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If you are from Washington state and have a valid complaint against the child protective services department in that state, here is your chance for your voice to be heard. Washington Senator Pam Roach is calling on you to submit to her your complaints for distribution to the press. Now is the time to step forward with these complaints, because Senator Roach is listening!!!! The criteria for the complaints is as follows in her blog post:

Pam Roach Report

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please Submit Your Story…Help Document The Abuses

Today a lobbyist came into my office and as sometimes happens I retold some of the absolutely unbelievable stories of CPS family abuse. (Yes, CPS spies…I am still thinking about the deaths and the wrongdoings…I would rather not…but you create some truly disturbing vignettes.)

(Let me first thank the many GOOD CPS workers who are doing their jobs well despite working in an undisciplined agency that frequently makes big mistakes. It is your management and a few unprincipled people who create the press….whose names are never associated with the story.)

Turns out my lobbyist friend and her husband are foster parents. And, they are among the very good ones.

A little toddler boy was brought to them who had been burned in a meth lab. They had him for several years. Thankfully, his face healed. He could smile now in this good home.

Then the state stepped in to reunite the drug abusing, felon mother with the boy. My friends kept the boy over the weekends… the story goes on, the foster parents spending $10,000 to try to protect this little one from his drug addict mother who didn’t want the boy! Turns out the lobbyist is coming to the rally. The word is getting out.

I am assembling a packet for distribution to the press. If you have a “good” or “bad” story that can be condensed to one 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper (you have to narrow the issue) and you are willing to put down your name and contact information, I would like you to email it to my office. . Remember one page only.

To protect yourself from CPS retaliation you may use the name of a friend or relative as the contact person. The idea is to give the press a place to go for stories. Without some verification of the story it will not be regarded as truth. That is any one’s standard.

Please submit as soon as you can. Sounds like a mini book in the making.

Posted by Pam Roach at 11:47 PM


    • Barbara Hollingshead
    • Posted February 27, 2009 at 5:39 pm
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    Numerous professionals (doctors, therapist, school officials, and domestic violence advocats) have been reporting medical neglect, physical abuse, severe emotional abuse, and suspected sexual abuse toward my two minor children by their father, step-mother and step-brother. Washington Staet CPS has continued to ignore the reports. The professionals have told me that they were told by a King County CPS supervisor that CPS isn’t going to do anything because “it’s just the mom who is telling these things.” The professionals adamently told CPS that this is NOT true. My kids have medical documentation, pictures of injuries and medically related conditions, therapist records, as well as first hand reports from the children to the professionals. My chidlren are beggging for and crying out for someone to help them. Even if it were just the mom reporting, (and it isn’t) CPS is failing to protect my children from the excalating medical neglect, as well as the documented and suspected verbal, physical and sexual abuse. How much more injury do my children have to go through before this agency finally does their job to protect the children of this state, including mine?

    • lawdoll
    • Posted February 27, 2009 at 11:12 pm
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    Have you tried calling Senator Raoch? If you have documented proof, I would try to get publicity with it…contact anyone and everyone you can think of!!!!!’

    Good luck, I will be praying for your children’s safety.

  1. I have written a song against the practices of CPS with innocent parents. Please go to the website and listen.

    • Ed Bainter
    • Posted April 23, 2009 at 4:36 pm
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    On the Saturday after Thanksgiving 11/29/08 we had our foster daughter of almost 10 years removed from us in Portland, Oregon. We were in Portland for the holiday and so my wife could do her Christmas Shopping. On Saturday morning we left our motel room to go to the free breakfast. On the way back to our room in the elevator my wife flipped out because she had left her purse in the dining room with a large amount of money in it. Our foster daughter immediately fed in to my wife’s behavior and started crying and carrying on. I might add that our foster daughter is moderately retarded and operates in the 2-7 year old range. She also takes several mood altering drugs. When the elevator doors opened my wife stayed in the elevator to return to the dining room and I proceeded to go to our room. All this time our daughter was crying and carrying on. A short time later my wife returned and everything returned to normal. She got ready to go finiish her shopping and left me and our daughter in the room. There was a knock on the door and when I opened the door 2 Portland Police Officers were standing there and asked if I would step out in the hall to talk to one of them. He stated that a hotel maid had reported me for kicking and pulling our daughter’s hair. Neither happened and neither was proven.The police officers called a female office to come to our room to check her out. At that time a small bruise was found on her right thigh. She told the officer she got it when she was spanked with a wooden spoon. She got the bruise when she got out of her bed after we had all gone to bed and was crawling across the top of her dresser and fell off. She has since changed her story and admits that she lied about the spank. Because of the bruise she was placed in protective custody. After 5 horrible days for my wife and I she was returned to us. She had refused to eat and was crying all night, “why am I being punished? I haven’t done anything wrong.” The foster parent that had her called us and told us that if DLR didn’t return her to us soon, she was going to be in the hospital.
    On March 4, I received a letter indicating that the charge of physical abuse was “founded”. Not the original charge of kicking and hair pulling but the one of spanking and the only person that verified that charge was our daughter. To our knowledge, DLR has not talked to anyone to verify the spanking. They never talked with anyone providing respite care or our 3 grown children or family members. I immediatley requested a review. The findings of the review were the same. I didn’t expect any different finding when the review is done by the same department. What ever happened to fair and inpartial? I have now requested a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. I am waiting for a date.
    On On 04/16/09 I was requested to report to a meeting at the local office of DLR to dicuss our Foster Care License. They told me that I need to have an Anger Management Assessement with a counselor of their choosing. Some more fair and impartial treatment. I refused and told them I would only have an assessment with a counselor of my choosing. They agreed.
    Now get this: I am going to be out of town until the end of August. They (DLR) told me I could have the assessment when I returned. If I pose a threat to our daughter why are they leaving her with us until that time? I also asked them if at the Admin Law Hearing there findings our overturned what then? Well, I won’t have to have an assessement and the cloud hanging over our head will be gone.
    This whole mess has drug on for over six months with no resolution. We have had our daughter for 10 years in July without a blemish on our record and now this. This entire investigation has been material for a Three Stooges Movie. We are the only parents she has known and to remove her now would be horrible.
    I would never recommend anyone every being a foster parent.
    I am now in the process of seeking legal assistance.

    • P.C.S
    • Posted May 8, 2009 at 1:15 am
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    I have a complaint against a case worker named Kody (out of Alderwood). Not only is he overweight and out of shape, his reports are the same. He lied on his report, said the report was “founded” and ensured that the father was not able to see his children for going on 9 months now. Since then, my ex wife has physically abused the children. Her boyfriend has sexually assaulted my daughter, and has a significant criminal history.

    So, CPS – great job. Father has no criminal history or history of drug abuse. Mother is a drug addict, boyfriend has an extensive criminal history (sexual assault charge as well). So, CPS thinks the children are safer with the mother.

    Kody, go get another donut and stuff your face. Seems the only thing you can do well is eat. God knows you wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if it was required for the job – for CPS apparently it isn’t.

    • HeatherAnne
    • Posted May 14, 2009 at 1:51 am
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    Right now I am simply terrified. Our son has had a serious sleep disorder that has caused him to miss quite a bit of school. We have him under treatment at Childrens medical center, a family therepist and a great pediatrician. All of whom are doing a great job at trying to get to the bottom of his problems. We love our son, he is well taken cae of lives in a nice home. The scool has many many notes and letters of documentation from all involved in his medical condition, but today he came home and dropped a bomb on us at dinner. Out of the blue he told us that a CPS person came and talked to him at school. NO ONE called us, no one from the school called us. They have my son so afraid that he is going to be taken away from us in the middle of the night he is refusing to sleep. What the hell is wrong with these people. Why would we be reported? What did we do wrong besides try and help our son. We were honest and open with the school and they turned on us. Any advice?

    • lawdoll
    • Posted May 15, 2009 at 1:59 am
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    You should be worried….I sent you an email.

    • kim pain
    • Posted May 18, 2009 at 11:38 pm
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    My child was diagnosed with epelesy a cuple months afther he was born we moved to W.A looking to buy a home and we did it was the day before x-mas my son had a appt. my x took him called me and told me that c.p.s took my gilly i screamed called the famly lawyer but by the time i was able to get back the siuation had changed. we wernt aloud to bring any medical evedence or files from s.s.i nothing and to top it of we had a traffic judge and a attonry general sorry for my spelling i have epelecy. my son was taken and ihad to watch!!!!!!!!!there is so much more

    • Concerned Friend
    • Posted May 20, 2009 at 11:27 pm
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    Today, A lady who claims to work for CPS named Gena who works at 100 W Harrison S,t on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, WA is trying to have a 11 year old boy removed from his mother. This woman is not acting in the child’s best interest,and has only been a nuisance to the whole family. How do these people consider themselves to be acting in anybody’s best interest? How do you report these idiots?

    • Concerned Friend
    • Posted May 20, 2009 at 11:27 pm
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    Today, A lady who claims to work for CPS named Gena who works at 100 W Harrison St on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, WA is trying to have a 11 year old boy removed from his mother. This woman is not acting in the child’s best interest,and has only been a nuisance to the whole family. How do these people consider themselves to be acting in anybody’s best interest? How do you report these idiots?

    • Melinda Sweeten
    • Posted May 28, 2009 at 1:35 am
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    I lost my kids recently after a 6 year battle with Skagit County CPS. The case worker(s) made up lies about us in their reports. Case worker Kim Weaver had relative placement making false accusations daily. We were concidered a high profile case and was moved out of Skagit County and into Whatcom County where we had no fighting chance. The judge only listened to what the CPS worker stated. If anyone would like to hear more please let me know.

    • lerenzo palmer
    • Posted June 22, 2009 at 10:45 pm
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    they say there trying to help you out and thats a cps woker tried to get me and my girl friend in the same room told me that she needed both of us in the room together to talk to the foster she knows we have a court order that says no contact and yet she still tries it i know what she doing i dont like them they make pay for evereything all services

    • kim pain
    • Posted June 23, 2009 at 11:55 am
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    To Melinda Sweeten,I truly know what u r going through Whatcom County dosn’t listen to ur side.go to any one evern if there in towns very far away.i was living in that county within the first 2 weeks my son was put up for adapion,they didnt give us a chance.I got my other son out before they relize I had one.They wouldnt let us put any evedence on my sons behalf you have 2 keep looking 4 someone who will listen I will be praying 4 ur family,the system is so messed up there and will do anything 2 keep ur kids fight back.sorry 4 my spelling

    • Kate
    • Posted July 2, 2009 at 10:35 am
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    My woker makes me feel like i am on trial for murder .. i have done everything they have asked and they r still trying to keep my little one …Can some one help me Before i lose my little one..PLEASE

    • Spokane_Angel
    • Posted July 18, 2009 at 4:43 am
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    I have a 5year old step doughter who has been beaten by her birth mother ever sence she was 10days old I have may photographs. I took her in to her Dr. may times and she would never tell them the storys she told us (her father and I). In March 2007 at almost 3 I picked her up from her mother and took her to our homes for a bath (she was very dirty as she always is when picking her up) I found brusing over half of her body, took her to the ER, called the cops, and thank god the ER Dr called CPS. 1/2 a year latter and many supervised visits CPS found her giulty of child abuse! The police did not press charges but at least CPS found the truth. Now after a parenting call and anger management she has unsupervised visits and my step doughter is showing back up after visits with may odd brusing. CPS was called once and her mother lied her way out of everything and the case was dropped. Is there any thing we can do to help this little girl? Her mother has her so scared she will not tell anyone other than me what is going on! PLEASE HELP!!!!

