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Wilkes County Department of Social Services Failure to Protect My Stepdaughter


I will continue to add to this page, there are many children’s stories that I have not published on this blog yet.


    • laura
    • Posted September 5, 2009 at 3:10 pm
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    I need some insight,as to why I can’t get dss in Harnett County North carolina, to let me take my neices and nephews, untilthe investigatin they are doingis over!! they will notreturn calls, Iam a good Citizen,never beenin any type of trouble except for speeding ticket…
    What do they plan to do withthose children ?? sell them??

    • lawdoll
    • Posted September 5, 2009 at 3:31 pm
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    They are actually suppose to do kinship placement first, so this is definately something that you need to look into, start with my page on here titled NC information which has a link to the laws and DSS manuals and I will see if I can find you some court cases to go with.

    You can also try a google search North Carolina kinship care, or placement….Good luck.

    • lawdoll
    • Posted September 5, 2009 at 3:51 pm
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    CPS In-Home Services social workers need to identify extended family members early and assess them for their capacity and willingness to care for the child. These support persons can be accessed to support the child and family while the child is in the home. Knowing which family members can best meet the child’s needs becomes particularly important when the child must be removed.

    8. Allowing the family to be involved in placement decision making when out-of-home care of the child is needed reflects a family-centered approach. It emphasizes the importance of parental involvement and facilitates the development of the casework relationship. Parents who are involved in out-of-home placement planning are usually less likely to disrupt, sabotage, or interrupt the placement. The plan for out-of-home placement should include the family’s ideas on options for care if the child should be removed from the home. It then becomes the social worker’s responsibility to assess any placement resource/safety resource, if out-of-home placement appears imminent, to ensure that it is a safe and nurturing environment for the child.

    B. When Parents Are Unable to Demonstrate Their Ability to Provide a Safe Home

    During the provision of In-Home Services there may be times when parents are unable to demonstrate their ability to provide a safe home for their children. A discussion should be held with the family regarding placement options for the children. Every effort should be made to allow the family an opportunity to identify “kin” that would be willing and able to accept placement of the children as a safety resource. Please refer to Chapter IV, Section 1201 for a discussion regarding kinship assessments.

    4. Any child removed from his or her home shall be placed in the least restrictive, most family-like setting in which special needs may be met, within close proximity to his or her family and with relatives when appropriate.
    If placement with relatives or other kin is determined to be not in the best interest of the child, a foster family home is considered the least restrictive environment.

    This is interesting….

    • lawdoll
    • Posted September 5, 2009 at 4:51 pm
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    1. Placement with Relatives and Kin (Kinship Care)
    MRS and System of Care principles instruct County Departments of Social Services to shall acknowledge and support the importance of the family in meeting the needs of its members. When children cannot be assured safety in their own homes, the best alternative resource can often be found within the extended family and other “kin.” Kinship is the self-defined relationship between two or more people and is based on biological, legal, and/or strong family-like ties. Most people have loosely structured kinship networks that are available in times of difficulty. Parents and guardians facing the risk of child placement should be given a reasonable opportunity to identify and come together with their kinship network to plan for and provide safety, care, nurture, and supervision for the child. The agency has the responsibility of assessing the suggested resource to assure that the child will receive appropriate care.

    Informal kinship care arrangements are commonplace in times of shared crisis for many families. Such arrangements are most effective when other members of the family and community resources provide emotional and tangible support to the care provider. When a DSS becomes involved in a family, informal kinship supports may not exist and the family may be too embarrassed or angry to seek such support. For instance, during a child protective services investigative assessment, a DSS may require the parent to choose and arrange for a temporary placement for their child in order to protect the child from further harm. Agency staff may need to help the temporary care provider locate and develop support and resources needed in caring for the child. In addition, the agency shall remain involved with the family providing placement and the birth family until the child’s ongoing safety is assured and the placement is legally secure or until the DSS files petition for custody. These informal arrangements are NOT legally secure for the child or for the caregiver.

    One critical piece of information for the relative or kin considering taking the child into their home has to do with the potential for adoption down the road, even if that is not the plan at the time. If the child has never been in the custody of a county DSS before being adopted, Adoption Assistance is not an option. There have been situations where DSS has been involved with a child and family and the parents place the child with a safety resource and DSS never has custody. If that relative or kin later adopts the child, they cannot receive Adoption Assistance. According to policy, DSS should not close the case until legal security for the child has been established through reunification with the parents or custody or guardianship to the relative or kin. It is very difficult for relatives to understand that DSS may be involved and not have custody; therefore it is critical because of future implications as described above, that this be made very clear when working with relatives.

    At other times, DSS files a petition for abuse or neglect and obtains a non-secure custody order. At the adjudication/disposition, DSS does not ask for custody but recommends custody to the relative or kinship caregiver. Adoption Assistance later would be an option because the child was in the custody of a DSS, though briefly.

    In any of these situations, these distinctions are not readily apparent. At the first conversations with relatives or kin about having the child placed with them, either by the parent with DSS involvement, or by the DSS through court order, all options must be explained to the caregiver.

    This should occur during the kinship care assessment, as well as ongoing when changes in the planning occur. In this manner, the relative or kinship caregiver can make informed decisions.

    b. Legal Preference for Placement with Relatives

    County Departments of Social Services shall strive to strengthen and preserve the family. In keeping with Federal law, North Carolina law and policy require that, when a juvenile must be removed from his home, the County DSS Director shall give preference to an adult relative or other kin when determining placement, provided that (1) the placement is assessed by the agency to be in the best interests of the child in terms of both safety and nurture; and (2) the prospective caregiver and the living situation are assessed and determined to meet relevant standards. The Juvenile Court is required to ask at each hearing, including non-secure custody, adjudication, disposition, review, and permanency planning, whether or not a relative is willing and able to provide proper care and supervision for the child and, if so, to order placement with that relative if the home is assessed to be appropriate. See the Instructions for Kinship Care Assessment form (dss-5204ins).

    When relatives and/or other kin are identified as potential caregivers for children at risk, the agency shall assess the suitability of those resources. Kinship care may be considered as the primary plan and/or as an alternative permanent plan if the primary plan is found to be inappropriate. The social worker should, therefore, address the issue of available and appropriate relatives in each court report, including the results of assessments of those relatives.

    When necessary and appropriate to the needs of the child, the agency shall make efforts to provide or procure reasonable assistance to help families and kin meet assessment and/or licensing standards so that they can provide care for the child. When possible, child support should be paid directly to the caregiver, involving IV-D Child Support Enforcement as needed. Potential caregivers shall be informed of available agency resources, such as child-only Work First grants, subsidized guardianship assistance, 2medical coverage, day care, and food stamps. When needed, families shall also be informed of any available community resources for free or low-cost clothing or furniture, minor home repairs, or other such incidental needs that may unnecessarily prohibit their being approved to provide care for children. If the kinship caregiver wishes to be licensed as a foster parent, the agency is required to determine whether or not the family meets state licensing requirements3, thus enabling them to receive foster care assistance payments, Medicaid, and other benefits. Since foster care placement, even with licensed relatives, is not a permanent plan, the kinship care providers should be assessed for their interest and ability to adopt the child or to assume guardianship or legal custody.


    Preference for realavie placement

    • been there done that
    • Posted September 15, 2009 at 7:56 pm
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    Good luck getting placement and keeping it. DSS in NC is ALL about the “reunification”, cause it is “best for the family.” And if they do get placed with you, and you get told you get full custody and parent only has supervised visitation, DO NOT let them skip out of town on you like they did us, and quit doing reports and such, cause we almost were charged with comtempt of court. And when they were supenoed (sorry misspelled), they claimed they had no complaints and had no idea why the child shouldn’t be returned to the parents, llke we had made everything up. Sorry I’m venting.

    • Ms. C
    • Posted September 18, 2009 at 9:00 am
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    I don’t know if this is a story you would like to help with, but I think it is important. This story needs the attention across America and it involves the Corruption of DSS. I wish there was some type of phone line set up for recipients to call anonymously to let you hear their stories. I understand that A CHANGE IS NEEDED…but sometimes the lower class need help in many areas that they are being targeted…Especially when they don’t have the money to fight back. Many hopes for justice are sent to and placed in the hands of individuals such as yourself who wants to make things happen by exposing the truth behind corruption in government agencies. I would like to remain anonymous for the moment, but asking that someone look into or investigate the practices of these agencies. The agency I am referring to is: The Department of Social Services located in Statesville, North Carolina.

    There is more to this story, but I would like to sum up parts of it to give you an idea of what’s going on.

    Read this story:

    Yes. The corruption of DSS does exist and it seems like attorneys (yours an theirs) are in on it together. People…YOUR RIGHTS DO NOT MATTER. Where is Washington, DC when you need them? What happen to the laws that the Federal Government put into place that are supposed to be followed by different agencies including DSS? READ: A Mom got a letter from DSS saying she was being investigated for Children Medicaid Fraud. She complied with everything…thinking she was doing the right thing. She even showed where she had been calling in to report her income to the DSS Worker. The mom did not place herself on the form as “working now” per the question on the form because she was out on sick leave. The DSS Investigator told the mother that the DSS Workers did not have to have to log in reported income for the Children Medicaid. The mother was told there was an overpayment less than $1500 due to premiums owed. The mother immediately stopped the Children Medicaid after being told the forms were filled out incorrectly. The mother even was told that the overpayment could have been arranged to be paid back. The mother started sending in payments for the overpayment. The mother asked to speak with a supervisor, but was told over the phone by the supervisor that whatever the investigator says, the supervisor was going to agree with the investigator. Does this not constitute rights being violated? You would think so. Well…the DSS investigator told this mother that the laws are on the DSS side and the recipients needed to talk to their legislative to get laws changed. What?? The mother became distraught. The DSS worker and the DSS Worker Supervisor informed this mother that she would not be arrested or go to jail, but needed to pay for the overpayments & court fees at the courthouse. Needless to say the mother believed the DSS Worker plus Supervisor. The mother was told by the DSS Investigator the mother would be contacted by DSS to let them know when she would take a warrant on the mother so that the mother could pick up papers at the police station with her summons to go to court. The DSS Investigator told the woman that when the mother picks up the court papers for the mother to contact the DSS Investigator and let the DSS know when the court date was…and ….the DSS Investigator will go to court with the mother and help the mother out by asking the court to allow the mother to pay the overpayment plus court cost plus get a prayer for judgment…ONLY IF THE MOTHER PLEADS GUILTY AND NOT ASK FOR A COURT TRIAL. The mother knew something was wrong and contacted an attorney. The attorney told the mother to pay him $500 to speak with DSS on behalf of the mother. The mother paid the attorney. The attorney was told about the evidence the mother had showing proof of the mother reporting income. The attorney told the mother he did not need this information unless it went to trial, but wanted the mother bank records or w-2s which was irrelevant to the mother’s case. The case was not about the mother saying she never received income because the income was reported…According to DSS Investigator, the case was about the mother not putting on the form she was working for a company, but out on sick leave. The mother sent evidence to the attorney, who DID NOT USE THE EVIDENCE when he spoke to the DSS Investigator. The attorney had a meeting with the DSS Investigator. Attorney told the mother that the DSS Investigator would not bulge and wanted to set a date for the mother to go to the magistrate to meet DSS Investigator for a warrant application. The attorney told the mother he and the DSS Investigator came up with an agreement that the mother could go ahead plead guilty and DSS would be sympathetic and ask the judge to allow the woman a prayer for judgment because the only reason the mother was being charged with something was because it was a bureaucratic decision…it was DSS job to do so. The mother questioned this act by the attorney. The attorney told the mother that he would go to court with her for additional fee of $500 and if the mother would not plead guilty and accept the offer, the fee would be over $6000. When the mother said she was going to the media. The attorney told the mother the media could not really do anything.
    Needless to say the mother contacted Washington, DC. Washington confirmed “NO” they don’t have certain jurisdiction over any state and states are allowed to change certain rules. The mother question how the United States could allow states to override a FEDERAL regulation. Washington told the mother that she could contact the state legislature or even Washington Legislature to voice concerns, but there is nothing to stop the mother from being arrested or any other person from being arrested if someone takes a warrant on them. The mother question how could someone just take a warrant out on someone. Washington answered that was what going to trial to prove otherwise is for. The mother does not believe in the system any more. She feels as though something needs to be done to stop CORRUPTION in DSS. This needs to be open to the public to ask how many others have gone through a similar situation as this as well as situations like others. It’s time to expose the truth and start making the government aware that DSS has ENTIRELY TOO MUCH CONTROL…and…DSS NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS when they don’t follow Federal Laws.
    Unlike most individuals, this mother recorded her meetings and conversations with the DSS Investigator. The attorney told the mother DSS says the mother made a statement, but recorded conversations prove otherwise…TOO BAD THIS MOTHER HAS TO GO TO JAIL FIRST BEFORE PRESENTING HER EVIDENCE! Let me ask this…Shouldn’t recipients be allowed to take a warrant application out on DSS Workers for giving the recipients false information or for misleading recipients or better yet openly lying to recipients? Maybe if the DSS Workers were treated the way they treated recipients, that it would make DSS Workers think twice about FALSELY ACCUSING, FALSELY DOCUMENTING, AND MUCH MORE about recipients and other accused individuals.

    My question is…

    • Gloria Burchfield
    • Posted September 18, 2009 at 10:27 pm
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    DSS….Yes, I agree it’s a joke. I reported a scarry situation to them about my grandkids, 13, 11,9, swimming in dad and step-mom’s inground cement pool…at midnight, with 5 of their friends. Dad was in the house and Step-mommie had gone to bed. Scarry that there are no safety devices anywhere around the pool and where were all the adults of these other kids? Anyway, DSS investigated and ALL WAS ROSEY SWEET OVER THERE and DSS told them I reported them. Great confidentiality. And there a WHOLE LOT OF OTHER STUFF Re: DSS attorney Paul Freeman, which has been going on for a year and a half. Can PAUL FREEMAN represent dad in court on a child custody matter as a private attorney? Isn’t that a conflict? He has delayed this case forEVER…We are sickened that the children are STUCK. I have documented everything. Including how Freeman has NOT written the order the Judge gave him in APRIL, 2009. STILL WAITING…..

    • Gloria Burchfield
    • Posted September 18, 2009 at 10:27 pm
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    You can send any reply to my email….

    • Greg
    • Posted October 14, 2009 at 6:20 pm
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    Graham County won’t let me take my son out of state until the case is closed. There is no court ordered custody and he was taken from him mom because of drug accusations and domestic violence. There is a safety agreement with his mom and child services. Can I take him home with me even though the case isnt closed?

    • Anne
    • Posted October 21, 2009 at 1:31 pm
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    Why would DSS suggest I go for custody? I am the paternal grandmother. They have been involved with the mother again for 6 months. Provided in home services and mother has been not compliant. She has had a few incidents of domestic violence and now DSS will only allow mother 1 supervised visit/wk due to the last dv my grandson was there for the weekend. They said they are working on a petition but then the try to get me to get custody. I don’t understand. They claim the will end up doing away with her parental rights why are they moving so slow on this? They have him in “my Care” as they call it but nothing legal of formal not even formal kinship care. They know the mother has servere mental illness and drug problems. The mother has another child as well 11 months old that they have in “the care” of the other paternal grandmother. I am very confused as to why dss does not protect the children and get custody and let us grandmothers raise the kids legally?

    • frank blackwell
    • Posted November 4, 2009 at 11:30 am
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    my seven year old son was kidnapped by cps while i was at work since cps involvment my son recieved a skull fracture while in the care of his mother who i warned cps of how unstable she is and i was very discriptive, mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction, prostitution, etc.and that my child would be hurt if not worse if left alone with my son, one of her many drug addicted boyfriends that she only new for 2 or 3 weeks dropped my son on his head causing a skull fracture and then she let him go to sleep when he obviously needed medical attention my son was 4 years old at the time. my son has been in foster care for almost 3 years now they have told me and my son that he would be returned to me and they did but 3 weeks later they took him again saying that he said he had seen his mother when in fact he had not, they proved he had not seen his mother but still did not return him to me. now that they helped me lose my job of almost 4 years they are moving forward to terminate my parental rights. i cannot afford an attorney and my son wants to be with me and i want him back. they will be terminating my rights for christmas this year these people have all but destroyed my life. can anybody do anything?

    • Melissa
    • Posted November 13, 2009 at 3:45 pm
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    I’m the “step-mommy” that Mrs.Gloria Burchfield speaks of in her slanderous ranting, what she didn’t tell you was that those kids were in big trouble, they didn’t have permission and were only out there for 15 mins before gettin caught and being grounded. What really needs to be investigated is the fraud her and her daughter have tried to commit on the state of IL, the state of NC and on my husband and myself for back child support for a period of time that the kids and his ex-wife were living with and being supported by my husband entirely! DSS put a stop to it thank God for Real Justice! Be sure to tell the whole story next time Gloria. How about telling these nice people how you cut me off and slammed on your brakes trying to get me to hit you and your 10 year old granddaughter in the back seat of my car… I just wonder how you would have felt had she been hurt or God forbid worse??????

