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I have created this blog to spread the word about the illegal and unethical activity by the Wilkes County Department of Social Services.   When DSS acts like this and they are allowed to get away with, as they have in our case, children die.  We are very lucky in the fact that my stepdaughter is now safe and lives with us, but other families are going through this very thing, at this very moment.  DSS and CPS is committing crimes like this across this country, across the world.  It has to stop!  Spread the word.



DISCLAIMER: I guess I need to post a disclaimer on here somewhere that states; nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice, this site is to direct you to other sites and valuable information that may aide you in your search for justice… This site is to raise awareness about the corrupt DSS system, to get the stories of their illegal and unethical practices into the public eye,  to offer support to those who are going through it and to try and protect children from this corrupt system.  If you need legal help, please call an attorney…just make sure he didn’t used to work for CPS…lol


    • Melissa
    • Posted January 16, 2009 at 1:20 pm
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    Please see a friend of mine’s story – Todd Tomasella and his son Micah- here: I’d appreciate any publicity or help you can get for this precious family. God bless you, melissa

    • lawdoll
    • Posted January 16, 2009 at 6:28 pm
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    I am looking into this story, I did go and sign the petition on the site you listed above. Tell Todd to E-mail with the shorter version and I will put it on my blogs. If he has documentation and wants to send that as well I will place it here or just a link to his website, which ever he prefers. It will take me a while to read everything he has on his website, so give me a couple of days to figure out what to write on here.

    • Poohsmom92
    • Posted January 16, 2009 at 6:54 pm
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    I have legal documentation from the psychologist who was involved in our case when my daughter testified to being abused. I contacted the caseworker from the psychologist office and asked her to come pick up my daughter. She told me “I’m too busy”. My daughter was extremely emotionally distraught. The psychologist stated to this agency “XXX sat in a fetal position, had no eye contact, was very upset due to the fact she was failing school due to neglect on the custodians behalf”.

    Since the case worker refused to come to the office, she goes hours later to the home. Since my child wasn’t being hit at the time, she said my daughte was “lieing” I have follow up emails from the psychologist since she was as shocked as I was that they “did not remove my daughter”. She informs me what the caseworker told her. I also have cell phone statements to prove this. Two months later, my daughter goes “missing” and I was contacted by the lead investigator. No report filed and I have requested this repeatedly. They tell me …we don’t have to give you one thing. The grandma took my daughter out of state as in “illegal flight to avoid prosecution” and I was not contacted until 4 days after the fact? Then, when she finds her due to my giving her information, she doesn’t even call me and inform me. She lets me wait for over 48 hours? It was only when an attorney “threatened” to contact the state’s atty general’s office that they gave a very “vagued” explanation.

    They closed my case without the judge ever hearing one thing about the abuse and I sent him letters due to my concerns twice prior to this time.

    Thanks for any information you can provide me. I do not have an attorney nor am I in the position to hire one. After years of fighting these people, I am in “dire straits”.

    Thank you very much.

    • lawdoll
    • Posted January 16, 2009 at 7:24 pm
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    The only advice that I can really give you is…do not give up. Take all of your evidence and make a blog like I did, try anything and everything that you can to get your story out there where people can see it.

    Write to your legislature and start trying to change the laws in your state, write to the state office of health and human services, the regional office over them, the Governor, all your State and Federal Senators, Secretary Mike Leavitt’s office in DC and just keep speaking out, sending that evidence to anyone and everyone. I have my entire story on a word document, all of my evidence has been scanned into my computer and I constantly send it all to various elected officials, Department heads anyone I can think of.

    Just Do Not Give Up….

    I guess I need to post a disclaimer on here somewhere that states; nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice, this site is to direct you to other sites and valuable information that may aide you in your search for justice… This site is to raise awareness about the corrupt DSS system, to get the stories of their illegal and unethical practices into the public eye, to offer support to those who are going through it and to try and protect children from this corrupt system. If you need legal help, please call an attorney…just make sure he didn’t used to work for CPS…lol

    • Sincere
    • Posted February 12, 2009 at 3:38 pm
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    Hello Everyone. I am trying to fight the system. I am trying to stop my parental rights from being taken away. I feel that I am getting the run around. I have not been able to speak up for my self. I admit I am not perfect. I only want to keep my family together and I need some help. Can anyone outthere help me get my children back.

    • lawdoll
    • Posted February 14, 2009 at 1:28 am
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    I need a little more information from you in order to point you in a direction, my email address is on this page. I think I have yours so I will email you tomorrow…if I don’t hear from you first.

    The first place I would start is at the bottom of my page…try hitting some of the links there, a lot of them have really good advice!

  1. I’d just like to congratulate you on your website. I’m the editor of a pretty busy crime blog, and in the course of writing some of my stories, I’m amazed at the number of times DSS, or DCF, DCYS, or CPS, or whatever combination of letters your version of Children’s Services drops the ball, and how many times that ends up cost some helpless child his or her life. Tonight I’m working on a story about the Christopher Mathew Payne/Reina Gonsalves case, and especially the despicable behavior of Tucson’s DCF, in particular Christy Tarpley and Cindy Graupmann, and your site has been invaluable as a research tool, if only for having all my links in one place.

    One of My writer did an article on Elyse Mamino, who gave birth to a baby at a party in Columbia IL, tried to drown it in the toilet, but was foiled
    by an alert bystander who called 911 and gave the child CPR. Illinois returned the child to ms Mamino despite Police objections because the results of their investigations was the allegations were unfounded. The results of the cops checking out DCFS was that they had interviews no one. Fortunately when the police went to arrest Mamino for trying to drown the baby, The child was fine, and oh, lookie here what we found in this draw! It’s the skeleton of another newborn baby!Well go figure?

    So I read some of the comments people left for you, and realized how much you are helping people, and that’s a hell of an admirable thing. We try to make folks aware of the less known scum bags out there, but you appear to be doing much much more than that. The advise you give, the links you recommend, or sometimes just being a sympathetic ear, all these things are invaluable to a person who is confused, in trouble, and lost.

    • lawdoll
    • Posted March 17, 2009 at 4:29 pm
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    Thank you Max, I sent you an email….

    • Michelle
    • Posted April 6, 2009 at 1:35 pm
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    I have a dear friend who’s in a terrible situation. He was abused by his wife as well as their children were also abused by the wife. Then DSS stepped in and takes the kids, puts him and his wife in jail and now they’re going to take his parental rights away because he tried to defend himself from being stabbed to death in front of his children.
    I need a direction to send my friend. He’s really praying and holding faith close, but honestly – he needs an attorney that will help him. I’d be glad to share more for a more comprehensive answer but am unwilling to share someone else’s life on an open forum. Could someone please contact me? I’d much appreciate it.
    Thank you-

    • lawdoll
    • Posted April 6, 2009 at 5:15 pm
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    Michelle, I sent you an email.

  2. Hi and thank you for your interest. I am Todd and Melissa is a good friend. Yes feel free to post the site as you see fit and God bless you.

    • Raeshaun Findley
    • Posted April 22, 2009 at 12:03 am
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    This site would be doing a great disservice to the community by allowing Mr. Tomasella to attempt to manipulate people and continue to perpetrate the pattern of deceit he has established and relishes.

    • freethegypsy
    • Posted May 18, 2009 at 9:07 pm
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    happy to see you calling up the fury of the people because only a critical mass of angry voices will be heard…see my blog @ collectedlettersfromtheabyss.wordpress.commy book of the same name will be out next month self-published @ and it is made up of actual paper (i.e. REAL documentation) from our 3 year/3 trial ordeal with San Francisco CPS wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted June 7, 2009 at 2:19 pm
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    I am mr clevingers youngest son i am very sad but i do belive that my dad should be let go because he is a nudist an he has been a nudist almost all of his life

    • Posted June 7, 2009 at 2:23 pm
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    i would appreciate if yall didnt tell the press about this it would mean the world

  3. WOW am I happy this blog exists! My friend sent me the link yesterday and I am so relieved and horrified to hear there are so many others in similar positions to what has plagued my family and me. I am 12 years into a brutal ordeal in Columbia County in New York that has left me without my children and in debt to the county to pay for it and garnished by 65% of my income. Am fighting, documenting and believing I can make changes in a Kafkaesque system.
    Congratulations to Freethegypsy for self publishing the ordeal. Something I have thought of doing many time. Thanks for follwing through!!! It needs to get out how “Social Services” is actually ‘serving'; so important that more are aware of the horrors that occur than those trapped in it.

    • Amen Sigala
    • Posted June 24, 2009 at 8:35 pm
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    I have been dealing with CPS since March of 08. I met all their requirements except for speaking out. They didn’t like that & complained to the judge.
    I made the mistake feb 09 to yell back at a teacher who yelled at me in the school playground in front of the kids because he neglected a student who was crying & being bullied in the playground. I was expelled for it. But this teacher went into court lying about what happened & to the police with the school counsiler. And never faced expullsion or even a suspension. The principal called CPS about this inncident & on top of this a parent I knew for a year wanted to date & it turned out to be nightmare. I broke up with him & he went to the school to say lies about me adding to the call to CPS.
    My son’s father wasn’t interested in a relationship with his son for 8yrs till CPS made him to be last yr. And there was a confrintation between us in which he waited 4 days to report it to CPS, not the police. I phoned the cops on him imediatly & CPS didn’t care about the facts!
    They came & took my son for 2 months when the judge found them having undue cause for having taken my son away. My original case was going to be closed in March untill all this stuff happened. So now this is a new case titled an investigation.
    I just found out my sons father’s insurance was put as primary & medicaid secondary. So now we have been denied transportaion to his appointments because he has a primary insurrance now. I don’t own a car nor can I drive. I am on disability for a head injury from childhood that got worse. I have to sue the father now to take our son off Aetna so I can have the full benefits of medicaid again. I didn’t add that all the physicians denied to see my son untill I pay in full despite the 10% Aetna policy. They said they can do this. My son has had a temp of 99.8 – 103.2 since Sat. The CPS superviser said to our CPS Wkr that parents have to be able to pay for their childrens medical needs. That’s what a parent has to do. Why should the state cover for me when there is insurance from the father to cover for this child & not the state. I have a feeling she is coming up with reasons to take my son away from me again!! Predjudice & discrimination at the highest level diected at me.
    Well my disposition to find out if I’ve been charged with Mental and Emotional abuse & Neglect will be 7/23 along with custody. If I have been found guilty it stays for 7 or more yrs!!! Affecting my jobs with children forever even though it falls off. I can appeal I know but this has taken me away from my goals all year long in getting back to wk, I’ve been expelled from my son’s school(including ALL school property),the principal handled a complaint I had with a teacher who likes to yell at male students reporting me to CPS that I have been harasssing her & her office (parents have issued complaints on her but she has ignored them, I am gathering their compliants on paper).
    Stress triggers my problems along with sever headaches but what does CPS care.
    Well this all started because I took my son out of therapy. He didn’t need it after 2 1/2 yrs & their diognosis was wrong in my opinion. Therapists over ride parents. Let alone I didn’t
    know they were distorting the truth the entire time the therapists were writing thier reports.
    These sites have been a great emotional support, thk u for speaking out & for your couragous spirit. Excuse me for any mispelling, never did that well. Thk u for this site!!!

  4. Raeshaun Findley is one of the corrupt kaufman deceivers obviously. The laundry list of destroyed families in Kaufman County is extensive. We are not in contact with 6 other parents who have for now good reason been stripped of their parental rights in Kaufman County, Texas. Are all those people “deceitful”? No!

    • grammacares!!
    • Posted July 21, 2009 at 6:20 pm
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    is there a local group (onondoga or oswego co. ny state) dealing with the issues? i called in a mild?? abuse case (long story) as the grandmother and now the tables are turned. i’m being made out to be this drunken drug addict (no proof just my son and his gf accusations!!) meanwhile the children continue to live in a unhealthy environment, a weeks worth of dishes in the sink etc…the whole thing started because my son has anger issues and i got called by the gf to come play referee for the third time in a month, the police were called and they called CPS.They were given 3 days to clean the place up and the case was labeled “unfounded”!!! now i have to fight for visitation, pay for a drug/alcohol eval ($250+) because the adult children say i drink and do drugs?? no criminal history of alcohol/drug abuse, just their word!!!! as i see it, by trying to protect my grandchildren, i am being put on trial. guess it was the wrong thing to do?? should have told the hysterical 5 yr old “toughen up!!! and don’t cry cause daddy just busted down a solid wood door in front of you??” just another of the grown man’s temper tantrums!!! and the topper?? they live with my ex and the whole bunch of them are the biggest group of pot heads around, but i gotta go pay to prove i’m not?? who is looking out for these kids now??? it sure isn’t family court in onondoga county!!!