    • lawdoll
    • Posted July 18, 2009 at 10:55 am
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    Keep doing what you are doing. Keep a detailed account of everything, record your conversations with CPS, especially when you are making a report of abuse. When your stepdaughter comes with bruises, take her to the doctor or the emegency room so they can be documented. Call CPS the minute you see them and make them come to the house.

    Your stepdaughter probably isn’t telling anyone but you for several reasons.
    1. She is scared, she has told before, yet she is still subjected to her mother and not protected from the abuse! She is not safe and she knows it and until she is, she isn’t going to speak out about it.
    2. She loves her mom and does not want to get her into trouble.
    3. On some level I am sure she believes that she has done something to deserve this treatment. I know I did, when I was a child.

    Just keep doing what you are doing and make sure you document it all. Have your husband file for sole custody and try to get her out to this situation that way. Do whatever it takes.

    and show her that you love her constantly….she needs it.

    • Destry Velasquez
    • Posted August 9, 2009 at 1:05 am
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    my twin boys were taken from me while at there grandmothers house by law enforcement for my “lack of cooperation” with the department along with supposed allegations of physical abuse that was never proven. C.P.S. has made my life a living hell ever since i still dont believe they had sufficient reasons to take my children from me and i dont know what to do or who to talk to can someone please give me some advice

    • UsedinKitsap
    • Posted August 11, 2009 at 5:20 pm
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    CPS workers Keri Grobner and Lisa Sinnett have been harrassing my family since June 09. My husband and I went to a CPS meeting at which time a group discussed some services planned for us. These plans were made after CPS social worker Keri Grobner reported false information to the committee of spousal abuse, drug use and mental illness. Of course we were not willing to go along with the CPS worker as plans were already made for a vacation. No talk of taking my son away from us ever came out of this meeting. After talking to Keri Grobner and informing her of our intentions to not start any services for 10 days, we walked out the office into the parking lot where we, my husband and I, fully discussed what we would do considering they would not allow us time to talk about it prior. Within 30 minutes we walked back into the office and requested to talk to Keri. She ignored us and refused to see us. We then proceeded to call her non-stop for the next 36 hours. Five hours prior to my son and I leaving for the planned vacation and three days after this Keri Grobner and Lisa Sinnett showed up at our home with three police officers to remove our son from out custody. Lisa Sinnett has been calling several agencies and telling them the lies that were made up against us. Now I am facing child abuse/neglect charges that range from Meth use to spousal abuse, among other things that are false. How do you bet the system? I was told by my lawyer that the Judge does not listen to the accused, how can this be? There are laws set in place to protect parents from CPS workers but by not being aggreative we set the system on fire. No CPS officer thinks they are touchable. They have demonstrated their total lack of investigation training and have implimented their own justice. According to the RCW’s, they can not do the things they are doing. Once again I ask, how can they do this? How can they ruin someone’s reputation and life as will be the case if child abuse charges are pushed. My son has been scarred from the lack of attention to safety that his foster care givers have taken. He was not watched and allowed to get on a skateboard without safety gear where he fell off and suffered cuts all over his face. I can go on and on with what this system is doing to make sure they are the Law. Someone needs to step in and take over the CPS office in Kitsap county. An internal review needs to take place and yet it is not. I am not the only person with a simulair story. There are over 600 kids in foster care, half of which were taken unlawfully. If anyone has a simulair story please email me. One thing they can not take away from us is our voice. They may alter the truth but they can not alter the facts. Please help me to stop the abuse CPS is doing to parents.

    • McGram
    • Posted August 15, 2009 at 9:57 pm
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    My daughter is a meth addict. Her husband is a disabled, card carrying marijuana user. They separated with a restraining order in place against him last September. He threatened the judge at the time the order was issued. Due to her meth use, CPS removed the children right before the end of the year. They placed them with my son and his wife who love them and have given them a stable home. My daughter is currently in jail for possession of a stolen car and assaulting a police officer. Her husband wants the children back. CPS has provided him a lawyer. There have been several restraining orders placed against him by various people for various kinds of abuse. At one time there was a 5 year protection order against him for assaulting my daughter. She was in the apartment with the children, without funds (as his disability provides the only income), she forgave the order and he came back. He has been proven to be abusive both verbally and physically. There are physician reports that he sexually abused at least one of his two older sons by a previous marriage. My grandchildren ages 2 & 4 have exhibited sexual behavior that is not normal for their age. We believe they have been exposed to sexual activity if not abused. On eviction from the apartment, my daughter gave medical papers to my daughter-in-law stating that “these should help you keep the children away from him”. The papers were from counselors and physicians stating the unstable bi-polar condition of the dad, the sexual and physical abuse on one of the sons and reported that he kidnapped those boys from their mother and was gone for two years. CPS has been given copies of these papers, they have ignored them. CPS has had letters given to them that were written by various people who have dealt with this man’s temper and witnessed his abuse and neglect of the children and my daughter. CPS is also ignoring this. They tell us “he has changed”, that he deserves to have his children and they plan to return them to him in a few weeks. They have gone to court without notification to any advocate for the children several times. We have asked to be notified but they ignore us. I fear for the safety of the kids. He is interested in them because they bring more money and benefits. He is physically unable to care for them ~ in the past has neglected them to the care of my daughter. He has been known to trade prescription pills for drugs, he has drug user friends and his best friend is a drug dealer. I have reported this activity to the police. CPS prefers to believe his denial rather than the many people who have witnessed his actions and reported them. The home provided by him and my daughter was chaotic. They fought continually, screaming at each other to the point where the kids could not even be understood when they talked. He is on his best behavior around CPS. My heart breaks for the children who have been transformed with a little attention and love to a noticeable degree among the doctors, teachers and other professional people who have had contact with them. CPS doesn’t care. They care only about the Dad’s rights and not about the proof lying in their files that this man should not have his children. CPS has done nothing to protect these kids. They are merely a “spanking” mechanism to parents who misbehave with no real consequence.

    • Stacy Trussell
    • Posted August 20, 2009 at 12:58 pm
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    Our case is from the Everett office. Any others from there?

    • Brandon Webb
    • Posted August 31, 2009 at 7:19 pm
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    In 2006, I reported my ex-wife to the Vancouver CPS because of neglect. I not only had photographs of the children, I had medical reports showing her unwillingness to follow the divorce decree and make routine and necessary appointments, my ex’s own admissions, and witnesses who were willing to provide statements. Vancouver CPS refused to investigate despite the fact their website clearly says they investigate all claims. I attempted to inquire as to why they were not investigating, said I would file a complaint if no one would talk with me about it and was subsequently threatened by a supervisor. I can’t remember her name (think it was Tamy) she threatened to call the police (which I challenged her to do as I’m sure they would look into it). Of course, it turned out to be an empty threat as I’m sure she quickly realized there would be more questions pointed at her office than me if she involved the police.
    My ex took the children and ran back to Idaho in September of 2006 as she did not feel she had the necessary amount of control over me in Vancouver (where I had my kids exactly 50 percent of the time that they were here.) I pursued the matter in Idaho (although I knew I didn’t stand a chance as I am the father and not the mother). Vancouver CPS went as far as to provided my ex and her attorney with a completely baseless document that I was beligerent toward them. In my opinion, Washington child services is thoroughly incompetent and that is unfortunate because not all of the case workers are that way.

    As far as I’m concerned, the liklihood that CPS will intervene and exercise preventive action before it’s too late is as likely as winning the State lottery.

    • Posted September 5, 2009 at 6:02 pm
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    i have complian about cps, Denis Hyne, in seattle and judge Hubberd in kc, kent,wa.
    they took my son and place him in a place wher he was 9 yr. the boy told us that the man over the molesting him. then i complian, thy move my son but that man was around him. my son got sick and told us he felt he is dying. but the children hopsital told us that he suffring from some problem. but judge hubberd took my son placed with those family. and never let me to see my son for 10 yr. my son was taken one night from family and we never saw him. i gave the judge 13 couseling recommendation that it said i am good mom and return my son. but the judge didnt care.
    my son at age 16 was kicked out from that family. but he was brain washed to hate his mom. he told me that he had boyfriend a man about 35 yr od, when he was only 11. then he ran back to that family.
    he came back age 18 and stying with us.
    the judge took my 9 yr old healthy boy and messed up his life.
    my son doesnt know what is he. he can show his face unless he put so much make up and he is wake all night and eat and throw up. his brain architact is total messed up . his logic is gone.
    my son going to be alone for ever. he never going to have a baby. because that judege messed up my son threfor my life.
    my lawyer told me she did a mistake to vote for judge Hubbard. she asked the court why they took my son. the judge responded no evidance but may be in future.
    i think judge Hubbard need to pay for what did to my son life and me and many other people. i need this judge on stand to tell me why he mess up my son life and my family. what for
    plz help me. this is killing me and i dont know how much more am going to be a life. i already got tumor from this.
    god bless you

    • rhonda brook
    • Posted September 10, 2009 at 7:54 pm
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    my daughter threw away her triplets because of drugs , so did the married father. they have lost all parental rights now and cps has deemed my grandchildren to remain in the care of strangers. they also took the boy away from the twin girls, the only reason I cannot have the kids is because of I need more help with housing. so insted of helping me with that. they are putting these babies in jepordy everyday

    • rhonda brook
    • Posted September 10, 2009 at 7:58 pm
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    if strangers do kill them , ….lets face it wa. state has a bad track track record of killing innocent children…. I will seek justice than I pray for now thats all I have. CPS needs to be watched like a hawk they love to play GOD . help me with housing so I can legally raise my blood grandchildren … in this I pray amen.

    • LinDi
    • Posted November 14, 2009 at 12:31 pm
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    My nephew and niece were removed from my learning disabled brother. Several civil and disability rights have been violated. Several RCWs have been violated. CPS since the beginning never worked with my disabled in order to get his kids back. CPS also prevented family members to getting relative placement. When will our State representatives and Senator do something. All cases need to be reviewed by an unbias third party including cases which ended in parents having their rights terminated.

    • LinDi
    • Posted November 14, 2009 at 12:32 pm
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    My nephew and niece were removed from my learning disabled brother. Several civil and disability rights have been violated. Several RCWs have been violated. CPS since the beginning never worked with my disabled brother in order to get his kids back. CPS also prevented family members to getting relative placement. When will our State representatives and Senator do something. All cases need to be reviewed by an unbias third party including cases which ended in parents having their rights terminated.

