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On occassion I go to a local site in Wilkes County, North Carolina, called gowilkes.  It is just a little community webpage where I will run threads about the corruption of the Wilkes County Department of Social Services, in order to spread the word and raise awareness about their corruption and mishandling of n0t only my case, but others, people contact me about.

Several times I have the worst comments posted regarding me, I am reposting them here because I am absolutely sure that they are by CPS workers and possibly former CPS workers.  I consider this first one a death threat and all though I have a very good idea about who sent, I could not prove it at the time or they would have been prosecuted for it.  You read it and tell me what you think.

The major reason I am posting these comments is to show that the confidentuality that CPS always falls back on to cover their ass is just for that purpose, they have no problem what so ever going on a public forum making threats, lying, and pretending to give out accurate confidental information if they think it will save their asses and change the public’s view of them. 

Unfortunately, for them I kept excellent records of their conduct which proved their lies and false statements.  And that folks is what you have to do in order to beat them at their game….keep a record of everything, record all phone calls and conversations you have with them, keep every document they give you, as well as any documents that you have that disprove their claims.  Being ever vigilant is the only way to gather the evidence you need to prove your case. Posted 5:05 pm, 02/24/2008
Miss “lawdoll”, the way I hear it, The law enforcement community has paid you a visit or two also. You best be glad you live out of the county. I know what your “REAL NAME” is. Be careful and don’t cut your own throat. You didn’t say in your posts that you would be in the court room too. You”d better brush up on your paralegal rules, ha!ha! You couldn’t run a “Bingo Game” Better read chapters about “slander”, and having “Something to gain.” You just put your BIG FOOT IN YOUR MOUTH!

Now let me break this threat down…

1.  While law enforcement has been to our home a time or two, it has been to serve court papers, because we had a peeking tom, and because someone was trespassing on our property.  It has never been because I broke the law.

2. Obviously, this is someone who knows that I do not live in Wilkes County and since no one on the site knew that or my name, furthers the opinion that this was a social worker who had been involved in our case.

3. I think the be careful and don’t cut your own throat comment speaks for itself.

4.  Of course I will be in court too, I am a witness for the prosecution, a victim of the crime that was committed agains us.

5.  It is only slander/”libel”, if it isn’t true.

 as for the rest of this comment it is just immature, petty, bullshit.

I responded with the following post:

lawdoll01 Posted 6:21 pm, 02/24/2008
cclub: You are the one who acts as if they have something to be afraid of, I would be curious to know who you really are, since you seem to be threatening me. Whats wrong did I step on your toes, get a little too much truth out there for you to handle? If you really do know who I am then you should know that I have little feet, it is also Mrs. not miss. As for the law being to my house a time or two, I think you are the one who had better check your facts and read the chapter on slander. Everything that I have said on this post is true. I am not worried about slander. Actually in written form it is libel!!!

Also you should read the whole post…I said she was arrested as in the “state vs. This is not a civil suit, but a criminal one. Incase you don’t understand that, it means that the state presses charges against a person who has committed a crime. I will not resort to calling names as you did, because I am better then that, but obviously I have hit a nerve with you. Deal with it. I will keep speaking out until something is done about the WCDSS.

and the response was: Posted 6:28 pm, 02/24/2008
You will be dealt with, and just as the same in your case, this is the “END”!

Now this is obviously someone who was aware to our case, at the time I did not have a blog and since CPS cases are confidental there is only one explaination for who ever wrote these threatening statements to me!!! Someone from CPS wrote them.