    • Charlene
    • Posted December 2, 2009 at 1:52 am
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    I live in new hanover county NC and went to DSS for help in getting my adopted daughter now 15 and us therapy for issues that we were having and saw they where getting out of hand.
    DSS placed our child in a group home, we had to go to court to fight for reunification and all DSS was worried about was a placement hearing. Fast forward 1 yr. Our placement hearing is coming up and we had pre meeting prior to court hearing. After a year of seperation from child with very little visitation blocked by social worker and finally judge ordered therapy in september becaue DSS worker blocked previous order of therapy of making times difficult. We have attended and fought for our daughter for 11 months and now they are suggesting she be adopted to new family because she doesn’t want to come home.
    DSS worker has been working with convincing child that adoption is available for her and has had a family working with her for a year and pulling her away from all family including gparents aunts uncles which are willing to take her in her home. All we wanted was help with RAD which we where receiving help with with PA DSS. Had to move and was looking for same help. NC DSS felt she is a teenager with parents who can’t handle her but we where the ones reaching out and it got turned around that we can’t parent but we have another teenager in our house that they are not concerned about.
    Something needs done with the DSS needs to be inveswticated. Parents that want the best and are reaching out for help and are being destroyed as a family by DSS but parents that actually abuse get their children back then its to late and they wind up injuried or worse dead.
    Something is definitly wrong here.

    • Myrak
    • Posted January 7, 2010 at 6:28 am
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    Fayetteville, NC: Shaniya Davis, age 5, Nov. 2009, given to man for sex to pay for her Mom’s drug bill. Shaniya sodomized, raped and murdered. Apparently NC SBI has asked DSS CPS for their records. AGAIN, CPS left child in home where illegal DRUGS are used. And, the media dropped the story. I’m not surprised there is a websited on Protected to Death by CPS.

    It is truly beyond criminal when there is no way to first “secure and protect the child” and then investigate properly and thoroughly in the best interest of the child. I speak from personal experience, the CPS agents can legally be derelict in their duties and harass and intimidate those trying to save children; and they get away with it. Children have no value in NC or the US.

    • Rachel
    • Posted January 29, 2010 at 9:08 pm
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    I am wondering how far I can go with this….someone deserves to BURN for what they have done to my family. My husband and I lived in Cherokee County and we had someone there with something against us that refused to stop calling in false reports on us. Everything from violence in the home to drug use. We even had our don taken from us for two months due to a report of drug abuse…what showed up in our systems was our prescription medications. They never bothered to look at the proof of that, and they took him without a court order, which we found out later was exremely illegal and when we confronted our case worker with it they gave him back within 24 hours and tried to turn it into a “hush hush” type situation. We were so happy to have him back with us that we didnt pursue a lawsuit. Well, this past month I was in the 37th week of my pregnancy with our second son. We heard from friends that dss was after us yet again under allegations of METH!!! That is completely ludicrous, I hate meth and what it does to people. And while Im pregnant? COME ON!!! But we had been messed with and torn apart so violently by dss before that I started panicking, terrfied tim in the they would find a way to take my babies again, since they did it under false accusations last time. The stress was so overwhelming that I went into labor early (the Doctor confirmed this) and my son ended up being born too quickly and inhaling alot of fluid causing him respiratory distress, which landed him in the NICU at Mission hospital in Asheville for the first two weeks of his life. He almost died,and not to mention I got treated like a meth mom while we were there because of that stupid report. We are still waiting on the results of the meconium drug screen, which will prove that I was not on meth. This ended up destroying everything we have worked for. We had to leave our jobs and our home in cherokee count behind because this person, and this crooked department of social services, will not just leave us alone and let us lve our lives. It has been a nightmare. We are good people. We need help. Someone deserves to fry for almost killing my son and ripping our home apart. I am afraid this will never end in that county, because a close friend of mine keeps going through the same bull and she does nothing more than smoke cigarettes. Someone really needs to investigate the cherokee cty dss.

    • nc
    • Posted February 2, 2010 at 5:03 am
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    To whom it may concern

    I am writing to let you know the plight of my three children, Christopher (16), Ceejay (15) and Crystal (13).
    The children are suffering dramatically emotionally, mentally and occasionally physically at the hands of Wake County CPS who snatched them against their will on the 4th June 2009.
    I will give you some background on what happened to my children and what has happened to them since they were taken.
    In February 2009, I received a letter from CPS claiming that there had been a complaint made against me with regards to punishing my child Ceejay by spanking him, apparently Ceejay had gone to school with marks on him back. I approached Ceejay to ask him what had happened and he claimed that he had been playing with his friends at the school bus stop when the accident occurred. I appointed a lawyer and she was informed what had happened and I gave her all the details. She advised me against having any direct communication with CPS and told me to only speak to them via her.
    On the 4th of June I was away for the weekend visiting family and taking Crystal to stay there as she had finished school now for the summer this is a usual practice within our family. On my return CPS had left a note on my front door stating they had been granted temporary custody of all three of my children and I was to attend a court hearing. While the children were in school CPS tried to take them, Chris refused to go with them and Ceejay being a little younger and having an IEP was more scared of them and especially the police officers they had brought along and was bundled into the car albeit against his will.
    When I attended the court date, the Judge appointed me with another attorney as this was classed as a separate case even though it was about the same one incident. The Judge was answering the questions for the CPS and helping them along and they took Chris into custody in the court room in front of my elderly mother. Chris was crying and strongly objecting and two security guards stepped forward so I said go with him don’t worry I will be here for you. Chris was begging the Judge and was in tears but they took no notice of his words.
    A few days later they drove to family in New Jersey and took Crystal against her will too.
    This is where my children’s nightmare began. I approached the CPS firstly to ask why I was not contacted with regards to the custody, they claimed they had asked for me to attend a meeting with them on the morning of the 4th June which I failed to show, I asked why I had not been informed of this and they said they had left a message on my Attorneys cell phone – my attorney was actually on vacation when this happened so therefore I never got the message.
    I appointed another attorney to deal with this case I also arranged for visits to the children on a weekly basis, the children on these visits told me of the terrible things that had been happening to them while in Foster care, may I also point out the children have also been separated from each other and the CPS worker informed them in these words that “wake county own you now”. Crystal who is the youngest says she is not receiving adequate food and clothing and that she has been told she is not to watch White people shows when she was watching Disney’s Hannah Montana on the TV, this is clear racism by the Foster Home. Ceejay has suffered countless physical injuries, has been bullied, spanked by a Foster Parent, had his personal belongings destroyed and had his food taken if he does not eat fast enough by the Foster Carers biological Son. Chris has been out until early hours of the morning with no adult supervision with the Foster homes Biological child and also again has been suffering from hunger and inadequate clothing. All three children complained bitterly at every visitation and were in tears because they just wanted to go home and could not understand why they were being taken.
    In the court room the CPS were lying on the stand, I gave evidence to both my judge and the attorney about this, they lied on three separate occasions, each time my evidence was ignored. The GAL worker told the children that they must say what she told them to say and not what they wanted to say, Chris did manage to sit with the Judge and he told him he had to stay in Foster Care despite his protesting and upset over this, the children said this was their worst summer ever.
    I explained to the Judge that I had to move overseas and the children had been arranged to come with me, however the Judge gave the CPS further custody so I had to make the move alone and now I am trying to release them from overseas to join me here.
    I attended the court on a few occasions to try to secure the release of my children, however due to the aggressive nature and twisting of words by the CPS, the CPS attorney and the GAL representative who was in particular very aggressive to my family members in the courtroom, the Judge would not release the children, despite the fact we have large family homes, professional Careers and a happy family environment.
    I have since received reports via email from the GAL office and also from CPS, I am extremely worried about my children’s education, well being and health physically and mentally. Crystal’s education has gone downhill fast, she has had to receive therapy, she has been excluded from school and she appears to be unhappy and un co-operative. Ceejay who has an IEP has been in and out of different Foster homes, has had to ring to complain about one home as he was beaten by the Foster dad and his education is not doing so well. Chris has had to change Foster home, he is failing in one of his classes and is clearly miserable with the whole situation which appears to make his detached and have no hope any more.
    All three children are now in Therapy because of CPS and are struggling with their education.
    I try to speak to them as much as possible however CPS have granted me no phone contact and even took a letter saying how much I love them and care for them and I will always be there for them away from them in court. They also as far as I am aware not delivered their clothes and belongings to them from back in November 2009.
    We were a happy family once who went on vacations, enjoyed family time together and were doing well with education. We have now had our family ripped apart so CPS can earn money from the Children via the Goverment, with lies that are completely without any evidence. The children’s childhood is being ruined and their happy memories that could look back on are being completely destroyed
    This is awful for these children to have to go through and is evading their rights as a child for a happy childhood, I have now also had my lawyer resign due to the fact I am no longer a resident to North Carolina so I am trying to fight the corrupt system of CPS.

    Firstly is there anything you can do to help my children, also Can I sue CPS for taking the children against their will and making their quality of life much lower than it was and also for damaging their mentality and their education.

    • travis
    • Posted March 1, 2010 at 2:32 pm
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    Rachel… i agree with you entirely that cherokee county dss needs immediate and thorough investigation and they need to rid themselves of the workers they currently have. my name is travis mcgrady and i lived in cherokee county until recently. i had false allegations against me in 2006. the case was not substantiated, as far as i know… mostly because i had done nothing wrong. i finally ended up having to sign over parental rights of my children to a family member to get dss out of their lives so they could have a stable home (dss had been their lives for three years to this point!) i moved out of cherokee county around a year ago in order to attempt to start a new life. the bullshit followed. (Pardon my language, but i’m fed up with it.) i finally had started a new home; i have a good job; and have been working on buying a piece of property with my girlfriend and her son. clay county dss got involved because someone reported us because her son, who is five years old, wet himself at school. they are now allegating that either i or the child’s biological father have molested him. because of the allegations in cherokee county, they automatically assumed that the child was being molested, and that it was by me. we agreed to the investigation on the grounds that they investigate the father as well. they claim that cherokee county dss had a substantiated case against me in 2006. if this were so, i would be in prison. they have taken the child, and we don’t know if he will ever return home. please contact me so we can talk about our cases. i would love to know more.

    • shanel
    • Posted March 11, 2010 at 8:32 pm
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    I live in wake county and on november 20th my 19 year old stepdaughter who is mentally challenged was taken from the to the hopital withou our knowledge becoaus she had a sore in her head and bloody underware. about 2 hours after we got to the hospital the adult protective service lady came and told her father and i that she was going to take her into protective custody. they are accusing her father of sexual abuse and abuse. i told the lady that the sore was from putting relaxer in her hair and with aferican american people that sometime when they put a relaxer in her hair it can cause sores on their head, and the blood on her underware came from wiping the blood from her hair onto her underware but they did not to listen. we went to court 2 weeks later and they had pictures of the sore and the blood on her underware and i explained to the judge what happened, dss also said she had bruises all over her face and arms but they did not have pictures of that. every time we go to cout the say something different, and that there is an invetagater on the case but we have not heard anything from anybody about anything. now the want us to go to court over gaudianship, we cannot aford an attorney. now they have a caseworker for my 2 boys, but thank god we are not at risk of losing them, but we still see cps every 2 weeks at our house for our 2 boys. my stepdaughter is still in a group home, for the past 2 and half months that she has been in there she has been acting out fighting staff members, and now she is fighting everyone in the group home, and the have her on all this medication. when she was with us she was not on any medication, and she was not acting out at home. last school year she was at a different school and she acted out there and they was acting out and the school thought there was something going on at home we tald them there was nothing going on. the goup home said now that she was on the medications she would do better, but she is still acting out. when we went to court last time the case worker said that we cannot take care of our boys and our daughter at the same time, we told the judge we do not have a problem taking care of all three, but the home cannot control her, intead they put her on all this medication. when she was home we had no problem out of her at at all, but they do not want to listen to us. i talked to my stepdaughter and asked her why she is acting up all the time, all she sais is she wants to come home and sometimes she’ll cry saying she wants to come home, and i tell her we are trying our best. there is a lot of corruption in the dss in nc, but if you cannot aford an attorney, it is extemely hard to beat dss. i think everyone that has had false alligations against them and it tore the family apart everyone should somehow get together and hire 1 attorney and sue. with dss it’s all about more money in their pocket, to us they are are beloved children.

    • Carlotta
    • Posted April 10, 2010 at 12:43 pm
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    Hello, I am looking for anyone in the state of North Carolina, esp. Orange County, who has had negative dealings with CPS. It is obvious that CPS does not protect families, children, or Constitutional liberties. They can only be defeated if we work together. If you have any information, please contact me at Please tell everyone you know. Compile names and addresses. I have heard rumors of a class action lawsuit but a bigtime court case needs lots of names and data.

    To learn more about CPS, read this report written by Nancy Schaefer before she died under very suspicious circumstances. Send a copy to your congressmen, along with a letter stating your opposition to CPS. We have to raise awareness or the injustices will continue.

    • Tammie M
    • Posted May 25, 2010 at 11:23 pm
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    Looking into others with trouble in Cumberland county. I have had all three children removed on an unsecured order. My oldest daughter of 15 who is severly mentally unstable and hard to control claimed i hit her in the face. They didnt do a kinship assesment and sent her with her dad who had been unable to pay her support for the past 4 years! I didnt hit the child she was having a very violent moment and i was in more harm than her! Now both of my youngest two who havent a clue why are in foster care while the 15 year old is in an unstable environment..and they dont seem to care! I currently was asking how much checking they did on her and all four attorneys looked left to right when i questioned them do they even know where she is? Her “father” whom they gave her too has now been missing from court two consecutve sessions and been unable to be served? Am i the only one who finds that odd since they did so much checking before she went as they claimed? They have given the father of the two littlest children total greif including questioning his citizenship (which shouldnt matter he is the father) and he still doesnt have the kids. Her father abandoned her in ohio with a women she didnt know last summer..has a restraining order from his ex wife for being drunk and repeatedly raping her in on night..and this is who they give my 15 year old to? I tried to get her help with dss not doing nothing to help..she refused to take meds now why are they claiming i didnt get them for her..i was beatten trying to just get her to take one pill. Im faulted for sending one group that i volenteered to get help from because it was not working and making her more violent. All this stems from the oldest instability and not getting any support to help the 6 and 9 year old are stuck in all of it due to the 15 year old going off in her delusional world. I have had to call cops on her she locked herlself in van wouldnt let me in, took off barfoot with the craziest horse on the place with no line cops searched for her for hours on foot, the hospital refused to commit her since she wouldnt state she was suicidal..all the time threatening to kill me…but that was ok i guess? Dss is corrupt and something needs to happen…pray it all does soon..aloth of innocent stories i see alot of trumpedup crap that was made up by a socialworkers need for meeting criteria “numbers”
    T shelly

    • Valerie
    • Posted May 30, 2010 at 6:04 pm
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    My story, really grieve, is about Cumberland County DSS. These “great” social workers seem to think they have the power to do and say anything. My family has been through hell since around September of last year. The father (a criminal and an known abuser) and several others made false allegations about domestic violence & abuse of the kids. They were made just about every month, and every month they investigated, and found no findings. The social workers, after numerous complaints from us, said they would try to find a way to resolve all problems. We cooperated with them, their family team meetings, and any other things asked. This year, my family was accused again of another alleagation of domestic violence, and a relative coached the kids to leave the home with a complete stranger, and took the kids to DSS. DSS didn’t find that the least bit strange, even though the relative was known to DSS as a person that they stated as a “person who has stirred up much drama”. The kids were taken out of our home, and they claimed they were going to do another investigation. Instead, they file a petition, that had various false statements. Now, mind you, they never found anything, but now in the petition, there was so much happenning in past months. We have had nothing but uncooperation when it comes to them. The social worker has been telling every party, that now is involved, different things, defaming our character as parents to others in the family. They claimed we can see our children whenever we want. but the family that they were placed with has been giving us a hard time, because the were the people we were having issues with before all this started. The social worker has not done anything to aid or assit us in getting our kids back. Oh, they did finally give us a case management plan, 2 months after filing the petition, which we already went out, on our wn might I add, and did couseling for ourselves and children before they even gave us our “plan”. Still, the father, who is still commtting crimes, harassing me, is still emotionallu abusing the children, nothing is done. He burned my children, while he was making all these false allegations, and nothing was done by social workers. The real culprits go unpunished, while my family is under the gun for domestic violence and emotional abuse. Oh, I moght add, the social worker never saw bruises or marks on my children or I from any “violence”. She signed off and said that all allegations were unfounded, now social workers are saying they did find somehting and “forgot to put in the report”. It has been on thing after another with these people. My husband is suppose to be so awful and I am a victim in need of their help, but they weren’t saying that before. DSS does no put the welfare of the children at heart, and reunification is not their goal. They actually have ruined mine and showed me that outside family members are very much not needed in my family.

    • myrak
    • Posted May 31, 2010 at 5:22 am
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    A website in memory of Protected To DEATH By Child Protective Services:

    You can visit the site by going to

    North Carolina law allows teachers to hit children:

    It’s okay if teachers hit your child but there are so many teachers who are also child sex molestors so until they are caught, they can take your child private and hit them.

    Children have no value in North Carolina.