  2. I never even got to bring her home from the hospital. Delivering at 7mo. due to high blood pressure, in 2weeks she was ready to be released. Not to me though cps had us in court for a placement hearing. As Cuzzo slept through most of the hearing(must of had too many toddies the night before)the outcome was she would be in foster care because they said she had alcohol metabolites in her maconnium sample. They couldnt or wouldnt tell me what that was. I can now after spending many hours at a library. So now they are using my past against me and wanting me to go to intensive outpatient for treatment,and by doing that it is an admission of guilt . So what do you do? If you dont jump their hoops you really lose and if you jump their hoops then there is a percentage that you dont lose. Well I guess by them putting my daughter in a pre-adoptive home after the first two months should of gave me a good idea, but I didnt know any better.After 8mo treatment, 4mo. family drug court, peeing in a cup twice a week for a yae it didnt do me a damn bit of good. They already new they were going to adopt her out. Its real interesting to learn about the adoption incentive program. Its all about money and lining there pockets. I thought human trafficking was illegal? I often ask myself how can these people live with themselves? How can they sleep at night?Im out of room. Janice McCullough /Spokane

    • lawdoll
    • Posted November 24, 2009 at 4:05 pm
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    Have youtriedcontacting Senator Pam Roach??? Leesa a.k.a Lawdoll Visit my blogs at: or

    “To Sin By Silence When We Should Protest Makes Cowards Out Of Men”

    • Anonymous
    • Posted January 3, 2010 at 3:02 am
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    I don’t understand the bad reputation the Child protective services gets. They are there to do a very good service to the children that can’t do it for themselves. I have been on the recieving side, and I hold them no ill will. When my son was a baby, he had very sensitive skin, everything left marks on him. When he got angry he would pinch his own cheeks. Our doctor called CPS. They came, we talked to the agent, explained our side. She scheduled medical test, they all came back clean and we were cleared. I didn’t like the experience, but I don’t blame the doctor for reporting it. I don’t get angry or rant and rave about how unfair it was. Thank god someone cared enough to question. I dn’t eveny the jobs they have. Childrens lives are literally in thier hands, sometimes good parents get caught up in the system, and unfortunately bad parents sometimes get away with it. But we are humans, opinions, life experience, all that stuff getgs in the way of our decisions. The system will never be perfect because humans aren’t perfect.

    • Crystal
    • Posted January 6, 2010 at 2:33 am
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    My daughter, Mercedez and I reside in Lake Stevens, WA. Her father lives in Spokane, WA with his new wife, Julie. Mercedez last visited her father, Rod’s and Julie’s home in May, 2008. She came home with the left side of her face badly bruised and her ear, as well. Rod said she fell down and at the time, Mercedez said she fell down. She was only 3. Two months later, Mercedez randomly said to me “Julie hit me in my face” and did a hand motion as if she was being hit. I immediately called Child Protective Services and made a report. They advised me to take Mercedez to the hospital which I did.

    I took Mercedez to Providence Medical Center (Pacific campus) in Everett. The emergency room Doctor, Dr. Sharma told me he was very concerned because her injuries were not consistent with a fall. She had no other injuries on her body. Because of the severity of her injuries, he ordered a CAT scan. He also called in a forensic nurse to examine Mercedez. In my discharge papers, he noted that CPS would be notified. The hospital never notified CPS.

    When Mercedez came forth with the allegations that Julie hit her, I called the Spokane Police Department and made a report over the phone. Spokane police went to Rod and Julie’s residence, spoke with them, and that was that. End of investigation. No pictures of Mercedez injuries were viewed, nobody called me, nobody saw or spoke to Mercedez.

    I contacted CPS several times to find out why nothing was ever done on this case and was never given a real answer. I was granted temporary restraining orders by Snohomish County Commissioners against Rod and Julie in 2008. They have not tried to see Mercedez in well over a year until now which is why I am scrambling to try to have somebody do something.

    I spoke with a CPS supervisor today who looked at the notes on the case. Her name is Kim but I do not remember her last name. She seemed confused as to why the case was never even assigned to someone for investigation. She said probably because Mercedez had initially said she had fallen was one reason and another is the hospital never contacted them to report suspicion of abuse. I myself had contacted CPS back in July of 2008 and reported to them that Mercedez told me Julie hit her in her face and they still did nothing. Now I am told that because 18 months have passed, they cannot investigate. Because of the hospital and CPS’s incompetence, no justice can be served for what was done to my little girl.

    I have put in a complaint with Family and Children’s Ombudsman who investigates complaints about CPS and other agencies. I have also contacted the hospital and am awaiting a reply from them.

    • Russell L. Kuykendal
    • Posted January 27, 2010 at 5:54 pm
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    I would like to file a complaint against Rosa Valdez of the Benton co. child proctive services. Mrs. Valdez has filed false charges against my daughter Tina Kuykendall and her husband.My daughter has been falsley accused of drug use,neglect.The kids have been taken and she faces supervised visits with her children. Mrs. montering phone calls ( so she says, I dont beleive she can do that) having Tina sign legal papapers without her attorney. and telling her she has no rites. What can we do PLEASE HELP!!! You may contact me at 208-512-0834 or 509-222-9194. or by mail at 1121 N. Cleveland Apt.A Kennewick,Wa. 99336. thank you Russell L. Kuykendall

    • Dayana Melgar
    • Posted March 12, 2010 at 1:18 pm
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    Today I reported my sister for the fifth time in 7 years. My other two sisters and my mother have reported my sister’s abuse and neglect towards her children. My sister has clearly a mental condition that has not been diagnosed because she simply refuses to seek treatment. She has been this way since she became pregnant with her second child who is now seven. Her eldest is now 12. These kids have been raised by a mentally disturbed person who has hallucinations. She used to hear voices that would tell her that her kids bodies were dirty and infected so she would give them clorox in their drinks or would even put it in the baby’s bottle. We have called CPS for nothing because they are waiting for my sister to KILL her own kids before they do anything. I am so angry, last year both me and my other sister reported her with the school’s principal and even they called CPS but
    NOTHING was ever done. These kids need HELP and nothing ever gets done because she doesn’t physically harm them. Sometimes emotional and psychological harm is worse than physical abuse. The little one who is now 7 years old is showing signs of mental illness. CPS has done nothing and I will hold them responsible if my sister kills her kids.

  3. i need you to email me back to see if i have the right department me and my children have been very much wronged by cps i will email you about the circumstances when i find out if i have got the right place so contact me as soonas you can look forward to hearinf from you

    • Priscilla Ball
    • Posted March 24, 2010 at 7:41 am
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    My grandchildren were removed from the home of my daughter by Colfax CPS. This occurred On October 31, 2009 and to date she has not been able to visit with them (even a supervised visit). My daughter does not consume alcohol, do drugs or abuse her children. Her attorney does not appear to be making an effort to help her and it is her understanding that Colfax CPS is going for termination of her rights as a mother. Do you know of an attorney that specializes in dependency cases in Whitman or Green Counties? Thank you.

    • sidney
    • Posted March 26, 2010 at 2:53 am
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    I am a single mother to a three year old boy my son got out of the front door with a child safety lock my family that has not been activly involved and were anonymously making false acusations of drug abuse paternal family were not involved father of my son is in prison. Cps was called came into my home offered services said she was closing the case within ninty days later said I was in noncompliance to the evaluations they offered they held a cpt meeting removed my son. Is there light at the end of the tunnel please help hopeles emotionally wrecked mother who is pleading for help and the return of her son. Burien wa sidney

    • Rick Rendon
    • Posted April 7, 2010 at 1:53 pm
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    On or about May 29th 2009, a CPS worker (Myrn Stewart) came to my house and asked to talk with Marissa and daniel lewis, After she spoke with them she stated, I dont have time for this my husband has Chemo, and he is mad at me for coming here, I then asked her if she needed to speak with me or my wife, she stated “I see whats going on here, you have two Manipulating little girls here, I have had these same issues with my kids, I will call you friday and close this”. On june 25th 2009 she asked my wife to go to her office, she went, and was told the kids need to go to there abusive Father’s house for two weeks, then after july 9th, we will talk about a further counseling plans for the kids. Since this time I notified my superviser Alan McLaughlin, Assistant, Superintendent, at Rainier School because my name was brought up in the june 25th letter, since then Alan had me interviewed by the WSP (Det.Clint Thompson) in or around aug-oct 2009, Since this time my wife or myself and alan have recieved no Information, and No return Phone calls… On April 5th 2010, 9-10 months later Alan obtained Documents stating that on sept 30th CPS has made it founded, and sent a letter to a wrong address on DEC 22nd 2009, and is now telling me I have no rights to fight it since the aloted time has past, I believe I have not recieved fair treatment in this False Allegations Since that time I put in Request for information twice and was told NO, CPS never used WSP interview notes and I have never been talked to nor asked any questions. I work for Rainier State School and have been their 12 years(10 Perm) I do not hurt people or clients or children, and my job is now on the line do to a faulty Inappropriate CPS investigation. Please Help

  4. No Warrent, No investigation, No marranda, no hearing, no notification of “findings” from CPS.

    In a court of law, the cop stated “I found no signs of abuse” UNDER OATH. It was a spanking on her 16 year old daughter, with no bruises, or anything to take a picture of. The judge heard that and dismissed the case with prejudice. This means under court laws, it can’t be brought up in court again.

    However, what we didn’t know, is CPS opened and found my fiance guilty without even a simple investigation or notification of “findings of abuse”. Now, she can’t get a job with a hospital, where her expertise is in.

    My fiance also can be granted custody of her neice. Now her neice is in the custody of the state. During that time, my fiance’s neice was abused, (according to their rules). The neice was in a medical treatment center for bipolar disorder. During that time, they had to restrain her. The neice had bruises on her neck, a big rug burn on her face, and bruises on her arms.



  5. I have 3 very beautiful children and I’m am a very good mother. I feed them bathe them clothe them play with them make sure their homework is done make sure they go to school ect. Well my 5 year old daughter said her dad put his finger in her vagina and butt and so very concerned I took her to the hospital. The social worker there wanted us to go to a safe house. Keep in mind her dad is a cps worker and his mom is area administraitor of cps. So when I took them to the safe house a cps social worker said oh come to court on this day just so I can check them out to make sure they are ok. When er got there they took them from me and put them with the mother of my kids father and he was in the car. my little girl was crying and screaming no and running away from the car but the social worker forced her in the car with them. Now my son has had 2 bruises on his face the first week he was there and my daughter said grandma has her dad take her down to the basement all alone and I said what happens when your down there and she didn’t want to talk about it because she knew they were watching and listening to from behind the glass. I need someones help and I mean fast. He’s not supposed to spend the night over at his moms house with the kids but he been sleeping in bed with the kids. Please I’m so dessperate. This is not the first time cps has done this to me it’s all been sence him and his mom have been in my life. I’m dessperate please.

    • Christina
    • Posted July 11, 2010 at 11:06 pm
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    I think I have posted somewhere on this page before, but I don’t see it. So, I’ll post again.

    15+ years of CPS harassment and coercion is getting kind of old and is very hard to put into so few words.

    I have never lost my children as CPS has not been able to substantiate claims, however I fear they may try.

    On Thur or Fri, CPS supervisor showed up at my home. No new reports, no nothing. Just showed up. She was asking me why I wouldn’t let her in my home and such. I’m no dummy and knew she was trespassing. But that’s only the tip of the iceburg.

    I am not a drug user, drinker, and have NO criminal background. I have a lot of kids, yes, but even large families, with little income doesn’t mean child abuse. I have my own home, same one I’ve had for the past 5 years. My only problem, I have a troubled teen who police tell me to keep at home and CPS tells me to let him go where he wants when he wants and explain AFTER he gets into legal trouble.

    This started before my first son (now almost 15) was born. I lived in Lewis County but gave birth in Pierce. Needless to say, I had a cps worker before I was even a parent.

    Within hours of giving birth, I had both pierce and lewis county cps workers in my hospital room. They’re concern,the baby’s father who had also never been a parent. I had not spoken to him in 6+ months and lived alone in my own apartment.

