m trying to fight for my family but they make it so difficult. My daughter if having night terrors. She wants so badly to come home and I have to keep telling her she can’t. This isn’t right and I don’t know how many more of their tricks I can take. Anyone with some tips would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sleeping Giant
    • Posted April 23, 2015 at 4:26 pm
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    The system is corrupt and miserably failing my son. I report the abuse and all of a sudden I am the cause of different abuse because I question my son about any wrongdoing towards him. I will never stop fighting for what’s right for my son.
    #Justice for All

    • Kelly
    • Posted April 23, 2015 at 5:05 pm
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    Concerning NC DSS! I am a retired veteran. My fiancé and I are being railroaded by Macon County DSS and Ashe County DSS all in the same case. We need help!! We are told by Ashe County DSS that we have to speak to Macon County about the bogus substantiation of claims that they did and Macon County doesn’t want to talk to us. We were told by the supervisor of the Macon County Social Worker, today, that since claim was substantiated that it cannot be overturned that there is nothing that we can do. One child testified during ex parte’ hearing that they were a pathological liar and the other one changed her story on the witness stand. While in Ashe County for the court case over custody, the social worker stayed with the kids and my fiances’ ex and never even spoke to us. She even covered and put her hands in front of child’s face while in court room to keep child from looking at us and smiling! She testified that what we did was cruel and unusual punishment, neglect and abuse. Abuse because child was put in therapeutic hold to keep from harming herself (certified in therapeutic holds), unusual punishment because child was made to “take responsibility for their actions” by removing DRY and CLEAN toilet paper that she had put in toilet that was overflowing out of the top, because she wanted attention! She never once stuck her hands in the water nor touched wet toilet paper at any time. We need help!! Please contact me at 3366207173. Thank you!!!

    • Trishia dube
    • Posted April 24, 2015 at 4:19 pm
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    Does anyone know how to find legal rights when constant frivolous reports are unfounded yet dss will not close a case. Passed drug sceeens yet wants me to take substance abuse classes, claims i am depressed wants me to attend groups and really tired of wasting my efforts, seems the more i do, the more they require and not one court date. Do i have any rights?

    • Rhonda Messer
    • Posted April 30, 2015 at 8:11 am
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    I have a recorded conversation with my husband and he says that the woman running Honeybee Daycare does not put her kids before him. If she doesn’t put her own kids before him then I’m sure she doesn’t put the kids in the daycare first either. One of her employees saw him shooting a needle In his butt at the daycare and is willing to testify to it. She is his first cousin and loves him but because of his actions she quit after working there for many years.

    • Male
    • Posted May 3, 2015 at 12:42 am
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    Live in New Hanover County

    Would could need help fighting

    • Stacey
    • Posted May 18, 2015 at 5:08 pm
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    Burke County DSS is corrupt. They have known for three years that my kid’s have been here in Florida. But they are charging me child support on both my kids and took two years of taxes to pay to they’re father who only called and his family came to visit the kid’s. I’ve sent in school records and still they are somehow giving it to the father’s sister since they’re father passed and my son who will be 16 Ina few weeks wants to stay up there and they filed emergency custody of him and got it. So now I’m getting the run around at DSS and lies about worker’s being on vacation and they’re actually in the office and they promise to call back but no call back.I feel like they’re not doing they’re job.also they’re father has family working in that office

    • happyhome
    • Posted June 24, 2015 at 3:29 pm
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    What about Lincoln County DSS?

    • Moser
    • Posted June 30, 2015 at 9:49 pm
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    My grandchild was molested in cabarus dss custody how to get them charged

  57. Well I ended up losing my kids to the Pender county DSS after doing everything that they wanted me to do, even left my husband due to the fact that they thought he hurt my baby on purpose, but it was a seizure that caused his fall. Now I’ve found out that his seizure is caused by lesions on his brain and blunt force trauma from a accident when he was 18. He has had reoccurring seizures as of the last 2 years. The last one he had landed him in the hospital for 4 days. My kids are being adopted out in August of this year. Then the other day I see on a local TV channel website that the DSS director has been put on a administrative leave. I too have no money to fight them, and due to them taking my two babies, I ended up suffering from severe anxiety, depression, and after the last court date I suffered extreme agoraphobia (unable to leave home). I lost my job due to them. That county needs to be sued, and there is a judge in that county that needs to be taken of for her bench. My husband suffers depression and anxiety too. We both know what really happened but we weren’t able to prove it. I feel hopeless,we both love and miss them tremendously but I’m afraid we will never see them again. At the last court date they used the money issue as one of the reasons I couldn’t get them back. I wasn’t as financially stable as the foster parents were. That in itself is illegal.