    • chante
    • Posted July 25, 2010 at 11:51 pm
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    I have a sister who is a crack addict.She has a 2 yr old son.Smoked crack through out pregnancy now he has heart,asthma and severe allergies.She doesnt know how to take care of him and he always is in hosp.DSS has been involved since day 1.She has left him with crack addicts at crack houses etc.leaves him and dont come back for days on end.Hasnt had his heart med filled in 5 months and gets it free!!She recently was on a 3 day crack binge and hit a school bus with the baby in car.She was already on probation from DSS when that happened.They took custody from her only to give it to the dad who is no better,He has 9 kids,no job,no car,license,insurance,warrants out for his arrest,lives with girlfriend who smokes in 600 sq feet public housing with way over the limit of people.Her mom,aunt,her her 2 daughters (one is pregnat!!) him and his 2 sons.DSS knows this.They CALL before they go and they CALL my sister before they go to her house.They keep telling me the next time it happens things will change.The dad is suppose to get back with me when i cal or text him about the baby.Im his aunt and dss has cleared me in helping take care of baby til my sister gets her crap straight.Which she wont.My mom has been chosen to be the one who has to supervise when she gets to see baby.But my mom lies and covers for my sister.She hides her in her house so that she can have overnight visitation ..knowing shes not suppose too.Im so tired of fighting this.Shes endangered his lil life so many times.Why does it take someone killing or fatally injuring a child before they step up.Does it really matter then? I live in Johnston County NC.i have been told its been turned over to case management.What does this mean?How can i get help. I love my lil nephew so much.Any advice would be appreciated.Oh and dss has already came out to my home and oked me for visits and sharing custody.But the dad never answers his phone.

    • V
    • Posted August 9, 2010 at 12:48 pm
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    I am looking for individuals in the state of North Carolina willing to sign a petition against the outrages of Child Protective Services. You can see a copy of the petition at I am more interested in getting people to sign a physical copy. If you are willing, please email me at If you will provide me your address, I will mail you a copy of the petition, signature sheet, as well as a stamped and addressed envelope. When you have signed the sheet (and hopefully shown it to your friends, too), simply place the petition and signature sheet in the envelope I provide and mail it back to me. I am trying to collect 50,000 signatures in 6 months. To do this, I need your help. We can only protect our children by organizing together against this dangerous and illegitimate agency.

    Again, please contact me at to request a copy of the petition or if you have any other questions. Thank you very much in advance.

    • concerned parent
    • Posted August 10, 2010 at 4:52 pm
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    LAWDOLL I need your help and i need a lawyer! CLEVELAND COUNTY DSS TOOKMY CHILDREN. they have violated my constitutionalrights! I have so much to tell there is no room. Including the DSS lawyer wrote up a false Court order (IT DID NOT STATE WHAT THE JUDGE ORDERED FROM THE BENCH) and actually got the judhe to sign it. The court order now has me in a bind that i cant even see my kids, it contradicts itself. I NEED TO FILE A LAWSUIT AND I AM TRYING TO FIND A LAWYER PLEASE CALL ME EMAILME AND I WILL SENDMY NUMBER THESE ppl are corrupt and evil why didnt the protect Jeremiah my chioldren were happy andhealthy my children are being used as bait for a criminal caseinvolving theirfather that he is innocent in!!!! Howmuchmore do i have to go through? Please do youknow a lawyer ican contact i already have grounds tohave dss lawyer disbarred forhis unethical actions!!!!

  1. We are a family that are in need for help.My children are in Cumberland County D.S.S care. One of my children had something going on with her private part and the foster family would not take my child to the doctor to get help. I have it on a report from D.S.S From a meeting at i went to at D.S.S. My other child he and his sister i got on tape telling what a foster family did to them.[They was betten in a home]That D.S.S. Put them in.I have on a report from court. That my kids was takeing from me because my 6 year old she is A.D.H.D.and would talk and be fidgety in school. And because my car broke down with my kids in it and i had to call the police for help over it. D.S.S. wants to adopt my kids out. I was told to work with Cardinal Clinic in-home services. So I did but the D.S.S. worker told the services that I was told to work with not to work with me. I have a worker on tape telling me. And I have a worker on tape telling me that I am doing good. Then she went to court and lieed about my family. My children was send to N.Y. And I cant see and talk to my children.I have photoes, tapes , court reports and audeotapes that could help me in court. I;m told neglect because my car broke down and I did;nt have any thing with me for my children and I. I did;nt know that my car would end up on the side of the road and that I was not going to make it home befor it got late. I was not the driver. My borther was.Please call 910-213-7116 so we can set up time to meet.

  2. I have a counsel and GAL that gets payed to talk for me in court.But she dont try to help me in court. They just stand around in the court room and the judge is not wanting to give me a counsel and GAL that is willing to talk for me in court. My GAL she went in court and lieed to help a D.S.S. worker get her pay for working at D.S.S. after she got fired for choking me in her car. My GAL told me that the judge put her up to helping the worker out in court.

  3. their is a couple named steve and julia schill every child my wife has they fight to get they got all the kids they take them for money and they get money for death benifits and money for every child they have from dss they take in kids from all over the world for money. the have your kids put on medication and they sign them in hospital and they keep the money for their selves so we need help getting them home i think my kids been through anough pain and suffer the kids are the one that gets hurt we all need to get tgo gether and change the way the state is taking kids for vknow reson and giveing them to people that don;care about the kids but only for the money they can get from the parent and the state that needs to change the government needs to know whats going on so we can get the kids you can call me at 910-213-7116i need an attorney that is not scared of dss and that has the nerve to step up and say we had enough of dss they need to learn to help people keep their kids

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    • Karen
    • Posted September 29, 2010 at 2:37 pm
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    My daughter works with DSS, and she had been kepting this baby for a couple of month, and the Mother signed a paper saying she had the right to treat the baby medical, educational. In the mean time someone call DSS on the mother, because living conditions was bad. They took the mother (16) her baby, and told my daughter she could not have anything to do with the family. She couldn’t kept the baby. The mother called and said she wanted to give my daughter custody, and DSS still won’t do it. What can she do? HELP

  5. I witnessed the most blatant case of perjury by a DSS attorney in Pender County family court last month. As the maternal grandmother, my home was checked for placement for my grandsons. She stated that Onslow County had found it clean and safe, but that I had no place for the children sleep and no room. The cleanliness and safety was from my report, but the other half was stated as a direct quote from my daughter’s DSS paperwork that found her negligent. I double-checked with Onslow County and found that they had reported that I had a room with a bathroom and that, if the children were placed with me, I intended to go out and buy two beds, one of which would be a crib. (My home is over 5,000 square feet…I do have room.) I realized then why the children had been placed in foster care pending the 7 day hearing — this same false story was probably given then, too. Why? To keep them in Pender County? As it was, my preference was for them to stay with me pending possible placement with the father, which is where they finally ended up. 2 1/2 weeks later! By the spirit of NC law, they should have been with me, this local, familiar, well-qualified family during this period. I won’t even go into the DSS supervisor trying to dance all around kinship assessment not being done within 24 hours (it was…check the paperwork). Someone forgot to look at the best interests of the children in this case. If the attorney claims it was a mistake because she is so overworked, that won’t work. I watched her relaxing while she waited her turn in court. What a waste of last minute prep time. The caseworker was brand new — again, I have enough years as a supervisor to know that every last little thing she does has to be checked and double checked if it involves the law. I’m a retired Marine. I believe in honor and integrity. I was sickened and disillusioned by the dishonor brought in front of the bar of that courtroom. Judge? What did you know about this?

    • Sheri harris
    • Posted October 11, 2010 at 1:48 pm
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    My heart goes out to all of you who have had a child taken away from a home where they were shown love and never abused or neglected.My three granddaughters were taken away from their parents on Feb.8,2010.I have never been involved with social services in my life. All this is new to me.I am allowed to see them once a month for 30 the social services building in Harnett county, n.c. I believe their caseworker is a baby broker. I work hard ,am a good citizen,but, yet I am not considered an option. I have hired a lawyer to file a motion to intervene,which she withdrew, because she said “the right judge wasn’t there”. This was two months ago,and I leave numerous messages for her to call me.Well I am yet to hear from her. My mother who is a widower and 74 yrs. old in VA. sent me the money to pay this lawyer.I need help.I am so confused and don’t know what to do.I pray to GOD to help me. I was visited by the hateful caseworker last week to do a home assesment. Needless to say,I still haven’t heard anything and the case goes to court on Nov.5,2010.The girls are 3,2,and10 months old. The 10 month old doesn’t even know us. My son and the girls mother were ordered not to have contact with each other and they snuck around and did. The whole thing is based on allegations,not proof of domestic violence.They say that they had phone calls and reports. It is funny how these reports are not shown to the families. The social worker that supervises our visits actually put my almost 2 yr.old granddaughters face in her hands and very roughly turned the childs face away from us and snapped her fingers to us like we were dogs and told us to just go at the end of our visit 2 months ago. All this because little Anna was crying for us. The 3 yr. old has bruises on her before, when I asked where the bruises came from I was told by the child that the 8 yr. old child of the foster parents did it.The girls mother reported it to the supervisor at DSS and she said she would look into it.The outcome-we were told “kids will be kids”. I fell we are treated like crap because we don’t have the money to hire a “top” lawyer. I own my home and the land it sits on. I don’t pay rent or payments on my home.The mother and the children need to be reunited. And I feel like I am dying a slow death.It hurts to see children with their families and know that I can’t be with mine. I don’t think my granddaughters should suffer for the problems of the parents. The day they were taken,one of the caseworkers told the mother of the children if she would go and take a protective order out on the children,she would get them back. She did this and she still don’t have the children. She went to court two weeks ago and lifted the protective order on my son,simply because what she stated in the order wasn’t true.She said anything she could to try and get the children back. Her and my son were supposed to go to some classes,but, of course they haven’t been to any.First of all neither one of them has a car or a ride. I don’t allow them to come to my house.I promised to comply with anything the caseworker wanted if she would just send the children home to me.She wants to recommend adoption at the court date on Nov.5th. I don’t know how to fight back with these people.

    ts on. I have not rent or payments.

    • Sheri harris
    • Posted October 11, 2010 at 1:57 pm
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    If any of you out there can lead me in the right direction and tell me what to do please contact me.I can’t watch my granddaughters be gone forever.Like I stated before it is not their fault what their parents have done.But, I will say this in defense of their parents-they never were neglected or abused.

    • Linda
    • Posted October 15, 2010 at 8:53 pm
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    About two years ago my daughter became involved in Social Services. The original allegation was of abuse and neglect. Her home was not the cleanest. She worked very hard to get them back. Attended each class they ordered her to go to and complied, even by their own definition. She finally got her kids back and shortly after then took them again stating she moved too much. She attended every visit including walking in the rain and heat to see her children. She went to additional classes above and beyond required. When we went to court the DA and several Attorneys commented on her above and beyond achievement. My daughter who works at walmart making slightly above minimum wage was order to pay child support. She did this and payed all her bills. A few months ago the gave her custody of two children and not all 4. They said they wanted to transition them back slowly so not to overwhelm her. On October 13th they had planned to give her back one more child. A few days before court. My daughter lay her baby on the mattress that was on the floor. Then asked her husband and two friends if they would watch the 5 month old while she showered. While in the shower she heard the baby crying. She got out she found the baby on the floor with some scratches and some blood on her face. She picked up the baby and asked everyone what happened. Everyone said they did not know. She called me and said what do I do and that she thought her toddler son had stepped or fell on the baby. I told her to call her worker. I also told her that things like this happen with multiple kids. She sent me pictures and I saw scratches. I told her just to watch the baby. Her social worker told her the same thing. She called me several more times asking should I take her to the doctor. After a while the eye on the baby began to black and a print was on her cheek on her face. the hospital called CPS although they concluding the baby was fine. They said because my daughter took so long to go to the hospital. When it was all said and done she lost custody of all the kids. They concluded she stomped or stepped on the baby and was lying. A detective was called and currently they are talking of prosecuting her. My daughter has never harmed another person her entire life. I am in shock and believe they are on a Witch hunt with my daughter. There were 3 other adults in the home all saying she was in the shower. There are so many variables in this situation. None of these people have degrees in forensics or are crime scene investigators. How can they do this to her? What if it was the younger sibling what if my granddaughter fell off the bed and my daughters shoe fell on her and someone else stepped on her. There is so many what if`s how can they take her kids or prosecute. My daughter is currently in the hospital suicidal. She needs help she is 22 years old and will say or do anything to get her kids back.

    • heartbroken grandma
    • Posted October 21, 2010 at 1:33 am
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    I would just like to say Im so heartbroken as I read each and everyone of these traumatic stories! I too have dealt with the dss in cherokee county and can say that they do not care about the well being of the child. My grandson who was born addicted to drugs and premature was taken from my home due to the lies. And everytime I ask what can I do to get him back they just ignore me. But if you are a convicted felon with multiple charges against you from a few yrs back and hide behind the word preacher you can have my grandson in your house and needless to say he is not even related to my grandson his wife is a great aunt to my loving sweet adorable grandson. Needless to say they do what they want at cherokee county dss. all except for one person who is on the case now and who is suc h a wonderful person.These people at dss try to push your buttons and then they turn it around and say why are you so angry! Give me a break Im a professional and I work hard everyday to show grace mercy and kindness to everyone, but the dss workers really need to be stop. They are not God and Im sick to death with this situation they have continued to let happen to my grandson! I have always had kids at my house while my children were growing up I have coached children in basketball for yrs , but now I cannot have my grandson in my house because it turned into a personal battle with the cps worker because I hired an attorney! I just pray and try to keep the faith that my little grandbaby with soon be reunited with his parents because needless to say the mother’s aunt and uncle are trying to do everything and tell every lie possible to keep the parents away from the child. All I can say is we will continue to fight until my grandson comes back to his real family where he is loved and missed every second of his life! And we will pray and continue to keep the faith until these terrible people let go of what is not rightfully theirs!

    • 1ofmanygrandmas
    • Posted October 30, 2010 at 12:46 pm
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    My son and his wife had my granddaughter taken into DSS custody last March (2010) for allegations of drug abuse therefore causing neglect. This is all true, they were on drugs, we as a family were working with them to get them help when this happened. Placement was made with the paternal great-grandparents (they are in their 60’s in relatively good health) and for the past 8 months we have all been back and forth in court for various hearings and such. A few months ago, the parents of the mother of the child filed a motion to intervene seeking custody of the grandchild. Since we (the paternal grandparents and greatgrandparents) know they are not fit to care for our granddaughter, we filed a motion to intervene to block them. There have been a few words between one of the great granmothers and the other and because of this, DSS wants to remove the child from all of us and place her out of the county with my sister, (the child’s great aunt) or a stranger foster home. We have all come together and there is now no longer any fighting between the paternal and maternal grandparents, but they say it is too late. They say we are too old and that more likely than not we won’t live until she is 18 years old. They are looking at having her adopted, have gotten the order from the court to cease attempts at parental reunification. Locally, there is me, her grandmother, my husband, her grandfather, my parents, my husbands parents and also a large extended family of loving and stable aunts and uncles. We all live within a 5 mile radius of each other, are law abiding, healthy and financially secure. I get the feeling that they just want to be done with us and this is the quickest way, just get rid of her out of the county. They absolutely refuse to even consider any of us for permanent placement, custody or adoption. They say there has been too much “drama” and it won’t be good for her. She has siblings here as well who aren’t under DSS care. Can anyone advise? We have attorneys but…nothing is happening. I almost feel like they don’t care either. We have spent over 20k on them, and well, I just don’t know what to think.