    Now, I am having to prove over and over and over again that I am a good parent and do what I can to take care of my babies.

    They will not leave me alone, have once again come to my home to make demands with no reports or pending investigation.

    Like I said, 15 years of this. Someone PLEASE put a stop to this madness.

    • tapes 98203
    • Posted August 4, 2010 at 4:41 pm
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    I have never felt so small and so hopeless in my life. I am a 29 year old male who recently had a run in with cps because of my ex. I had my son a few days a week and was also getting set up to start having my infant son for visits as well. I always imagined that if something were to happen it would just be a given that I would get the kids. Well that something happened and while the children were with their mother cps removed them from her care. I was given a copy of the report as to why the kids were removed from her care. As bad as everything seemed to be no where in the report was my name at all for a reason the children were placed out of home. Finally I got a court date and I was filled with excitment that I was going to get both of my boys and take care of them like they needed to cared for. I thought it to be strange that the court had appointed me an attorney but I went along with it and took a seat in front of the judge. One of the first things the judge asked me was do you know why you are here. I replied well yes your honor I’m here to sign the custody papers and take my kids home. He replied yeah thats not giong to happen today. I was both shocked and confused by all of this as I sat there and listened to a women whom I have never met say terrible things about me. None of it was true! They had nothing on me yet the judge sat there and accepted all of that bullshit! So here I am having to do a dependantcy for what! I still don’t know why. The only thing I can think of is someone is making money from this. Maybe the judge? maybe the higher ups? I don’t know. Am I alone on this? Is there anyone out there that shares this kind of problem with me? Signed Bent over in Snohomish County.

    • Richard Conlon
    • Posted August 13, 2010 at 6:27 pm
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    My wife and I turned our daughter into Spokane CPS due to a meth problem placing her children in danger. we were told by CPS the children would be placed in our custody within 24 hours. We are their grandparents and it has been 3 foster homes and 10 months and CPS still has these children. The 1st excuse was an assault charge my husband had 35 years ago. Which has since been deemed by the court as not a valid reason to keep the children from us. At this point they are trying to fast track an adoption at the home they are at. We have not quit at all but are running out of options. had we any idea CPS would treat a family like this we would of never contacted them.


  6. I feel the DPS oversteps their authority too often.

    My son was threatened by a

    I believe the


    • L coventry
    • Posted September 30, 2010 at 11:31 am
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    I am witnessing at this very time CPS taking a child away from her mother who has legal and physical custody and handing her over to her father. I saw and heard the CPS case worker working with, and coaching, the father on how to do this, right in the court house! The father lives in Oregon and the case will be offloaded, foster home opened, funds will be saved. The child is a 13 year old girl. After a visit with her father (one of only 2 visits in 7 years), she come backs and immediately reports her mother to CPS for abuse. She did this at one of her little girlfriends house. Sheriff took the child and gave her to CPS this was last friday 9/24/10. No arrest or charges were made against mom since there was no evidence of abuse. (actually, the sheriff said it sounds like she was coached what to say). This was a Friday evening. The following Monday 9/27/10 comes and there is a placement meeting at the CPS office in Bremerton. The father who has been out of the picture for many years, and, I might add, has just filed bankruptcy, is at the meeting and wants immediate custody. He has already retained an attorney, and has been collecting school records since before the report of abuse. It was discovered in the meeting that the father has promised the child a horse and a car. Two days later, Wednesday 9/29 at 1:30 is the permanent placement planning meeting at the court house. The mother is served in the waiting room with a restraining order against the father and the child in CPS custody, and with papers to change custody over to him. Doesn’t mom have rights to visitation? Isn’t there is an investigation going on? I will tell you straight up, the allegations are FALSE!!! She has dotted on this child all of her life, and the child never went with out, except she couldn’t give her a horse, and the child wants a horse. The child has a record at juvenal hall already for assault. The child is spoiled.
    This is why the system is bogged down. People are using CPS to fight over custody and child support.
    CPS should focus more on protecting abused and neglected children now helping out disgrunteled spouses.
    If anyone can help us, the mother can’t afford a lawyer.

  7. My son was taken by his mother to the ER for bruising around his ear. The outcome was it was caused by force which began our relationship with CPS. Before my story I’ll give you some insight. Me and my sons mom are together, but don’t live together. My son lives with his mother prior to the hospital visit I hadn’t seen my child for two days. He had gone from day child care to our night provider.
    So for starters there is no way according to their timeline that I could have done this and this is verifiable. Now me and his mother had a domestic violence 18 months ago where the neighbors called the police, but no charges were ever filed. So due to these false allegations I am now the victim of this women questioning our circle of friends and embarrassing me and making me look like the assaulter. The only person who could have done this was our night child care provider who my son never liked. I asked this lady point blank what would happen to them and she told me nothing unless they flat out admit to the abuse. She also told me when I asked if Washington believed in the constitutions innocent until proven guilty and she told me her office doesn’t operate like that. I can get over the embarrassment of this women asking close friends if I beat my child but the fact that she puts more energy into me who couldn’t and would never cause my son pain and not the real culprits is unforgivable.

    • Annett Marcil
    • Posted October 15, 2010 at 6:08 pm
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    Liam Was first met by Annette Marcil and Timothy Marcil in July of 2009. They were staying in site 7 at Illahee State park. We we’re camping in Site 10 Tom and Kara Morgan was in site 7 along with Emily Sutton, Mike Kilburn , and their Son Liam Kilburn. Kara Morgan was observed bathing Liam in a colman cooler. We had a few more interactions with them in the next few days. On or about the 8th of July Mike was observed by Tom being handling Liam roughly. Mike tried throwing Emily into the fire, where Kara caught her. That afternoon Mike was arrested for domestic violence.
    At that time Tom, Kara, Emily and Liam went to Fay Bainbridge for a week then returning to Illahee. Kara was working at Burger King in Bremerton at the time Emily started not showing up from work for a couple days making it impossible for Kara to continue working. Kara then made an agreement with Emily that she would watch Liam while Emily worked. Somewhere around the 1st of august Emily went to Seattle to work and never met back up with Tom and Kara. On august 3rd Timothy and Annette Marcil became camp host. Tom, Kara, and Liam would join Timothy and Annette daily for dinner which the cost was split between the two couples. On august 18th Mike was released from Kitsap County Jail. Mike then immediately went to DSHS got him medical food stamps and taniff. On or about August 25th the Kitsap County sheriff was called in as well as CPS to do a well check on Liam. Reason for the well check was an accusation that Mike was feeding Liam Tylenol to make him sleep. Soon after Mike went to Seattle to be with Emily leaving Liam with Tom and Kara using the food stamps and taniff money to pay for the trip. Mike was gone roughly 4 days. Mike returned and at this point he was confronted with what are your plans with Liam? We then gave him a tent so that he could stay with Liam at the primitive site. On the first night Mike and Liam joined the two couples for dinner. On the second night Mike packed His and some of Liam’s belongings. Mike failed to pack Liam’s diapers and formula when he left. Mike stayed in Seattle with Liam for a few days bringing him back to Tom and Kara. On October 1st Mike said he was on his way back and never showed. October 6th Mike was in Seattle Asking to stay a few more days and for Tom and Kara to continue taking care of Liam.
    On or around October 10th Jim Morton the previous host came to visit the park. Witnessing Mike’s Probation officer visiting the park. Timothy then told the probation officer named Kelly Dean, that Mike had not been in the picture for some time now. The Kelly then spoke to Kara while she held Liam and asked her if that was Mike’s baby at which time Kara explained the whole situation. Kelly then told Kara Liam “Liam is in good hands I’m not going to get involved with him.” The following day Timothy took the day off work Kara packed Liam’s belongings and we went to the probation office where we had been instructed to go. That she was the first contact and should take care of this. Upon going to the probation office Kelly made a few calls telling us she talked to her supervisor and CPS that Liam was in good hands to take him home with her. Tom and Kara then contacted Kitsap Community Resources for help getting into a home. JJ Whitehurst took the case on surprised that Liam was even still alive. JJ fast tracked the process getting Tom and Kara into a home within the month allowing them to stay at Illahhee State Park while doing so. Mike had signed Liam up when he was born to the KCR program. Tom and Kara also signed Liam up for head start which a social worker visited the home once a week. DSHS also transferred Liam’s medical and food stamps to Tom and Kara. Which on December 23rd Liam went to Peninsula Health for all of Liam’s immunizations. All of these people have interacted with Liam assuring Tom and Kara at this point that they have started the custody arrangements. Tom and Kara Morgan with the help of Timothy and Annette Marcil until the holidays talked to many agencies trying to do the right thing while growing attached to this child have taken care of all of his needs until Monday September 13, 2010 when at the Puyallup Fair. At the fair we were approached by the fair police about some bruising that Liam had on his face. During this investigation at the fair police station we explained the way he throws tantrums and how his face is always the results of these tantrums in which Liam proceeded to show them exactly what we were telling them.
    At this time we also explained the way The Morgans had received conservatorship of Liam. The Puyallup police contacted Liams biological mother at this time and confirmed everything but still felt that Liam needed to go into CPS custody Just incase he was stolen, then proceeded to tell us to enjoy the fair. CPS took Liam out of our arms at the fair and put him in Kitsap Counties custody. Then released us to go about the fair with the idea that Liam may have been stolen. (we did not stay at the fair as if you can imagine, Liam being taken and all!)
    The Morgans did everything in there power to make it so this would not happen but it did anyway. Since then the Morgans have been trying to get not only custody of Liam but visitations without success even though CPS found no abuse or reason to take him. CPS keeps coming up with excuses and every time the Morgans are able to refute them.
    When this happens CPS claims the last caseworker never told them this or they can’t find proof of dr’s. documents or even other important documents. All the while Liam is not able to see the only parents he has ever known. What mental harm is this causing him?
    We hope you can help us or show us somebody else that can help in this horrible injustice to a child and his family.