    • Kristy
    • Posted August 25, 2009 at 5:07 pm
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    I am wondering if you can give me some information on what rights that a parent has. I am currently being investigated by cps in Yancey County. My email is

    • me
    • Posted September 5, 2009 at 6:04 pm
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    if any one whos child has taken by Judge Hubbard in kc, kent and Denis Hyne, cps,
    plz contact me

    • Anonymous
    • Posted September 15, 2009 at 11:44 pm
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    i am caught in system and my children 3 year old and 2 year old have already been placed in 3 different foster homes…since they were removed from our home last march…finding it difficult to
    “comply” to their requirement for reunification…..need help

    • Anonymous
    • Posted September 15, 2009 at 11:49 pm
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    • Anonymous
    • Posted September 16, 2009 at 12:39 am
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    the net has been used to exploit our children often ….i came across this site by accident and i am gaining hope
    what better way to get the message across
    about the “disease” of children in foster care thank you

    • Trina
    • Posted September 17, 2009 at 3:33 pm
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    My husband and I are involved in a case at the edelmans children court in california. Our son is 20 months old now and we have been trying to get him back since February 4th of 2008. Corrupt judge henning ruled for the prospective adoptive parents on August 20th, 2009. We have 60 days to appeal his decision but since we can’t afford an appellate attorney the court is supposed to appoint us one. This scares me because we had two court appointed attornies already from this court and we had obvious fraud and deception and our attornies wouldn’t put alot of our evidence to use on our case. Gee I wonder how much was paid for this injustice! If anyone could help us I would appreciate it. We have alot of documentation to back everything wrong about our case and I will gladly share with anyone willing to help.

    • Trina
    • Posted September 22, 2009 at 12:04 pm
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    I posted a comment on september 17, 2009 and wanted to add my e-mail address so if anyone wanted to contact me they can so here it is

    • NYCEgrl64
    • Posted October 6, 2009 at 8:58 pm
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    I am a concerned citizen writing to you about the atrocity that has occurred in the No Passaic NJ DYFS. They took my friends son away from his biological mother and placed him in foster care due to arguements she was having with her ex husband who is the father of my my friend’s sons stepbrothers.They returned the two boys but have not returned my friends son.Now DYFS has been fighting and do not want to return him to his biological father because they say the boy bonded with the foster parents. This is aweful how they can do that. He has been fighting 3yrs to get his son back and the worst part is the foster mother is abusive. She has hit the boy with a hairbrush and bruised him, shut a door on his face and scared him, admitted to locking him and his other foster brother and sister in their bedrooms at night but yet DYFS says they cannot move him to another foster home and that they would love to help but their hands are tied. DO THEY NEED A BODY BAG BEFORE THEY WILL MOVE HIM!!!!! Please is there anyone that can help or how we can get this child moved to safety while the appeal trial goes on. Publicity? Anything that anyone can do to Help? Is their some kind of kick back the law guardians get for winning these cases? I have pictures of the boys wounds and a hospital report that he suffered corporal punishment at the hands of his foster mother.I am afraid this boy will die before the appeal is over if we don’t do something soon.

  5. The consequences for teachers and stu- dents alike have been disastrous. ,

    • Cindy
    • Posted October 26, 2009 at 8:45 am
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    would someone help me and my friend? To make a long story short there are 5 children and my husband has his 3 and the grandmother down in Texas is trying to get custody of the other 2 which are not my husbands. All these girls have been neglected …others have been sexually abused and the system is messing them up totally.We live in Ny and the other 2 also live in NY and they live 1 hour away with the aunt that calls “our girls” fat and says they have to loose weight they can not have seconds when they were visiting them.
    The aunt has not been home when we took them to visit with their sisters the aunt had not been home when the court ordered her to have visits and she and the girls mom just laugh it off and they say”oh well”.
    Nothing is being done and all these girls are being hurt.
    I am in favor of the grandmother to get custody not because she lives way in Texas but for the sanity of these girls. They can communicate via phone via computer,you see they have not seen their sisters since the 5th of July and that was because the grandmother came up for a visit.
    They hadn’t seen each other for 4 months before that. DSS is not helping at all.

    • Cindy
    • Posted October 26, 2009 at 11:29 am
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    You see this has been going for over 6 yrs the real mom for these 5 children had been brought up on neglect charges on numerous times well you might as well say longer than 6 yrs it started back in 1998 so you tell me about this DSS system in NY.They kept giving her chances and giving her chances until she finally physically abused the 3 older children.They were caught earlier eating off the floor..using the litter box..using the vents where the heat comes out..drinking out of the toilet..yet they kept the children in the home and giving her more chances.
    She has now theraputic visits with 2 out of the 3 older children..the 3rd don’t want anything to do with her.
    The 2 little ones get to see anytime anywhere…well she only,according to court, supposed to be having 6 hrs a week visits…with her aunt who has the children to supervise..yeah right.
    So tell me about this DSS system

    • kw
    • Posted November 14, 2009 at 12:52 pm
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    please remove the comment by “Raeshaun Findley” that is just slander. thank you

    • B Thomas
    • Posted November 24, 2009 at 2:47 am
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    My child was allowed to go to cps by Judge Howard Tygrett who is well aware of their unfair practices and child stealing techniques. Money is earned for the county for every child removed from his/her parents. Sandra Harwood (CPS), Kathy Sayles(CPS),Melissa Hobbs (CPS), atty Eric Williams, counselor Linda Duggan, Rebecca Calbria are some of the main players in the Kaufman system who are terrorizing families and taking children from their own parents for money.

    • jp
    • Posted November 25, 2009 at 2:24 pm
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    I have been visited by DCF my own cousin called them on me and this woman name Wetherington came in Gainesville, Florida..Alachua county and we had food rice and vegtable and chicken, they brought a book of food with them my smallest child went to the box and got the can of fruit in their report of course they made it seem that my daughter was hungry, I was a single parent at that time, and they were trying to say I did not have a support system they were even trying to say I was to ill with LUPUS ERTHOMYUS to have children everything you can think of was what they were trying to say. Even my appointed Attorney Kandacie K Brower was agianst me she hardly provided legal counsel she would come to court 5 min befor we were called to talk to me, up in front of the judge with her purse on her arm and high heels like she had just left the striper club. She took none of this serious, She even went as far as to tell the court I had went to africa, to live permanently. When DCF came in I had a lanlord that did not want to fix my appartment so the place was in that condition because of a slum lord Joseph Lawry. I finally went to all their classes and took their Phyciatric evaluation and even allowed them to come into my home, to see how i was living, they even employeed a therapist of their very own. To pick me for information. None of this worked In this time period I had another baby do you know I went to the hospital and they even came there, if i had not been done with their classes they would have taken her, my baby. These are DEVIL….SATAN Himself, We must do something about the amount of power they are weighing on people we need to ban together it is going to far.

    • WM
    • Posted November 27, 2009 at 1:08 am
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    B. Thomas, my children were also taken from me by judge Tygrett. I am finding out that this is what he does. My children were removed from me for no reason, just that he has the power as a judge to do it. my life is very bad right now because of Tygrett’s wrong actions. Sometimes I lie in bed wondering if this man still has the ability to be convicted for what he is doing to people

    • ck
    • Posted November 27, 2009 at 1:12 am
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    Kathy Sayles was the CPS worker in my case. Sayles is unsat for sure. she make mountains out of mold hills. don’t let anyone fool you, cps steals children for money and the judges love it so they can make money for their county. judge tygrett is evil. He took my 2 children away for no reason. Eric Williams was my children’s atty and he did not say a word to help. it’s like they are all helping each other get away with this crime of taking children away from their parents. i can’t believe this is happening

    • Posted December 3, 2009 at 9:10 am
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    I am looking for some help for my parents. My sister had her 2 children taken away by CPS in Houston, TX and they were placed with my Mom. My sister was/is married to a known drug addict and they were basically living on the streets. My sister moved to Louisiana with me then to MS with my cousin. She took all of the classes she was supposed to and did all the things her CPS case worker told her to do. He signed off on the case and closed it without the father of her 10 month-old daughter doing ANY of it (his admission) and now he has filed for custody of the baby and the courts and CPS said there was nothing they could do – the case was closed. He has to live with his ex wife and her husband and they support him, because left to himself he would steal for money to get his drugs and live on the street. My parents are trying ot get custody of the baby but so far it’s not looking good. We believe the baby will not be taken care of and that he will run off and leave her with his ex wife. CPS has failed my baby niece! Any help or info on where to file to reopen a case would be helpful!

    • Kirt Clayton
    • Posted December 11, 2009 at 11:10 pm
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    We are grandparents fighting DHS since 2007 to adopt our grandchild. In 2007 the goal was adoption by the foster mother. We wanted to intervene and have DHS work with us for adoption. We had to seek assistance from the Governor’s office in PA just to get DHS to speak with us. DHS has not been forth coming with the truth. We requested Group Decision Making which is a joke. We had a Family Preservation Meeting 5 days prior to court for PLC. It was mentioned in Nov.’07, court ordered in July’08 and again 5 days before Sept.’09 hearing. At the hearing they terminated the mother’s parental rights. After the hearing we were told by DHS social worker we could now go for adoption. Another lie by DHS. We went to the Adoption Unit at Family Court to be told DHS should have placed the child with us to be considered adoptive grandparents.Now we have no contact with our grandchild. They failed to tell us they had a meeting the day before without the family and made the decision to terminate the mother’s rights. Attorneys want $15,000.00 to fight DHS but you not win. I guess not with all the corruption. Foster Care Agency grossed over 12.9 million in annual sales last year. Human trafficking sales of our children. Foster mother has 4 foster children in low income housing. They will pay for her to adopt and give her $8,000.00 tax credit for adoption. What chance do we have as grandparents against a corrupt system? We work, we are not rich. No one will help us or pay our attorney fees. Community Legal Service will not help grandparents. They do not even assist parents. So where do you find help to keep a family together? We do not want our grandchild to become an orphan and be adopted out of his family. We have written to 49 PA Senators who will not help. The Governor will not help. Children are dying under DHS watch. Children are being given drugs under DHS watch. We started a Federal Law Case against all parties. But we need help. Where can we find someone to help grandparents? Do you know of any groups or agencies that will give advice?

    Justice For Danieal Kelly. She paid for DHS mistakes with her young life. Now another 10 year old has died because DHS did not get involved. But us they drag through the dirt. We have never had any issues with DHS and our youngest is 20.

    • Deb
    • Posted December 16, 2009 at 9:51 am
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    My husband and I have had our grandaughter since she was less than 2 monthes old.We have been her only support with no help from the parents or the states.We have been to court several times and have only been able to talk to the judge once.We have along with several other people reported several incidents that have happened and have now found out that nothing has been turned into the judge.Our grandaughter is now living in a house with our daughter being supervised by another family member and they have reported several incidents concerning the welfare of our grandaughter and the Judge was told none of this.I fear for my grandaughters life and nothing is being done.Who can we go to.Friends tell us to contact the news but what will that do when CPS finds out.I reported our county to Raleigh and they did nothing.Our grandaughters personality has changed for the worse but how can a 13month old be questioned.Please help us I dont want my grandaughter to be in the news next.The CPS is no help and try acting all concerned.The judge is all about reunification.And CPS dont seem to be doing all they should be doing.Thanks for any info you can give me.Concerned Grandmother

  6. Yes I have had ten children taken from me about 7 years ago but I got so mad till I got a group together that helpd people in the kinda of thing God Bless you and your family

    • badparnt
    • Posted January 2, 2010 at 8:37 pm
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    She had excuses and she chose to use them
    She was the victim of unspeakable abuses
    Her husband was violent, malicious and distant
    Her kids now belong to the state of Massachusetts

    They’ve been taken away! Hey!
    They’ve been taken away!

    Billy was a bright one, Tommy’s off his head
    Mother loved them both the same, at least that’s what she said
    I don’t predict the future, I don’t care about the past
    Send them both to DSS, now you’ve had your chance

    The poison stole your babies
    The judges took your rights
    You can have your children or the night

    I suppose you’ve been a victim, I suspect you may have lied
    Have you lost all ambition, won’t you give this thing a try
    If you can’t and you fail, you won’t be the only loser
    These kids don’t stand a chance with you in their future

    They’ve been taken away! Hey!
    They’ve been taken away!

    Billy was a bright one, Tommy’s off his head
    Mother loved them both the same, at least that’s what she said
    I don’t predict the future, I don’t care about the past
    Send them both to DSS, now you’ve had your chance

    The poison stole your babies
    The judges took your rights
    You can have your children or the night

    The poison stole your babies
    The judges took your rights
    You can have your children or the night

    Billy was a bright one, Tommy’s off his head
    Mother loved them both the same, at least that’s what she said
    I don’t predict the future, I don’t care about the past
    Send them both to DSS, now you’ve had your chance

    The poison stole your babies
    The judges took your rights
    You can have your children or the night

    Send “The State Of Massachusetts” Ringtone to your Cell
    Thanks to Brian Cawley ( for these lyrics
    Thanks to Kasey (, DKM 6291 (, Kasey ( for correcting these lyrics

    • Farina Thompson
    • Posted January 8, 2010 at 9:39 pm
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    I’m fighting for my 5 grandsons, that are in the Oklahoma DHS fostercare system. They have been in there since March 2 2006. The state has refused to give me my daughters sons and for no known reason except a lie. Up to this point i don’t have any type of visitation or any communication with my only grandchildren, this is all so disturbing to me.
    I agree that the DHS/CPS/FCS/DFSS/and any other name that they may go by, are government monsters and legally abusisng the children, as well as the agency being corrupted and abusing their authority. This must be stopped. They are committing crimes everyday allday and noone are doing anything about it. We all have to work together and stand strong to bring these culprit down. These folks- with their actions you can’t call them folks. I call them monsters with the government giving them permission to take our children and destoy our families. We just have to fight and let them know that we are not going to accept this behavior and actions that they are subjecting our family and love ones to.
    We have to help each other and come together as well as continue to pray and GOD for strength to get through this war with the government. AMEN….