    • Posted November 2, 2010 at 12:21 pm
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    • Sheri Harris
    • Posted November 6, 2010 at 9:03 pm
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    Well Harnett County CPS finally got what they wanted. We went to court on Friday November 5,2010. A certain CPS worker named Amy Hallet lied on everyone of us. Me, the grandmother was accused of teaching my three yr. old granddaughter to make herself throw up. Are you serious? Also, she said that I never corrected her when she would touch my breasts. Let me emphasize on this allegation-I wore a silk shirt set that ahd another shirt on top of the silk one-My 3 yr. old granddaughter was noticing that I had 2 shirts on. She was rubbing the material thru her fingers commenting on the silk material thru her fingers.saying how soft it was and that she would like to have a shirt like that. The so called CPS worker mentioned above said “Hailey get out of nanna’s bubble, you know better than that.” My bubble I questioned. I was told that was “my space” that she had invaded. I can promise that Hailey never touched me in this manner, and, it takes a nasty ,cold hearted piece of crap to accuse a child of this. I asked the worker “well she must have learned it in the foster home you placed her in. Anyway, the children were ordered to be put up for adoption. Another excuse the CPS worker used to cancel me out as an option was that Hailey supposedly told her that I told Hailey that there were dead people in the river that is close to my home in Erwin,N.C. She lied on the stand saying that none of my family members were able to get the three children -ages 3,2,and 11 months old. Another LIE-she falsified what was said between her and several of my family members. I have a aunt in Warsaw,VA who was willing to take the three girls. She told the court that my aunt told her that her children didn’t want her to get the girls.Well I called my aunt and she told me that when Amy Hallet called her she was told that they were not looking for placement right now. This call took place only a week before the court date. She stated in court that my mother hadn’t come forward to accept responsibility for the children either. My mother was never contacted. Amy had stated to the children’s parents that my mother was too old. I know what they have done-and it has to be illegal. There is a woman who works for Harnett County also. She is friends with Amy Hallet -She has my 11 month granddaughter. She wants to adopt the baby.She even was in the courtroom the last time with her husband. They had come prepared to adopt. Now this woman who has the 11 month old had the nerve to contact the grandmother of the mother of my granchildren and talk to her on the phone and said her parents would like to adopt the other 2 girls. But, how can that be -my mother was supposedly too old. We have been railroaded and I am at my wits end. I am sick from all this> I feel like my life has ended. How do I function now? This is on my mind 24 hrs. a day. I hope the witches at CPS are happy for taking children based on lies. There is a lot more I can tell. And I will. Oh, the 2 and 3 yr. old are living with people that are not even the same nationality as they are. I feel someting has been done to the 3 yr. old. This used to be a happy, bubbly little girl. Now she is withdrawn and has a sad face. Of course CPS tells a different story. We also have the visitation’s taken away from us. If anyone out there has any answers for what I can do please contact me at 910-890-1660. I am ignorant when it comes to this type of thing. As, I have never been involved in a situation like this. To be sure an appeal can be made.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted November 12, 2010 at 1:44 am
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    Columbus County CPS is the biggest joke. Iknow of a child that was sexually, emotionally, & physically abused by the father. The mother left the father about 4 or 5 yrs. before she reported him to CC CPS. The father emotionally & physically abused the mother for years before she left. After she left, he called CPS on her multiple times, and made up many lies and stories to try to have the children removed from her to punish her for leaving. She stood her ground and never went back. In 2007, she reported and took her daughter to the hospital for sexual assault by “sticking a twisted rag in the child’s vagina” from the same piece of filth father, and also the father exposing himself by using the bathroom in front of the children. The father had no business in the bathroom, and certainly touching the child while bathing (child was almost 10). The caseworker who investigated the case, from day one, was biased, and did everything to torpeodeo the case. She bascially opened and shut the case in 4 weeks. Now mind you, a foster child (who happens to be the father’s cousin) also abused the child. The father’s mother was a foster mother, and according to the sw,”she was fit and wouldn’t let anything happpen in her home. And besides the whole family are Christians and go to church.”, is what she told the child’s mother. WHAT?! The case worker called the mother vindictive, and when the “vindictive” father filed a custody case (after the mother was called to testify against him in a felony case) she testified on behalf of the father!Same sw lied in a case against the mother again, and the mother is now fighting again to regain her kids from another county agency, due th same vindictive father filing false reports in the county she moved to.The child is still stating the same account of sexual abuse, but no one is doing anything about it.


    • Susan
    • Posted December 30, 2010 at 7:19 pm
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    Currituck county was suppose to help us protect my boyfriends children. After having the children for three months while fighting with DSS to help protect the children,DSS too the children in their custody. Than after another three months they have know decided that because of a domestic violence past with the mother and a ten year old CPS case from another state that he is not fit to have his children. DSS will not give us any reason why they took the kids other than his failer to protect them in the past (mind you the mother has had 12 addresses in four yrs and he has not been able to track her down until know). They keeping jumping from one reason to another why they removed the children from our home. We also have two teens in the home that they seem to have no concerncs about. I have never dealt with DSS before, but this does not make since to me. He has no criminal history or DSS history since 2000, but DSS keeps diplaying as he is a violant person.

    • Melissa
    • Posted January 5, 2011 at 7:29 pm
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    My son resided with his father for the year as per our custody aggreement. His father is under investigation for child porn against his 14 year-old step-daughter. Rutherford DSS removed my son from the home and gave costody to his grandparents. I live in Oklahoma and Rutherford DSS refuses to give me my son. They say that I have to be investigated also. I had nothing to do with this and was not there when it happened. Is there anything I can do? His paternal grandparents whom he is with now are failing in health and refuse to let me talk to my son saying that DSS has told them I am not aloud to have contact with him and DSS will not talk to me. My son is only 7 and I have no idea what he is being told about the whole thing. Please help.

    • mad mother
    • Posted January 22, 2011 at 7:06 pm
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    My kids were taken by Dss in Feb 2010 for domestic violence and ever since then my husband and I have done all our classes and therpie and they still won’t quit I had 2 different social workers they both lied on us and my children. My. Children have been in 4 different foster homes and in July they sepetated the kids and put them in 3 different homes and since then my son is home working on my youngest daughter to come home and my oldest daughter was to come home the social worker has said reunification and when we get in to court they slap me in the face by giving her dad custody of her but they substantiated sexual abuse 4 years ago and now give this man my daughter be cause they are being very personal and on this day in court the social workers supervisor said”she didn’t care if my youngest daughter came home or not she would be molested by her brother my son is 6 he don’t even hug girls he gives his sisters high five Madison county Dss is very unprofessional and they need to be investigated and the director of Dss husband deals drugs out of his garage this whole town is crooked. But they try to put on a good front they sent for families they destroy them.

    • Sheri Harris
    • Posted February 22, 2011 at 4:57 pm
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    I last posted a comment on November 6,2010 and nothing much has changed since then. I got rid of the so-called lawyer I had hired to file a motion to intervene for me. I would call her office near about everyday and she NEVER returned any calls. Anyway I found a great lawyer who listens and cares. He is Randy Doffermyre in Dunn, N.C. he has looked over the paperwork and he has found that the case concerning my 3 granddaughters is solely bases on conclusions not fact. But, go figure the court system doesn’t want to let him represent me, my son, or the mother of the three children. How about when we were in court last week one of the foster parents who has the youngest child [who was only 1 month and 3 weeks old when she was taken] gave my son some pictures of the children. She gets the other two girls from the other foster mother periodically. In the pictures my oldest granddaughter who is four years old has what looks like a black eye with a band-aid on the left side of her face. I asked this woman if I could talk to her outside the courtroom. She followed me into the hallway and I asked her what was wrong with the child’s eye. I was told it had “cold” in it . I asked why the band-aid was on the side of the eye and I was told that the child had to have it there because she wanted it there. I can’t take much more of this. This woman wants to adopt my youngest granddaughter who is now a year old and wants her parents to be able to adopt the other two – the four year old and the two year old. The parents are going to court to try to keep them from taking away their rights. What kind of country are we living in? They were never abused. What right do these people have to just take little children away from loving families. They didn’t even check out all of the options of family members they were given. The one foster mother who has the baby works for Harnett County and she is in the courtroom everytime we go to court. It’s like a vulture waiting for something to eat. I don’t know what’s going on with her,but, she is determined to get my granddaughters. I don’t know what to do. I made copies of the pictures of the child’s eye. I have e-mailed the White House and asked them to investigate NC’s DSS system. I told them to check out all of the stories on these websites. It is heartbreaking to read all of your’s stories. I feel like a part of me has died. I feel like I’m slowly being eaten away by cancer. Not a day goes by that I don’t have tears in my eyes. I am getting limited on my options. If I have to stand in front of the White House to be heard, I will. This has to stop. I haven’t seen my little angels since the first week in November. It is slowly killing me.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted February 24, 2011 at 5:45 pm
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    Well the same judge ruled out another foster family when the foster Father was making sexual text messages sent to the biological Mother, Isn’t that something for North Carolina to have these problems with the DSS? Rowan county takes forever to investigate any matter and when they do get calls they will not investigate immediately. You will find this story really interesting. Check it out of your local library, it was posted in the Salisbury post. DSS is the ones that harms the children, they put them in homes like these, Rowan county needs to get rid off all of them at the CPS DSS and start off new. It takes a week or 2 for investigation, then its too late. Thats what happened here

    • Anonymous
    • Posted March 7, 2011 at 6:29 pm
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    Any reporting in Cabarrus County/Concord NC over the last 3-4 years? Kimberly Fredricks, Angie Lassiter, misleading and erroneous testimonies and/ misconduct? Are you a previous social worker who had dealings with these people. Write it here.

    • Kelly queen
    • Posted March 12, 2011 at 2:14 pm
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    Please join nationwide protest on 08/12/2011. This is very important in the reform of DSS!!! contact me for info…

    • Chad
    • Posted March 16, 2011 at 10:58 am
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    If you are contactd by DSS……don’t talk to them, and get a lawyer.
    If they say, I just have a few questions…tell them that you are not going to talk to them unitl you are in the presence of your attorney.
    If they come back, get a lawyer. Again don’t talk to them.

    You are not required to talk to anyone. Even the police cannot make yu talk…5th ammendment of Constitution. Never, never ,never talk to them without your lawyer present. don’t think you are clever enouhg to not fall into a trap and start talking, becasue even if you are clever enoug, they will make us lies, take your words out of context…etc.

    In case I didn’t say it….do not talk to them under any circumstances without your lawyer present.

    • Chad
    • Posted March 16, 2011 at 11:06 am
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    Don;t let them talk to your kids either. Your children are minors and are under your control and care. The Dss worker will say “I have the right t talk to them”..etc. They don;t without a court order. They are your kids and under your control unless that control is taken away by the courts.

    Again. Tell them to come back when you have your lawyer present.

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    • Confused Mother!!
    • Posted August 13, 2011 at 12:59 am
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    I had a false report aganist me and dss came to my house at 3 in the morning with the police. Both saying they had LEGAL rights to come into our house and if we didnt allow them to they would take my 7 month old daughter for a FALSE REPORT! They later deamed the report false and said they would be closing the report! However I want to know my rights! Do I have the right to go ANY paperwork from my social worker? They said I had no rights to get it. I looked all over the internet for information and could not find any?! I have seen in other states they allow reports to be requested. Is NC any different?

    • Another Oklahoma Rose
    • Posted September 9, 2011 at 7:43 pm
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    Awesome blog! Thank you for being here for the children, as so many of us try to be. It would be much easier and less heartrending to deal with a “lighter” topic, such as hair and makeup or Hollywoods mess, but this is not — thank God — where our hearts are. Most of us who devote endless hours, day after day, do so because we care, because we are survivors where millions are not.

    God bless!

    • Rambo
    • Posted September 13, 2011 at 10:02 am
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    I’m trying to get someone to assist me in trying to get my son out from Foster Care. Since may 1st of last year I was falsely arrested for child abuse. My stepson, who I take as my son was 13 yrs old when he went to school on may 5th of last year and did not return home from school. He had reported to authorities that both me and his father had abused and mistreats him. He was then placed in a foster care, where we were told that he would be home in 6 weeks. From that day until now, my entire family is under lock down in this country. I have five biological children of my own and two step children, at the time when my son was taking from us, he was 13 yrs old. There were six children in the home, five girls, along with my stepson. DSS had taken that one child and leave my other five girls home with us. At that particular time, I just found out that I was expecting to have another child, when I got arrested. I now have seven children now taking care of. From the time my son had left home, I’ve been paying child support for him. My husband stays home with our smaller children, and he does not work outside the home. I also have to pay his child support also. They had garnished my wages every month, and each month I have to be paying support of $505.00 for one child. My other five biological children that I gave birth to, I can’t give them anything at all because of the child. Since this arrest from last year, my family had been torn apart; my children had failed some of their classes because of the visit to see my son. We have to pull our children out from school every other day. My entire life has been torn apart, from all of this, and on top of it, the attorney’s that both me and my husband have are very useless to us. We were told by them both that, we don’t have a choice when we go into court, cause the judge doesn’t really care and they not really care to keep the case in court. My son now wants to come home from a long time now, and DSS refuse to send him home. When he was 13 yrs old, they had told us that he is 13 so he gets to make his own decisions, now that he’s 14 they won’t allow him to make his own decisions. We know he wants to come home, and he also told the counselor, and told us, but still they kept him there.

    The only reason why I was been arrested was because of my race, and where I’m from, it’s not because of what my son had told the authorities. We know deep down in our heart that we did nothing to this child. And for the attorneys to tell us that we should tell the judge we did something that we didn’t do. They refuse to represent us properly in court. If they told us that the judge does not care, and they don’t want to keep this kind of case in the court, what are we suppose to do then? Both me, and my husband, and our kids were been treated unfairly. For DSS to come in my home without permission and question my children, and tell them what to say, and then turn around and lie about my kids told them that we had abused our son is far pass criminal.

    All the things that our son had accuses us of doing, he then went to live with a foster family, and little did we know that we were told by the case worker that he went and accuses that other foster parent of the same things also that he had accuses us of doing. And even though, they knew that, he’s still in foster care now. No one did any investigation at all, all DSS did was come in my home and interrogate my other children, and turn around and lie on them. In June of 2011 when it was time for the trial, the attorneys told us we couldn’t go to trial, and told us that we would get our son back, from that day they had us in court to tell the judge we did hit our son, when we did not, we haven’t seen, or heard from either attorney. All we are getting so far is just a couple visits from our son a week, and they had put a restraining order against us, and even against the other children we have in the home. Both me and my husband did not get a trial or a fair trial, and my other children lives has been torn apart because of one child. We had been taking care of this child since he was a small child growing up. All we did was to loved, and care for him, we gave him everything. And because of the things that we could not afford to give to him, he went and lied on us. A few days after I got arrested, we’ve learnt that my son had planned was to go into foster care so he can watch Television, play video games, get money to go the mall, and go out when he wants to. But something my son did at school that day and he didn’t want us the parents to find out about it, so he had lied on us. I really do need someone to look into this matter for us, because it’s been far too long, and I really would like to move on with my life, but it’s so hard to do so when we cannot get any help. Please I’m asking you to assist me and my family if you can.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted September 13, 2011 at 1:23 pm
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    I have a question I am going through dss now and my man says that them wanting us to drug test since we dont do any is a violation of our rights but if we dont comply dont that just make it worse shouln’t we just do what they want and try to get this over with

    • Anonymous
    • Posted September 13, 2011 at 1:25 pm
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    just ask a question forgot to give email

    • R.Snow
    • Posted November 12, 2011 at 4:15 pm
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    PLEASE HELP ME DSS STOLE MY CHILDREN and court appointed lawyer WILLIAM BROWN tried to extorit me to have sex with him to DEFEND me in court to get my children back from Dss!!! My children were STOLEN after I chose NOT to corroperate with Dss investigation because the report made on me was false and by a mentaly disturbed person (medically documented).

    • ????
    • Posted November 24, 2011 at 9:03 pm
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    Thank god for this site. I unfortanitly am thankful i am not the only person being raped by dss. I had my kids kidnapped from me after I told dss in writting and the judge saw the paperwork i was sending my kids to family out of state and was hit with kidnapping charges myself. It has been almost a year since i have seen or talked to my 9 year old daughter and 15 year old son. They accused my of beating and sexually molesting my daughter. the nazi shelia guion asked my daughter without my permission if it was true and she cussed shelia out saying my daddy is a good man and would never do that. To this day they wont talk to my son and when the guardian ad lidum finaly last month talked to him my son spoke to him in spanish. we are far from rascist becouse we are a biracial family but we have only delt with africans legally africans. 2 were from kenya and the newest nazi is from nigeria. yes in onslow ounty most dss workers are not from america .I have called rodger penrod the director and he wont return phone calls. Everything dss has said about my daughter has been proven wrong. they said she has add, adhd autistic you name it and she has been tested even for being over weight which every dr has said she is a great child and nothing is wrong. The second nazi we had lena simpson even had the nerve to call the sherriff to say i was threatening her life with a gun. when the pig showed up the nazi was in tears and they couldnt find a weapon on me and took my to jail in front of my kids and left them home alone over night. needless to say my son has acted out over this to the extent he dropped out of school. he has pulled a gun out on the social worker and they say its all my fault even though i havent seen or talked to my kids in a year. dss put my kids in foster care with a lady who only used the n word. fed them once a day nuggets and fries and we are a catholic family tried to baptise them as methodists. i have nothing wrong with other religions but my kids are catholic. My lawyer has been completly useless and wont return phone calls or talk to me in court but damn sure i have to pay 330.00 per court appereance even though he doesnt do anything. If anyone has any helpful suggestions on how to fight these people in onslow county i would appreciate it. I have hundredes of pages of documents from dss on how they themselves have taken my kids out of state without permission. and even took my kids stuff becouse they wanted to. my email is and would love to talk to anyone going through the same especially during the holidays. god bless and death to dss nazi’s

    • tabatha teets
    • Posted December 7, 2011 at 5:21 pm
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    Were and how can I go to file paper so that my husband cant take my son out of state of north carliona ??? pleazze help me

    • lawdoll
    • Posted December 7, 2011 at 6:11 pm
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    Is there a custody order in place? If not you need to either hire an attorney or represent yourself and obtain a custody order. Or you and your ex can agree on custody, in writing. But if I did that I would make sure that agreement was file with the court and anything else that needed to be done for it to beenforceable. Without a custody order, both parents have legal and physical custody.

    Is there a reason why you don’t want your son to leave the state with his father? If your son is being abused, there are steps you can take to protect him, like a restraining order. But if you just don’t want the father to take your son out of state, because you don’t want him to…be warned, interfering with the relationship of a parent and child, without just cause is frown on by many judges.