  58. Here’s my original post from 2014. PENDER COUNTY IS CORRUPTED!!

    I’m having problems with Pender County DSS and their judicial system. My kids were taken away due to my husband having a seizure and dropping my 4 month old and not remembering it. The baby suffered a skull fracture and a rib fracture. The doctors swore that it couldn’t happen, but these are the same doctors that said my oldest son had a ringworm on his head, it was a strawberry birthmark! Anyways,They charged him with Child Abuse of gross negligence and dropped everything on me, saying they knew I didn’t do it. We were still up for reunification even after he was charged. Well one judge from new Hanover/ Pender county took visitations from us saying she didn’t believe his excuse, really 3 doctors and a neurologist diagnosed him, but it’s all a lie to them. Then all of a sudden DSS and GAL had a problem with the father. So next court date was in front of another judge. Well the judge looked over the case and looked at the district Attorney for DSS and asked what the reasoning was that the judge changed the case to adoption and took rights. The attorney said ” she didn’t give a reason, she just did it”. We’ll that judge shook his head but kept everything the same as the judge had before. Now next court date the father is no longer in the picture and I’m only one to show up for court and having to testify. The GAL gets up there and says she has seen me with the husband a month before at the end of my road. Now I remember seeing her, but I also remembering calling my husband and telling him I seen her, therefore why would I have called him to tell him if he had been in the car with me. They also brought up that if me and my husband weren’t together then how did I know his work schedule.Hello we did live together for 3 years. Anyways at the end of this court in which it was in front of the judge that had taken everything from us, she asked dss and GAL what they thought needed to happen? They of course said keep the case plan at adoption. After court my husbands attorney calls and says that he talked to the judge and the judge said if I were to leave my husband completely alone she’ll review my case in 4 months. So I stopped all contact with the father. We did everything they asked jumped through every hoop. Then this week I get hit with child support and they are putting in the paperwork for me to pay foster care arrears? I have not only lost my boys they’ve broken up my marriage and ruined my life. This BS has been going on since July of 2012. This county’s dss can’t even do their paperwork right, at PPAT meetings they have the paperwork stating the father is the attorney for the father. I have so much paperwork that showed how much they messed up on their end. I need help, they are trying to adopt my boys to the foster parents and they belong home with me.

    • Faith
    • Posted July 5, 2015 at 1:52 pm
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    MOser if your grandchild was molested go immediately to the police!