    My name is Farina Thompson

  7. There is obviously a lot to know about this. There are some good points here.

    I’m Out! :)

  8. Hi. I was so troubled by the passing of young Jeremiah in Shelby on Valentine’s Day 2009 that I wrote a song which I have recently recorded and made available on my myspace page. Had originally thought that Jeremiah’s grandmother’s may be comforted by this song. If anyone knows them or wishes to share this, that would be great. You can hear it at:

    • Anonymous
    • Posted January 29, 2010 at 2:51 am
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    *** I saw and am blown away at what is going on. It seems that what happens in Kaufman county Texas is that CPS, Judge Howard Tygrett, counselor Linda Duggan, and guardian ad litem Eric Williams choose sides and take away children with absolutely no just cause. This is a good ole boys system that has got to be broken up.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted March 19, 2010 at 6:05 pm
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    Look up the story of Erin Maxwell in New York State. you also wouldn’t have to dig too deep in some other northern new york dss files to find huge abuses. How can these people sleep at night?

    • Tamara Passenheim
    • Posted May 7, 2010 at 1:47 am
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    I slpent 2 yeats fighting for custody of my 2 grandchildren in Hennepin county MN. Only to lose to their lies and minipulations of the court system and the judge. They besmerched my name beyond believeability and even with lawyers I could do nothing. Every lie the told of me was taken as fact. They all seem to be working together CP the social worker the guardium adlitem and the judge. They police themselves so where do you turn. It’s as if they have legally stolen my babies, my joy. and I am at a loss as to what to do. My heart is broken I can’t eat (lost 80 lbs). I’m afraid to sleep for the recall of their being ripped from me and the tears seem to know no end. What can I do? I’m afraid the only way to see my beloved grandchildren again is to be in spirit form. Their names are Basil Mackenzie(10) and Celina Renee(8) their last name was passenheim I din’t know what it could be now but as far as I’m concerned they have been kidnapped and no one seems to give a damn!!

    • Tamara Passenheim
    • Posted May 7, 2010 at 1:54 am
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    august 27th 2009 I was given 1 hour to say goodbye to children that represented my heart and soul, all my joy!!!Now my every day is trying to convince my self to go on another day. In all honesty I don’t know how much longer I can hang on.Were I to be in spirit at least I could watch them grow. Lord in Heaven help me every day gets harder and sader. Basil and Celina please reach out to me. I miss you more than words can say 612-598-7766. I am always waiting babies, always. love Grandma.

    • Valerie
    • Posted May 30, 2010 at 6:37 pm
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    I stumbled upon your blog. I am going through a situation in NC that is seriously wrong on so many levels. I have documents that aren’t the same statements made in the petition that DSS filed. They claimed for months there was nothing wrong, now in a petition, we have so many problems in our home. I need to put this out there that DSS/CPS is all about numbers and making themselves look good to the state of NC. Reunification is NOT a goal, Causing more problems is.

    • freethegypsy
    • Posted May 30, 2010 at 8:18 pm
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    I have just finished my online book about the very same thing in San Francisco @ DO NOT TAKE THIS! Go to your local paper, go to your politicians, and if you have papers that show the changes in the documentation, go to your State Attorney General. They may brush you off, they may ignore you but keep going back. My case was politically based, which complicated the going-somewhere part, causing me to write the book. Good Luck.

    • Valerie
    • Posted June 1, 2010 at 10:29 pm
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    I need help, REAL hELP! The DSS in my county is really trying to railroad my family. I talked to a SW today, and she made some interesting comments. First, she wants my husband and I to attend marriage couseling, She claims that it was recommended, but in the case plan they gave us, that we signed, has not mention of marital couseling, just domestic violence counseling (which we didn’t need, but did anyway to prove to them). Second, she make a statement about an incident that was NOT in any report and was NOT listed as any allegation made against us. I argued with this “concerned SW” for 30 minutes! She was bery rude, arrogant, and mention just plain disrespectful. She told that me basically being in fear of my life from the father of two of my children, was little concern to her, and the fact he told my children that he was basically stalking me and riding pass my house was not revelant to the case. It is indeed revelant because he is one of the individuals who made false allegations against me to begin with. It goes to prove his character. She said,” it is a public street, and anyone can ride past my house”. Whoa, so if this man decides the SW aren’t in his favor, or he feels that I must die, it is ok, right? I have posted part of story on the blog (which it is more to it), and now it has gone to far! I need help or to shed light on this nonsense that is taking place. PLEASE HELP ME OR GUIDE ME TO SOMEONE WHO WILL!

    • Anonymous
    • Posted June 6, 2010 at 10:27 pm
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    The little boy stopped eating and gaining weight. His young mother Sherri Robinson – isolated and recently out of jail – skipped parenting classes and therapy. When Darian crawled to his mother, she pushed him away.–.html?pic=1

    • Anonymous
    • Posted June 6, 2010 at 10:34 pm
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    To Tamara Passenheim :

    I Understand your pain, you have no choice but find an Attorney

  9. I have just visited GoPetition and found the following page very
    … See More



    • baby Alissas Mom
    • Posted June 20, 2010 at 10:08 pm
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    This blog and whole thing means the entire world to me. My daughter, Alissa was killed, beaten to death over a period of three months. She was placed with the one who killed her bye CPS. after she was killed, my other two were instantly removed from their “PLACEMENT” as well. I tried everything to try to make them see that she was being abused, all her bruises and broken arm, etc. I have 5 major civil lawsuites going on as we speak. I want all of you to follow them. Just type in Alissa Guernsey Indiana, 2008-2009, or 2010. I could never compensate for the death of my baby girl, she was innocent, and fragile. But whatever money is recovered from it will give her sibilings a beautiful life, and more importantly than the money COULD EVER BE AND WILL EVER BE justice will be served. Christy shaffer and another four “associates” are going to be tried in a court of law, and i pray justice will be served. please look these things up, and reguardless of the negative comments made heard bye those who did notwalk in my shoes, the facts are facts. Pray for me and my lost baby girl, she is in the arms of her daddy and JEASUS. I know that someone here has to have gone through what i have, DSS and CPS, and the perpentraitors, should all have to live up to their actions, Alissa and her mommy and her brothers and sisters who still cry for her have to and so should they

    • Susan M. Clark
    • Posted June 22, 2010 at 2:06 am
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    I am a grandmother that recently had my grandchildren taken by DSS. They have only been gone about a month and three days but this hell has gone on for one year now. They took a huge family seven adult children my single parenting daughter and her three children and manipulated all of us put us through hell and made our life now an endless hole in our hearts and we are gonna give this the fight of our life. They are corrupt they say we dont take children away anymore and they say they want to help LIES ALL LIES…. our babies four month old Gerard and five year old Victor and seven year old Hassan are now with them in there hands coming from a happy loving home. We need help this is a sad and terrible story my daughter is gathering money now for a real lawyer but she needs help we need help can anyone out there help us we live in the state of new york and if someone doesnt help us soon those kids could go away forever or even worse please anyone that can help contact me at this email or 845-674-6172…. dont let them keep our babies someone out there knows how to help us please please get in touch if you do….

    thank you so much

    Susan Clark
    and family of Hassan Victor and Gerard
    and mother Melissa Clark

    • Sahren Stegall
    • Posted July 8, 2010 at 10:15 am
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    My daughter was taken from me because a Mrs. Holman at Sullivan Middle School in Rock Hill got mad at me for going to the district office and talking to them about her. She did it for spite. This hoodlum story gets much worse. While my daughter was in the custody of DSS, I was told that she was dropped off at a doctor’s office where there was a young boy that was not a doctor. There was also an older man there named Dr. McMeeking. She left her there unsupervised with this boy and Dr. McMeekin. The first day that I went to the FBI to talk to them about this, me and my daughter went to walk in the park that night. Dr. McMeekin and that boy followed me and Tiffanya around for an hour. I know they did something to her. The FBI and SLED and the local police agencies are telling me they can’t invesitgate. They say this is an internal matter for DSS to investigate. There is a major coverup of what went on with my daughter. I feel helpless.

    • Crystal and Adam
    • Posted July 12, 2010 at 6:27 pm
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    We are dealing with cps (Arizona) on getting custdy our 10 month old daughter back and fighting to keep our parental rights. I was falsely lied about where there was no harm done to her when she was. the state angenies do to discrimagationed againtst because what i was born with and had nothing to do with her at all. i am a mother that is working with her father and our family to get her back. CPS is using perfenssionals to lie for them to get their hand on them. acaseworker that has been misusing her job title in illegal ways and coming down towards me in unhealthy abusive ways. plus personal and dirty towards me and everybody else but no one is doing anything about it. we’re fighting tooth and nail on winning this case.

    • Tamara Passenheim
    • Posted July 12, 2010 at 8:31 pm
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    Aug. 27 2010 will mark the 1st year anniversary of the hour I was given to say goodbye to my grandchildren ages 7 and 9. This was the conclusion of a two year battle for custody only to have had my good name besmerched, and my character destroyed by Hennepin county, MN CPS services. They too get reports from professionals to support their ultimate goal, the reports were untrue, but knowing that does no good. CPS is treated like GOD in this state and everything they say is taken as truth even when there is no truth in it! Both my grandchildren attempted suicide in their foster placement, everything done in their “best interest” infact showed no true interest in their well fare only in winning, fore after the original worker was witnessed abusing my grand daughter and I attempted to pursue charges on her behalf the county labeled my whistle blower and went in double time against me. I have spent EVERYDAY in tears. I want my grand babies back!

    • freethegypsy
    • Posted July 13, 2010 at 11:27 pm
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    Ok…I have finally reached my limit…my husband just told me that I can’t have any more babies because of the lies the CPS set in legal cement here in San Francisco…that they would take any child I had out of revenge (praise God we never lost any of our children, not physically, just legal care & custody which meant we were forced to stay in San Francisco rather than return to Louisiana where we have family/land) now that may sound like nothing up against some of the heartbreaking stories i read here but our family’s good name was destroyed over a lawsuit about theft of U.S. mail/sabotage we had with the firefighters’ union — settled that out-of-court July 1999) and i do mean destroyed us. Three weeks after the settlement was signed (for things that are under the R.I.C.O. act when committed in uniform) with the union, CPS suddenly comes up with sexual molestation. After supervising us for the past two years! My middle son asked me “Mama, how do you know dad is innocent?” because, I answered him, he supports me going to court after court and in writing a book about it; a guilty man would just try to hush me up. I want more children. I’m getting old. I want to be free of this burden. Any advice on how one goes about getting one’s name out of the State of Californias’ monster data bank of unfit parent’s (recently ruled unconstitutional) please contact me at my site

    • Posted July 16, 2010 at 6:57 pm
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    I have been dealing with CPS since Mar. of 08′. My son came upon medication that belonged to my husband and was taken to the hospital where the dreadful nightmare began… My husband and I were both charged with serious inquisitions to be blunt child abuse with substantial bodily harm thankfully my son is o.k. However, I had a 3 month old little girl. A month later the state filed charges against me and husband(to which my husband was completing the fourth year of a one to five sentence of probation). My husband’s prob. was revoked and he has been in prison for a year now. I was detained for a month in which I lost everything from my children to my car. I have had to assign myself to counseling, now therapy in which I don’t believe I would need for all of this. I am now no longer on pain medication in which I NEED due to a herniated disk in my back. Anyways the judge had ordered my children to go to my mother-in-law and DYFS ignored the order and placed them into a foster home where they were abused. My daughter was placed in a closet for three days and my son was beaten with a wiffel bat trying to save her. She was then taken to the hospital for dehydration and a diaper rash that was bleeding! My son gave a statement to NLVP. Now I am still fighting for my rights and a year later for more than one visit a week. My daughter now has labial adhession and when the foster mother rescheduled the doctor’s app. the doctor did not wear gloves as he touched her genitals. This is amongst the numerous things that I have had to endure. My daughter wasn’t fastened into her carseat and fell out of the SUV along with the carseat! 16 foster homes in a 20 week period, needless to say there is lawsuit against the state through Natl’ cntr. for youth law.