    Fathers have just as many rights as mothers, unless a father or mother is abusive, keeping them from the child and interfering with their relationship with their child, hurts the child.

    If your son is being abused you need to take steps to protect him, but if not, let him have a relationship with his father.


    • Rickey Snow
    • Posted December 8, 2011 at 1:50 pm
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    PLease help me save my children from dss… i turned william brown in for trying to extort me and my children have not been returned to me..four years later… please email me…please help me and my boys…Cumberland county Fayetteville, nc. Judge Edward Pone is the judge on the case… I will be starting a petition and protest at the Cumberland County Court House.. please send email for more info…thank you

    • lawdoll
    • Posted December 8, 2011 at 2:56 pm
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    I will send you and email later today.


    • Little Red
    • Posted December 9, 2011 at 1:43 am
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    CPS in Onslow County has ripped my family apart. It’s been 3 months and still dealing with BS. My grandchildren were taken and we’ve been fighting to get them back with either myself or home with their parents. CPS workers have lied, stated stuff in their paperwork that is down right false, broken HIPPA laws, refuse to give us the paperwork they are suppose to, confidentialality forget that although they have us sign the form everytime we have a CFT, some confidential paperwork that is only for CPS eyes ended up in the wrong hands, heck they didn’t even notify me they had my grandchildren, the list goes on and on. We’ve tried lawyers but they are no help. My next step is writing as many letters as possible to anyone I can think of. BUT, I’m not as good with words as some people so I’m looking for some to colaberate with on this please and to tell our story and what’s been going on. There is just so much wrong with this case and what they have done to my grandchildren since they have been in their care is horrible. My email is

    • ????
    • Posted December 9, 2011 at 3:58 pm
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    Little red, It was good to talk to you and cant wait to meet you and your son. Together with this site and great people i believe we can stop the corruption of these pedifiles and get our children the homes and love that they deserve.

    • Sheri Harris
    • Posted December 17, 2011 at 3:18 pm
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    Is there anyone who can provide me with the name of a lawyer who can help me get my 3 granddaughters even after parental rights have been terminated? Please, I beg anyone. Our case was in Harnett County.

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  9. We are a gaggle of volunteers and starting a brand new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with helpful information to work on. You have done an impressive task and our whole group will probably be grateful to you.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted February 5, 2012 at 3:52 pm
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    I don’t know how much this will help, but, there is a group of lawyers from that will come to NC and file a
    law suit on your behalf. They need at least 10 cases so I’m told to fly here from Ca. and help us. I have submitted my claim through their website. If you or anyone that you know of that has been done wrong by DSS or CPS here in NC would like some help contact them at or try I actually reached them on I had a number which I will look up and post back here.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted February 5, 2012 at 4:02 pm
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    Oh the phone number to is 1-888-973-7968. The man you want to talk to is Tom. My name is Sheri Harris and I am sick and tired of what has been done to my family and to all of you. My family has been ripped to pieces and I haven’t seen my 3 little granddaughters in over a year. My son and the girls’ mother was lied on by the Harnett County CPS workers. And what’s so bad is they lied on me. A foster mother who has the youngest actually works for Legal Services in Lillington (this is where the courthouse is for Harnett County) her job is to do the contracts for CPS and DSS. How coincidental!! If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to contact me 910-977-5825

    • horizionangel
    • Posted February 5, 2012 at 8:00 pm
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    ive been envolved with nc dss for 2 yrs now and they r doin some shady stuff they stop my visitation when i went to prison and now that im out i cant see her…the dss worker is kin to the foster family and my daughters therepist is tryin to get her to lie about the situation just so they can take my rights….i feel like im fightin a losing battle we go to court next month and i just want to know if there is anything i can do to help myself get my daughter back…i am followin my case plan but from the begining my case worker has told me n my family that i will never get my daughter back…please help…email me at in the subject line please put ” DSS HELP” thanks so much…

  10. when i had to do what was best for my kids and place them with kin. i never thought I would be accused of neglect or abuse, but that is how they worded it. I had to agree to it at court but i don’t believe they think i am telling them the truth bout my self or even when the kids say i am a good mom.and didn’t do those things. any way they say i have to bee supervised with my son at DSS 1 hour a week or 2 hours every 2 weeks . when I put them in kinship placement it was FEB.3, 2011 in july my son ran away from his dad, i found him walking down the street so i do the rt. thing and take him back to his step mom who hads kinship of him so she could take him back to his dads because his dad don’t like me and is mad at me and won’t tell me why. any way and then i call and tell my dss cps supervisor about it she makes the report on his dad for neglect and his dad. and step mom put all the resronsiablty on my son. so they dropped it on his dad. that is a another story.
    Eithere way they thought i told him to, but i didn’t . well i told him the last time i saw him at his step moms that as long as he was with her we could see and talk to each other. but when he is at his dads he can’t but that is the way his dad is. well needless to say his dad neglected him and he is a saint and i get my child taken from me even more. because before that i could see him for 5 hours at his step moms, which we get along. any way, because i am and was homeless when i put them in placement i did it to do what was best for them and there grades were slipping a week after no supervision and did nothing wrong when i had them the 1st week. the very one that i truely believe is never for reunification because she never believs me and believes everything against me. why don’t she look at all the good things said aboput me. oooo i know it would out way the false statements and the bad, i will never claim to be a perfect parent and needs to work on things as a mom and person all the time but so does everyone else. all i want is to see my kids supervised, so i can take them to feed the ducks at the lake, go to church, go to the park, or shopping. i have never done my kids wrong accept lose a home witch is major but not to were i can’t just go pick up my kids for the day until i get my own home. Someone HELP ME there is always more to everystory any one with legal knowledge reads this and doesn’t care to help me out with some ?’s i would appreciate it. 828-627-9234 thank you and i live in nc.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted April 6, 2012 at 6:33 pm
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    Anyone had any dealings with cps Martin county. Please contact me #252798-0333. My name is Kelly Queen!!!!

    • betty alsbury
    • Posted April 10, 2012 at 12:37 am
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    i am need of anyone and everyone who knows how to stop these dang people? My family had delt with DSS being called on our famliy for 6 yrs. by my daughter n laws ex husbands people. Not by him mind you but by his father and stepmother. They have wanted the little boy since he was born but hasn’r been able to get him.We beeged DSS how can we stop all these false reports. The kids would go for the weekends come back sayin the 2 grandmothers where lockin them in the rooms and asking questions until they made things up about what was goin on at our home. The father has never been in their life besides comin to pick them up and taking them straight to his dads where they were dropped off and left til sunday. The 7 yr. old daughter would come home upset because they would buy him things and not her. They spent the night with my other grandkids and when Sara came to tell that Christian her brother was jumpin on the bed I said go tell him to come here. When I asked him and I put him in the corner as always he yelled your being mean my grandmother told me your not suppose to punish me. I told him well eevryone has diff rules and you have to abide ny them all. I told him you can get out. He went to the bedroom and yelled at Sara and said” You know what happens when you tell on me when we are at home you just wait. Sara startin screamin NOOOO . I told them both to come here and I asked Christian ” ok what will happen to her? He said when we go back to grandmas house and I let them know she told on me she will have to sit on the ege of her bed all weekend long. I said ok what would happen if you tell on her? He said nothing because I am not suppose to get into trouble for anything. Between the fathers real mother and stepmother they have called DSS for 6yrs. and the last time the worker ask my husband and I to talk the mother into giving the children up to the fathers people. I said are you crazy why would I do that? The last report they made we had a in home therphy comin 5 days a week because they said it was good for my oldest grandson. But Christian got suppended from school and his mom went and got him from school walked in the front door and the therphist asked him why and when he wouldn’t say anything we told him go to the table and do ur work. 2 days later DSS was knocking on our door and guess waht? Yes the family called said we beat the hell out of him as soon as he walked thru the door. Funny part was the same therphist was there and she told DSS it was a lie. The worker got up and left and never came back. Well here we are all of a sudden the father shows up at the school and starts havin lunch with the 2 kids after 5 yrs. and Sara comin home after the weekends with them sayin they are building her own room and buyin her this and that. I tried to tell my son and the mother look out something fixin to happen. Well DSS shows up tells my daughter n law your ex husbands at the school and hes goin to take ur children and she said NO hes not. DSS worker said yes he is because Chriustian says your husband picked him up by the throat and beat him. This kid is skinny as a tooth pick and my son weighs 300 pds. She asked were there marks or bruise? She said no he was rubbin it and complainin. ( no mark what so ever) and the father was there day before and the day of. So she told her no she wouldn’t sign. DSS said” either you sign this or I will take the your baby and place him in foster care with strangers and the other 2 will still go to their dads. So instead of the baby bring taken she signed the paper. They got them for neglect and abbuse ! But left the baby. Well a week later they walked in with policew and took him. After they found out my sons back was broke and there wasn’t anyway he could have picked the boy up. Well when dss started realizin what they have done it was lies from then on out. Now the baby still in foster care they gave the 2 kids to their father ( custody) Mother has no rights. And when they found out they were tryin to get kids back after 2 months they have the little girl sayin my son made her give him oral sex for 1 yr. Now my sons fighting for his life 3 life sentences for somethig he didn’t do or would ever do. The video they have of her talkin to police and mind you the step mother took her in and she says the girl told her. Anyway the video has her sittin in a office chair with the police lady gettin on to her about being still from playin and she asked her how long its been goin on and Sara rolls her eyes said 1 yr. and spins and laughs. The dss worker says over and over I have to check out ur house before i can place him with you.Well its been almost 3 months baby crys to come home and then stops when his names called by this worker so you tell me ? My son sits in jail crys all the time because he is innocent and can’t believe his daughter he has taken care of for 6 yrs has lied on him like this. But she has been given everything so now what. Oh by the way none of the fathers people had to be checked out. But hey he don’t have to pay child support and thats what he was goin for. YES DSS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED HOW BAD THEY TREAT INNOCENT PEOPLE. But if you willgo to a web site I have found somewhat helpful its Allen Cowling he talks about DSS and peole beiong falsey accused of sex abuse to, I have took his advise some and DSS ddin’t care for it. IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFORMATION WHAT WE CAN DO PLEASE LET ME KNOW I HAVE CRIED AND MY FINGER HURT FOR ALL THE WEB SITES I HAVE BEEN TO.

    • Sheri
    • Posted April 10, 2012 at 5:42 pm
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    Please go to and let them know what happened. If they can get enough cases on DSS here in NC they are going to send lawyers here to help us. They will help us and file a class action lawsuit against CPS and DSS. I was told about this and I sent my story in to them. If you want you can contact me at 910-591-0940. my name is Sheri and I’ve been dealing with these crooked workers in Harnett county for 2 yrs.

    • betty alsbury
    • Posted April 11, 2012 at 10:55 pm
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    Thank you Sheri very much for comment on this. I just received ur comment and I will contact you torr. I know what you mean we have delt with DSS for 6 yrs now and on the same people making false reports.I really hope they will help us my daughter n law and my son is so beside their selves and so am I. There are people out there that don’t need children but they find it more fun I think to mess with the ones of us that try to take care of our kids. Once again thank you !

    • Stuck between a rock and a hard place and missing my children
    • Posted May 27, 2012 at 3:13 pm
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    Dss in Catawba county told me that my 2 year old daughter can not live in the same house with my fiancee. DSS has cleared him to be around my children and now they are saying that he can not be around my children because he was trying to teach her not to touch things. Apparently if DSS workers do not have children they sure can tell parents what to do and how to discipline or raise children when they do not have children. I do not understand how they can do that. On top of all that now they are telling me that it is morally wrong to live with a man and him pay the bills. THE WAY I WAS RAISED IS THE MAN TAKES CARE OF THE WOMAN AND CHILDREN. But DSS is saying that I need to live by myself and not with anyone especially a man because men are controlling and possessive. It dnt make any sense. I have done everything these people have asked of me I have even volunteered to do things but nothing is good enough. Now my daughter is not living in my house but down the street with a friend of mine and she cries everytime I see her that she wants to come home with mommy and daddy (she calls my fiancee daddy) but DSS is saying that she does not know what she wants and they are not going to take into account what that child wants. They are not even giving me a time frame or what we (my fiancee and I) have to do to get both my daughters back in our home. I keep getting the run around and I do not know what I am supposed to do.

    • Stuck between a rock and a hard place and missing my children
    • Posted May 27, 2012 at 3:31 pm
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    I have been dealing with DSS in Catawba County since the day my daughter was born (7/24/2009). The first time I seen DSS, as a parent, was when they beat on my hospital room door 15 hours after I gave birth. The hospital where I delivered my daughter called DSS because I am BIPOLAR. I have also dealt with the same worker everytime DSS is called on me for 2 years. My mother has called DSS everytime except the first time (and the hospital called, stating that they were concerned because I was BIPOLAR and needed to make sure that I would bond with my newborn). My mother has wanted custody of my oldest daughter since she was born. She has made crazy and false allegations on me (using drugs, not bathing my child, not feeding my child, etc) they have all been proven false but still DSS workers still continue to come out to my house. I have submitted several times for drug testing, parenting assessments, drug assessments, psychological evaluations, anger management evaluations, volunteered for parenting classes. I do not understand what else I need to do to keep these people off my back. I was raised in foster care as a child and I aged out at 18. I am now 23 years old and have 2 children. I have not done anything wrong as a parent. I have not been in trouble with the law since before my children were born. I have a criminal record but that is misdemeanor stuff and that was all taken care of before I got pregnant and had either one of my children. My fiancee and I have kept a roof over both my daughter’s heads, food in their bellies, clothes on their backs, and helped family and friends with things that they need (financially, emotionally, physically) but nothing is good enough for these people. What else do I have to do? Move? Die? Give up? I am confused on what my fiancee and I need to do to keep these people outta my business and my life. Why won’t they just leave my family alone??? I have researched and researched but do not get anywhere. Why can’t DSS give me a time frame so that I have something that I can work towards to get my daughters back in my home? I thought they have guidelines they have to go by??? Guess not… they think that they can mess with whomever they want to and do whatever they want to and its okay…. WHY?

    • lori m
    • Posted June 4, 2012 at 9:29 am
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    My nightmare began 11/11. My ex husband called me yelling and cussing and told me he had called DSS/CPS in Watauga county on m. He was tired of me and come tax time he’d claim both children instead of one and I claimed one. Couple hours later the social worker showed up with DEA/NARCOTICS. They searched the home and found nothing, then she proceeded to make me sign a safety plan, told me I had to be at DSS that afternoon for a drug screen. I was given 2 visits (supervised ) a week. I complied, I was then forced to sign a paper allowing my ex temporary custody. I argued that I had done nothing to warrant her actions, I explained what my ex did, I asked that if this was what their job wate my ex who smokes marijuana, drinks and helps make moonshine, who is a convicted felon(federal ) who was arrested 4/10/09 for assault on a female & communicating threats, who also that night(before arrested ) was tweaking on Meth, pocket full of pills, wrecked his truck. its stopped, took
    my son to therapist, and I just got a letter 06/01/12 that the case was closed and recommended that I was not safe to be around my son. Unsupervised and I must have therapy so I don’t abuse him, therapy to stop the domestic violence, parenting classes because MT paren
    skills were not appropriate and I must complete a substance abuse. Treatment and prove all this to my ex before I’d even be allowed contact with my son. I was never in a courtroom, never charged, and now there isn’t anything I can do????? I’m not a druggie, I gave NEVER NEVRT emotionally abused my son, how can Watauga DSS getby with this????????8289641827

    • betty alsbury
    • Posted June 4, 2012 at 9:34 pm
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    First of all hun they can do whatever they want when they want and tell you lies and when time comes they will lie about telling you anything. As how they get by well they do because they walk into a court room and what ever their lawyer says goes. Advise don’t get a court appointed lawyer because they just say ‘ Do as they say and see you next court date. Needless to say they don’t care either. My sons sitting in jail now for 5 months on trump up charges after they took the 2 step kids out of home and hes raised all their lives and told the mother either sign papers that the father take them or we will take ur baby and put him in foster care ( 5yrs old). And when she wouldn’t let them just take kids without asking to see them they came 2 weeks ;later took baby. Her ex -inlaws called DSS for over 6 yrs. and never once was any proof of abuse . well the ex father and stepmom got kids because the father doesn’t want them and his dad got tried of payin his child support. ( proven in court to ) ! well they had them for 2 months and the dss realized there was no stoppin her and then the grandmother ( that called all the time took little girl to police station and she said the little girl told her my son was makin her give him blow jobs for a year. Mind you she is 8 yrs old and the video tape they have she was playing around and laughing about it all. So if she was made to dot his playin would be last thing she would be doin. He had 6 friends at their house everynight playin video games all night long. That was his and his wofes fighting about. she worked grave yard shift. but dss or police cared. the little boy ordered XX-rated movies off tv at his granddads house so i bet they were just doing what he seen. the boy and girl slept together at the grandparents house where they are now and still dss knew about the little boy and said it was ok for them to sleep in same room. but they said it was up to dad weather they continue to sleep in same room . but they told my daughterin law ” NO they can’t slepp in same room. The kids were given to father full custody and she can’t even see them and hasn’t for 5 months now. So hun get your own lawyer if you can. oh my sons facing 3 life sentences and when the DA said if yall put her on stand then we will drop charges and recharge him with higher charge ( I said what more can u do to him place him in firing squad? Put her on the stand ! I was told by a worker that when they get so many calls thats when they take the kids ! My opinion is they get tired of hearing the calls and thats when they give them to the ex’s!