    Ever hopeful
    Annette Marcil

    • Misha
    • Posted November 19, 2010 at 4:57 pm
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    Hello Annette,
    Can you contact me please? I knew Mike and Emily personally, and have many things to discuss and would like to help. Thanks

    • D White
    • Posted March 31, 2011 at 7:41 pm
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    Before my child was even born,the mother told me that the baby was not mine and that she had been cheating on me with her one true love and that the child was his and she wanted me to leave her alone. We had split up and went different our ways. She made several threats against me and stated that if i was to ever try to get custody, she would see to it that i would never see my daughter ever.
    Three months later I recieved a call stating that she was in the hospital and that the baby was due at any time. I asked why she was calling me and she stated that the child was mine and that what she said was a lie. So I left work, went home and picked up all the baby items I had bought and my mother. We then went up to the hospital to see my child being born.
    When we got there I passed on my gifts to her sister and then thats when I met her new boyfriend.
    When the baby was born, my mother and i noticed the same looks as my other childern and i knew she was my child. The staff at the hospital came in with the papers for the birth. I walked over with my mother to fill them out when the mother of my new child grabbed the papers from the hospital rep and shoved them up under the covers and refused to allow me to sign.
    I asked her why is she doing it and that when my NIGHTMARE started. She said that she never was going to allow me to sign the paper on the baby, and said SHE NOT YOURS – SHE WILL NEVER BE YOURS AND IF ANYTHING EVER HAPPENED TO HER OR HER BOYFRIEND THE BABY WOULD GO TO HER SISTER FIRST.
    My mother grabbed my arm and I turned around and left, without saying anything else.
    On the way home my mother and i agreed that it has to be taken to court to put an end to the DRAMA.
    1-2 weeks later i was in court at The Reginal Justice Center in Kent Wshington fighting for my right to be a FATHER. The first few words coming out of the judges mouth after hearing the case hurt me to the core.
    He said that he could not force a woman to allow me to sign the birth records. He also stated that i have no rights at all to the child and that i am not going to be held responsible for any type of support.
    I told the judge that far from fair, your telling me not to be a father to a child that i know is mine. The judges responce was simple, ITS THE LAW.
    I contacted CHILD SUPPORT, KING COUNTY and was told again that i had no rights and they not talk to me futher due to that fact i am not on paper.
    I spent 3-4 years trying to get anyone to help me with this mess. But it always came back to NO RIGHTS. I contacted fathers groups and was told they will only assist with papers and nothing else.
    Whenever my daughters mother called i was there, even when she moved to TUMNWATER WASHINGTON. She would call saying she needed food, money or a place to stay.
    Then one day I met two worker from CPS while out with my daughter and her mother getting them some grocerys. I BEGGED the workers to help me save my baby from this. They took my name, information and address.
    Not even 36 hours later, they called and said that I needed to be in court to take custody of my child. I called my mother with the good news and that we needed to be in court THURSDAY so we can bring her home.
    When we arrived in court it was not to take custody of my daughter, it was to take my daughter away from me. I was given a court appointed lawyer who i never talked to before and filled out papers stating my orginal intent.
    The judge asked me 2 questions and CPS lawyers did the same. I told them about having gone to court in KING COUNTY and showed them the papers stating outcome from the first judge.
    It was around the 6th week of court just after the results of be blood test. That i found out that CPS wanted to place my baby in foster care, terminate the mothers rights and mine at the same time.
    I contacted that court lawyer and she told me again to just do as CPS says. I told her she works for me and that this was open and shut case. The thing which blew my mind away was what she said next she could win, only if i hire her first at a fee of 2600.00. My jaw hit the floor.
    I then told her i would like to do 2 things, change of courts from Pierce to King and a new lawyer. Both had denied so I contacted CPS and told them the problem that i was having. I was told they could not understand why i was even calling them due to the fact they are the one who are wanting her removed from her parents. I asked the CPS rep as to why did you say PARENTS.
    Thats when i was told that from the beginning they where planning on terminating my rights but could not find me, even with the mothers help.
    Then 2 days before my next court appointment i had suffered a stroke and had been placed in the hospital and put on equipment to monitor heart condition and given medications.
    I contacted my lawyer and was told that I had to be in court and that it could not be changed at all.
    My lawyer stated that CPS has won and that they will be taking my rights away. She even said that it maybe for the best given my health.
    problems. She then said that i need to come in to fill out some forms and that maybe it would also be best to just self terminate my rights. since i could not be in court on that day.
    One day before court, per my lawyer instructions i was taken off the machines and helped into a car and driven to her office.
    ……………………………………………………………..There is more to this drama. Like me having to pay for foster care when my daughter was taken from the mother, but they never even had me down on papers as being DADDY/FATHER. Putting me in the same case as the mother, when i never had RIGHTS at the time of her birth. She was never even with me, she was with the mother.
    I never had custody of my daughter and thanks to the system i never will.
    Please, I just want this nightmare to end……
    Thank you
    D I White

  8. Subject: Bullying of Lawson Family 4/6/2011

    Dear Obama, It was brought to my attention by Ken Patis of Children Services in Washington State, adoption Unit Supervisor. Mr. Patis has stated to me, he didn’t receive a copy of the adoption packet, adoption home study and Intra State Compact my wife Sharon completed, August 2010 through Children Service’s in Springfield, Ohio. The information was submitted to the State of Ohio and Washington State in a timely manner. Mr. Patis stated to me that he didn’t have our adoption information and it wasn’t being considered, in the adoption of Shayna. Why not? My wife and I are Shayna Krueger’s grandparents. Shayna has family wanting and available to adopt her, parental rights has illegally been terminated . Children Services told Family Court in Tumwater Washington, that Shayna has no family willing to adopt her, only single Foster Parent, Laura Anderson’s adoption will be considered. This is deceitful, low down dirty stunt, Children Services is pulling. It is clear that Washington State, Senator Cantwell, Ms. Denise Revels Robinson of D.S.H.S. Asst Secretary and that low life Governor Gregorie, do not support Family First Law’s in Washington State. Sir, Kim Gabbard of Children Services asked me to purchase a Webcam for Online visits with my grandchild, she arranged weekly phone visits, encouraged us to send gifts and cards. Shayna has been in Foster care far to long. It’s not right to keep her in that situation any longer. Enough! I am Demanding my granddaughter Now!! This is America not Afghanistan. Governor Gregoire is Out of Control and needs to be impeached, I have requested your help several times. Does one have to say or do crazy things getting media attention, to get your help? I have served this country over twenty active years, If I were a White man, I’d have my granddaughter. That’s the way they have made me feel. I’ll put on my Dress Blues, stand on the highway side with a sign if need be. The sign will say,” President Obama, Senator Cantwell, and Governor Gregoire of Washington State don’t support FAMILY FIRST LAW’S. Save my 3 year old Grandchild. Please help!! My granddaughter has rights, Shayna has the same rights you had when your grandparents raised you, and your children will have. Shayna has the same right’s that Governor Gregoire, Denise Revels Robinson and Senator Cantwell’s grandchildren have. The right to know and love her grandparent’s. I have requested my granddaughter from the beginning of Foster care to adopt. Two and half years in Foster care is too long. I am Demanding that Washington State follow the Family First Law’s, and get our adoption and home study, they initiated at the tax payer’s expense. These problems have gone on long enough under the watchful of the Governor. I am also requesting a Federal Investigation of D.S.H.S. Children Service’s in that State.

    Max Lawson,
    U.S. Armed Force’s Retired

    • Posted May 30, 2011 at 2:56 am
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    I was a evited from my apartment and gave both my kids to my cousin next thing I know my son was in oregon which a habas courp was issue before hand. they took my daughter in to custody and said I was cooking meth with the kids in the house. I dont have a police record never have a ticket in my life. They lied and trick me and signing my rights. Gave my daughter to the father side parents and they abuse her for years and now she in state custody and she 17 and pregnant. They lied and volilate my rights and if I had money I would sue washington state.

    • Give me my baby back
    • Posted June 15, 2011 at 6:16 pm
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    I am a single dad who is fighting for my child back the mother of my child does not live with me she lives 4 county’s from me Cps never called me or had cop come to my house to tell me 72 hr hold was not done to contact me baby went right to foster care I am not a felon I am a good dad who misses my child I have never got a call back from Cps the cops or any case worker back from any of the calls I have made I have had to call them over and over now I I have peed in a cup for them to c if any drugs remind I don’t have a record I am self employed and they say it’s from my name on birth cirtif. It is on it also I went to state capitol to get it they have got me do in so much I feel I don’t need to they have made me feel like I am the one who has done wrong when I want to prove that it’s not me in the wrong but then I talked to one of the case workers supervisor she was so rude she told me to shut up when I ask about the not be n a phone call to me to pick up my child and that I was in the wrong I just going to talk over u I don’t get It this three needs to be privet people who look over them just to make sure they r do n the right job I believe Cps I a good thing but not all case r as they appear I can go on and on on this Cps

  9. I have my own story. I am a mother of eight children and currently live in Stevens county. I have a past with Child Services due to my older children. I was a teen mom and I was single raising five children with no support system. I got the help I needed and have not had any involvement with child services in almost five years. Then some one I know got mad at me , made allegations that were stupid. things like my children physically abused. I released my doctors to speak to child Services due to my doctor’s see my children every few months. Child services has showed up three times and I have cooperated, but I am tired of being harassed by them. Recently I was told I needed to volunteer for services, which I feel I did not need. I was then bullied by a health nurse and the CPS worker. After looking up my rights and consulting an attorney who deals with Child Services cases, I decided I would opt out of voluntary services. My CPS worker showed up today, about it basically I was threatened by him about it. so I decided that i would not be bullied by anyone in a position of power, so I emailed several government officials and making a obudsman complaint against both Child Service and the public health nurse. I know that I will fight for all of my children and I will not be threatened by anyone

    • kindneess
    • Posted July 18, 2011 at 11:45 pm
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    I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids my kids are in foster care the worker that was on my case she had told a lot of lies the public defender that was on my case he did not do nothing he did not file nothing on my case my kids are still suffering in foster care we have to stop cps / family court I would like for everyone to know I do have group meetings here in ohio every week If anyone would like to come let me know u can bring a friend with u if u like everyone can contact me my e-mail is my number is 330 268-9342 my other number is 330 249-1541 anyone can call me on any one of those numbers Let’s stop cps now

  10. CPS workers just came in and took my daughter’s baby right out of her arms at the hospital two days ago, just because she asked the hospital to keep out her ex from coming in and causing drama! Today we had a “team” meeting, and they refuse to give the child back, and are taking the infant out of the hospital, even though she is nursing, and placing her into foster care, and have a shelter care hearing on Monday, making it clear that they have no intentions on wanting to let my daughter have her baby back at all. Two years ago, they forced my then juvenile daughter to give up her first born child into adoption. This state’s CPS workers are nothing but a bunch of baby snatching kidnappers, and they get paid bonuses to do it! Those who adopt these children get paid monthly stipends to adopt the children the cps workers kidnap, too! It’s absolutely ludacris how they are able to get away with this. If you have children, I’d advise you to NOT move to Spokane, WA, because CPS workers are out to get your children, and certainly don’t let your teenage daughter move into Alexandria’s House, because once they do, they are marked for life..each girl that moves in there ends up having their child taken away and any child after that the State wants. These holier than thou sons of bitches want nothing more than to mess with your life and take your children.