    • Robin Harvey
    • Posted July 7, 2015 at 11:25 pm
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     Hi my name is Robin Nicole Harvey. child welfare is mismanaged in your county and i support the State Sovereignty Movement and that federal child welfare laws are a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Tenth Amendment.My kids was took from me on 12-10-2012 when the worker stated on the petition that the mother overdosed on mythamphetamine and was hospitalized. The petition was not filed by the worker till 2:15 am on 12-11-2012. I was relessed at 11:30pm for northern hospital. EMS responded to my home around 7:30pm and I was took to the hospital for a allergic reaction. My medical records that night state server allergic reaction couse unknown. My kids was taking some were between 7:30 – 11:30pm before the petition was ever taken out. It says on the petition that father openly admitted him and the other was intravenously using mythamphetamine while the children was in there care. That’s what the worker used to file that I overdosed in the petition she did not get any medical record information from the doctor’s that night or it wood have shown there was no overdose. They did not show my medical report for 12-10-2012 till the TPR hearing the medical report states on the urin text came back amphetamine not mythamphetam. At the same time when she filed the petition for my youngest son justin harvey Jr she stated in the area where it says mother and be low it says father name and relationships to child on the fathers she filled  Justin randall harvey Sr relationship to child STEPFATHER. On Justin Jr birth certificate it says fathers names Justin randall Harvey Sr that’s how my baby boy is a j.r . And me and Justin Sr was married before Justin jr was ever born.4 months Before my baby’s was took from me my caseworker had me and my husbend take a class for child abuse and child neglect prevention program SCAN. The program was based out of Winston Salem N.C. They sent a woman out to are home to observe me my husbend and the children at home. In are paper work ( case plan) that the worker field out says that are case is to be closed once we compared the SCAN program. We completed the program the the first to the middle of October. The woman that was coming to the home that worked for SCAN closed use out the program stating in the papers that was sent to the worker and I have a copy of that they was no risk of abuse or neglect in the home. The worker came back to the home and we all set down and signed the papers to close the case that we completed are care plan the cps worker her supervisor and another worker as the witness all signed the paper it was on a Friday that following Tuesday the case worker came back to the home and stated that a new report has came in and she had to do another investigate and never filled out any papers to reopen  a 30 day investigation. My case was opened February 2012 and we had to feel out papers to do a 30 day inhome investigation . I have all the safety assessments that was filled out every time the worker came to the home and are inhome case plan. In the petition she stated that there has been a history or drug use in the home. In every safety assessment she checked NO on number 11 ”caretaker drug,or alcohol abuse effected her ability to care supervise or protect the children. My children was took from me over lies and hear say not by proven evidence and I know w for a facet in north Carolina hear say is not atmisable in court with out the person in court and oath to testify But my attorney will not show the judge all the papers i have to show the cps worker assumed the facts that was presented to the magistrate when she took my baby’s. My cps worker was Whitney Gwyn from surry county child protective services in Dobson north carolina, the lady that came to my home that worked for SCAN in Winston Salem was Belinda W, the medical doctor that was on call the night of my reaction when my children was took was ER doctor Miller for Northern Hospital of surry county N.C. My children are in foster care in Davidson county im fighting like hell to get my baby’s back i come from a low class family but it was never said by the worker any time during my case being open that I was not capable of taking care of all 3 of my children. My case was open for 10 months by Whitney G. Surry County child protective services in Dobson north carolina are lieing to take kids from good parents like me. I see it every day how kids are being took from parents that wood lay down there life and fight life hell for there baby’s and how parents that care about the child gets to keep there’s. I am a mother of three beautiful amazing wonderful kids from 2008 to 2012 the night i they got took i never went a min with out my kids they was with me 24/7and the only time i was away from them i was having another baby and back home the next day. I don’t know if any one will help me to stop cps from hurting another family like they have me and my kids but i want stop fighting till it’s my last breath they can do a TPR termination of prenatal right but the day of the hearing i am going to have it appeal to Raleigh judicial superior court and if need be i will go publicly nation wide with every thing and all the evidence i have. I know my rights i learned all my rights and laws i might get a SSI check couse i have a learning disabled yea i use to couldn’t read or spell that good but when CPS took my baby’s and my court ordered attorney didn’t want to help me i made my self learn now i know all my rights and laws and how to fight CPS. Funny thing is my case worker at the time Whitney G didn’t and still don’t have any kids of her on so how can she tell me how to raise my children when she has never experienced being a full time mother to her own child every thing she knows she was told and read in a book. I 100% believe that a CPS worker that due not or has not ever raised a child should not be allowed to do any child abuse or neglect investigation on a family and the raising of another person’s child. But  I have all my papers to prove every word I have said it the truth and even more incriminating evidence agenst CPS and DSS and there lies since my attorney gave me every thing he has received from the DA, GAL, judge and DSS and therapist that is working with the children while in foster care but my own documents that i have collected I have been with out my kids for almost three years and they terminated my rights April 2015 now I’m appealing my care to superior court but I am starting to open up and go public with all my stuff and show Surrey county DSS is liers and the court will help them to take kids from good parenrs.I’m begging plz help me My 7 year old cried and begged to come home on my last visition. If I have to I will expose DSS and CPS and how they are crooked plz I have all the paper work every thing I come from a poor family with no money I really don’t have much but I love my baby’s more than life the foster family has money and a car and can do stuff I can’t , but wood you fight for your kids ?any mother wood and I am I’m not asking for a hand out just a little help a hand up some one to lesson it’s not right to take a child from a good mother or father but i have all my documents to show the lies that Cps told and things they didn’t report and hide from the court.

    • Misty
    • Posted July 23, 2015 at 2:03 am
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    I’m trying to figure out who to contact abouta federal lawsuit against dss in New Hanover County nc. They’ve violated my rights and the rights of my children and have caused ptsd in both myself and my oldest daughter. But they blame me?? The social worker to most def keep an eye on in New Hanover country is Jenny Webb, she will act like your friends to get you to open up then use it against you. She will even lie while on trial and when thay Gets pointed out by a reputable therapist…… it’s swept under the rug and never mentioned. Also Jennifer Cooke is an attorney there and is in with dss, if you get get fire her immediately and request new Council.

    • Julia Kennedy
    • Posted August 1, 2015 at 11:29 am
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    I am 16 years old and have been in foster care in Catawba County NC for almost four years now. My social workers have not placed me in a permanent home, I have moved schools three times (and am about to move again), they have failed to get me my drivers license or permit, and now they are trying to send me to a home for pregnant teens in Charlotte – despite the fact that my current foster parents have expressed numerous times that they WANT me to remain in their care and home. I have had three people express to them that they would like to file for guardianship, however they refuse to give anyone a home study or even the time of day. I have multiple support systems where I am currently placed, but no one seems to want to help me. I turn 17 in five days.

    Please help me as soon as possible.

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