    • Bryan Kinsey
    • Posted June 19, 2012 at 12:36 pm
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    I filed a complaint against a Swain County DSS worker last April. I sent the complaint to the NC DSS because at the time, Swain Co. DSS was being investigated by the SBI. A Swain Co. DSS worker was having a sexual relationship with a current client of the Swain Co. DSS. The DSS worker was supposed to remain an objective, unbiased third party in the case. I received a letter from Daisy Blue from the NC DSS. She requested that someone else handle the case and referred me to the local DSS Board for personnel matters.

    Interim Swain Co. DSS Director Jerry Smith placed me on the Swain Co. DSS board agenda after I told him that I could not make it to the meeting that day because I had to work. He would never allow me on the agenda again. Mr. Smith did send me a letter stating that the DSS worker would not be handling my case. Swain Co. Manager Kevin King denied my complaint being placed on the Commissioner’s meeting agenda. It is obvious that no one wants to hear my complaint. If I was the agenda, my complaint would be in the minutes. Public comments are generally not recorded.

    I went to several Swain Co. DSS Board meetings to speak during the public comments. The “public” DSS Board meeting was held in the locked basement of the DSS building. I was just berated with smart alec comments from the Board. I was called “ignorant” and was threatened to be sued if I continued with my complaint. Swain Co. DSS Board member Georgianna Carson stated, “No one here can tell anyone who they can or cannot date.” Another Board member Thomas Decker stated, “There is no ethical violation here. It is none of your business who he dates.”

    I cited the NC Open Records Act and requested the Swain County DSS Code of Ethics that applies to this specific DSS worker. A few weeks later, I received a copy of the 104 Business Ethics and Conduct from Kim Hight, the Personnel Officer of the Swain Co. DSS. Contrary to the DSS Board’s beliefs, it plainly states, “DSS employees should, under no circumstances, engage in sexual activities with current clients or provide professional services to former sexual partners.” “DSS employees should avoid conflicts that interfere with the exercise of professional discretion and impartial judgment.” “DSS employees should not permit their private conduct to interfere with their ability to fulfill their professional duties.” It states, “Violation of the public trust placed on you through your employment at a public agency is a serious offense. Compliance with this policy of ethics and conduct is the responsibility of every Swain County DSS employee. Disregarding or failing to comply with this standard of business ethics and conduct could lead to disciplinary action, up to and including possible termination of employment. As an employee of a public agency, ethical conduct is expected at all times. ANYTHING LESS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.”

    I went to the Swain Co. Commissioners’ meeting to speak during the public comments. Everyone else was allowed to ramble on for 10 to 20 minutes about nothing but I was abruptly cut off at the end of my state mandated three minutes. Swain Co. Board Chairman Philip Carson stated, “I don’t want to hear it!”

    According to the Swain Co. DSS Board, Swain Co. DSS workers do not have to follow Swain Co. DSS policy and ethical standards.

    • Posted August 13, 2012 at 6:18 pm
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    I have a question my son was taken by dss becuase his father was slealing and i had nothing to do with it other than i was living in he same residence now he stays my his grandparents on the fathers side and they are saying that they will send him to foster care if the father of my child doesnt get his life straight i want to know how that is possible please give me some advice on this.

  11. I have a story for you. First of all, I live in Catawba County. (Newton, NC) The School system called DSS because my daughter..get this..had a diaper rash. My daughter is 4 and in PreK. She is also Autistic and has Epilepsy. Her seizure medication gives her rashes. It’s listed as a side effect. She wears pull-ups because she’s not completely potty trained as her Autism makes it a challenge. Apparently having a rash is a sign of abuse and neglect. About a month before this, I had taken her to her pediatric physician because her rash was just not going away no matter what I tried. Her doctor said it looks like Hand Foot and Mouth Disease OR it could be because of her meds. In any case, when she started school, I notified them of the side effects of her meds, her special needs, contact info, the full monty, Fast forward to just a couple of weeks ago, a DSS worker shows up at my door, questioning me about my child. *head desk* If the teachers had bother to ask me FIRST about the rash (even though all meds and side effects are listed in her file) all this unnecessary stress would have been avoided. Instead, the Catawba County School System decided to hide behind DSS instead of asking me first. Now it’s going on 3 weeks and the worker has yet to close out the case. She states she can’t because my husband is out of state working to support his family. He’s in GA and is due to come home in 3 weeks. That’s BS to me. She can’t illegally hold the fact my husband has a JOB against us. I wrote her supervisor a letter, an e-mail and my next step will be certified letter with my legal representation to an attorney. My daughter has special needs and was discriminated against. This entitles her representation through the ADA. I stress to you please let anyone who has bogus cases against them and if they have a special needs child involved, they can get free or low cost attorneys. Is is VERY IMPORTANT they realize they have this right. They can also go to the newspaper, news stations, etc.

    Fight fire WITH FIRE!

    • roxanne thoman
    • Posted November 12, 2012 at 1:36 pm
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  12. Hi there, I enjoy reading all of your post. I wanted to write
    a little comment to support you.

    • anonymous CPS
    • Posted January 31, 2013 at 10:22 pm
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    This post is too all who encounter this website. I am a NC DSS worker, and my county will remain anonymous. I want every person to know that there are multiple stories in every case and that each case decisions are individualized to your needs and taken of utmost sincerity to the well being and safety of your child and family members. I know that there are individual workers who make decisions that impact your life in a negative manner, maybe corrupt, however, it is to be known that is not the majority. Most workers I met care deeply for your children and want you and your family to succeed. And that is being based on DSS is meant to be that support, but it requires parents being willing to put faith that system does care about you and your family. I also want to state how many parents are honest when they discuss the allegations. How much percentage is repeated involvement with DSS. If any parent has one case with DSS, it should stand as a reminder to never allow the situation it is. I also want to know if you want DSS to protect your children from abuse or neglect, possibly dying as most often neglect causes death in children or not. By reading these posts I hear you blame DSS for a child’s death as well as when a neglectful parent doesn’t want to acknowledge the impact of their decisions and blame DSS as being corrupt. Everyone you can’t have it both ways. And if want changes in the system require your local dss to provide at risk case management which is completely family choice to allow those families that are at risk for abuse and neglect to be given services before it becomes mandatory and your children are removed from care to assure that no abuse happens. Also, instead of fighting the system, utilize the services given for your benefit to improve your life,

    • Anonymous
    • Posted February 1, 2013 at 11:16 am
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    to this anonymous cps worker….. your full of it. i have been dealing with cps for two years and praise be to god i was able to get my social worker and there lawyer arrested last night for not doing what was court orderded. They do as they please and dont care about the kids. my kids went into foster care on lies till we finally got to see a judge and prove them wrong.

    • anonymous
    • Posted February 2, 2013 at 1:33 am
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    anonymous cps palease spare the fine lines of bs because in dealing with several sw and cps workers there are none that go out of their way to show an ounce of humanity in caring for the children ,,,,I dont know what planet you people are from and where you think you get your holier than thou attitudes but the reality is Ya all are not working for what is in teh ebst interest of the children and if by chance you are the one out of every 20 sw cps workers that wishes you made an actual difference in a child or families life thats nice but face it teh whole system is corrupt and if it makes you feel better trying to blow smoke up peoples asses here than admit it and find a new profession that maybe you can make a difference because ya all stand together including the lawyers the judges and the rest of your legalized kidnapping gang thats what teh facts are

    • Posted April 5, 2013 at 9:40 pm
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    what i don’t understand is you say that all the workers are doing their jobs well explain this whenever any of the workers are ask to explain anything why is it the subject always gets ignored. And why doesn’t the reports that you people write how come its all hand wriiten? I bet I can tell you ! This way things can be changed to suit screw ups. And why do DSS use either bribe, threats, and turn the kids words to fit your reports? Why when the babies ask ” When can I go home do you ignore them. When you people put a perfectly sweet. loving, 5 yr.old in foster care and throw him from one home to another and when he begs to go home you people threaten him not to see his parents. And in a couple months later we have a 5 yr. old angry and hating all his foster parents. And when the parents get court appointed lawyers and funny thing is the parents give him all the fire power and they sit there and say ” Well we don’t want to upset them (DSS). Yes just as Tyler Perry says ( They are a lie r ur ). It’s sad our own Rights give the DSS the right to SCREW PARENTS THAT TRY TO CARE FOR THEIR KIDS ! AND THERE’S NOT ONE LAWYER THAT WILL STAND UP TO THEM BECAUSE THOSE GREEN PIECES OF PAPERS THEY WRITE ON GET LOSS WHEN IT SCREWS THEM.

  13. “Well back in 2006 all 3 of kid’s we’re taking over BS and the County I’m talking about is Burke they was doing a lot of people wrongly..Because I got to see my kid’s over some time and that stopped and had to do drug testing and going to see a crazy doctor to and that I had angry problem’s but I didn’t and then when I’m out they came and took pictures this is after they took my kids and this’ll is BS if u ask me…

  14. “Well all this started with Burke County back in 2006 and they told me to do all theses things and I would get my kids back well little did I know that was a lie..and I had 3 kid’s at that time and one had mental problems and my other two are twins but I got to see my kids for awhile till they stopped that and said that they was going to my rights away and of course back then I couldn’t pay for a lawyer the courts gave me one…but they went someone in my family because I had give up my rights to him if not they would take away and place my kid’s with someone who I did not know and then in they we’re taking from him and put into a Foster home where they make 2,000 perchild that’s why they want them in the system…and last knew of my sister was trying to adopt them and as d.s.s. will say cannot see them any more because all the things they came up with in court and all the lies and pictures they took when I was out of town and they already had my kid’s…and me having to do every thing like that and still don’t get to keep my kid’s man it’s all messed up and see if d.s.s. would have took time to see I’m not crazy or thing that I have a disease Chiari Malformation and it’s something you’re born with and I’ve had all my life but it didn’t make till I had car accident back around the same time they came in and took my kid’s so as u see they done me wrong and I don’t know if I’ll ever see them because this disease could cause me die at anytime oh God help me amen…

  15. After taking a look at several of the blog articles on your website
    (for almost 4), hrs I candidly like your method of running a blog.

    I bookmarked it as well so that I can keep up with it regularly.

    Take a look at my web site as well and tell me how you feel.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted May 22, 2013 at 6:56 pm
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    It’s been a long time since I’ve been to this site. My 3 precious granddaughters have been adopted out. I have the transcripts to prove the CPS worker told numerous different stories and was called out by the public defender of their mother. The judge didn’t care. Well, karma does come around, he was not voted to sit back on the bench. Thank God. I joined a group called Lawless America on Facebook and Mr. Bill Windsor Came to NC and I was filmed on June 18th,2012. I also went with him and 100’s others that were filmed all across the whole US telling their stories of family court corruption. I met with Renee Ellmers and showed her just a few of the discrepancies. A Congressional Inquiry will now be done. PLEASE people Mr. Windsor of Lawless America is filming again. Go to facebook and check out Lawless America. Get your stories told!!!!! Lets get him back here and expose these heartless crooks!!!! We owe it to the children!!

    • Sheri Harris
    • Posted May 22, 2013 at 7:00 pm
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    To reach Bill Windsor email

  16. I have been going some of the same thing with DDS in Halifax Country Roanoke Rapids NC
    For a 14 months Nightmare

  17. Do not assume that if you have seen one,
    you have seen them all. This article reviews five of the most popular MP3
    music download services. Parents who are no longer capable of managing their
    own affairs may use power of attorney to delegate decision-making power to one of their children.

    • Susan Wells
    • Posted September 21, 2013 at 2:26 am
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    If you are Bill Windsor and are telling CPS horror stories – I have one for Dare County
    (“paradise” for tourists) Outer Banks, NC

    I have discovered and exposed fraud, perjury – kidnapping – but the farce continues.

    I am educated, no criminal background whatsoever – was grad student of Public Health at UNC-CH – worked as child nutrition specialist, taught school, GED, author and artist.

    And I’m being portrayed as an “inappropriate” caretaker of my grandson (his mother suffered a brain injury) because, according to DSS, I don’t believe my daughter is schizophrenic – yes, that’s my “crime” — the baby is — or was before the kidnapping – perfectly healthy — My daughter was going to see a TBI specialist in just 9 days before DCDSS blocked it – A neuropsychiatrist diagnosed her medical condition as brain injury — her accident occurred on DAre County property — and Dare county refuses to accept TBI diagnosis.

    So they throw her into the hospital and drug her with very very dangerous drugs for someone with TBI – and the next day they come get my grandson – 3 months old — because they falsified a document claiming he was dependent when his mother was hospitalized — lying that no one else was living with him – omitting the facts, required by law – 50A – 209-

    Now this defrauding, perjuring kidnapping agency has the audacity to impose upon ME – -someone with no criminal record whatsoever – a requirement for mental health evaluation before they will consider giving back the child they illegally took from my home!!! That requirement is for people with a history of violent abuse – apparently DSS has me confused with DSS. And the judge knows the law, and he’s not ordering – only the abusers are trying to transfer their behavior on to me.

    I exposed them in a motion to correct the perjured, falsified affidavit – and the judge STILL lets them get away with their sick charade. All of this reeks of retaliation because I filed a complaint with the State Dept of HHS – about Dare County DSS misconduct. The state “oversight” if you want to call it that – is worthless- simply backs up anything DSS does.

    They are trying to claim I abused the baby’s mother. I believe they have ME confused with Dare County DSS APScaseworker Stephanie Ryder and Director Jay Burrus, who have confined my disabled, brain injured daughter – age 35 – in a home for the elderly — exposing her to a smoking roommate, pesticide spraying and God knows what else – (because I am not allowed to visit her – nor has she seen her own son — EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS A DIAGNOSIS OF MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES — AS WELL AS BRAIN INJURY —

    And yet these abusers have NO OVERSIGHT – just who do I go to to report their abuse of my daughter?
    what could be worse than confining a 35-year-old – former straight A student to a nursing home that reeks of chemicals – neurotoxic chemicals – -and force–drugging her with one of the most brain damaging drugs in existence – on once used as torture on Soviet Prisoners.

    What about that abuse?

    Please tell me how I can testify before Congress– It took me TWO DAYS to get Dare County Sheriff’s dept to file a pitiful excuse of a police report — “possible perjury” — leaving off “falsifying a court document” defrauding the court – -kidnapping — not even asking me to sign the report – threatening to arrest me for insisting one sergeant file it – when he refused – not promising me they’ll even take the report seriously – not even mentioning the name of Shannon Foltz, who falsified the document on which the whole fraudulent allegation of “dependency” was based.

    Why would any JUST COURT allow this abuse, and illegal kidnapping to continue – JUST BECAUSE IT’S DSS – SOMEONE MUST BE GETTING SOME MONEY.

    • betty
    • Posted October 2, 2013 at 6:32 pm
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    Well I guess thats that they took my youngest grandson and placed him with his grandfather in WI. Sad part this man has never had anything to do with him. As for my son well they kept him in jail for over a year with no court date in sight. And so called sad excuse for a lawyer told him to sign the plea agreement because it could take up to 3 yrs. to go to court.. Now Mr. Grayson Cheeks of David and Ass. that was hired for his court appointed lawyer called me and said ok the deal is he please to indecent liberites with a minor and never go around the child again and register. And he can come home in couple days. Well they get him in front of a judge and his lawyer says sign it. And he did but never reading it. Now he’s shipped out to god only knows where for 2 months for prison. On a charge that he never done. The stepson goes to my oldest school came up to him and said did u hear our step dad raped her. Well its funny because that was never told. The grandparents that has caused all this has the kids now and happy because they don’t have to pay child support for the father anymore. If I have learned one thing that is DSS,COURT APPOINTED LAYWERS AND THE JUDGES ALL ARE 1 AND IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE AS EVIDENCE YOU MIGHT AS WELL GO PLAY THIER GAME! As for my baby grandson he’s being doped up on all kinds of meds because grandpa’s trying to get a check for him and the meds the dr. he was going to before he got taken told us he was allergic to all stimaltes meds well they have him back on them he walks around drillin like a dog and zombie when in fact the only thing he was mad about was he wanted to come home. As for you ever getting dr or hospital records for your child after they take them forget it because they make sure you can not. This way you can’t see what they are making up. And almost always say ” oh they have gain so much weight since we took them. Will we eer see my grandson again ? NO will he ever be the same again NO !

    • susan vaughan
    • Posted October 2, 2013 at 7:16 pm
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    This part certainly reflects my experience with Dare County NC– but I will not play their game. I will pray that the truth comes out. The GAL actually LIED to a potential family guardian yesterday -told her one had to be an attorney to be a guardian — the idea was apparently to get her to withdraw – so that DSS could continue to control and PREVENT my daughter from getting proper understanding and treatment for conditions that included traumatic brain injury.

    I ask God for justice if no one else with help.