    • Teresa Rowell
    • Posted October 27, 2011 at 3:28 am
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    back in 1980 me and my husband seperated he won custody in divorce court but judge said if I had been there he would of granted me custody but I did not have to be contacted or told what day our divorce court was, wish that was not a law then. in 1981 my former husband had got involved with a 14 year old girl who’s mother was a cps worker and all cuase she walked out and left my kids to play outside while there dad was asleep she went to her mom cause they had a fight and when they wen’t back over there they had called the cops and had my kids taken away from him, where was the mother who was a cps worker not held liable for letting her 14 year old daughter be with my former husband who was 21 in the first place, then cps had contacted me to place the kids in my custody temporarily while they skeemed to get my kids fathers parental rights dismissed I was not the one the kids were taken from then I found out when they dismiss one parental rights under washington law the other parents rights gets taken just as well, cps had contacted me and told me my daughter had been showing signs of being molestated and I know it was not on my watch cuase I was with my kids all the time then after that I could not trust anyone to watch my kids due to what the state had incinuated, I reached out for help due to loseing a baby of crib death and haveing to bury my baby and asked cps to help withg my kids for a couple of days while I got all situated and they said sure well that would be my mistake reaching out for help from the state, they started building a case against me now while I was most vulnerable, I called and asked them to bring my kids home and they said they were not comeing home, they had started to paint me as a bad person so they could move for there fathers and mine parental rights to be dismissed, which is what exactly happened, I had never been so humiliated in my whole life, I fought all the way to the end and as far as I am concerned they took advantage of the fact I was low income, the judge had no remorse for me just loseing my baby to crib death and i could not have anymore due to I had my tubes tied cause SIDS had never entered my mind, the judge took hearsay in court and all and then I found out he was disbarred in 1996 for takeing hearsay in a couirt of law, after they took my kids I turned to a life of drugs due to loseing my baby and then my only children I was not one to cry so easy so I hid my pain in drugs well in 1996 I decided I had had enough of the drug life and quit with a couple of relapses which only told me why I did not want to do drugs anymore, glad to report I am still here today faceing my pain, at the beginning of this year january 2011 I was looking high and low for my kids and found my daughter in florida and she relayed some bad news to me about my son that he has been incapasitated in a home since 2003, I am in disbelief that she held it from me for years and just want to know where was the justice in this case, my son is in a home clear across the united states and i am trying to get there to see him but as i said I am low income, I have faced this news with tears and shock that I being his natural mother was never notified my daughter feels cause of her situation of takeing care of three children who’s mom is not there for them she blames me and she has her issues, I LOVE MY KIDS AND I AM NOT A BAD PERSON AND I AM SICK OF HAVEING MY CHARACTER DEFAMATED TO THE EXTENT THAT I AM ABOUT TO HOLD THE PEOPLE WHO KEEP IT UP LIABLE LEGALLY , I HAVE LIVED THIS PAIN FOR YEARS JUST TO GET MORE PAIN AND I AM NOT HAPPY AT ALL WITH A LOVE TRIANGLE AND A CPS WORKERS DAUGHTERAND MY HUSBAND BEING THE PARTIES THIS ALL WAS BROUGHT AGAINST IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    • Nicole Anderson, Clarkston Washington
    • Posted October 28, 2011 at 7:35 pm
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    cps took my 2 children out of my custody a couple months ago. my youngest has special needs and i missed a appt in spokane, i live in clk. but with his doctors appts and he had pnuemonia etc i forgot about it and when i had finally realized i missed it and needed to reschedule it i was on the phone and a knock on the door and theres the cps people and the police. my 2 yr old was at my mothers house at the time but they took my son almost a yr. out of my custody, not even knowing how to take care of him or what to do. in fact he asked me how to work my sons feeding tube/monitor and of course they took my 2 yr old out of my custody as well and he is placed with my mother and his 3 siblings who were taken about 3 years ago due to domestic violence towards me i called the police and cps took my kids then.. same people too. I had an appt this morning Oct. 28th, 2011 at 9 am and the cps worker preceeded in a very rude obscence manner with you called this meeting why dont you start i looked at her and said i want to know how in the heck i get my kids back she handed me a stack of papers and said well basically they are going for termination and i quote ” due to you not having custody of your other 3 children ” and i asked what services they could possible steer me towards or help me with so i can try and she again stated that they we’re not going to be offering me any sort of services at this time. My children are taken care of, loved, cherished, and amazing to me, my everything, I am still in my other 3’s life i see and interact with them everyday and i am still their mother. but they had no right to take my 2 baby boys out of custody and they also put in their report saying neglect and maltreatment, that is slander and it is far from right. I need help please, i need to know how much i need to know everything if you can help me etc.. i dont have much money… i just want my children back even if you could steer me in the right direction for help i’d greatly appreciate it.. thank you for your time.

  11. I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids my kids are in foster care Im still fighting for my kids cps is all about lies / money we need a good strong organization in all states to stop cps / family court we need to write letters, make phone calls, send e-mails we need to let them know we are mad / pissed we want are children back I would like for anyone to contact me my e-mail is we have to stop cps/ family court right now

    • Anonymous
    • Posted November 2, 2011 at 11:01 am
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    I am all about CPS protecting the children. However, sometimes the system is being manipulated by mothers who have been found in the courts to be doing everything in their power to alienate the children from their father. She suffers from Severe Parental Alienation Syndrome which will no doubt be harmful to the children’s emotional well being. This mother already has one child she is estranged from because, as she is doing with the younger children, she coarsed the then teenager daughter to go to the police and tell them that her father had fondled her as a child. She loved her father and feared her mother so she did as she was told. The father was never questioned because the police suspected the coersion. It has been brought up in court but the mother just discredits the daughter by lying. The father has spent over seventy thousand trying to protect his children. The courts see what she is doing and I suspect CPS does as well. She gets the children to lie to therapist and officials because they can’t say no. The mother is relentless. Each time the father has a visit, she makes or has someone else make a false referral to CPS. No wonder they are overwhelmed because they have to deal with people like Barbara Hollingshead. Incidentally, she made a comment on Feb 2009 on this Blog. The only one that is abusing these children is the mother herself. Slowly and surely she is being exposed but each time she is close to being punished, she finds a new audience. She has become a professional victim and is very manipulative. I wouldn’t put it past her to hurt the children just so she can blame it on the father. I have seen pictures of injuries I know the father didn’t cause and it scares me to think she is doing it to them. They wouldn’t say she did. Who is going to help these children? They have to live with their abuser. Even though she was found in contempt of the parenting plan and been warned several other times, the children are still stuck with a mother who is suffering from a mental illness. Who is going to protect them?

    • Pam
    • Posted November 17, 2011 at 11:03 am
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    Watched best friend get domestically abued for 18 yrs. Her kids are 14,15 &17 so you do the math. All thesee kids lnow is constant belittling, bullying and the friend picked as well as what their goals in like are. Its a horrible more common than not the abuser get off free and the emotional scars are carroed to next generation. Since it’s. A LEARNED WAY OF LIFE. I watched my super smart, independent and most amazing Mom and Wife far away. She got the divorce, she did herself, and t he excuse of a man messed even more with her. She had 5 hearings, all papers read and signed he made comments like” who ya sleeping with at court to get this crap threw?” Or” good luck with that” after the manintenance part. She told me I did not witness it, but she wouldn’t lie since was only time in years she knew if stuck with it could somhow get him away from her. One Psyche Fd him as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. When I looked it up online is him 100% almost jawdropping. But, after t hearings, all papers red, agreed upon he never showed up yet was getting the posted transcripts 2 days post hearing so hr knew. He’s known addict to me Tan her for YEARS, THE KIDS GOT IT BEFORE HER. I tried to tell her, he’s gonna snap any time. She talks with Domestic. Violence. For almost 2 years. He’ carried on life for 5 mos and pocketed few thousands. Got himslf a place with pd off car and COaches BOYS BASKETBALK FOR FREE. When this happened she changed into the opposite, Oscar to death of him (he’s over 6 ft and she’s tiny 5’4 maybe 108 during this. He gets atty just as almost back strong enough I was elated. But, I looked in his eyes of hate for her, how he’s always favored the boy over woman/ girls, he’d do or say things just enough to scare her to be quiet and almost give up. She’s such a good Mom hubg in there but when the kids showed total 360 to what she worked so hard at, I couldn’t take it and looked at my relationship which deteriorated because of her poor kids NOBODYS HELPING HER, SHE’S GONNA BE IN A SHELTER, KIDS LIVING IN 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT. WHO’S BEEN KNOWN AROUND TOWN O PICK UP ONE TEENAGE GIRLS AND HE’S 47! I had to remove myself from her. Im ashamed for deseting our 35 yr. Very ckose relationship go awy but I can’t watch this happen, I have 3 young girls myself. That man must have state mandated courses for about 2 years and she remain in DV but someone somewhere has to pull some strings and financially help her pay rent, $1350 x 3 plus get it lowered while they try n short sell it (not even sellable) or get her into new place, get attorney-they are unreal, they take his bs but her truth but no money right! But mostly. Get help for those kids like NOW|
    thank you Shawna

    • Anonymous
    • Posted November 17, 2011 at 1:56 pm
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    We have been in a custody battle since April 2011 with my Son. His ex wife moved a convicted child rapist in the home with the girls. This battle has been going on for quites some time and she has begun calling him a rapist.he got custody of the girls at first but allowed the youngest to go back because CPS nor the Detective involved had completed the investigation so we were concerned the court would give both girls back to their mother. The oldest of the 2 seemed to be the most distressed by what was going on , the both new about the boyfriends history or a version of it. Long story short the mother took the youngest daugther to CPS with claims the the father had molested her in the bath tub on her weekend with him. There is plenty of people and other children in the home that weekend for a birthday party and the other children said the daughter did not take a bath she lied to her father. Also a counselor involved in the case stated that the mother and others had been coaxing the younger girl to say things in counseling like being afraid of the father.
    When ask why she said I don’t know Mommy told me to say that.
    CPS gave the mother the means to get the girls back from the father and a restraining order was put in place. We have provided CPS with all the documents and contact information so they could investigate for the truth. However the CPS person handling this has made no effort to do so, she said the dad did it and how can I convince you of that. She has stood her ground with this belief and not done an investigation she said she knew he did it and that’s it.This CPS person has been very nasty on the phone and split up a family that was trying to protect the girls. Also issued threats saying she would take the other children if the father is allowed back in the home. I wonder how many other innocent people have been a victom of this kind of one sided behavior. The father is the only source of income while the girlfriend is in school so now we have a household with 3 kids and no help. We have exhausted our savings and now on credit cards to
    pay lawyer fees and court fees so where do you go from here?
    This kind of blind justice needs to stop, you are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty and that is only if someone wants to look for the truth.

    • j.r.
    • Posted December 15, 2011 at 2:11 pm
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    yeah i’ve been there..long story short the woman had her kids taken before over in oregon..guess she held her 2 year old over a three story balcony threatening to drop him…well not knowing all this i got with her..she already had two kids mind you…well got her pregnant and started seing what she did..drugs cheating beating on the kids etc…she filed a restraining order later…tried to tell the judge i am innocent but a woman can lie and get away with anything…so i violated it several be there for my kid and do my best to protect him after he was born..went to trial one time she admitted that i never hit her or threatened her but they still charged me…locked me up…later i ended up defending myself against some crooked cops..ended up in prison..only then did they take the kids knowing i was out of the picture..courts refused to let me be present during the hearings gave me a piece of crap public pretender that stood there and did nothing..refused to let my mother say anything..refused to place him with a relative even a christian one mind you…conspiracy…well they refused to release me from prison on my early release date which was the last few moments of the court hearings..took all my rights…well while in there after filing all the complaints of neglect and stuff mind you this was even after they supposedly switched laws and stuff due to the lady strangling her kid in oregon on a visit…well they sent me documentation staing there were over 30 reports against this of which stated she threw her kid out side butt naked in the rain at night…then beat him with a curtain rod in a tub of running cold water…the the made me out to be the evil person..even told my son what i did and got him to re-inact it and state it as if he was there…he was not..and god i wish i had it video taped to prove those cops beat on me and held me at gun point after i stabbed one of them in the arm to get them off of me..they held me at gun point and beat me with a asp an extendable baton…this was after a cop was fired for grabing me by the throat..retaliation you think…wrote the governor and senator they wrote me back telling me i was a piece of crap and would do nothing…so fuck the government and president a good show called ramboo comes to mind they drew first blood took everything from me cannot even get a job…i told the truth…i’d take a lie detector test but what’s the point no one cares or listens least of all the government and their crooked police force…every time i am screwed….and the kids……hell with me protect the kids….one day

    • j.r.
    • Posted December 15, 2011 at 2:18 pm
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    some people are just messed get the stick in this state…not all of us are messed up but them pieces of crap out there that do bat on their kids and women deserve to be beat down…i don’t deserve this..i was even just in a relationship gave and gave love sucks really..just to be treated like crap..i mean women are messed up in washington state….wish i never moved here…the first was bad but this last was worse…abuses her kids too but abuses me more..i mean serious what has gotten into these women in their blood or what…who tells their kid when they come into the room i’m hungry mommy she tells her 3 year old go watch tv…the first was anyika levi….this new one a real catch heather evans…..