    • paula mayhew
    • Posted August 11, 2010 at 4:49 pm
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    mecklenburg county dss worker sharon willis visited my mother’s home to investigate a complaint that she wasn’t being taken care of. she came into the home, saw mother clean, dry, well fed, the home spotless. unsubstantiated allegations were brought into a hearing with no one to testify. yet the guardisn ad litem recommended a lawyer be made the guardian of the estate when there was clearly a guardianship clause in mother’s poa. that was ignored by the dss and the gal and the court. since then he has closed our checking account. i’ve had to pawn jewelry for food, gas and medicine i’m making a motion in the cause to modify guardianship because we were denied due process during the hearing. i’m looking for an attorney now to support g.s.32A-40 penalty for unreasonable refusal to recognize power of attorney. can anyone help?

    • DAVID & dEBBY tODD
    • Posted August 13, 2010 at 5:47 pm
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    Please spread the word.Case Of circumventing the Law in Yadkinville, N.C.
    Your Honor, Good afternoon. “Please Continue This Case For Further Legal Review” My name is David Todd 527 Anson Ave. Rockingham, N.C. (910) 895-0681. This e-mail is in reference to Yadkin County District Court File No: 10-CVD-465 IV-D#6406223. This Case is a case of Yadkin County Child Support Vs Sylvia H. Shelton. The N.C. General Statutes in this case are 110.131(a) & 110.131(b). The reason this case has been brought before the court is to obtain DNA from a Minor Child Victoria Lynn Shelton. The Minor child’s Custodial Step grandmother Ms. Sylvia H. Shelton has refused to provide information requested while receiving public assistance from Yadkin County and the State of N.C. Ms. Shelton has clearly broken G.S 110.131(a) & G.S.110.131(b) while receiving assistance. Your Honor 2 parties are involved in the DNA part of this case SrA Johnathon C. Todd & Victoria Lynn Shelton (Minor Child) Guardian Ms. Sylvia H. Shelton. SrA Todd willingly provided DNA to Yadkin County CEA Ms. Shelton refused to bring the Minor Child in for DNA Testing. CEA was force to bring a case against Ms. Shelton. Ms. Shelton got Legal Counsel for this case. Ms. Sheltons Legal Counsel is also the primary Legal Counsel for Yadkin County DSS & CEA. This should have been noticed as a conflict of interest by Ms. Sheltons Counsel. Ms. Shelton should have been instructed to seek other Legal Counsel for this case. However the case had its 1st court date on July 19th, 2010. The case was to be continued to a later date. As a Defense when the case was continued on July 19th, 2010 Ms. Shelton went to DSS & CEA and withdrew all public assistance for Victoria Lynn Shelton (Minor Child). By withdrawing public assistance I understand that Yadkin County DSS & CSE would not have General Statutes to pursue Child Support from Mr. Todd nor pursue Child Support to be given to Ms. Shelton. Your Honor my question in regards to this case is can a Defendant circumvent the law by withdrawing public assistance. Why would anyone not want Benefits for a Child. Just to think that any individual would take away Medical Benefits,Financial Benefits, And A Father that is currently serving our Country is beyond me. Yadkin County CSE may dismiss this case because they have no General Statutes to compel Ms. Shelton. How ever this case could be dismissed with conditions that the original DNA testing must be completed. The test was paid for by Mr. Todd. Ms. Shelton was getting public assistance when she broke the law. Your Honor can Ms Shelton really get around the Law just by stopping public support after she has been brought to court. Your Honor, If the court can issue a condition for dismissal (the completion of DNA) then Ms. Shelton could not circumvent the G.S. 110.131(a) or 110.131(b). Your Honor, The Law would be served with conditional dismissal of this case.

    Thank You For Your Consideration,
    David Todd
    527 Anson Ave.
    Rockingham, N.C. 28379

    • Lisa Sinnett
    • Posted September 18, 2010 at 2:52 pm
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    Hey! This is Lisa Sinnett from Michigan, and every time I google myself I see this post about another Lisa Sinnett harassing people. Could you remove the post? Thanks!

    • Elle
    • Posted November 2, 2010 at 4:53 pm
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    How does this help. The DSS and court system in Wausau , WI is corrupt and i know of 3 families, including myself that they have place our children in danger. A specific worker is really bad there but im not sure i can mention her name. Is there anyone i can call that is in charge of them?

  10. I would like to contribute my experience with DSS in Cabarrus County. I have two boys (11 yrs and 4 yrs) and was married for 15 years. There father who is a NC State Highway patrol man left me to have an affair with a 20 something year old State Employees Credit Union bank teller in Cabarrus County when I was pregnant with our second child. He is still with the same girlfriend and we now share joint custody. My youngest son, who is now 4 yrs, started to come to me, my mom and a friend about the girlfriend, Frances, who hits and punches him in the stomach. After numerous occassions of my 4 yr old begging for help, I decided to take him to a counselor in hopes to get to the real core of the problem. Before I could see a spealist with United Family Services, they required that I contact DSS to protect my child. Boy did I learn a what a corrupt organization looked like. My case worker, Sasha Holden, spent a total of 20 minutes on (2) occassions with my son asking him questions about abuse. He did not talk, but from what my counselor said it takes trust and time for a child of that age to open up. Sasha Holden after speaking to my ex-husband turned around threaten to press charges against me for making this up. Sasha Holden has made absolutely NO CONTACT with me at all since this case was opened up October 4th to provide guidance. I received a letter in the mail stating that the recommendation was to “continue counseling.” I’ve had my children in counseling along with myself in addition, I volunteered to take a parenting class last month to do my part in providing the best life for my kids. Now, my ex-husband and his girlfriend have not been ordered to seek any help or even to help pay for the counseling services of my (2) boys. I’m stunned that DSS – Cabarrus County has absolutely no resources or skills to investigate, programs to help parents or at the very minimum to follow-up with caretakers. Basically unless my 4 year old had physical bruises, cracked skull, broken bones, burns or the unthinkable (death) this is outside of their scope of work. I will continue day and night to make it my mission in life to be an advocate in protecting my own child along with other children since DSS in N.C. is a waste of tax payer dollars especially considering 200 children have died last year in the care of this organization.

  11. March 2 2006: The nightmare began. That was the day that changed my life and my grandchidlrens lives for ever. On that day of March 2 2006 in the county of Oklahoma and the City of Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma Department Human Services they took my grandchildren away and put them in Foster Care. I have issues with the State of Oklahoma DHS.

    Date of Case– March 2 2006
    Case #– JD-06-180
    OKDHS KIDS #– 20347104

    From the very beginning i have been having problems with these people. This state doesn’t believe in returning children to their families. Since i have been fighting for my grandchildren, I have noticed that you definitely needs to get educated when it comes to having any contact with the agency. It’s so! not easy to handle or deal with.

    I have relocated from Reno Nevada to Oklahoma City Oklahoma to do everything in my power to get my grandsons. I’m on my third attorney.

    The family courts and dhs agency and don’t forget the volunteer casa workers are all working together. At least that is what i am seeing here in my grandsons case.
    Since i have been – actively seeking help to get my grandsons home. They (famiy court and dhs DA) have threatened me with jail and eventually they cited me and went to court on that. Thankfully i wasn’t locked up.
    They don’t wan’t me to talk about the case. They don’t want me to expose them. It’s important for everyone to know how these foster agencies are destroying families and causing the children to suffer with emotional needs.
    All dhs/dss/dcfs all across the nation need to be restructured. These places shouldn’t be allowed to practice in the fashion that they are. It’s not effective to the families and children.
    The world has too many children in foster care and the numbers that are in adoption is just awful.
    With loving grandparents and family members to care and take in the children. There shouldn’t be no children in any states custody foster care service agencies at all.
    I love my grandbabies, as all the rest of the wonderful folks who are fighting for their kids and grandkids.
    With that mentioned! That’s why I’m fighting for my grandsons to get them out of the Oklahoma DHS foster care.
    I personally reccommend the closure of all government agencies that still children and alienate them from their families and love-ones. That is what is going on with my grandchildrens case.
    2006, Since the time that my grandsons has been taken out of nearly 5 years– I’ve only seen them 3 times on a family visit. That’s it.
    My grandsons, they know that i am here for them
    So I’m now here in Okc Ok and has been since the latter part of 2008.

    Visitation- there is no visitation. I haven’t seen my grandsons since 2/16/10 and the Judge he has denied me holiday visits for the past three set of holidays– 12/08,12/09,12/10. I’m my grandsons only family and the only one that’s fighting for them in court.
    I can’t get noone to do a home study for me. I have no problem in paying for it. Not even the Judge! will order a homestudy.

    • carmen
    • Posted January 1, 2011 at 4:16 pm
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    Hi please help me!!!
    i live in queens and i was staying at a Shelter in NJ for pregnant. i was obligated to do fund raisers with my premature wk old baby , when i said that i dint want to do that anymore till my baby more matured, because i was still recovering from the c section. they called the police stating that i was not taking my medication. i was and am. i was sent to the psychiatric emergency room to be evaluated. to then be released six hr later because they dint find anything to be wrong with me. by that time my child was already taken by DYFS. I went to the first court hearing and i saw my court appointed lawyer when the case was about to begin. there where granted the Childs custody without me having any say so in the matter. Now the second hearing is taking place next wk January six th at 1:30pm 2011. They have made me go thru test and ask so many questions, but i have yet to even know who is my appointed lawyer and IM afraid IM running into a trap, They have a well documented attorney and social workers on there side working for them, i feel i wont even have a my fair trial. i call and call the attorney and i get no answer and my date is next wk. mean while they are already making arrangements for more meetings and test for me and my babys father for months to come. they seem as if they where sure to win. my boyfriend doesn’t understand the possess because he doesn’t speak English and the court telephone interpreter is very inefficient. what can i do? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!

    • christopher Brock
    • Posted January 17, 2011 at 5:16 am
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    I have a story that involves Carteret County CPS. I need an email address to send this to.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted January 27, 2011 at 6:52 pm
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    I know of someone that Lived in N.C. and there Daughter died a suspicious death.I was told she was told in N.C. if she ever had another Child the State would take the Child from her right away.Well In S.C. they must not know what happened there.She has already had one die at less than 2 MTS old and the other one taken away from her.Now she has another Baby and things are heading down Hill with this one from what I see.Im nto Friends just know of,But Im trying to find info on what actually happened in N.C. She hides very well and I cant seem to find her (the Mothers) Birth name.Im very good online but she has me stumped ,If you can help please do

    • Concerned
    • Posted February 14, 2011 at 12:50 am
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    In a lot of cases corruption is a factor. Most Government Agencies in North Carolina are corrupt. DMV enforcement is now part of the Highway Patrol due to corruption at DMV. As far as CPS I don’t think corruption is a big of a problem as incompetence. We just went through a case involving my grandson with Rowan County. Davidson County assisted as we live in that county. Davidson County DSS and the Sheriffs Dept both finished their investigation in a few weeks. However the case drug on for 65 days to the bumbling of Rowan DSS. The CPS investigator said Davidson had not given her a report which was proven false. The sheriffs detective was even upsst by this as he said he had given to her personally. Then the investigator took a week off at Christmas and another week the following week. Her supervisor said she could not do anything about it. I mentioned Constitutional rights and she said the Constitution doesn’t matter. Well of course it don’t matter to Marxist and Socialists, but it does to me. We were concerned for my Grandson’s health as he had a severe respiratory infection and had gone to the Dr. the day before all of this came about. I wanted to get his Rx to him and the case worker said he did not need it. It was an antibotic that he was to take for 10 days. The case worker told me that she had seen and accessed the child and he was fine. I had no clue that a MSW was also a Medical Degree. After a complete investigation by law enforcement including a polygraph and talking with the child the case was closed as unsubstantiated and he was return to us. Happy ending for us,but many others suffer at the hands of these incompetent idiots.