    Someday there will be a reckoning.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted October 2, 2013 at 7:18 pm
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    to the caseworker you know I have to agree with it busted his you on one thing there are some workers out there that do care but they are most likely be the ones that first start because the ones I have met their superviors are right there telling them what to do. I had a grandson that had got to where he thought hey I don’t have to listen anymore to anyone. Ran off everyday, kicked, fought with the police and told lies on me then after a while he lied on a officer said they hit him in the head and shoveled him in the car so hard it busted his head. And funny part is the kids court wouldn’t even allow the charges the officers made go thru. Then DSS gets involved and only thing they tell me is ” Use ur resources well whenever I would say well I have done everything but tie him to bed so you tell me what you would do with him? The worker just sat there and said well use your resources. This child has been in therphy all his life and as of now he tells them what to say. And they just can’t believe it. Well ok lets take him place him in foster care and they tell him ok you behave and you can go home. Well they are coming looking at me and sayin oh hes doing good ! I laugh said ok I am glad ! What yall call it the honeymoon period? Well he ran thru that and after that we had one of the meetings and she said he won’t listen to me and ignores me when I talk to him. I said yep he’s fixing to run ! 2 nights later he runs and takes a girl with him. After a long drawn out dealings they placed him in lock down and the workers was peed off because everything wasn’t what she thought. I wasn’t to blame and she threatened to take his brother and sister just because he was actin out. And they make a’s and b’s. Oh I have dealt with alot of you and to say you care is a Big Laugh ! You throw them babies in foster care and throw them from one to the other always sayin oh I go check on them all the time (ANOTHER LIE ) ! When they go from being sweet lovable babies to mad as hell children because the whole time they ask to go home and you all ignore them and then they get upset and then becomes our faults they are upset ! This is bull and then you allow the foster parents put them on meds and turn them into druggies then blame them !

    • phillip newcomer
    • Posted October 9, 2013 at 4:46 pm
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    I need help now for my daughter! Email me please someone, dss in three counties wouldnt help and let this woman openly lie in court and endanger our daughter

    • samantha
    • Posted December 2, 2013 at 10:42 am
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    I live in Statesville. I need to know who to talk to. My work did not do my review, or change my address, even when I brought the stuff up there. She hangs up on me when she doesn’t wan to answer my questions. she doesn’t return phone calls, and neither dose her supervisor! I have three kids and a husband to feed, and we have no food, and I have been to all the food pantries.

  18. This is about my son in Andrews NC. It is a little different but not totally. The Cherokee county SS have been contacted and they get money to from the CAP Medicaid program. Please look at the petition I have started on Change,org and help me get my son home.

    • Grace Conlin
    • Posted December 15, 2013 at 3:45 pm
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    I don’t see a lot on here about Cumberland County DSS and they should be at the top of the list. I have consulted an attorney and been told I have a very “strong and convincing” case where our CPS investigator C.James falsified documents and told straight lies in court to get custody of my son. Now that we are drawing attention to the case and have undisputable proof of the conspiracy of DSS to target the disabled and poor amongst us, our loving social worker James has gone on “sudden extended Medical leave”, and won’t be returning….at least while our case is open. Guess her creative writing skills are needed elsewhere in the department. You can contact me at if you need more information. I will be suing the entire department in FEDERAL COURT….

  19. Grace, get them your law suit should go nation wide. This has been going on for years and years in all the states. I am not going to say this as a bad person, but they are after white babies. I saw on CNN just last week the mixed babies are being sent to Europe because not many are adopted in this country. It is a sad fact but the truth. You all please read my petition and please sign it and pass it around and get others to do the same. Thank You.

    • Victoria Absher
    • Posted January 21, 2014 at 10:50 am
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    I have been trying to get child support for my grandson for 4 years in Wilkes County, NC. They let me fill out the paperwork and then it mysteriously ends up in the dead pile each time. I called Raleigh and found out they have the father listed in their system as being deceased. I saw the father last week and he is not deceased. I talk to him and he told me they had him come in and told him not to worry about it since he didn’t have a job. They told him to just try to work it out with me when he got a job. It’s been 4 years, he is not going to work it out with me. His mother, who is deceased was best friends with one of the supervisors and they will not help me or do anything. They took my oldest grandson and gave him to the paternal grandmother’s (who is deceased) ex husband. I called to let them know since she passed away I would like to have my grandson come live with me. They had court and didn’t even let me know. They sent me a letter stating they did not find any abuse. I wanted custody, I never said there was abuse. My daughter has been clean for 2 years but is still not allowed to see her son. He now has a little brother who is 5 and a sister on the way that he will never know. He is being raised by a stranger and will never know any of his family. I am his grandmother and would love for him to live with his brother and I. I also have custody of his aunt who is 11. I have a crystal clean record and I am suitable to have custody of a child that is not any relation to me but not my own grandson. I don’t understand how this is legal and how Wilkes County can pick and choose who they help. They should be shut down!!! They are ruining my grandson’s life. How will he feel when he grows up and finds out he had an entire family out there that wanted him and he was denied because DSS is so crooked. He will not meet his brother and sister until he is grown. He will probably never get to meet his great-grandparents which 3 are still alive. How can this happen??

    • Clara
    • Posted January 24, 2014 at 8:17 am
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    MY daughter Melissa Carter is in court this morning in Buncombe County for custody of her two sons one is 3 and one is barely 2 1/2 months old. They stole KC over 21 months ago and they stole Jovian when he was 5 hours old. DSS will not give my daughter no type of help ,nor will they give her any chance to get her boys back .Nor will they let any of the family have the boys .The other grandmother has fought with every thing she has and they still refuse . She has a nice home ,income and passed their home study and they are holding her own son against her . My daughter only has a court appointed attorney and has lost her boys as of today …so please pray for us. My daughter loves her boys and never wanted to give them up the system stole them from her . Is there any help out there ?

    • Sheri Harris
    • Posted January 29, 2014 at 10:47 pm
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    I would love to speak to you. I am a grandmother living in Harnett County and my 3 granddaughters were taken and parental rights were terminated and they have been adopted out. I have the court transcripts to prove the judge was requested and that the caseworker lied. I have a “supposed” Congressional Inquiry going on. I’m yet to hear anything. Like I said I have proof. It’s all in black and white. They seem to get away with whatever they want. It would take me a full day to tell of what they did to us. I was banned from the courtroom. If you would like to talk and maybe we can join together and make ourselves heard. i am Sheri Harris. My phone number is 910-624-8110. We can try to help each other. This is something we all need to ban together for. It will be 4 years on Feb.8th this year that the girls were stolen by the state!

    • Jody Taylor
    • Posted February 8, 2014 at 9:17 am
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    I would like to file a complant with the Rowan County DSS. My family has had a lice problem going in since Nov. Of 2012. It is now Feb. 2014 & The problem is still going on. With DSS being involved twice and did nothing about the matter. We married in april of 2013. We have five children together. My three girls, and my husband has a boy and a girl , inwhich they go to their mom every weekend an 90% of the time come back with lice. One of the children are only.five years old an has
    beem treated

    • dorie
    • Posted February 8, 2014 at 11:13 am
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    I know this sounds weird bur it works. Spray tour house with flea spray, vacum, mop everything. Wash sheets , blankets all bedding in hot water Clorox if possible dry in hot dryer. At the same time start washing every body once a week with dog flea and tick shampoo. Read ingredients compare to the high dollar stuff. Its the same and it works. When my kids were young they brought it home from school till I started this. Never had problems again.

  20. The judge will ask the jury if there is any way that they can reach
    a decision through further deliberation, and if
    not, the prosecutor will have the opportunity to try the case again.
    By this doctrine, the states’ judiciaries are expected to respect the Rights guaranteed
    to us by the Constitution. Utilising such information may
    enable you to even get the case dismissed entirely.

  21. Canisius falls to 1-1 with the loss and will host Eastern
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    • betty
    • Posted March 4, 2014 at 5:27 pm
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    Well after 2 yes. Of my son being put thru pure hell spending 2 yes. Of being accused of molesting his step daughter his marriage falling apart .The DA telling him either take a plea and never seeing your other children for however long it my take them to let him go to court to plead his case. To plead guilty and not ever go to park or school play’s or where kids are a and can watch his kids grow and be around them. Hmmmm This was so wrong and I don’t trust or even have any faith in our courts anymore. And 2 years later the real father informs the mother that he was sorry but his family told him if he didn’t do that to my on that they would never pay his child support again and it was the only way to get the kids and never have to pay. Now mind you we put up with these Ex’s calling DSS all the time and we begged them to look into everything. For the case but all their ears were closed. Now I have 1 grandchild living in WI . for rest of his life. The court appointed lawyers don’t do anything but what the DSS and courts say to do. SAD REAL SAD !

  22. Oh no how my heart breaks when i was reading this so this happen not far where my case took place at to..I’m sorry this happen i will say they was a lady from up your that worked for dss she was therapist and she nothing like never happen I’m like yeah right…another case where dss paid you like the judge and others on my case was paid off that’s one reasons i don’t. have my kids today and my oldest is 18 teen now but she’s a special needs they want tell nothing and my other two are 14 teen year old twins a girl and boy well not long ago i found my twins in foster care and talked to for a while before the foster mom and dss stopped it..i did find that my 14 teen year old daughter has a year baby how can this happen while in foster care and then they take my kids away over charges that falsified by dss..because when my court case was going on and almost coming to an end dss went my home when was out of town and took pictures of the out side and then went to the doors and Windows and took pictures of the inside this was all while they had custody of my kids and the judge allowed them to use them in court against me…oh wow how can this be..they said i done bad things to my kids and i did not because while all this was going to court i found i have a disease that has no cure that can pasted down to my kids wow…my disease is Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease and that’s where your brain is to big for your skull…and can kill yes they done me wrong just like your case i wish we take them down for ever because i have been writing the senators and governor and Obama to all of NC trying to get some kinda help get theses people out of dss or so they want have no job no more…I’m sorry if there’s anything i can do help u please let me know i will try god bless you…

  23. Well okay my comment goes for a District Judge in Burke County NC L. Suzanne Owsley…well i don’t understand this lady at all because she gives me custody of my twins some time ago then when dss gets in to the mix she tells me them papers don’t mean a hill a what kinda judge tells you this mess when you go back to court to try keep your kids oit of foster care wow because i have been fighting to get my kids back now for a while from foster care in Cleveland county NC because that’s where my twins are my oldest is in Charlotte she 18 teen now but a special needs child so no one isn’t telling me nothing since Burke county court’s has said I’m mild mentally retarded that’s not the case i have disease called “Arnold Chiari Malformation Disease” where that effects your brain and thinking at times but they was just ready to pass judgements down on me that wasn’t true and even my so called court apoint lawyers at that said i this and that when didn’t this way out context now theses people how do pay corrupted assess back for falsified information on me and all theses lies please i need help to clear my good name…

  24. Well you know I’m not happy about this corrupted system that we all call department of social services and their lawyers and their judges that’s paid off to keep our kids from us yes theses are the factors and i even sent the recordings to the governor of North Carolina because i have both of my old lawyers telling me this so yes i will bring the judge Suzanne Owsley down with my old lawyers because they was paid off by dss in Burke county NC..So yes I’m mad because now my 14 year-old daughter has a baby this happens while in Cleveland county NC foster care the lady that has is Eula Smith in Kings Mountain NC really y’all this lady here be a foster when all the girls in that home has babies of their own wow…what’s wrong with that picture and my son is in there with he twin sister and far as i know he doesn’t have any kids it’s only the girls because i talk him on the phone a lot…This is all madness iy needs to stop now…

  25. You really need to see what Sampson County DSS and Sampson County Police are doing to my family now! Mar 7th 2014 after a “cop” tries to ram our car in the driveway- He then pulls us over and refuses to say who he works for and refuses to show valid ID . I refuse to step out of the car and give him my registration and license as he says he will then advise me of WHY he has pulled us over.His answer- “BECAUSE HE WAS TOLD TO”! What in the world – Next we sat for three hours as the gaggle of cops or whatever they are came and held two 15 yr old children in the back seat! Including my daughter – I now haven’t seen her or spoken with her since the 7th of March 2014! These idiots dragged her from our car as she screamed and this after they held her seat belt for the biggest part of the THREE HOUR NIGHTMARE with NO Paperwork and NO warrant. They now refuse to say where she is being held and also refuse to show any documentation as to why they did this to my daughter. The WRAL TV 5 story exposing fraud in the Coharie Intra Tribal Council Inc (501 c 3 Charity ) is the real reason this has kicked off. These insiders wanted to send a message to myself and Ms Maretta Brewington (Sampson Co DSS worker who is also a whistleblower in the articles I have written) who was also in the car and had her 15 yr old son taken also. She was already on “paid leave) from these jokers before the Mar 7 th 2014 debacle. Here are two of the videos and know that I have the Cumberland and Sampson County DSS “supervisors and agents” on film and ready to roll as well.

    Randy Davis

    • Right hand of god.
    • Posted April 8, 2014 at 10:14 am
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    Just a heads up and hopefully some faith for everyone here. Onslow county DSS is now in federal court not state court on multiple charges. the law suit is for 73 million plus damages and a full investigation by the FBI.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted April 8, 2014 at 7:53 pm
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    Any clue who brought this lawsuit and what all it is about?

    • Posted April 8, 2014 at 8:58 pm
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    Kidnapping, child abuse. false allegations, alienation of affection. falsafied reports and extortion. look up in the federal courts in north carolina. baur et al for the case.

    • Something screwy about this!
    • Posted April 18, 2014 at 11:16 pm
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    Well I am atdisbelief my nieces two poor kids were taking from her because the no good for nothing dad broke her baby’s arm while she went to the store. Well he went to prison and. She has fought for 2yrs. To get the babaies back. They made her put them in a nursery of their choice. Well the foster parents have the kids calling them. Mom and dad. Well the foster mom is going to the nursery cursing the women out for one thing or another . She called my niece at work yelling that the baby had blisters on her from were the people didn’t put sun block on her and she was taken her to Dr. And even called nursey and cursed them out. So my niece said send me pictures and all of sudden her camera didn’t work. So when my niece picked up baby next day the child wasn’t even pink. She told her hey she’s not even red and the woman said well i may have over reacted. Well we were sitting talking and she. Said the foster peoples last name and said the woman worked at DSS until she got 2 more foster kids which isn’t more money for them. Well when she told me the womans last name I almost feel off my chair. The woman that has my nieces babies is a now get this! A DSSworker for another county!!! A supervisor at that. The sad part is I become to know her real well because they had my grandson at the time. So. Now she has more kids and gets more money she quit work at DSS. Now they take ur kids and in fact wonder how many workers have the foster kids. I thought when the kids were place it was against the law for them to have the kids to call them mom and dad? Now I wonder with all the running around they have given my niece if that’s because she wants to keep the kids. I won’t tell my niece for worried she will break down. This child’s done everything they have told her to and works her butt off. They need to give the babies back to her and leave her the hell alone.

    • Something screwy about this!
    • Posted April 18, 2014 at 11:20 pm
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    Sorry I ment her and her husband was getting more money and she told my niece all together for them all it was 6,000 all 4 kids.

  26. What’s this about judge Onslow her having 72 case that the FBI is involved in now she used to court judge for juveniles in Burke county as well her name is S. Onslow and she’s mean and she’s in it for the money not the families because she was paid off on my case by Burke county DSS that’s why I contacted the governor’s office and sent the tape in saying that my lawyers told that dss paid her off so I wouldn’t get my kids back…I hope truly the FBI takes her Burke County DSS down…

  27. Yeah this ain’t my first go around with dss they have always been in out of my life now there out of mine now I’m being a major pan in the assess for them just like they was me for over two dang years…yes before long they want be no such thing as government and dss or cps for people because of great leader of the usa Mr.Obama he is trying to kill off 90% of the population so it’s high to wake up smell the roses people…because Obama has his on Army and I’m not talking about our military now..they want be judges or court’s it’s done by Obama that’s it and he only wants the young that’s it…SO YES PEOPLE CAN SAY WHAT THEY WILL ABOUT ME BUT SINCE THE SYSTEM F-ME OVER JUST BECAUSE OF MONEY FOR MY KIDS AT THAT TIME AND THEN WHILE WAS GOING TO COURT FOR TWO LONG HARD YEARS AND JUMPING FOR EVERY LITTLE THING FOR DSS AND THE COURTS FOR ME TO GET THEM BACK DID IT WORK NOPE IT WAS A WASTE OF MY TIME THEM PLAYING MIND GAMES WITH SOMEONE WHEN THEY JUST FOUND OUT THAT HAVE A BRAIN DISEASE THAT HAS NO CURE THAT CAN BE PASSED ON TO MY KIDS I WOULDN’T WANT THEM TO LIVE MY AWFUL LIFE OF HELL..WITH MY BRAIN SWELLING AND ME HAVING ALL KINDS OF SURGERIES AND DOING SHOTS IN MY SKULL AND NECK AND SHOULDERS TO EASE THE PAIN THE MY DOCTORS COME TO ABOUT SIX YEARS NOW AND TELLS ME LIVE MY LIFE THE BEST WAY I CAN WELL I HAVE BEEN BASICALLY I HAVE DEATH SENTENCE JUST DON’T KNOW WHEN AND IF I’LL TO SEE MY KIDS THANKS JUDGE S. ONSLOW AND BURKE COUNTY AND NOW CLEVELAND COUNTY DSS…THANKS A LOT…FROM A SICK MOTHER WITH A BRAIN DISEASE WITH NO CURE…

  28. Well there’s anyone out there that knows anything about a young lady named Megan Vaughn that truned 18 in February of this please let know that’s my daughter she was placed in foster care system and have been looking for sometime now please I need help because I’m sick with a brain disease with no cure andmy health keeps going down I really truly need find her the other aren’t of age yet..

