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I sent this in letter form to the following people requesting the immediate
dismissal of this CPS Supervisor:


Action for children North Carolina,

NC Policy Watch,

Chris Downing, Director of Public Affairs in the Office of the Administration for Children and Families,

Dempsey Benton, Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services,

Senator Don East, Rep – NC (030). Alleghany, Stokes, Surry, Yadkin,

North Carolina Department of Social Services,

Governor of North Carolina, “Mike Easley”

Deric Gilliard, Intergovernmental Affairs Specialist,

Mike Easley, Governor of North Carolina,

JoAnn Lamm, Deputy Director of North Carolina DSS,

Karen Ashton, Department of Health and Human Services Regional office, Alanta

Kevin Kelly, Assistant Section Chief, Family Support and Child Welfare.”Kevin Kelley”

Beverly Perdue, Lt. Governor and Governor Elect of North Carolina,

Mike Leavitt, Secretary of Health and Human Services U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,

WXII12 News,

Ruth Walker, Administration for Children & Families, Regional Office in Atlanta GA, “Ruth Walker”

Carlis V. Williams, Southeast Regional Administrator for the Department of Health and Human Services/Administration for Children and Families, “Carlis Williams”


As of the date of this post I have had no response to my request, nor even verification that they received my request. I think it is plainly evident by the news report included in this post that Edith Bullis does not need to be working as a CPS supervisor at the Wilkes County Department of Social Services in North Carolina. If you live in the state of North Carolina I urge you to contact the people above and ask them why this employee is still employed by the Wilkes County Department of Social Services, as matter fact, if you have viewed my evidence and agree that there should be a complete investigation into our case, I would appreciate it if you write the people above and tell them so.
Edith Bullis, The ‘mother’ in the following newspaper article is a CPS supervisor at the Wilkes County Department of Social Services. (This can be verified by visiting this site:


Mrs. Bullis’s continuing employment as a CPS supervisor at the Wilkes County Department of Social Services, even without a conviction at this time, is a conflict of interest and impairs her ability to do her job. DSS removes children from homes due to drug use, how can Mrs. Bullis possibly stand behind a decision to remove a child from a home for drug abuse when it is clear from the newspaper article that she condones her own sons drug use as evidenced by her trying to hide his drugs for him under her foot and interfering with his arrest.

Furthermore, Mrs. Bullis may have to work with the arresting officers in the course of her duties as a CPS supervisor. These officer’s are going to remember her conduct and I feel it will and should hurt her credibility with them and make them question her role in the removal or protection of a child.

Lastly, Mrs. Bullis arrest could directly effect any and all court cases, abuse/neglect petitions that she is involved in where the child or children are being removed for drug abuse. The first thing I would do if she was trying to remove my children for drug abuse would be to point out her own arrest for possession and resisting an officer. How could she even step in andexpect people to respond to her as a state employee when her behavior outside of work is that of a common criminal.

Mrs. Bullis’s continuing employment IS a conflict of interest and she should be dismissed immediately, she should have been dismissed when this event occurred. Her conduct is unbecoming of a state employee and detrimental to state service.

The Wilkes County Department of social services is, by continuing to employ Mrs. Bullis, failing to protect the children of Wilkes County. The people who are employed by the Wilkes County Department of Social Services should be required to meet a certain criteria, which with her arrest, Mrs. Bullis does not. You cannot continue to employ someone, who breaks the law in this manner and expect them to perform their duties as required.

The Wilkes County Department of Social Services and their employee’s should be held to a higher standard because of their position in the community as Child Protective Workers. To continue to employ Mrs. Bullis reflects badly on the enire office and especially the director. Mrs. Bullis should be terminated.

You cannot behave like this and work as a supervisor in a social service department.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Mama and Son Arrested in Drug Case


Wilkes sheriff deputies arrested two family members Saturday evening, after they chased one of them to the other’s house, had to use a Taser on him multiple times, and found her trying to hide a of marijuana until they left. It started when a deputy was dispatched to a suspicious vehicle call shortly after 7pm near Glen Ridgeand Rock Creek Road, where a caller said they’d seen drug activity of some sort. On the way to the area, the deputy spotted the car that had been described and was able to get the driver to pull over. What started as a routine stop turned into a high-speed chase when the deputy told the driver he could see what looked to be baggies of drugs in his left-hand jacket pocket. Having identified the driver as 39-year old Gene Bullis, Junior, the deputy followed at some distance and pulled up behind Bullis as he was getting out of the car at his parents’ home on Skyview Drive.

Once he got worked up, Bullis never seemed to calm down. A six-page crime report describes the deputy repeatedly shocking him with a Taser to no effect, Bullis being able to fight off multiple deputies, and other activity generally telling of being high on something, according to the deputy. During the confrontation, Bullis’ mother Edith came out of the house and stood between the deputies and her son, refusing for quite a while to allow them any access to him. When she did finally step aside, it was only because there were several deputies and a Lieutenant she knows at the scene. Still, she would not go further than arm’s reach from him, and after a while it became obvious she was trying to help him hide something. When a search of his jacket pocket turned up only one baggie of marijuana and deputies could not find any drugs by walking the driveway and some distance along the road, they confronted Mrs. Bullis, who was standing in one spot very firmly planting one foot. When she was told to move by one of the deputies, Mrs. Bullis allegedly started faking back pain as a distraction and tried to kick something under the nearby car. It turned out to be another baggie of drugs.

She was arrested for simple possession and resisting an officer, while her son was charged with fleeing to elude arrest, resisting an officer, and drug possession.