    • Janet Inman
    • Posted April 28, 2011 at 6:01 am
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    My prev . post was cut system went down. Anyway, many systems or organizations have failed my bi-polar daughter and now the DSS is after me. Briefly, she was diagnosed with mono and given predisone by a well known practice here in Wilmingon which caused her moods to swing in and out of a psychotic like state. She is 11 and just mainstreamed and stabilized. She was ashamed to go to school because she didn’t want anyone to find out she had a mental illness. She had a breakdown and we went to emergency and she had volunteered to go into a facility who said they would take her but while in emergency get a note from the DR saying that the normal CDC practices of covering the mouth and not sharing food would suffice. I asked for this note, that’s what I thought we had- until we arrived at the facility and found the dr’s PA wrote mask for 7 days. My child was isolated for 7 days without therapy only allowed to leave the area in a mask and one of those days she was stripped naked without clothes or blanket while watched by male staffers. My daugter already has a self esteem issue from scarring on her face due to numerous surgeries to remove a congenital nevus. She was doped up most of the time, we were lied to about meds and then given a release date and a summons to court to determine her status- all in the same date. I was told I didn’t have to go- just a formality. I am glad I went…I cannot begin to describe the circus atmosphere of the court. Someone needs to look into how these people are selected to represent our children- there was no representation. Parents were treated so disrepecful, when questions were asked, they were demeaned by the atty for the children..I was told that the Dr. wanted to keep my daugther as involuntary if there were any behavour problems for up to 30 days or more. Since my child had no therapy while being in isolation, and her random behavour was not her fault due to prenisone, I asked how they would decide what behavours would count, and would it be one or two…etc..I was told not to waste the Judges time with complaints and they would now answer any questions even after the session. I checked her out fearing for her safety. She had another episode a few days later landing us in the New Hanover Regional Hospital Emergncy Room. At that time they made her involuntary so we could not leave. We spent 2 days down in emergency and 2 days in the pediatric ward. On day 2, she was bored and needed to move around and got up to walk down the hall. She did not stop at command and was tackled by security- at least 6 while nurses went for shots. My daughter who was never afraid of needles, was now terrified after her most recent stay, and I begged them to let me give her the pill form and that I could calm her since she was so traumatized. The head of security went over the nurses head and agreed and it worked. Later that night, my daughter was up again and looking out the curtains. I felt she was going to tear them down and escape and knew they may not be as nice this time. I approached her and she began hitting me. I went to put her into a hold that I had been trained to do, but ended up with her arms together over her head so she couldn’t strike me and walked her back to bed. A few minutes later, she escaped to the nurses staion next to the room. I went to get her and they said she was ok, to let her sit for a while to give me a break. HA! It wasn’t until the next day when Social Services showed up that I found out that the nurses had called to report me for hurting her wrist- although there were no marks as witnessed by the DSS agent. Knowing my child was having severe psychotic swings and had to be taken down by security, all these circumstances, you would think it would have been dropped. Oh no. They are still investigating me, calling the previous Service Agency that I had fired due to provoking my daughter afer taking the steroids and then not returning calls, and also calling numbers for other people as well. I feel the DSS was called because Security went over their (nurses) heads- vindictiveness. Prior leaving the hospital, we had seveal more “take downs” and she ended up tied to her bed. She went off one time because while security was holding her, the two officers by her head, brushed her hair back with their hands and began talking about her scars in front of her without acknowledging her. Afterward she broke down crying, saying I am so ugly. She felt violated- again. She was finaly moved to another facility in Raleigh who contacted me immediately regarding the brusing- not on the wrist, but on her arms and ankles from the straps, random brusies on her sides and thighs from being restrained and a large bruise on her thigh from the jamming of the needles. And yet, DSS wants to continue their review of me. I am so angry and hurt over the whole system and how mentally ill children are treated. All of this hell began with a dr who prescribed something theat should never have been, and the consequences of that “mistake” may take years for my daughter to get over not to mention the DSS hounding my family at a time of great stress.

    Thanks for listening. I am open to any, any, suggestions. You may publish my email address.


    • Concerned Friend
    • Posted May 3, 2011 at 8:28 pm
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    I was desperately trying to find a dear friend some help. He has recently has an accusation of sexual abuse claimed against him from a jealous ex husbands child of previous girlfriend (he is no longer with this woman) This has been going on for over a year and a half. There is nno criminal charges because none can be filed because of lacking evidence but they still are keeping the case open and keeping his own son away from him this whole time. All he wants is his soon back who was not innvolved in any of the allegations and they are keeping the case ope.

    This is an open case in buncome county NC. If annyone has any advise or websites or contact people I would be greatly appreciative for any help or direction taht anyone could give.

    My e-mail is

    • scott a.
    • Posted May 15, 2011 at 4:14 pm
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    • Jason Alatorre
    • Posted May 23, 2011 at 2:06 am
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    My case is simple CPS lied to the courts outright about getting access to my laptop when my laptop was even working at all. and even then the investigator had to go through 2 firewalls(one on my computer and one built intomy router) Claims that she got a hold of my INI or INS files.I did some digging and found out that those files are only stored on my computer and that only a court order is the nly way to access them. So someone tell me that how did she access them? simple!! She had to hack or have someone hack my computer. then on top of that she claims I wanted my “personal space” Ok well me being in the army is simple: I HAVE NONE!!! I was order by my current chain od command to move closer since where I was living at the time with my beast of a wife and my daughters way outside the 50 mile radius of the base. in fact the base was 67.7 miles away from where I lived, so I was ordered to move closer, she refused to move with me, that not wanting personal space that is following an order. and she did the same thing when I was stationed in Hawaii. She was living here in Washington state while I was in Hawaii. She claims the Volcano’s were a danger to her and the kids….. I forgot how to spell the island but it’s where the state capital is THERE IS NOT ACTIVE VOLCANO’S AT ALL THERE!! but the CPS investigator claimed I chose to live there….I WAS ON ORDERS TO BE STATIONED THERE SHE CHOSE NOT TO MOVE OUT THERE WITH ME!!!!! Not only that somehow the investigator got a hold of MILITARY HEALTH FILES……. how was that possible. and even doctor/client privilage comes to mind!!!!! there is so much more that I wish I can get some help I can’t even afford a lawyer to help me fight this…There is got to be someone out there in Washngton state that is a laywer that will take this case for free cause I don’t have money for food,rent or anything else, and the army is telling me that I can’t live in the barracks till my divorce is finalized, so I’ll be homeless as well.

  12. My name is Iesha Wilson and I hve been dealing with DCFS for 7 in a half years now and this is my story: I have seven children that DCFS has taken away. I have 6 boys and 1 girl. I have been searching for help to reunite my family and no one is trying to help me I have called every one I could think of to report this case worker by the name of Dawn Pettway Barnes who has been my case worker from 2003 to 2009 and from my understanding you are not supposed to have the same case worker for that long. Dawn Pettway Barnes has caused my family Grief, Hurt, Pain and Suffering. Dawn Pettway Barnes has violated my Civil Human Rights as a U.S. Citizen, as a Human Beaning, and as a Mother Of 7 Children. She has Slandered my name by typing a letter down to Section 8, Falsifying Documents the Integrity Department of Section 8 which caused them to terminate my section 8 voucher for Housing, had the Calumet City Police Dept kick in my apartment doors three times which was under section 8 at the time Which has caused me to become Homeless for the past 4 years now and I still have no where to live or bring my family home to and all they are telling me to do is go to a Shelter, Dawn P. Barnes has gotten Away with this. Dawn P. Barnes has Broken the “HIPAA LAW”, told my down stairs neighbors at the time that I was Mentally Disable and that I stole my baby from the hospital and I am not supposed to have any of my children. Dawn P. Barnes also had a Psychologist by the name of Dr. Paul Linden do a Psychologal Evaulation on me & during the psychologal, Dr. Paul Linden used Prophanity towards my in a Provactive Manor. Dr. Paul Linden Broke the “HIPAA LAW” by telling my childrens father that I was a Wild Person and that I have a lot of Incest going in my family and that I have a BoarderLine Personiality Disorder. The only thing that has been done is that Dawn Pettway Barnes has been removed from my case in 2009 and was moved to the MayWood Office because of my Complaints. My only Daughter was Sexually abused in the care of Dawn P. Barnes & DCFS and the Judge kept my daughter in the same household when my daughter was told by her Foster Mother to keep it a secret.My daughter has now been Adopted by this Same lady by the name of Alisha Boyd. My 2nd oldest was 4 at the time this accurred, He had a black eye to where as a grown person hit him in his face and he was also under the care of Dawn P. Barnes & DCFS and he was kept in the same household as well. Now He has been Adopted by his Foster Mother, By the name of Ruby Williams. These 2 incedents were pushed under the RUG and nothing was done about it. With my daughters incedent it was supposed to be Unfounded and with my sons incedent it was investgated as a scratch. Now Ruby Williams has custody of my other 4 boys and 2 more Sexually Abused incedents has happened. My 7 year old which he was younger at the time this accurred, I did not find out about this until we had a court date and Ruby Williams was put on the stand to testify and it was brought up then and the person who did it was another little boy in her home whom she has had since either newborn or a arm size baby. When Mrs. Williams was asked about the sistutation she said the other little boy said they were playing acting like dogs with their clothes down. my son at the time was 3 or 4 years old so he wouldn’t have known anything about that or how dogs mate. There was nothing else mentioned about this incedent and Mrs. Williams was able to keep both of the children in the same home no more questions asked and nothing was said about either of the children receiving Therapy! This was pushed under the RUG as well! Now my 7 year old has been Adopted by Mrs. Ruby Williams. Around February 2011 my 5 year old ha now been Sexually Melsted by this same little boy in the same home and now this time Mrs. Ruby Williams reported it to the Hotline and had the other boy removed, I say that the other boy should not have been removed because Mrs. Williams is all he knows and now by her doing that, she just made the problem WORSE!!!! She should have gotten him some help right away, Thats why I believe that someone in Mrs. Williams home Sexually abused him for the boy to do this to my two boys. Think about it, if Mrs. Williams has had that little boy since birth or arm size some one in that home has done this to him and thought this to him. The new case worker by the name of Mayna Johnson and the Adoption case worked by the name of Suszan Turner came by my mothers home to explain to me what has happened once again to one of my CHILDREN! DCFS has the nerve to put in my service plain that I need to Learn the SAFTY OF MY CHILDREN when 3 of my children has been Hurt and Sexually Abused in DCFS CUSTODY!!!!!!!!! Theres other things that has been done that DCFS & that worker Dawn Pettway Barnes got away with & pushed UNDER THE RUG that i would like to talk about but it’s a lot. These are some of the people that I have tried to contact to help me, Opar Winfery, Montel Williams, Maury Polvich, Steve Wilkos, The NAACP, Pastor Meeks of Salem Baptis Church, Rev. D Jordan of Salem baptis Church, Fox 32 News, WGCI Radio Station, Power 92 Radio Station and a host of others, No one has reached out or responded to help me or my family. This case worker is so evil she even Filed Childsupport against me for two of my children which I wasn’t notified and now I am supposed to owe Back Childsupport in the amount of $33,476.32. This is my Story and What happened to me and my Family!! This is why I am Trying to SUE DCFS. I just spoke to the Family Defence Center today as we speak and the lady told me Basically DCFS can get away with what they want to And Theres Nothing We can do about It. Please Help Me and My Family Become Reunited again. My Case is Out of the Harvey Illinois Office. My E-Mails Are &

    • amanda collins
    • Posted June 27, 2011 at 1:04 pm
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    Hi my name is amanda and in 2009 dhs in cherokke iowa took my 4 babies after my and my sisters son got in a fight they gave them to my brother i did every thing they told me to do my babies came home on aug.1 2009 well trought all this they changed my worker 3 times .Me and the kids was living with a boy friend well me and him brock up so me and the kids went and was staying with a friend of my brothers we was there for 1 mounth the he kicked us out we went and stayed a shelter we was there twe weeks and i found a apt for me and my babies .well every thing was going ok until a new worker came in to or lives .she came to my house the first time in march of 2010 that day we was cooking out with so friends .that day was the first day of the end of mine and my babies life. She told me that on our next court date she was going to make sure i lost my babies!!!!she told me she did not like me and i felt the same for her i will not lie my mental health was really bad i was sleeping my life away befor all of this i asked for help and they did nothing but take my kids form me..this worker did not let me kids come home after that in oct she told me that if i wanted to be able to be in my kids life i would sing my rights over….NOW it has been 8 mounths sence the last time i seen my kids i did get to talk to them in dec now i have no cule where they are or with who my kids are my life i am dieing with out them

  13. Nationwide protest for restoration of CPS om 08/12/11 for info
    pleaseget the word out to as many people as possbile
    thank you

    • Ronnie
    • Posted July 14, 2011 at 10:52 am
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    Please everyone who has been a victim of unfair treatment in Family Court go to for information on the NATIONAL Day of Protest — Friday, August 12, 2011 at all County Family Courts. Don’t sit silent, stand for your rights and the rights of your children.

    • ab
    • Posted September 21, 2011 at 6:52 pm
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    Bessemer City, NC– A ltille 2 year old girl dies of spesis and an untreated broken leg at a motel while her mother was gone and she was left in the care of her boyfriend. The boyfriend was a registered sex offender. The mother was on probation, and the mother’s family reached out not only to DSS but also to her probation officer. What did they do? Nothing. And now there is an innocent child who went through things that she didn’t have to. What’s it gonna take?

    • Anonymous
    • Posted October 3, 2011 at 12:09 am
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    You posted a WA state story about Robert Edward Cline, Social worker for Muckleshoot Indian welfare, offering to trade sex for her (13 year old client) choice of placement. if she had sex with him. He was charged but acquitted in that case. Next, he has been charged with child rape in another case and is now left with a hung jury. He is laughing at the courts and is free to abuse again. He recently has a case pending for raping a small boy. The boy has already given his testimony in September 2011 at King County Courts, but let’s face it, Robert is a professional child molester who gets joy from harming children and is a true coward. He has family members that stand by him (that he has molested) and also family members that like to molest and will stand by him. At least one of his brothers, and maybe both enjoy having sex with children. Robert Cline he hides behind religion and is a true coward. He will continue to molest and rape because no one can produce hard evidence since he manipulates children and puts fear in their minds so that they won’t tell. He has ruined several lives because of his illness and is too cowardly to admit his faults and seek help.