    • enoughisenough
    • Posted April 28, 2014 at 7:51 pm
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    Mr. Shupe – .my thoughts are with you! I pray that justice will be served! I know a family is in the middle of dealing with Onslow County on false allegations and charges. Their children have been removed from the home and placed in foster care. The parents are cooperating and taking all the classes they are told to take only to be told to take more. They are ruining families and marriages financially, physically and mentally.

    • Posted April 29, 2014 at 7:11 am
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    Email me there info and maybe i can help them. Family court has learned to dispise me and run.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted June 7, 2014 at 10:46 am
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    Please help. Does anyone know if Legal Aid will help or can direct me to an attonery will help me in a case with DSS Wake County NC child protective services? I have not seen my child in 6 months, I will not submit to DSS and assume their allegations aginst me. It is very hard to have not seen my child, however how bad it hurts, DSS is wrong and I am here for the fight (legal fight), I will fight for my childeren.

    • vanna
    • Posted September 3, 2014 at 10:30 am
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    Dss came out last Monday n took my babies over someone calling in sayin i was on drugs n my bf was selling them n that i was beatin my babies but they didnt drug test either of us of find any drugs n there were no brusies on my kids at all now that they placed them with my ex they have bruses n r eat up in fles how can i get my babies back dss said they had no concerns with them been there n the house smells like dog piss so bad

    • Grace Conlin
    • Posted September 11, 2014 at 7:55 am
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    With DSS, the all knowing social workers and the great and powerful judicial system, the placement of children will go to who has money….its sad to say but my 15 year old begs the courts to place him with me and his step father (who has been in his life since he was 4) but because my ex husband is a soldier and recently remarried (to a woman he had been having an affair with more than 20 years) they were the BETTER placement. These social workers don’t see kids or situations, they see dollar signs….you can always tell they are at your door because you can hear the “cha=ching” sound when the door bell rings.

    My ex lives in hoke county now, and has been investigated by Cumberland, Hoke and Fort Bragg, but because he is one of our “brave soldiers” he is better for the kids. My son spits on his step mother and hits her and he does nothing. The social workers know about this and suggest more therapy. I’m not allowed to speak to the therapist, teachers, doctors….nothing.

    Now on top of this I have also proven that the step mother has a drinking problem and apparently when she gets drunk she enjoys a good fight or yelling match with my ex, the kids or any neighbor available. They have been kicked out of military housing for fraud. She got drunk one night and decided that my ex wasn’t paying enough attention to her so she over dosed on ambien and was found unconscious by the kids. Why hasn’t this been brought up… got it….he has money, at least more than I do.

    The only up side I see to this mess they have made is that my son will be 16 soon and sees for himself what his dad and the social workers are doing. He does not trust them any further than he can spit. All I can suggest for anyone dealing with these family Nazis is to immediately sign up for as many child parenting classes you can, anger management, go to an AA meeting….because the 2 things they say the most is that families have “domestic violence” and “substance abuse” issues….its a repeating theme with them. Find a therapist and stick with them, even after Dss claims they want to close your case, because in reality they keep your file in arms length so they can come harass you within 9 months of closing your case. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

    I will listen to your story and help you as much as I can. Until we all stand up to this “legal kidnapping” nothing will change……and I mean stand together, not bitch on a web site….tax payers would be surprised to know that most DSS offices have a 226 Million dollar budget and that most of it goes to foster care, lawyers for parents, classes they make us take, the kids being forced on food stamps and medicade…….how pissed off are you is what I’m asking.

    • leshell. Montgomery
    • Posted September 25, 2014 at 8:22 am
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    Some. One call. Dss. On it. Happened on Aug 19 2014 and they take my kids way from me to I did. Do nothing wrong. I see my kids on. Thursday for visit one hour. Dss put me lot stress to. Then some one told lie on me who did to I am a good mom to them try put my new born in forster care I two kids they are in foster care they. Are six and seven year old I want my kids back that I want I need me a Need a guardian for the baby that want go in foster care. I need help I did not hurt my kids at all my son want to play out side some make. False report I know who did to. If some one want taking to my case works This dss. This her number 704_487_0661 #207. I need help on my case some lie on me I am fight col who takes’ my kids way and they got me got me going to court to I miss my kids to I love my boys I did hurt my kids I was ask for help get service that ask for this my number 704_419_0306 my name leshell. Some tell dss. I am good mother some need call dss. For me tell that you know. Me. Really. Good tell her that I am good mother I love my kids all in My heart I need help to get kids back my court. Day on that first month and I got a good law to need good report about me to some one do that be happy I stay in shelby. Nc to I know who make the report on me those people you need to get on There name is Shaun Bennett I got his number some one put him in jail give false information he told dss a lie some need get true out him don’t him my. Number. I want some one call him some get true out him he lie to much need help me with him what he say to you go back tell Dss. On him Shaun Bennett. Number 803_800_6296 this one who call dss on me to get on him.much that you taken. To court to lock him up to. That one take my kids a way for me. I want to be happy. He is on face book and he stay in Columbia sc he don’t take his own kids and wife to they don’t have no job they are on drug to. Some need call dss on them. Columbia sc just. After Google ok.some one call Shaun Bennett cell phone get on him..I want my kids back. God bless you call me my leshell

    • --------- the day will come
    • Posted September 25, 2014 at 2:28 pm
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    My 4 year old sustained a brain injury in January of 2013 ( DA i hope you print this and read it in court )
    I was not with her , my husband ( now ex husband) was taking her with him to the store and brought her back in his arms.
    words cannot describe the pain, confusion, and heartache i feel.
    REWIND 2 days prior
    her biological paternal family had stalked me to my new home and had sent a cop “buddy” from their town to constantly drive by our home. When we left for the library (2 days prior to her injury) i was cut off by the paternal grandmother and great grandmother while driving. They did not see her as the biological father was a drug addict who has not worked in years and had a current warrant for his arrest. I immediately went to the police with my daughter and husband. they asked if i wanted to press charges i said no just make a call for me. they pulled up the warrant and questioned the grandfather who stated he did not know the whereabouts of the father. i warned the local police of the grandfather and that he had ties to law enforcement and would do anything to make himself look better even after hiding both sons for years over random drug charges.
    fast forward 2 days later my poor baby being carried away by ems
    they would not let me ride
    they were rude
    something was up
    we drove the 2 miles to the hospital where i was unable to see her\
    suddenly the police arrive to question us
    police were also at my home ?
    i sat in questioning for 6 hours
    it was not until dss walked in and i snuck a look at the paperwork
    it stated:

    the paternal grandfather called the police after stalking and stated i had a meth lab in my home
    SBI raided my home
    I do not even smoke marijuana
    they found nothing
    breakfast still on the table
    im still in my pajamas

    the hospital noted bruises on her
    all of which i took her to the dr for help
    i thought something was wrong
    she was even set for a hematology appt at unc
    was i blind
    am i stupid
    she was lifelighted to duke

    we go to duke where my daughter fought for her life
    surprise surprise
    the paternal family is there as well
    my exhusband claimed she fell out of the car
    the drs claim he hit her
    on the medical forms it stated i had a meth lab and i was in jail ?–which they finally retracted
    after she woke up and rehabilitated she was asked by the dr at duke as well as a psch for the state both times she remembered the accident

    i’m so confused

    they placed her with the paternal family ( including the drug addict father with a warrant) tried to cover up the warrant
    i have to live my live not knowing what happened but accepting what could have and hating life because of it
    they pressed charges against me
    agreed to drop them in district if i testified against him
    i wasnt there !!!
    the judge (dss) finally said in open court i was not there and i was a better fit…but i had to wait for criminal to play out
    my family who has the means to care for her, far beyond the paternal family only sees her twice a month for 2 hours
    i did see her once a week
    the child therapist said that in “art therapy” aka play therapy my daughter said i picked her up and took her to the movies during a visit with my family
    i have not seen my daughter in 1.5 years
    Today is her 6th birthday
    tomorrow is court
    i cannot take much more
    i left my husband of course long ago
    i dont even know where he lives
    i moved on, i live on my own with a wonderful job allowing me to work from home for flexibility
    i went to every class dss wanted me to go to
    my daughter is so confused
    dss stated it does not matter what her father does living in the home without a job and on drugs because he is not deemed the caregiver for her…..
    yet he can tell her he saw me at meetings?
    poor baby
    my daughter told my nephew what happened to her was a secret ?
    she wears bows i bought her years ago to visits with my family…..
    yet the therapist claims she is scared of me and my parents
    i now suffer from ptsd
    i hear my daughter does too
    my court appointed lawyer is now mysteriously leaving law behind and moving out of state
    he may have to “drop my case”

    all i want is to hear her voice
    touch her hair
    i was good enough to stay in the hospital bed with her while she got better
    but too much of a “danger” to call her later
    our lives will never be the same

    stop dss corruption
    stop SLEEPING JUDGES ( yes she slept while all the medical evidence was presented)

    Today is my daughters 6th birthday
    her father was not there for her first day of school
    I was the only one who would buy her the glitter backpack she asked for… a year ago
    I finally gave the grandparents her gifts i got for her birthday last year
    i thank God she is alive
    I thank God for the paternal side for providing a home, even if i dont approve
    I thank God for my will to keep trying
    I thank God today is my daughters 6th birthday

    it has been 1.5 years since i have touched her, heard her voice, given her a gift, told her i love her and how proud i am of her

    Tomorrow is court

    i feel as if i have read this a million times before clicking send
    by now im used to every word twisted and pulled apart
    DSS, GAL, these children are not court cases -this is not debate club-
    the GAL has not even visited my parents home
    keep shuffling your paperwork

  29. Please check out this page if you’re interested in helping 3 kids ur of harnett county foster care

  30. Thanks to my father who stated to me regarding this
    weblog, this webpage is in fact remarkable.

    • maegan
    • Posted December 10, 2014 at 10:09 am
    • Permalink

    My family will finally have there day in court. Our CPS lawsuit will be heard by a federal judge on june 28th 2015. Onslow county north carolina will be on book’s for over 73 million dollars. they have already pissed off this federal judge by falsifing paperwork to him. they have already screwed up the discovery process and with held evidance. any questions or comment email

    • Jennifer
    • Posted January 28, 2015 at 4:21 pm
    • Permalink

    We have issues in south Carolina teacher can hit your child in the head an admit to it but say its a tap an law enforcement won’t arrest teacher because they say there is no criminal intent! !!!!! Are you freakin serious! !!!!!!!

    • A.C.
    • Posted February 21, 2015 at 9:22 pm
    • Permalink

    my 4 grandchildren were taken by Catawba County DSS/CPS in August 2013. I tried to bring them to my home before they took them but was threatened with Kidnapping charges if I did. The caseworker, Ashley ?, told me that after a Home Study was done and approved that the children would be placed with me. Home Study was done in October 2013 and APPROVED in November 2013. Well, that was a LIE! That was almost 2 years ago, 2-3 foster homes ago, and I still do not have my 4 grandchildren placed with me. They continue to bring up fraudulent accusations against me and my daughter to keep my grandchildren in foster home. I need help!

  31. I live in Fayetteville north Carolina Cumberland county children services has done corruption with my case about my children and the workers has lost their jobs. My lawyer has lied to try to cover up for a cps worker and the judge destroyed paperwork and tapes about my case with my children. I have stuff to show that what I am saying is the truth. I have videos on YouTube under patient Millington. Im asking for someone to help me fight against corruption and help me get my children back home if anyone can help ue please call 910)747_7721 Im not giving up on my children

    • Grace Russo-
    • Posted March 12, 2015 at 6:42 pm
    • Permalink

    Good luck, I have been fighting a bullshit drug charge from DSS in Cumberland County, from a Cynthina Fenell, Cynthia James, and Alexandria Swaim. They have not been able to prove ONCE that I have any kind of drug problem. They are ALL LIARS, never trust them, the lawyers or judges.

  32. Cumberland county judge gave my children up to a family that had children services called on them. They have 9 children living in their home. They only want my children for the money. Children services is trying to say a car braking down is endangerment even though I called the police to help my children and I from sleeping in the car.

  33. Cumberland county keeps locking a disabled man up. His po knew he needed meds and didn’t let the jail know when he got out of jail he started cutting his self and killed his puppy. We have been trying to help him get insurance so he could get meds and try to get him ssi but his po keeps having him sent to jail. The man I’m talking about he has mental health issues from his father beating on him so much when he was a child children services didn’t do anything to help save him. His father almost killed him when he was a child. We need to get people together and help fight this and try to put a stop to this who all wants to get together and help me fight against corruption in Cumberland county hit me up so we can all plan on what we need to do

    • Grace Russo-
    • Posted March 12, 2015 at 7:18 pm
    • Permalink

    Don’t trust Fayetteville Cops either, they are just as guilty and in the mix with the other DSS Nazis. If they think, suspect or are just having a bad day they will call DSS on you if you have kids with you. They are the LAPD of the East Coast. I can’t count how many times I called them for help as my ex husband was kicking the shit outta me and they would take their time showing up….just enough time for soldier boy to leave. Hes not there so there is no crime…..well now I have permanent nerve damage from no crime…..and the kids were taken over a made up drug problem….I have even been told I hired Santa Clause to kill his new wife….REALLY???? Well I guess we know what he does in his down time now.

    • Grace Russo-
    • Posted March 13, 2015 at 8:06 pm
    • Permalink

    To everyone on this site, I am planning on writing a book about the corruption in the CPS/DSS justice system. Right now I have about 5 notebooks full of lies and bullshit just from my case, but would love to meet with some of you and see your records so I can add more and more to this book I want everyone across the nation to see what these “holier than thou” snotty winches get away with. I want to call out the Judges that allow this and the lawyers that sit on their ass and know they are lying but just do nothing unless your lining their pockets. I wonder if the tax payers would enjoy knowing how much of a budget DSS has and it doubles every year.

    If your interested in sharing your story with me please contact me at……Trust and believe this bullshit will never stop and even get worse if we don’t stand together and say this is bullshit I’ve had enough. You can’t just piss and moan on a web site and hope things will change. I’m not afraid of these shitheads and they really don’t like it when you don’t bow down and kiss their ass when they demand it.

    Thanks for reading…..Grace

  34. You can add my family to your book. My lawyer lied to cover up for a cps worker. Most of the cps workers were fired from their job. They all told in court why they were fired and the judge still took my rights away and destroyed paperwork and tapes to cover up everything. Every program the judge ordered me to go to I have on recording telling me that my children should be able to live with me. Then in court they lie and said I didn’t deserve to have my children. In court everyone kept saying my husband and I fight alot around my children. And say then they would say it wasn’t that it was unstable housing. Because I had family live with me to help me out with bills because I didn’t make enough money to cover all of my bills dss didn’t want to help until I could get back on my feet. I have on tape recorder my lawyer telling me I can’t have my children because my car broke down when my borther trick me into going to hickory nc. I called for help and still lost my children

    • Grace Russo-
    • Posted March 14, 2015 at 2:14 pm
    • Permalink

    Millington, write to me at or call me at 910-489-7073. My name is Grace Russo and I am in Cumberland County, the wonderful assholes that brought us the death of Shanyia Davis and then refused to help the policed and DA with the investigation. Imagine that. I would love to meet with you and read over anything you have and listen to these tapes. Do you have a way of up loading them to youtube and sending me the link.

    I would be proud to add you to the book. What county are you from and do you have the dates and names of the social workers, GAL workers, actual allegations and the tip of the hat….the judges name. I will need all that if you have it, but like I said I would love to meet with you in person and go over everything.

    Looking forward to talking to you…..Grace

  35. I already made videos and put them on YouTube it’s under patient Millington CPS took my kids over my car braking down

    • Jennifer marks
    • Posted March 17, 2015 at 2:47 pm
    • Permalink

    Onslow county dss. Is the worst ive literally done everything they ask. And they still want to keep my babies.

    • Maegan Schultz
    • Posted March 17, 2015 at 3:24 pm
    • Permalink

    Jennifer. How can I help you. Onslow hates me with a passion. We go trial in federal court in June against all the supervisors and director. They know they have to pay us big time

  36. I need someone to help me get my children back home with me and help me sue children services for removing my children over false reports. Children services workers and a judge got away with tearing my family apart after they told in court that they did corrupting stuff so I couldn’t get my children back home with me. I have stuff to show that my children should still be with me and that people are hiding something about my case please anybody help my family get back together

    • Happy Home
    • Posted June 24, 2015 at 4:55 pm
    • Permalink

    What about Lincoln County?

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