    • joshua salkin
    • Posted December 24, 2011 at 7:43 pm
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    To whom it may concern,

    This letter is about a child named Sarah Jay Boster 4-8-06 and how she is in need of special and immediate attention for medical, mental and health and safety!
    Sarah is 5 and a half and she has not gotten here booster shoots and is not in school because becky would not let her go! Becky heminger and Jason steven boster are her parents!

    I Joshua Salkin the uncle jasons brother and sarah has lived in my mother and sister and father till 1 ½ years ago RIP and my self! I have taught sarah half of what she knows and have invested a lot of time teaching her, preparing for school and I can tell she has a learning disability but is very smart and is left handed meaning she used her right side of her brain dominate and is really good at some things but to slow down and study English or any thing you have to catch her at the right time and then u can input but some times about 30-40% she is in a frenzy and is emotional and needed a lot of attention. With sarah is not getting from here other grand pas house where she don’t even have a bed and dumped there for 2 weeks now!

    I fell she is now being NEGELECTED and ABUSED and suffering from SERIOUS MENTAL DISSTRESS and ABANDMENT! And was confirmed last night by donny, beckys dad that she is in great distress because of the who do he calles it that happened thank giving!

    As Jason and becky spend my social security check they stole and the welfare check they lied to get as they have collected for 6 years and we ,me and my mother and father have bought all the food and toys and animals and room and bed and clothing she has and it is all here she has none with her!

    Becky has ADD real bad and dose not take meds and is on a constant mood swing and she has let the baby stay with use all these years because my dad would give them money and I have many times in the last 2 years!

    So the child has been here for the last 90day strait except one night she came over to Jason and beckys because this is where I stayed for 2 months in sept and oct 2011 and I spent the day and night with her we have a very close relation ship!

    Thank giving becky was talking to my mom and bec hollered and Jason can in and knocked the front tooth out and cause facial fractures and bec beat her in the head with some object still done know but they almost got the baby it came out of the blues! And then sarah went in to my sis room and was yelling “they are beating nana, please don’t let them take me! My sis get up and they gang beat her also and took the child and dumped her off at donnys and they already have a special needs child and don’t fell they are capable of taking care of them or sarah and they have no room for another bed! But they say becky lives at her moms and collected state funds and still dose and dose not provide for the child but spends the money on other things other then every day living needs! and she has no bed at the mother s house it is a lie!

    So 911 was called and my mom with the whole right arm and leg bruised so bad it was black and blue! The pierce county sheriffs did not take them to jail and treated my mom like a criminal! And in fact are pressing charges on her because my grand pa called and asked what was going on why were the assaulter of and near death beating of a elderly woman of over 50 are not in jail!

    So we called cps and have gotten the same response! No help for the victims but protection for the abusers and the care takes of a child they are abusing in many way as described in this letter and who know what they are telling her about her nana he mom pretty much and she love us more you can ask! Se when she was 2-3 they took her for a while a day here and a day there but she would plead not to go and to stay she wanted to live here and I know this is not enough! But is the abuse and beating and what are they telling her now!
    Becky has told her she has a dead brother in the freezer! And she is teaching her how to say mean thing to people that hurt feelings and clown on them! Life is a game to bec and so is here child’s life and I pray you will help her and make here safe and out of that hostile environment!

    1Thank you for you time, concerns, and any help that is offered and giving!

    Sincerely Joshua Salkin 35701-40th ave s Roy,WA 360-458-0521

  12. I have a complaint about the cps workers here in spokane Washington. CPS took my nephew away from his mother and put him with drug abusing/dealing father and my sister has picture evidence and witness statement to the way the house is kept. there are guns under the kids beds and the father and his girlfriend smoke marijuana in front of the kids, and cps and the police refuse to do anything about and the father is spreading lies about the mother, me , my wife saying that my sisters other child is bruised from head to toe and when he is not the father is unemployed and state assistence while the mother is going to school to better herself and make a better life for her and her children while myself have been in the father house and all i seen was moldy food everywhere the kids were dirty and their clothes were unkempt and tattered.

    so my question is what is wrong with the CPS workers and police in spokane when they flat out refuse to listen to or look at the evidence against the father when he is totally nothing but a drug abuser/dealer i thought the law was supposed to protect the innocent when it is my nephew and his half brother that are caught in the middle.

    My sister has asked for help from lawyers and such but they refuse cause she cant pay and she has even tried pro bono and they refuse to help.

    CPS needs to investigate both parties more thoroughly before they take a persons child from them and give them over to drug dealers/abusers.

    Marci Marnahan is the caseworker who refuses to look at the evidence against my nephews father.

    • Daniela Munzert
    • Posted January 21, 2012 at 7:12 am
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    Hello, I have a really old case to bring up, from 1982! My own mother contacted CPS in this time and accused me of physically abusing my then 3yr old daughter. Caseworker came, took a look at my daughter, couldn’t find an issue and left. Few months later, my daughter had just started Head-Start in Tacoma WA, I get a phonecall from the police, telling me that CPS had benn to my daughters school and picked her up on suspicion of being sexually assaulted by my then husband, my daughters stepfather. There was never such an issue!
    The battle began and turned into a huge war, which succeeded in us fleeing from the state for fear of our unborn daughter, then we came back and I eventually was blackmailed into signing adoption papers.

    After 18 years my daughter and I finally found each other again, however I lived in Germany at this time, with her 2 half-sisters (they are now adults). In Dec. of 2011 I gave up everything in Germany and came back to the US to be with my estranged daughter and her two daughters. My daughter is obviously suffering great grief from this enstrangement and any tries to talk to her in a civil manner about the past happenings are nearly impossible.

    She now is going to sponsor my living here in the states (I’m still a german citizen) and we need her birth certificate. Come to find out, there was an illegal adoption done, which changed all of the original birthinformation, including taking me off of it as her natural mother and filling in the names of her adoptive parents (which were first her foster parents) as to have given birth to her!!!!! I was extremely shocked to hear this! I still have the original birth certificate.

    If there’s any way to get this out into the open and help get my daughters tragic past straightened out, PLEASE let me know, I beg of you! I’d also be willing to help in any way I can, to help any institution working on this to stop these illegal doings of CPS.

    • jennifer paulson
    • Posted January 30, 2012 at 4:24 pm
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    Bring my babies home dcfs u have ruined my life :(

    • Daniela Munzert
    • Posted January 30, 2012 at 11:46 pm
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    I have an extremely old issue, which I am still looking at as unresolved for me and my daughter. She was taken from me athe the age of four, because my own mother turned me and my then husband (daughters stepdad) into CPS for phys. abuse from me and sexual abuse from him.
    This was back in 1982 and we fought for three years to get her back. My husband was charged and freed, because no proof was found; CPS blackmailed me into giving up my parental rights by threatening me to take away my younger daughters (one of which I was still pregnant).
    I could go on and write a book about this alone and I’m just now starting to unravel the stories (my daughter was told that I gave her up and didn’t love her any more) with my daughter. I am urging my daughter to get the files, so we can go through them together.

    The one thing I will never understand about this whole thingis: CPS never contacted me again after the adoption of my oldest daughter; it was like nothing ever happened and they didn’t know anything about the other two girls.

    CPS ruined the life of my daughter and mine; I believe that because of all these goings on I developed fibromyalgia and my daughter has in my eyes an extreme problem with her selfesteem!

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    • Valeria Mcculloch
    • Posted February 3, 2012 at 12:13 pm
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    CPS came and took my grandson from my home about six months ago. They had absolutly no probable cause and will not work with me to get him back. They say grandparents have no rights! My son, the father, has been trying to get him back but they are doing everything they can to make it impossible to happen. Why! How can they do this? We need help so please i am begging someone to please help us. Please!

  14. over 60 false reports to mason county cps and police in 5 years ,any and everything one can come up with. finally after all these i get charged with neglect for using hotsauce as a tool instead of spanking. only happened once and wasnt even used, my stepdaughter knows what it is and knows she doesnt like it. she chose on her own free will to stop misbehaving and yet i still am charged with this nonsence. cps has made my life a living hell and now just today my wife lost her job due to the charges. i have gone out of my way to be fully honest through all of this thinking honesty is the best policy and yet they have turned everything around on us. i will sue no matter how long it takes, their behavior is unacceptable as government officials or what ever they are they still have standards.

    • Patricia
    • Posted June 19, 2012 at 1:03 pm
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    I was fired from my job of three years, because I spanked my child 16 years ago.

    In 1996 I spanked my daughter for lighting objects on fire entertaining her 2 and 4 year old cousins, she was 9 at the time. Our 14 year old daughter at the time was challenging and rebellious and decided she would be better off living
    somewhere else, she went to her school counselor and told them untruths about me hitting her in her face with a closed fist and that I had spanked her little sister also. CPS got involved and because it was friday evening CPS removed 2 of our 3 daughter from our home over the weekend and they were returned home on Monday. It resulted in a CPS Founded, we requested document in order to appeal the results, YES I spanked our daughter, Spankings were reserved in our family for only serious offenses, which were isolated incidents in our home.
    I wish I had read the entire report at the time, but really just wanted it all to be over and get our family back together and on track……………….

    In 2008 while I was in Calif caring for my sister battling lung cancer, my 14 year old who was then a mother of 3 sons found herself in a similar position with CPS, my husband, her father was there to receive her sons. But because of the 1996 case incident, he was not allowed to take our grandsons home with him. The boys were separated into foster homes, while a home study, finger printing and background check were conduced on my husband
    and daughter. I was in constant communication with the case worker and guardian at litem from Calif. After which our grandsons were placed with us thought Relative Placement Care under the supervision of the DSHS. The authority for the supervision was given by court order. We had custody for a year and a half while our daughter successfully completes all of the requirements and recommendations of the state. We worked together as a family and her family was reunited in record time………………..

    In 2009 and 2010 I was background checked and cleared with NO Disqualifying Information thought the Department of Early Learning and WA ST Patrol for my Job at DLEC as a Lead Bus Driver.

    In 2010 my husband and I completed the entire process orientation, pride classes, fingerprint, background checks, first aid, CPR, including the home study to become licensed foster parents, in the application we included the 1996 CPS case. After waiting two month for a reply, I contacted the DSHS worker who apologized for the delay but he had uncovered this 1996. I did not have to be uncovered it was stated in the application months prior. Our application was being denied, and was given the opportunity to withdraw our application or appeal. We began the appeal process……………..

    In 2012 I received a Letter fro the Department of early Learning that I have been Disqualified from working or volunteering with children due to information obtained in my background check “Founded Abuse Finding from 4/8/1996”

    As A Result of the D.E.L. disqualification on May 31, 2012 I was terminated from my employment of three years.

    I have never been a threat to any child, including our owns, Our daughters are all grown 23, 25, and 32 well adjusted, productive members of society working, college graduates and with children of their own. I have nine grandchildren, I am very active in their live. Not being allow to volunteer in their
    school project, field trips, PTA is totally unacceptable.