    I will never understand why this man is willing to harm his own children or others and is willing to testify under oath if he claims to be religious. He is not a true believer, or he would fear God’s wrath. He is an imposter and coward who enjoys harming babies.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted October 14, 2011 at 11:22 pm
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    SHAYLA PAYLOR of Mecklenburg County/Charlotte NC DSS is a racist and relentless, egotistical, crooked wrecking ball to society. My wife and I work our ASSES off to give our kids the best of everything. SHAYLA PAYLOR has been invasive, coercive and completely dishonest and unethical. She is doing everything in her power to take my daughter, when WE HAVE NEVER ABUSED OUR CHILDREN!!! DSS was involved due to an angry baby sitter, whom we fired, and SHAYLA PAYLOR has twisted everything she possibly can in an obvious effort to rip our children away from us. She is an obese, black, angry, 2-faced, racist pig. I think it is quite bold how people think they can just take your kids away and bully us around. When you take away all that a person lives for, that person has nothing more in life to lose. I would be very, very careful if I were in a position where I did that day in and day out.

    • Norman Noah
    • Posted October 29, 2011 at 10:04 pm
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    I have had a problem with Winston Salem Adult Protective Services. Has anyone else been bullied by them?

    • Anonymous
    • Posted November 9, 2011 at 12:03 am
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    • TODD
    • Posted November 9, 2011 at 12:27 am
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    • ashley weaver
    • Posted November 22, 2011 at 10:21 pm
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    I am currently dealing with Judge Tygrett, Eric Williams as the mediator, Cathy Adams as the atty for the children, Linda Dugan and Belinda Burkhart. Im helpless. A victim of abuse, my children live with my abuser RIGHT NOW. I only have time and God on my side.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted November 24, 2011 at 2:45 am
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    My name is Steven and my problem is with dss in Chesterfield South Carolina is on Nov 1st 2011 DSS came to my home accusing my wife and me of doing drugs. We went the next day and took a drug test. Two days later they came with deputies to my kids dr office. They placed my kids with grandparents and publicy embarrassed me in the office saying i beat my wife and do drugs. They had me handcuffed in front of kids and took me and my wife to our home to search for drugs/drug paraphenelia. They found nothing. We both passed our drug tests but now they’re tryin to say that I used someone else’s urine cuz it looked “watered down” to them but had the right temperature. They’re not doing things “by the book”. There’s been no court hearing within 10 days nor has a Treatment Plan been wrote out for me or my wife yet and it’s been 20 days now. They saying they want us to do a hair follicle test and we have no problem doing anything in order to have our hildren returned back over to us. But theyre not doing things right or in a timely fashion.
    We are fortunate that we can see our kids
    as much as we want to but it’s hard because everytime we have to leave them they throw a fit wanting to come with us. Its not easy either. It don’t get any easier either. I want to be treated fairly and with a little respect.

  14. I am a CPS worker in the state of PA. I have read some of the comments and my heart goes out to the parents. The reason we get involved with a family is because a call was made to the hotline regarding abuse or neglect of the child/children. If the child/children need to be removed, we have to contact an attorney and judge to sign off on the paperwork. There is a court date within 24-72 hours and services are implemented to work with the parents. There are several professional parties involved with a case when it involves court and helping families to stay together. The main focus is the safety of the child/children and we want and hope more extended family members support the parents and help keep the children with the family. But I have a question, why are you involved with DSS? Did they pull your name from a hat? Was your number called? Example: There are people who use drugs and kill their children and their are people who use drugs and are functional addicts. There are mothers who work a 6 figure job with children and mothers who are on public welfare with children, if a child is being abused or neglected it will be investgated. Workers are trained and there is mandatory training hours that have to be completed every year. Again as parents you need to keep asking questions until you get all your answers. If the worker is not helpful keep going until you get to the top. I try my best to show respect and be honest with the family for better cooperation but also not all reported incidents are true and not all parents are guilty of abusing their childen. But remember parents protect and keep safe your children. Speaking as a parent also.

    • lawdoll
    • Posted November 30, 2011 at 4:33 pm
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    My involvement with DSS began when IREPORTED abuse, and they failed to investigate myreport of abuse within the time frame required by law. After 2 and a 1/2 months of their failure to protect the children, or to even begin the investigation I called the state office and complained about their illegal and unethical behavior…so they came after us! They falsified records, forged myhusband’sname, lied to the judge, lied in official paper work and numerous other criminal actions.

    While not all DSS workers are corrupt, there are many who are…and those that aren’t corrupt, that ignore the corruption they see are just as guilty for NOT doing anything about it.

    The BBC just did a huge investigative report on America’s child death shame, where they found that over 40% of the children who die in this country because of abuse, had previous CPS investigations or an open case at the time of their death! This proves for a fact, that DSS does not protect children.

    Further children who are removed from their homes are being abused and dying in foster care and adoptive homes…killed by the people “DSS’ considered “better” than their parents.

    Furthermore to take a child into emergency custody, DSS does not need a warrant, a judges order, they can take your child and go to the court later to make it “legal”. Plus, Courts, DA, almost always do what DSS wants them to do, whether their is proof of abuse or not! DSS courts are the only courts in this country where Hearsay is admissible!

    I have been to the top, no one would do anything, they just swept it all under the rug. You can view my entire story on the first page of this blog.


    • Carol
    • Posted December 16, 2011 at 1:14 pm
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    How do I speak with you confidentially? I don’t know who to contact in North Carolina. We are in serious need of a lawyer or advocate to help us with a horrible injustice going on as we speak.

    • Bella
    • Posted December 20, 2011 at 2:01 pm
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    My husband and I were foster parents to a 1 year old girl for 6 months. We are in the foster to adopt program in NC, and although the case was reunification, we were told there was a good chance that it could change to adoption. The parents had supervised visits every other week for 3 months for one hour each time. After the 3rd month, mom dropped off the face of the earth and dad was the only one visiting. He visited for one month, two hours a week, supervised. Our foster daughter was removed a couple of weeks ago becasue the father went to his classes and only tested positive for one drug test. The Guardian Ad Litem never visited our home and actually told the social worker he would put in his report what she was putting in her report for the court. Our foster daugther was taken from us the day of court and placed with her father whom she had not been alone with in over 6 months. There was no transition and no preparation. We are at a loss. We feel the GAL did not do what the law says they are supposed to do, but we don’t know what to do.

  15. Our case is in Maryland, Harford County. God help the innocent children and their families. My two granddaughters were
    illegally snatched twice. We have been in court for three years. DSS separated our girls 4yrs.old and 8yrs. old @ the time of removal. They WERE healthy, intelligent, sweet innocent children,. The 4yr.old @ age of 5 was sexally molested in a foster home. The girls mother (my daughter) and I told the reunification (never happened) caseworker something was wrong in the foster home. We know our children. The birth mother has the legal right to have the child moved to another foster home with good reason. We showed the case worker bruises on the child’s abdomen and thighs during a supervised visit. Nothing was done to help this innocent 5yr. old. The child has been attempting to run away to find her mother and family. Dss and their lead attorney’s solution for this child has been to severely medicate her and put her into a pyschiatric hospital, this is the child’s 3rd hospitalization. Dss and their lead attorney stopped all visitation 15 months ago. The adoption caseworker told the child her mother did not want her any more! The distortions of facts and the lies are a disgrace to our justice system. The constant attempt by DSS and lead attorney to crush my daughter-emotionally, mentally, NO offer of help for this single mother. They knowingly have cost her employment jobs. There is so much more I could share–3yrs. worth. PEOPLE MUST BE INFORMED__WE MUST STOP THIS DESTRUCTION OF THE FOUNDATION OF OUR COUNTRY—THE FAMILY!!!!

    • concerned parent done wrong ..
    • Posted March 2, 2012 at 3:40 pm
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    In alot of states people who shouldnt have there children do and people that dont have there children should have them . I feel as tho no matter what state it may be 9 times out of 10 no dcs worker or judge let alone any lawyer are on any good parents side because they all see us and our children as another paycheck and story to tell .Which in so many ways is very wrong and unfair ..

    • Brandi
    • Posted April 15, 2012 at 2:57 pm
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    I have started a petition to help the parents and children of North Carolina who have been/or are currently going through hell because of Corrupt Child Protective Services and Judges unwilling to go against social services. I got involved in this almost 1 1/2yrs ago when a man that I know had his children removed from his home because he asked them to help him protect his children from the mental, physical, and sexual abuse going on in the mothers home.
    If you would like to review the petition go to this web site:
    If you would like to contact me for information/advice on to how better bring social services and judges of North Carolina to justice PLEASE contact me:

    • Double A
    • Posted April 19, 2012 at 11:21 am
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    I live in the state of Louisiana. Not only was I talking care of my kids, I was supporting kids that were not biologically mines too. The mother of my kids decided to put me on child support for all the wrong reasons. She told me if I was not with her than I will not be able to afford nothing because she wanted everything see could get a the child support system will help her with that. Every since then I have been going through hell. I send payment in through the mail like a was court ordered to do. Every few months they take wages from my payroll check and I have never been behind. She ends up paid twice in one month while my bills end up falling behind.

    • Kindness Ohio
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    I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids my kids are in foster care my kids been in foster care since 2008 I’m still fighting for my kids the worker that was on my case told a lot of lies I had a public defender on my case he did not do nothing on my case he did not file nothing my 2 kids are still suffering in foster care I would like for everyone to know my landlord is help me & many other parents / families we need all parents / families to come out of hiding we need all parents / families to stop being scared to fight for there children / grandchildren we have to all come together in all states me & my landlord is trying to start up a organization to help parents / families fight for there children / grandchildren that have been wrongful taken or have been up for wrongful adoption / sale anyone can contact me my e-mail is

    • patty willett
    • Posted May 28, 2012 at 9:32 am
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    i went into preterm labor yesterday due to stress and the stress is coming from james city dss in va. they are on my case every other day about something and my baby hasent even been born yet. is there anyway i can sue them for undue stress and the preterm labor alone with mass depression. they are telling me they are going to take my baby from the hospital if i do not complete there demands. i have been so stressed and depressed and its there fault. im 33 weeks pregnant and they have me running around like a chicken with its head cut off and yesterday i guess my body just tried to give up. what can i do? please someone help me. these people get away with murder and what is done about it? NOTHING……. MY CHILD WAS ALMOST BORN EARLY CAUSE OF THESE PEOPLE AND WOULD OF HAD TO HAVE ALOT OF SPECIAL CARE DUE TO THERE TAUNTING.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted June 7, 2012 at 10:53 pm
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    Patty Willett,
    I went threw the EXACT same thing at first with my baby. He was born two mounths early and has some SERIOUS help issues. I am sickend with DSS. It was DSS in Beaufort SC. With that said they ended up stealing my children away from me for 7 months because I didnt go to the docs enough when I was preggo, Then it went from that to SO many others things they had made up. They took my new born baby away from me right out of the hospital. I missed the bonding time with him….Everything with him. His first Christmas, New years, Easter….I mean it was SICK,,,,They also took my three year old son. All started out with not going to the OB enough. Then the judge treated me like a crap in the court room. They made FORCED me to confess. They told me that I had to or I would NOT get my kids back at all. I am sick of DSS. They have WAY to much power. To ANYONE else who says other wise you try to have your children taken from you for something as stupid as not going to an OB twice a week at 5 months. You try to deal with having no VOICE for fear of jail or loss of parental rights. You try to deal with them people having your children and then come back and tell me “oh they are just over worked”. Please take that statement and shove it!!!! That is NO excuse for stealing a parents children. Its SICK. They should be put in prison for what they are doing to parents. They DONT need to be stopped they need to be CHANGED.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted June 7, 2012 at 10:58 pm
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    With that said PLEASE do EVERYTHING you can to keep DSS out of your life,….Once they mess with you get OUT of that state. If you don’t they will NOT leave you alone. PLEASE trust me when I say BE CAREFUL. Don’t take your child to the hospital to much. Don’t let your child fall down….NO bruises,,,,,,No NOTHING on them. DONT let your kids fight….Did you know that NO MATTER WHAT by law EACH call DSS gets no matter how stupid they BY LAW MUST INVESTIGATE!!! No matter what. Each time. Isnt that CRAZY?

