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Study: Bias leads Michigan blacks to foster care

Associated Press

9:21 AM CST, January 20, 2009

LANSING, Mich. – A study has found that bias among Michigan’s caseworkers and policy makers  has led to disproportionately more African-American children being placed in foster care.

The Detroit News says the report released last week found child welfare workers often think African-American children will be better off away from their families and communities.

State officials say overrepresentation of minorities in foster care is a national problem, but they are committed to changing Michigan’s system.

Researchers from the Washington-based Center for the Study of Social Policy revealed a gap between written philosophy and the practices of caseworkers in the field.

Researchers found caseworkers often lack faith that African-American parents can meet the needs of their children.


Information from: The Detroit News,

I find this study ironic, since we have our first African American President. Apparently the rest of America does not share the bias view that African American parents can not meet the needs of their children. The American people have put all of their faith into our President and his ability to meet the needs of this nation, yet, these dumb ass caseworkers are illegally taking these children on racist beliefs…and getting away with it. Unbelievable….yet no one wants to take the responsibility of fixing this system, they all want to “pass the buck”, not my problem I am just the ______________ enter the representative or Government official you contacted here… Lawdoll

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