    • Michael: bill of rights
    • Posted July 26, 2012 at 3:03 am
    • Permalink

    What happened to our 1st amendment right ?

    • Michael: bill of rights
    • Posted July 26, 2012 at 3:10 am
    • Permalink

    I am involved with a friend who had her kids taken away. Same story I have read from hundreds of people here in Wa. CPS takes kids on false accusations made by people who are sex offenders, felons, corrupt and greedy agencies, and who ever they want for the purpose of trafficking our kids. For months now we have read stories, looked for help, jumped through CPS hoops, all to come to dead ends and no help. This is the biggest nightmare ever dreamed of, how can our government and law officials let our children be taken on nothing but hear say. What happened to innocent till proven guilty? Are we all criminals now living in a socialist country and our government the new Nazi Gestapo police who take what they want when they want including our kids?
    My friend had a horrific past with a ex husband who sexually molested one of her kids, beat her to near death many of times, threatened to kill her and the kids, made her believe he would if she was to say anything or leave him. DSHS and CPS had news of this but did nothing. A teenage victim of her ex husband stood up and notified the authorities and she joined in putting him away for life in prison. Now having no place to live she moves in with her parents which had one of her sisters there as well. Her sister had CPS called due to a drug addiction. CPS came and found evidence of drug use, but did nothing to her sister. A few weeks later CPS came back and was now having her under investigation and not her sister. For two years she has been fighting CPS, being accused of drug use, alcohol, neglect, abuse, and mental health issues. None of which is true or any evidence, only hear say, most of which comes from the father of her oldest child who is a felon still committing crimes and recently sexually harassed a teenage girl. She has passed UA’S, showed proof of doctors, dentist, counseling, and good school records of her kids. She has a nice home, food, clothes, every need of the kids taken care of. Her and the kids love each other more than anyone can separate EXCEPT CPS. CPS came and took her kids anyhow, made lies accusations and using hear say from a felon who is sexually harassing teenage kids. Now the Nazi Gestapo CPS has her made out to be a criminal and no one to help but a court appointed attorney who is to young inexperienced and will loose.

    • Ashley
    • Posted March 19, 2013 at 12:55 pm
    • Permalink

    hi my family has been traumatized by the cps in smokey point washington my sister is a young mom that doesnt know her rights and is very accomidating to the cps worker and that department knows it and they took advantage of her trusting nature and used it to their advantage to rip a toddler away from her mom and blamed her for her boyfriends problems and removed my neice from her because he was a bad person after she had gotten rid of him months later they are still making her pay for his problems even after the state stripped his parental rights away and after all that still gave the dad visitation rights after they forced his rights away they are still bullying her and making threats and took my neice for the second time and it seems every easter time it happens to her they continually tell my sister that my neice is not allowed to be around her grandma even though there is no reason for it and they continue to make her pay even after she plays by their rules. her cps worker listens to everyone else and doesnt give her a chance to defend herself. something needs to be done there is no reason for cps to take my neice her mom is a great mom they need to stop taking children from loving homes and quit wasting valuable time that is better used going after the rapist. molesters and parents who abuse not the ones who are trying to be a good parent. my sister has never been in jail and has never used drugs cps needs to stop preying on the ones who have done nothing wrong and focus on the ones who need their help the most. that department has said and done some terrible things and the workers there need to be stopped at once.

    • Ashley
    • Posted March 19, 2013 at 1:00 pm
    • Permalink

    is there anyone else who has been victimised by the cps in smokey point wa if there has please get back to me i want to know your story!!!! email me

  15. Great blog here! Also your site loads up fast! What web host are you using?

    Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my site loaded up as fast as yours lol

    • Johnathan W. Collier
    • Posted May 13, 2013 at 11:56 am
    • Permalink

    I came across you site looking for “Ombudsman” information for the Lake Steven’s, WA area. My desire is to get more insite into the Protection and investigation of a minor childs’ complaint of a Grandparent’s in-appropriate touching prompted by the child and their discomfort with these acts. Where do I (we) begin to move this forward in the best interest of the child?

    • Matlyn Smith
    • Posted May 13, 2013 at 2:01 pm
    • Permalink

    My 4 year old grand daughter, is half black and white, she recently told her mother that her (white) grandfather rubbs on her without using toilet paper. My daughter is a mandated reporter and a mother, and she called CPS immediately. The case is still pending, and she is unable to get any information regarding how the case is coming along. I recently called out of concern for my granddaughters welfare and was told I could not be updated on the case and that the case had been closed! What can my daughter do about this situation?

    • Anonymous
    • Posted June 18, 2013 at 10:32 am
    • Permalink

    Good morning everyone. My name is Summer Sian Calderon I am an Intermedeiate Typist Clerk at Monterey Park in Los Angeles California. There is a bully system at D.C.F.S. I am an American Citizen and I was Born in Killen, Texas. My birth name was Cynthia Sandra Covarrubias and I legally change my name at Superior Court. I am a Law Student and yes I work for D.C.F.S. I have a complaint in regards to the falsified documents and forged documents that the government office commits fraud onto the American mothers that have no diabilities nor no problem with alchohol or drugs. I am healthy and a 3.75 College G.P.A. This office has committed fraud and has tried to undergo meeting and documents without my consent. I gave birth to my daughter and I have full custody of her. An illegal activity is arising in this office in which I work for and I can prove it that they have been getting paid out of prejudious and bias jeolousy issues. As a parent I do protect my daughter and I. The issues of illegal adoption and law perjury is done behind the true parents dback. Also the illegal removal due to the office remittance of grudges and blaime to innocent employee. The injustice that has been happening has to stop. Also as well as the illegal behavior by a govermnet office. I do oath this inofrmation is true and I will complain and now make it very public. Because the Media comes her and then the ARA points fingers at innocent workers. I do have an attorney and I will say. I never signed no documents at this office in Montery Park and if the CIA or immegration come for me. I will sue them because a face lift and a name change does not change a real person or a healthy person and a sobar person. I will continue to claim what is my blood and my daughter. FYI a true rider will tell the story as it is.
    This is why Iam upgrading from a Legal Secretary to a Paralegal and the in the Future an Attorney.

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    • Jennifer Williams
    • Posted September 5, 2013 at 9:11 am
    • Permalink

    Are you still accepting real stories on coerupted CPS agencies ? Putting my story out there could help a little girl.

    • Michelle perry
    • Posted October 10, 2013 at 2:08 am
    • Permalink

    I’d love to give my almost 3 year story of cps corruption in my family. Please contact me if you are still taking stories. My babies were just picked up again on 8/23/2013 and currently they are trying to terminate my rights and fighting me on seeing my babies.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted November 16, 2013 at 11:12 am
    • Permalink

    I am concerned that CPS takes questionable children into “protective custody” and in this case after the child is returned to a home environment the child has pneumonia. Does anyone else have a similar case where the child was returned with a “health issue after being taken into “protective custody”? This child was healthy before being taken into CPS custody.

    • never mind
    • Posted December 27, 2013 at 3:26 pm
    • Permalink

    CPS can be used as a dirty weapon at the hands of a person who wants to get revenge and cps will go after with no evidence, i have found that cps has people, more like robots that work for them, i have had cps show up at my door with some really bad acusations , i am expecting this to happen again, the person that keeps calling cps is my own sister and she has done the same to other family member, i have a restraining order against her but the law keeps letting her get away with her fake calls. Do not trust these people from cps they will destroy your life even if you are the best parent. Good luck cps how more lives can you dirt bags destroy next time i will move from this country of corruption

    • Anna
    • Posted April 15, 2014 at 12:48 am
    • Permalink

    Colville’s CPS Department’s corruption is still running rampant. Colville is one of the most beautiful little gems in Washington state, but if you value your children DO NOT MOVE HERE. CPS called my boyfriend in for an FTDM, which we attended together, agreeing to get one of his girls some counseling. One especially corrupt worker called the deputies out to our home twice, once for a “welfare check” and the other call for “assault”. Both deputies gave clear reports, stating that our home is warm, clean, and that our family is in good spirits and there is no evidence of abuse or neglect. And yes, our children were physically examined. The CW did not like their reports, which I have copies of, and wrote that my boyfriend and I failed to come to an FTDM. The CW blatantly misconstrued information and lied. We attended the FTDM as scheduled. The CW withheld both deputy reports from the judge to get him to sign a petition for removal of three out of four kids, not only stealing two of my boyfriend’s children out of school but also kidnapped my little boy. I was NEVER contacted by CPS about my child – I attended the FTDM to support my boyfriend. The CW lied about us missing an FTDM, where a different CW interviewed us and said that no parenting plan was required but we should look into counseling for one of our girls. When we pointed out that we did attend our FTDM to the department, the CW wrote up a new lie and said that we had refused to sign into a parenting plan. Outrageous!! This system is SO barbaric and there is nothing that we as mothers can do. The court appointed attorneys do absolutely nothing and CPS is refusing to initiate family placement for my little one even though family members have passed background checks and fingerprints. The foster mom was saying that my son is “highly adoptable”. My heart is broken. This is complete agony. My child was my world, my life. I cry for him everyday. Contact me if there is any hope or justice left in this world. Colville – small town, giant court house. By the way, all the Ombuds do is look at the CPS case and make sure the files are written up correctly. The Ombuds did not investigate CPS’ lies and unjust proceedings.

    • Ashley
    • Posted April 15, 2014 at 1:19 pm
    • Permalink

    Hi I understand your pain my little sisters story is just like yours she is in her early 20s and has a daughter in foster care but wasn’t found to be neglectful or abusive they took my niece illegally we got a private attorney and hot her back within 72 hours and then a year later they tookmy neice again she lives in Everett WA and refuse to place her with family either myself or my mom. Her foster mom took my niece out of state without my sisters permission and took her to Canada without my sister’s knowledge and are making her get UA but she isn’t found to be a user and my sister never got her say in court she is a victim of circumstances and refuse to let my sister go to Dr appointments or reunite them.
    you as moms should ban together and form a mother Alliance against cps and go to Olympia

    • Anna
    • Posted April 15, 2014 at 7:37 pm
    • Permalink

    Ashley, what a painful situation. My heart goes out to you, your sister and kids, and your family. We all do need to stick together and help fight the corruption. What we need are good lawyers, federal court system instead of corrupt state courts, our legislators attention and support, publicity, and good support groups.

    • Jennifer
    • Posted June 9, 2014 at 9:00 pm
    • Permalink

    Cps is harrasingmy family again for the last twoyear withthe same reports each time came ckean for no drugs when testedand case always closed but they wont stop

    • Tari Johnson
    • Posted June 30, 2015 at 5:51 pm
    • Permalink

    CPS has taken my siblings and I away from our mother who did nothing, but love us as well as taught us that we could talk to her about anything. They put my brother in 16 different homes and me in 6 different ones. I was sexually abused, mentally abused, financially abused, and neglected in some. In another one wanted to put me in an adult family home after i had started to speak to my biological family again. In one of the homes my sister and i were in the lady BJ and her husband were allowing my sister’s dad to visit us all the time even when they knew he was not allowed to visit us. CPS had given custody of my little sister to her dad where he abused her physically, mentally and left her home by herself as well as left her locked in a van so he could go to the bars to drink when she was four and CPS excuse was that he didn’t have a baby sitter and that the bars were safe nd i don’t know of any safe bars in Spokane.

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