    • Anonymous
    • Posted June 7, 2012 at 11:01 pm
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    • m.a. loewer
    • Posted June 9, 2012 at 11:52 am
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    • m.a. loewer
    • Posted June 9, 2012 at 1:00 pm
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    There is a handful of unethical DSS & CPS workers & supervisors, lawyers, bench sitters, police, casa workers and some hidden hands I am not aware of. Our case is in Harford County, Maryland. It is not a Merry-land for our children, parent, grandparent, brother and dearly loved friends who have stood by us for 3 1/2 years. We are awaiting the judges decision on our TPR trial. I believe the judge to be an honest man & cares about children and families. However I have concern about the politics. DSS & CPS took our children based on a psychological evaluation performed by DSS’s favorite psychologist , which during the trial the evaluation was found by 4 other professionals to be bogus! The state’s attorney who prosecuted our case from day one, was found to have “come to the table with dirty hands”. He and his firm no longer are employed by Harford County. Our girls were separated and still are. Our youngest, at aged 6 was molested while in the care of foster parents. DSS tried to blame the family– our child had been in DSS’s care for a year and a half with no prior indications of sexual behavior. I, maternal grandmother, took the foster/adoption course with DSS’s approval and then was denied. I appealed twice. The first judge-said she had not heard of an appeal case after DSS disapproves. But the judge found in my favor on three of the four objections. The fourth was absenteeism from public school. My older grandson was being home-schooled -which DSS fought and lost because he was 16. The female judge scolded DSS for not working with me more and said she expected them to do just that in the near future. DSS ignored her firm request. The second appeal — well let me just say, no offense to the male gender, if the second judge had any testosterone he let it at home. My younger granddaughter has become ill. DSS, by attorney direction, stopped our visits altogether over a year ago. By a case worker, who told me herself, the order to stop visits came from the DSS lead attorney. The same case worker, after 2 months of no visits, told my younger g-daughter the family was not coming to see her because her mother did not want her any more. There has not been one day, hour– my heart does not pain and cry out to God for our babies. There is much more to this abomination, but I pray you are starting to be enlightened or this adds to what you are already aware of — TRAFFICKING IN CHILDREN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This must make our Vets and their families sick. What a horror for our children and families and our nation. STAND- UP AMERICA !!!

    • Karen C Holmes 843.271.3996
    • Posted July 3, 2012 at 10:28 pm
    • Permalink

    I am a grandmother who lives in SC and have had my grandchildren taken from their parents and put into foster care without anyone calling me to inform me about the matter. I’ve had to do all the calling myself and then they would not tell me about court dates. They did some of the most dirty underhanded things that I have ever seen, they made my daughter in law sign papers of which they told her if she did not sign them they were going to lock her up. My son is slow and so is my daughter in law. I am a poor woman and every attorney I called wanted $10,000.00 – $25,000.00 to take the case. Legal aid said that they do not handle cases when it comes to DHS We need help.

    • Tobias Rubin
    • Posted July 20, 2012 at 6:02 pm
    • Permalink

    Hi, my name is Tobias Rubin and I work for a non-profit law firm that is working to help Native Americans on reservations in South Dakota get their children back from the DSS. I would appreciate it enormously if you could send me a comprehensive list of all the stories you have received from South Dakota; it will help make a stronger case four our defendants, and we may be able to help some more people in the process!
    Thank you

    • Anonymous
    • Posted September 2, 2012 at 5:26 pm
    • Permalink

    Hi There. I know this couple who I am told had complaints called in to DSS by an ex-boyfriend. The mother has to take medicine for seizures. DSS it telling her that she can’t take her meds. If she does they are going to take the baby. When did DSS become doctors. This should be cause to remove the workers who are trying to be doctors. Something has to be done. DSS has way to much power. They can even over ride the courts.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted September 2, 2012 at 5:28 pm
    • Permalink

    I just did a post and I forgot to say that this case is active in Cherokee County. Sorry.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted September 2, 2012 at 5:38 pm
    • Permalink

    That is Cherokee County, NC. This situation is so upsetting. I forgot to say where it is taking place. If this mother doesn’t take her medication, she can possible let her little girl get hurt and DSS will take the little girl. If she take the medicine then DSS will take her little girl. It is a lose – lose situation

    • Samantha
    • Posted October 4, 2012 at 11:12 pm
    • Permalink

    thank you for sharing my daughters story.

    • Samantha
    • Posted October 4, 2012 at 11:17 pm
    • Permalink

    i will never stop fighting for Karinas justice and i thank you for helping me. how did you hear of our story?

    • michele sullivan
    • Posted November 12, 2012 at 2:44 pm
    • Permalink

    to anyone and everyone fighting with dss. we are grandparents and want our grandchildren. had we not seen in court the acts of the judge and dss attorney we would never had believed. we have talked to many. and found out that dss is selling children legally for 10,000 to 16,0000 each. they are severing parental rights without cause and not giving anyfamily a chance to raise or care for thier biological family. i now consider myself a mam bear and her cubs have been cornered. i am looking for everyone that wants to get together and change the laws in nc or every state that is involved with dss. we had requested help for years from them and refused now they took them and after we had told them we were to be notified at once we never were. they are now in seperate homes. one is with a known drug addict. the other is with a woman who says she will never let her go. not to the parents or the biological family. they are in avery county nc i live in cherokee county. we can provide these children a beautiful home and life until thier mother can get help and regain her daughter is a drug addict and very abused by her husband. a fact told to dss for several years. then upon arrest dss took them. by law they were to see a doctor up till at least 19 days they never went. this after being in a home with meth being made,used,trafficing. i never in a million years thought the system would be selling children had we not witneesed it in court. the dss owns the judge and court room. not one other case went to the families of the children or the parents no matter what they did for dss. we talked to an attorney who told us about the money for kids. see dss recieves money to keep kids in the system to thier county or office. then when they can adopt them out recieve more from the state and federal gov. plus the money from the people adopting them and it is all legal. so please call me at 828-494-3795 or email me. i will start with trying to get grandparents rights in nc. but i am trying to get a investigative reporter to do a story about this. so get in touch .michele sullivan.

    • susan
    • Posted December 3, 2012 at 1:21 pm
    • Permalink

    dshs wash. has put in my backround that i was finding of fact guilty of sexually exploiting a minor in 2006 i was fired at my career as a m/a because of it…its untrue but dshs refuses to remove it.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted December 20, 2012 at 8:29 am
    • Permalink


    • Adalberto Cervantes -Rodriguez
    • Posted April 13, 2013 at 9:17 pm
    • Permalink

    Possible human traffic activities between DIF Mexico and CPS San Antonio, and relation with the catholic Pope.
    The pope start visiting and made business with them, The catholic church has to recuperate the money of the sues against them in USA. He knew about the killing of millions of Chineses of a religious group, Chineses offered him the life of the Chinese children of this religious group (Genocide massacre in China). Good opportunity, he contacted Hillary Clinton, and Calderon, opus dei members, business done in high level.
    It seems that Joaquin Castro works for the China Imperium including India and their satellites countries like Mexico. Human Traffic between DIF Mexico to CPS San Antonio of Mexican, children from India and Chinese children. Allowing investment of American and Mexican mafias in San Antonio. Shame on Joaquin Castro. The true will come soon.
    Calderon and his wife controlled DIF Mexico, the only entity similar to Child Protective Services in USA and with legal authority to USCIS (Immigration), Calderon and his wife were the only taking decision of adoption in Mexico through the States, instead of help many children to legalize their situation in the States, they used them as a personal business, each child more than 15,000.00 USD, they were coming from China, India and also Mexican children to be given in adoption in the States, no body (Mexican, Mexican American families), even the personnel in DIF Mexico knows that DIF is the only legal entity recognized by USCIS to do that. Only my estimates annually with Chinese children are more 200 million dollars, but it was only a personal business of Calderon and Fox that no Mexican or Mexican American was beneficiated

    • Luther
    • Posted April 16, 2013 at 3:52 am
    • Permalink

    Next week, Tuesday 23, April, I will be in a hearing for guardianship of the person for my father. Currently, DHHS of Cumberland, North Carolina has guardianship of the person. There are many issues as it relates to guardianship. One is information. If I have a question, DHHS will cite Confidentiality; therefore, will not provide information. The issue I am focusing on is dental care. MY father has dementia and is currently in a long term health care facility. My take is the health care workers are not doing daily oral health care. This lack of oral health care is both a practice and a pattern.

    It seems to me there must be a fair balance between Confidentiality and providing information to family members. How do we evaluate his health care? I know we should trust our government but in the real world it should be …. trust but verify.

    Does North Carolina law mention this balance between Confidentiality and respectful information to love ones?

    • Anonymous
    • Posted April 18, 2013 at 7:10 pm
    • Permalink

    todd tomasella is kind of a scammer. I’m not feeling it.

  16. hi. I have had a really emotional and traumatizing ride with cps. you can see my blog at I haven’t gotten many visitors to it, but I have videos and links on there that will help people with cps issues(you may have to go back a few pages to find it). My ternination trial is May 14th. There were never any accusations of neglect or abuse. My first and only son was taken at birth. Currently they are using the I’m too “cognitive deficient” to have a child even though they did testing on me Dec. 2011 that showed I am completely average cognitively and don’t have any deficiencies. Im in Washington State and the commissioner has completely ignored the testing results as though the social workers OPINIONS that I am cognitive deficient matter more than what the world holds as pretty much a science— Yes IQ tests are done around the globe!! Solidarity.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted July 3, 2013 at 10:17 am
    • Permalink

    Stafford County Virginia i dont even know where to begin with DSS and how corrupt they are..

    • amanda
    • Posted July 22, 2013 at 10:14 pm
    • Permalink

    This is the rutherford county dss worker who stated that my children have “suffered abominable abuses at my hands for years. Everyone who knows me or my children knows this is a lie. This is the dss worker who has told me time and time again NOT to tell the judge or make reports when my children are telling me literally right in front of her that they are being beaten on and abused and they r scared and then DENEYING it in court where it counts.

    this socail worker has a CRIMINAL RECORD in knoxville Tenn. where he went to colledge …. rutherford county dss worker….
    I shot this video because this is the dss worker who told me i’m so insane and dangerous that i need to be “supervised” during my visits. Family friends can attest this went on for more than 9 months

    • lawdoll
    • Posted July 23, 2013 at 3:47 pm
    • Permalink

    Keep sharing your stories people!!! I am so busy, that I no longer have the time to really focus on this blog, but I leave it up in the hopes that it still helps people just like you. Maybe you can find each other and ban together… Maybe your links will help someone else. Plus I want people to know what DSS did to us and to people like you, but most importantly, I want everyone to know that they fail the children they are supposed to protect.

    • John
    • Posted August 30, 2013 at 6:13 pm
    • Permalink

    Oh I forgot to mention that the caseworker who spoke to the child’s Father made a discrete threat stating that if they child was taken out of the home, that she would be placed in foster care. From what I gather, by law they tend to want the next of kin to take the child, ie other parent, grandparents, aunt, uncle and so on … this is what really steamed me up.

    • John
    • Posted August 30, 2013 at 6:16 pm
    • Permalink

    I am writing to desperately seek answers on what to do with a case concerning my niece. It’s been a headache dealing with DSS, we have basically dealt with people who don’t want to be bothered with it, or who can’t even follow through with the basic tasks of sending out letters informing of the results of the investigations. We took my Niece up to DSS when she didn’t want to go home and was in tears, the social worker we spoke with seemed more concerned about leaving at five o clock than taking a statement. Now they are threating that “if” they do take her out of her mother’s home that she would be placed in foster care instead of being placed with family members. I took that as them saying they don’t want to be bothered with this case any longer so if we keep pushing it, they’ll put my niece into foster care. From what I have read on the NC website about child abuse and neglect, something should have been done. The child’s mother is abusing prescription narcotics (frequently visiting ERs and Drs to get pills) is unable to take care of the child, various men coming and going at all hours at the apartment, the child has complained about her teeth (which we were taking her until her mother told us we couldn’t anymore); We’ve had the child’s teachers state she has been crying in class, that the child’s mother was in rehab, changes in the child’s personality, and so on. The mother tends to be verbally abusive and the child seems to be somewhat scared to even tell her mother if she is sick. My Niece mention to me her teeth were hurting and I told her to tell her mother, and she said that she did and her mother said that she shouldn’t be eating sweets and that she should have been brushing her teeth. This is all basic child neglect; there hasn’t to my knowledge been any physical abuse other than the child telling me that her step dad spanked her. The child’s Mother has even mention her husband having alcohol problems, stealing her pills, and having angry issues and being obsessed with 14 -15 year old girls and having a porn addiction, the child has stated she doesn’t like to be left alone with him. …. Basically I could go on and on with situations. I have even sat down with the Clay County DSS Director and spoke to them for a few hours in great depth, it’s not only our family who is concern but the child’s teachers as well so I can’t see why they think it’s not a issue. They even told me that if we felt there was an issue with the child’s safety that we should go back to court and have the child’s dad seek full custody. I’ve been dealing with DSS since October and nothing has happen, when they do home visits they call a few days before and make a appointment, the child has told me that they had to clean up for the social worker … I dunno to me it seems that there is a MAJOR issue with how cases are handled, even if it’s neglect, not getting medical needs met, not being supervised. They tell us because we are always there to pick up the slack whenever possible that there isn’t really a issue. Any advice or help would be much appreciated.