Wilkes Counties continuing employment of this Supervisor is in direct violation of DHHS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES:


13. Conduct – The term unacceptable personal conduct is defined as:

A. Conduct for which no reasonable person should expect to receive prior warnings;
B. Job-related conduct which constitutes a violation of state or federal law;
C. Conviction of a felony or an offense involving moral turpitude that is detrimental to or impacts the employee’s service to the state;
D. The willful violation of known or written work rules;
E. Conduct unbecoming a state employee that is detrimental to state service;
F. The abuse of clients, patients, students, or persons over whom the employee has charge or to whom the employee has a responsibility, or an animal owned by the state;
G. Absence from work after all authorized leave credits and benefits have been exhausted; or
H. Falsification of a state application or other employment documentation.

14. Examples of Unacceptable Personal Conduct

A. Insubordination (defined as willful failure or refusal to carry out a reasonable order from an authorized supervisor);
B. Violation of criminal statute on the premises or in conjunction with work which adversely affects the employee’s ability to perform assigned duties such as using or selling illegal drugs at the work site;
C. Misuse of state property such as excessive use of state equipment for a non-state purpose, and willful or reckless abuse of state equipment, state vehicles, or state monies, such as illegal use of telephone, unauthorized use of credit card and reckless driving in a state vehicle;
D. Violation of criminal statute not on premises but where conduct adversely impacts ability to do work such as conviction of a social worker for child abuse and conviction of a courier driver for DWI;
E. Patient, client, resident, and student abuse and neglect as defined by agency policy;
F. Workplace harassment as defined by law and state personnel and department policy;
G. Unauthorized practice of professional services;
H. Intoxication or drug impairment while at work;
I. Willful disclosure of confidential information;
J. Fighting or instigating a fight in the workplace;
K. Excessive use of abusive or vulgar language in the workplace;
L. Conflict of interest or self-dealing;
M. Failure to follow known call-in policy or to report for work as scheduled;
N. Smoking in a non-smoking area after having been warned not to do so;
O. Willful failure to obtain approval before engaging in secondary employment;
P. Failure to report abuse or neglect;
Q. Willful or habitual violation of safety, health, or security rules or regulations;
R. Failure to follow procedures for signing out equipment;
S. Sleeping on the job;
T. Willful unauthorized release of individually identifiable health information;
U. Intentional disruption in the workplace; or
V. Falsification of documents.


Mrs. Bullis is an employee covered under the above mentioned policies as defined in NCGS 126-5(2)(b)

§ 126-5. Employees subject to Chapter; exemptions.

(a) The provisions of this Chapter shall apply to:

(1) All State employees not herein exempt, and

(2) All employees of the following local entities:

a. Area mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse authorities.

b. Local social services departments.

c. County health departmentsand district health departments.

d. Local emergency management agencies that receive federal grant-in-aid funds.

An employee of a consolidated county human services agency created pursuant to G.S. 153A-77(b) is not considered an employee of an entity listed in this subdivision.

(3) County employees not included under subdivision (2) of this subsection as the several boards of county commissioners may from time to time determine.


I am asking for the dismissal of Edith Bullis in accordance with the above mentioned laws. I would also like to be notified by mail if Mrs. Bullis is dismissed and the grounds you use for that dismissal. I would also like to receive written notification if you choose not to dismiss Mrs. Bullis and the reason for that decision.

Thank you,



    • Anonymous
    • Posted January 6, 2010 at 7:14 pm
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    i want some to tell me how I fight corrupt Department of Social Services in South Carolina.I am at my wits end and afraid of losing my children.I can not go to a lawyer for fear of them taking the children and a particular worker making up false accusations as she goes along.I was told there is no evidence at all and she is continueing to drag this out,putting fear in me and my children. I was made to sign blank paperwork and keep my mouth shut.I have complied with all ordered.It is pretty bad that you can’t get a lawyer for fear of them taking your children here.They are above the law.Even the police will not stand up to them.

  1. we are currently involved in a battle for saftey and relief for my grand daughter Kadey who is living in Yadkin Co. The Yadkin dss has maintained for years that the home she lives in is safe even thoughwe have solid evidence Kadey’s father has drug screens positive for extremely high for methaphetimes and amphetamines. In April 29, 2013 the day we had to give our granddaughter back to him he had a toix screen of 69,000 pt/mg of Meth. in his system. A month or so later it was as high as 101,000. My daughter Jade had gotten an Emergency Custody order fo Kadey when we learned Kadey had been admitted to Baptist Hospital on Jan. 3, 2013 for Amphetamines overdose. She was 4 years at the time. Now they want to Terminate my daughters Secondary Rights because we a demanding all the chikldren in the home have been danger for yeras. Ever since 2009 Jade has testified in front of Monica Craver and the lawyer for Yadkin dss that Ryan the father has done Meth. They would not even put the first saffety assessment in place. We finally got a CME on Kadey for sexual behavior unapporate to a child her age and the DSS worker Monica Craver lied to Dr. Goodpastures team stating among other lies that Jade was Bipolar, Schizo,and having sever mental illness. That has never been so . Also she told Cynthia Stewart the Social Worker on the CME team that Kadey lived with the paternal Grandmother, also not so. The information falsified and biased against my daughter over the last 4 years has kept Kadey and the other children in the home in constant danger. We are now drawing up a petition. Also we have contacted V. Johnson with the State Dss. She is a Policy Consultant. We do know she did go to Yadkin DSS and asked to see the file on Kadey’s case but what was in that fille? WE KNOW MONICA CRAVER IS A LIAR AS WELL AS HER SUPERVISOR MONTA OLIVER..

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