I especially love the next one, which was posted later on a different thread by someone who admits to being a social worker. They accuse me of killing my stepdaughters mother, and then later in the same post tell me to become a foster parent…apparently CPS recruits murders to be foster parents….lol, that explains why all these foster children are dying….for the recorded I did not kill my stepdaughters mother, she died of a condition known as ARVD…As for the rest of her comments I think from my evidence on this blog, you can tell that CPS in Wilkes County is full of shit.

shutuplawdoll (view profile)
I am about sick of people complaining about CPS services. No one ever sees the good that we do such as spending a lot of time with these families sometimes more than our own. Buying them needed food and clothing with our own money. Crying with them, and working 14 hour days making sure that our kids on our caseloads are safe. Spending the night with kids we take into care when we cant find foster homes to take them. Not all CPS is bad, there are bad apples in every job and you cannot condemn the entire place. Lawdoll I would not be casting stones considering you are still on this topic after killing a parent. The poor child that was in the middle of your obsession had a mother, you dont tell people that but she did until she died. You also dont tell people that even after you saw a shrink and he told you the deal you kept going. You have issues you are not a doctor or lawyer and if you were so smart then you would stop being on go wilkes and go to school. Every job has people that dont work, but I would not cast stones when you are just as guilty as others. It is time to stop and really look at those your affecting and it is not helping the children by bashing DSS.
Many families are helped by DSS the 1million we spent out alone last month for foodstamps and medicaid becasue people are losing their jobs. I dont see you buying or helping others in the community, You sit at home all day typing rants on the computer because you have a sad existence. Grow up and love those that you have and help others that you know, become a foster parent in your county or do community service.Just remember most of us do this job for little money and no reward we do it becasue we love the children. Obviously we cannot please everyone but I know what good we do and I know we will never be liked or be able to show everyone the good work that we do. There will always be people who don’t think we did enough or we did to much or nothing at all. So move on with it, personally I am sick of hearing you.


  1. Gotta love the System Sucks, don’t you?

    Never give up! Never shut up!


    • lawdoll
    • Posted February 11, 2009 at 2:41 pm
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    I never will…they have tried to shut me up, but it never works…I just keep talking, and talking, and talking…

    • Mike
    • Posted April 3, 2009 at 2:25 pm
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    It is like that in Tennessee as well. DCS will set you up in a heartbeat. They are very corrupt, will threaten you, etc. Do not give in!

    • lawdoll
    • Posted April 3, 2009 at 4:23 pm
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    I agree with you completely Mike…they will set you up and threaten you as well….lol

    • Mike
    • Posted April 19, 2009 at 5:09 pm
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    You will really like this, when the Department of Corrupt Services interviewed me the case manager came in claiming I was guilty before they had even asked a question for something I did not do. When you are already told you are guilty before a single question has been asked what chance do you have to be treated fairly? I am not trying to take over your blog but let me offer some advice to everyone out there.

    If you are innocent, stand your ground. Do not let DCS or the police in your house without a warrant. Remember they don’t want to help you and will set you up in a heartbeat because they target certain people. Also answer no questions to the police and never agree to a polygraph even if you are innocent. Here is why? They will tell you it can’t be used in court. Well it’s like this. If you pass it, it won’t matter but if you fail don’t think it won’t get mentioned. Some people get nervous and fail those things when they are innocent and some people are so good at lying they pass them. It serves no benefit to you.

    • Mike
    • Posted April 19, 2009 at 5:12 pm
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    Oh, I am not trying to spam your board lawdoll, but I set up a petition, I hope you don’t mind me posting about DCS. I hope you and others will sign this. My plan is to eventually send this to media sources etc. I have made it my life’s goal to fight corrupt Children’s Services. I hope you and others will help. While you are at it, read some of the comments others have already posted. Shocking!

    • lawdoll
    • Posted April 20, 2009 at 3:04 pm
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    It is fine with me Mike….

  2. The federal agencys needs to step in and stop this corruption like they had to do in the past here in the south.

    • Carlotta
    • Posted April 11, 2010 at 4:50 pm
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    Hello, I am looking for anyone in the state of North Carolina,especially Orange County, who has had negative dealings with CPS. It is obvious that CPS does not protect families, children, or Constitutional liberties. They can only be defeated if we work together. If you have any information, please contact me at Please tell everyone you know. Compile names and addresses. I have heard rumors of a class action lawsuit but a bigtime court case needs lots of names and data. Together we can fight this monster! To learn more about CPS, read this report written by Nancy Schaefer before she died under very suspicious circumstances. Send a copy to your congressmen, along with a letter stating your opposition to CPS. We have to raise awareness or the injustices will continue.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted July 22, 2010 at 9:12 am
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    SCREW DSS!!!! they are paid from the state.. it doesnt matter what they tell you.. they will try and do what they can to ruin someones life.. Here are two workers to be aware of in the Mecklenburg Co, NC office- Kelly Griffin, and her Boss Shelly…….They believe everything that is “SAID” and will break apart sentences to obtain a reason to act. They never listen to or look at actual proof…. There has to something done about DSS.. They have paid agencys, paid therapist… i say hire an attorney if ever encountered because they will make a mistake as i have audio of one of these case workers telling my wife and off the record comment which I will have my attorney look at………Heres my story as im going through this crap right now with them:

    • shan
    • Posted August 22, 2010 at 6:45 pm
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    Is it possible to call cps on a cps worker? Let them taste better than that eat their own posion!!!

  3. In Cumberland County C.P.S. took my kids. They took my kids because my husband was mad at me for not wanting to be with him so him and his family and friends called the cops and c.p.s alot. C.P.S. workers was going to let me keep my kids but they end up takeing them because my husband told why he did what he was doing. C.P.S. workers told him that if he gave them the ok to take my kids they would have my husband and i work things out so we can have our kids back with us together. So we did so we can get our kids. Then the c.p.s. worker told my husband and i that she would do anything so we coundn;t get our kids back. We did get our kids back home but the c.p.s. worker came and took our kids back and put them in a home. because are car braking down because my daughter was figity in school we found out from my cousin that has the kids that cps told them from the start they could have the kids cps sent the kids to new york so we couldn;t see the kids or talk to the kids cps has lied lots of times obout differnt thing having to do with my home and kids and family the cps worker has tried to stragle me with her seat belt in her car the worker has made differnt threats tord me and my husband that if we didn;t do what she said even if it was right or wrong she would make sure we lose the kids for one when she pulled my son by the arm and picked him up by his arm she said she would make our life miserble and the judge we have won;t lisen to what we have to say about the worker or anyone that worked withus so if you know how we can get help you can call me at 910-213-7116

  4. I am being mishandled by DCFS in IL. I have strongly felt that they are using my case, and similiar to justify their existance. I need to talk to someone and I do not know who to turn to. This has been going on for four years now. It initially started over false hotline calls from a neighbor. The relationship I was in four years ago has long since dissipated and we have both moved on. Recently I had a psychological evaluation, suggesting that I start family counseling to include my mother and father. Their marriage ceased seven years ago. When they attempted family counseling 16yrs ago, it did not work when they wanted it to. How am I supposed to get my children back be be held responsible for their marriage falling apart? I need help. We went to court four years ago where my mother was awarded temporary custody and guardianship over my two sons.

    I strongly feel that if I had legal counsel I would not be strong armed by this agency. Most of their allegations are false. I lost most of my paperwork pertaining to them through moving so what evidence I had supporting that theory is gone. But, I still feel as though I am being bullied and strong armed so they can keep their job. Please someone help me or if you know how I can obtain help in my state or where to turn please contact me through my email address or call me at 618-365-2483

    This is snowballing out of control and I just do not see how my parent’s ceased marriage has any bearing on the initial reasons we went to court or that DCFS is involved now.

  5. Well the same judge ruled out another foster family when the foster Father was making sexual text messages sent to the biological Mother, Isn’t that something for North Carolina to have these problems with the DSS? Rowan county takes forever to investigate any matter and when they do get calls they will not investigate immediately. You will find this story really interesting. Check it out of your local library, it was posted in the Salisbury post. DSS is the ones that harms the children, they put them in homes like these, Rowan county needs to get rid off all of them at the CPS DSS and start off new. It takes a week or 2 for investigation, then its too late. Thats what happened here

    • Oc Bowers
    • Posted February 1, 2014 at 12:48 pm
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    Recently our newborn baby was taken from us on false pretenses and alligations by Clinton County cps and then to make matters worse the supervisor has ruined my baby mama job so so now we are struggling its sad how cps gets away with crookedness and is able to ruin people’s lives and then sit back and enjoy their life with no problem or consequences

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