    • Jon
    • Posted September 30, 2013 at 9:46 am
    • Permalink

    I am seeking advice in my custody case involving my ex wife who for years has abused the system and used it to get custody of our daughter under false pretenses. She has made several allegations over the years that I abused her and our daughter and even molested our daughter. This has resulted in our daughter being continually counseled, medically examined even forensically which I would assume is traumatic to our daughter. This has gone on for years and every time we went to a court hearing everything was dismissed either due to no evidence or my daughter simply telling the court or a psychologist that it never happened. This had resulted in both of us having joint custody but me being the primary parent during the school year because of her mothers lack of being able to get our daughter to school. I remained the Primary parent from 2008 thru 2012. During that time the same allegations had gone one on an average of once every 6 months or so. There were times when I had gone to DSS over my daughter being exposed to things a child should not be exposed to such as her mother abusing prescription drugs to the point of sleeping all the time leaving our child at the time in 2009 being 7 years old running around the home unattended and at one point ingesting oxycodone prescription pain medication and had to be hospitalized which happened without my knowledge until years later. There were 3 instances in which the school reported cigarette burns to my daughters lower back, lower leg and forhead while in her mothers custody which were later dismissed as accidental. In all the instances with my concerns toward her as a mother all went unrecognized or dismissed with little to no actions form DSS. In January of 2012 our case again went to court with the same allegations of abuse after her mother had been confronted by our daughters school Principle because of 5 unexcused absences at the time which were all on Fridays the only day of the week that her mother was responsible for getting her to school and on the following Monday her mother went to Domestic Violence and obtained a Restraining order on behalf of my daughter for alleged Child abuse. I thought this would be like all of our other times we had gone to court but in this case I used a different attorney and we got a different Judge in this case for the first time because we had always had the same judge in the past. We prepared our case and subpenoed my daughters Principle and Teacher to court. On court day I found out I had been accused of being in contempt of court for spanking my child more than 4 times in a 2 month period in which I had not spanked my child in over a year and had even used alternative ways of discipline such as writing sentences or taking away toys as a way to persuade her in a good way because of a fear of something like this happening. The instances used were stories of my daughter being disciplined over a year earlier with no one to colaborate her story except my daughter who doesn’t have an understanding of time periods. The judge questioned her in chambers and determined from what my daughter stated I had violated a court order not to discipline her even thought testimony from the Principle and Teacher had been they had never seen any signs of abuse except the cigarette burns that had occured earlier while in her mothers care. A restraining order was then put in place for a year which gave me no visitation which I could not understand and violating a contempt of court for spanking my child still would not fit under the category of a restraining order. There was no order for counseling for my daughter and at the time the Judge order that she remain in her same school until our custody hearing. My daughter remained in her custody from that point missing 23 additional days of school before school was out 4 months later and then fled the state with my daughter. I have sought legal advice but because of the conduct of my attorney at the time he did nothing and our time to do certain legal things like establishing visitation had gone undone and with her fleeing the state it made legal fees extremely high and 2 different attorneys advised me that we could get her back but her mother could do this all over again. Since that time I have found out my daughter had not been in school anywhere in over a year and this new school year. what can be done? My daughters future is going down the drain.

  17. I have police reports that put the foster father abusing children. Child molestation 4 times arrested. 4 sexual misconduct with a child. to many counts of child abuse to a child. Several domestic assults. straight from the Police Dept. My child told the workers that e was abused and after 6 months of say they did nothing wrong they got served. I sent the reports to the office of obsman this forced them to check all arrest. they came back and sent me a letter of guilt. Her comes the law suit and the Feds yep they failed to properly give my son his forensic interview so the crimes are not reported. There at least twenty kids this man has assaulted. The money keeps flowing in and no one to pay the price. I got a surprise for them all pack your jammies cause your going for a overnight camping trip. I hope you enjoying your past crimes in the poky and maybe you might get what my son got a poky in his you know what.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted February 1, 2014 at 5:19 pm
    • Permalink

    Isn’t there a written policy, a form, that a case manager (whatever the term is called) that spells for examples; case manager must interview 3 family members, do police checks, verify employment? There must be (I hope), there is a “due diligence” check list. When I was in the Army, we had to go through background checks for Top Secret Clearances. If you go to

    The checks were very impressive. Is there a written policy?

    • DJuana Kraft
    • Posted April 25, 2014 at 3:50 am
    • Permalink

    Child Protective Services is an agency I believed to be truly necessary because not everyone has common sense. My son is now 25 years old, once or twice as a child a report to DSS was made, they were never substaniated. When I was a child, my stepdad was physically and mentally abusive. When CPS came to investigate, they believed my stepfather, and we were too afraid to show fear. They went away, It is very fortunate we were not hurt.
    June of 2013, my son has 5 children, by 2 mothers…..2 of them live with him currently, Mother of the other 3 is a heroin junkie, PGM, ( her mother) is also a junkie. At that time they all resided with MGM, Protective Services had been called in many many times. Ages 5, 4, 2,…….The 4 year old was already staying with me more on than off. DSS in mothers county placed 2 year old and 4 year old with me. The oldest stayed with MGM, PGM and mother were allowed supervised visits only. Because I was in another state I asked for some kind of paperwork so I would have right to treat….They avoided it everytime. I made my own paper and asked mom and dad to sign, dad did and mom would not. The state they came from wanted to come into my home to see if it was suitable for 2 small children. In compliance i allowed my county CPS to “assist”. this was done in June, Then again in August. The first week of November 2013, CPS showed up with allegatios that had been reported………….No fire alarm………….inadequate heat…….rotten bathroom floor………FIRE ALARM HAD NO BATTERY…. put one in right away……. I HAD THREE SOURCES
    , ONE FIREPLACE, FUEL WHICH WAS DUCT THRU THE WHOLE HOUSE,…..ALSO ELECTRIC. We decided to eliminate any further complaints and began to only use electric heat……….I JUMPED ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR…… my 200 plus pounds proved it to be fine………..The caseworker left me to believe it was done and over. In December he made an attempt to come back, right as we were leaving……..Right before Christmas he spoke to the mother and she told him the 2 boys were good with me, best place for them right now for sure………January he comes back to let us know that someone had mentioned we had a wiring problem……….WE COULD NOT FIND ONE……. The 1st
    week of February he called me to tell me I was granted 30 days of KINSHIP care, I needed to find the boys somewhere else to live, and they had petitioned the courts. If I could not find them placement, they were taking them into custody…….I voiced my shock and disbielf….. he said he would talk to his supervisor and try to changer her mind……I wanted to know how her mind got that way., ..When I called her to have her explain to me what the hell. she just kept saying to me ” i am sorry you disagree” I wasnt disagreeing was inquiring,…………she was confident they were taking me to court and a judge would decide if I kept the boys……………..The next 3 weeks were an emotional upset which took from the boys, trying to find a lawyer or someone that could give me answers,….. The county and State they came from not returning my calls and still dont……………. first week of March a new CPS worker came to visit, to tell me she was taking medical leave this would be the only time we would meet……..She informed me that the court case against me wasnt as bad as I thought, she was on my side to report the good things i had been doing……………The second week of March a new CPS worker came and told me she was submitting all evidence to court next day, and told me that a GAURDIAN would be appointed for the boys as their voice in court………..and other procedures…….she left me a few papers stapled together. 8 to 10 days later I decided to look over the papers that were left, I was shocked. If there were 10 things written on that paper 8 were wrong,,,, way wrong. The last page was a paper with my signature. There is no way I signed to that……..NO WAY………ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…..I called the ATTORNEY GENERAL….When Mr Gordon called me back I gave him just a couple details, he got angry and the next day the HEAD OF NC DSS called me. we talked for an hour…..she said she would look into it………..By this time END OF MARCH i want these people out of my house my life……………She then informs me that the court case was stopped……i was never being taken to court, I was just gonna have to show up……..WOW big difference………She was gonna try to get me licensed as KINSHIP CARE and all would be well………… On the 16th of April I was informed that I was turned down for kinship care because I was not willing to move, I own my home bought and paid for. No one asked me to move……..And now we are going to court again………….It will be up to a Judge if the boys get to stay with me or not……………..NONE OF THIS MAKES ANY SENSE TO ME……….i have no criminal record, I dont drink or do drugs. I cant think of one reason they would take these boys from our home……………I cannot believe they do this to people, this should be illegal and I truly feel that they are assasinating my character, ROCKING MY WORLD for no reason, raising these two small boys is enough of a shock and upheaval………I think i should be compensated for their mental abuse on my small family……..cant wait to hear what you think of this…………

    • jackie
    • Posted September 23, 2014 at 10:17 pm
    • Permalink

    My granddaughter. Was taken. From. Me by cps i dont know why the natural. Mother was in jail my granddaughter. Was not abused. They just came one day took out of my home i raised het since biryh.cps Wont. Answer my phone calls. Or telle anthing abot her my son seen her once she had bite mark,black eye,scratches. She was hungar,i guess. The foster home doesn feed her, abused. Her. I need. Help please i dont want my granddaughter. To die by the hands of foster parents. Cps did me wrong,so many other people they take children. Away from people. Who love them,and give them to people. Who just use them for the money

    • MaryB
    • Posted November 23, 2014 at 10:11 pm
    • Permalink

    I would like to know if, in the state of Ohio, it must be a birth parent who supplies CPS with names of relatives to be considered for kinship placement, (once a child is in temporary custody)? Or, whether CPS is allowed to take a request
    for kinship placement directly from a relative or family friend?

    Also, if a birth mother, (unwed at the time of conception), finally admits to CPS agents, directly before the court hearing for permanency, that a man other than the one who had always been known as a child’s father could actually be that child’s true father – and if she states to those CPS agents that the Judge will need to be asked to court-order paternity testing, must they comply, “in the interest of the child”, especially if the other man in question already has an established bond with the child? This is a somewhat complex situation. But, can CPS workers, legally, refuse to tell the Judge on the grounds that, “it will only anger him”?

    • Barb Wright
    • Posted November 24, 2014 at 5:58 pm
    • Permalink

    Our family is caring for our 12 year old daughter in kidney failure. We have cared for and adopted her since she was 18 months. Articles such as this have rendered Dan unemoloyable. We need to survive.The stress is so horrible. We have already been punished!!! We are looking for a kidney donor for her. If you would like to help, please visit our facebook sites. Maya needs that stress off us so we put all our energy into her. Please stop. If you could come see us and her, you got the address Help us. Please email us
    Barb and Dan Wright

    • Not Going to Stand For This Anymore
    • Posted January 8, 2015 at 12:55 pm
    • Permalink

    BUMCOMBE COUNTY DSS is by far the worse. You are not even guilty until proven innocent! You’re just plain guilty. Even when it is obvious that DSS is being used to enact revenge by a jealous ex-boyfriend.

    What is worse is the level of manipulation they use to try to extract a confession! If you just tell us your boyfriend did it, we’ll let you see your daughter again. They even got the local Sheriff to try to get the boyfriend to sign a blank piece of paper (luckly my son was too smart for that).

    I’m very certain that civil liberties have been trampled on here, and I am going to see if the ACLU won’t look into this case.

    • Jon
    • Posted January 8, 2015 at 2:22 pm
    • Permalink

    I have had similar experiences with the Yadkin County DSS and actually several of them were fired. I was treated guilty from the start just as many of you were. When I would report concerns they would actually call here and tell her they would be coming out the next day, so it gives her a chance to hide things or clean up etc. Whenever she made a claim towards me which was either child abuse etc. I was immediately served papers had to give up any guns I had and wait to go to court without any contact with my daughter. My daughter was consistantly taken to get examined by her Doctor and there were never any signs of abuse. Her greatest tool was restraining orders such as a 50 B in which everytime was dismissed for lack of evidence. My ex wifes last attempt however was a 50 B that was left in place for a year because I had disciplined by child more than 4 times in a two month period which should fall under contempt of court. At the time I had refraimed from spanking my child because a judge had ordered neither parent to use corporal punishment which was a year prior and when the judge took my daughter behind closed doors my daughter had mentioned the last time she had been spanked which was a year prior when a friend was over as if it happened in the last few weeks. After the last court date the 50 B was put in place for 12 months and she was ordered not to change schools or leave the state. I later took pictures of the Judge and the other Attorney having lunch together and hanging out at ballgames together even though there kids do not go to the same age and they are several years difference. Shortly after the court date however she did just that moved schools and my daughter missed a total of 28 days of unexcused days of school before leaving the state. When going to the magistrate to report this I was told I would have to get an attorney even though the order was signed off by a judge. I have not seen my daughter since January of 1012. There is much more information but to give you an idea my ex wife has had several charges in the past for shoplifting, larceny, assault and communicating threats and abuses prescription drugs. A Private Investigator gathered evidence that she was working for an escort service and trading sex for money, and was videoed within a week being at three different motels with three different men. I have had no charges except speeding tickets more than 15 years ago. I am a Coach at a High School, I have been a Truste and Chairman of Trustees at our Church, I am President of a Local Private Pool, I served in the Military and belong to the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars. I had tracked down my daughter to Alabama last year and when trying to do something I was told I would have to get an Attorney even though we have joint custody and I am the primary parent during the school year due to absences with her mother.
    I did not intend to write this much information but this tends to let emotions out.

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